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  1. Wakawakawaka

    Bout-Length Hatsu 2023

    Some rough math. 2779 seconds of sumo over 291 bouts = 9.55 seconds per bout X 15 bouts = 143.25 seconds average of a rikishi over the tournament. Least dohyo time, quite close between Sadanoumi (62.5s) and Onosho (64.8s). Most dohyo time? It's not even close, Ryuden with 406.8s!
  2. Wakawakawaka

    YDC Post Hatsu 2023

    Fun fact: If Takakeisho gets promoted after the March tournament and Terunofuji doesn't compete, it will be the first time since at least 1927 that someone got promoted to Yokozuna without facing, let alone beating an Ozeki/Yokozuna. http://sumodb.sumogames.de/Rikishi.aspx?r=3722
  3. Wakawakawaka

    Hatsu 2023 discussion (results)

    Congratulations to Takakeisho! Glad to see him take the yusho. Nobody else was really having a standout basho (don't get me wrong, Kotoshoho, Onosho, Kiribayama were definitely having good, but not great, tournaments) so he showed why he was the top ranker. Very cool to see him win it by a sukuinage of all things. He's been looking quite inspired the past 2 tournaments.
  4. Wakawakawaka

    Hatsu 2023 discussion (results)

    Takarafuji .vs. Tochinoshin - Is double fusen a thing? What happens? Onosho would be the worst poker player in history - really wears his emotions. He looks absolutely sullen when he loses and arrogantly swaggers after every win. This tournament though, very different. He's looked aggravated/bitter after every bout. Wonder what that's about?
  5. Wakawakawaka

    Trivia bits

    Idk if there would be a non-manual way of checking this, but could this be perhaps the oldest collection of top division rikishi? The average birthday of top divison rikishi on the Kyushu 2022 banzuke was December 11, 1992. Meaning average age of 29 years 11 months, 2 days at the start of the basho. In large part due to Atamifuji dropping to juryo this banzuke, the average birthday got pushed back to November 2, 1992. Meaning average age has broken 30, and at start of basho will be 30 years, 2 months, 6 days. EDIT: Actually Kyushu 2021 beats Hatsu 2023 with 30 years, 2 months, 26 days.
  6. Wakawakawaka

    Banzuke for Hatsu 2023

    Poor Midorifuji, back to back... M1w 7-8 > M3w (never before happened) then M3w 8-7 > M3w (never before happened)
  7. Wakawakawaka

    GTB invite- Hatsu 2023- 141 entries, the line is dead.

    Interesting, shall I change my shikona for further GTB in the future? I'd assume I'm the newer of the 2 seeing as this is only my second basho.
  8. Wakawakawaka

    GTB invite- Hatsu 2023- 141 entries, the line is dead.

    I believe there has been a mistake, it states I have a respectable 52 points, but from my entry I'm counting a whopping 26?
  9. Wakawakawaka

    GTB invite- Hatsu 2023- 141 entries, the line is dead.

    Just entered, went with the more 'conservative' 3 Sekiwake 4 Komusubi... let's see if the banzuke committee is as grumpy as I suspect they are Either that I've guessed the number of sanyaku incorrectly and have thus incurred 1000 generations of shame and a consolation Shodai bobblehead.
  10. Wakawakawaka

    The end?

    How does international copyright work anyways? Are Japan's copyright laws more strict than U.S. or is there an equivalent 'fair use' there too? In the event of differences does Youtube 'goodwillingly' go with the more strict? (I don't think U.S. law requires them too?) If there's any poppycock regarding Youtube infractioning something that is totally kosher (this has happened to me before) then at least there are always more 'copyleft' platforms out there.
  11. Wakawakawaka

    New Elo Ratings

    That is super interesting, do you have a full list of rikishi's ratings beyond the top 10 calculated? A bit surprised to see Terunofuji come in at close second behind Takakeisho, though I'd expect that is the result of his handful of losses returning from the lower divisions?
  12. Wakawakawaka

    Promotion/Demotion and Yūshō Discussion Kyūshū 2022

    Since I'm having such a hard time deciding between 7 and 8 Sanyaku, and some have hinted at a concern of the Sanyaku ranks potentially increasing further/too-much in the near future I decided to run an 'experiment'... 1) Align the banzuke so that the top 10 rikishi are 1Y-1O-4S-4K > 2) Take everyone's win/loss records from a given tournament > 3) Build a theoretical next banzuke > 4) See how many Sanyaku there are Step 2 I tried every tournament result this year except the 'covid basho'. Result: Each case required less than 8 Sanyaku on the next banzuke. Conclusion: Even if we go with 4S/4K next banzuke, the 'problem' of too many Sanyaku will probably work itself out.
  13. Wakawakawaka

    Promotion/Demotion and Yūshō Discussion Kyūshū 2022

    Random bit of trivia regarding Tokushoryu. He has the lowest career high rank of any top division yusho winner in history (Maegashira 2). Also from that tournament... - The only man to get 14 wins in a top division tournament and never make Sanyaku or better. - Nobody else has ever scored 14 wins from below M13e (he did it from M17w) - Nobody else has won a top divison yusho from the lowest spot in the division
  14. Wakawakawaka

    Makunouchi Yushos in 2023

    Operating entirely off of instinct with little to no forethought, I'm going to say... January - Takakeisho (Ozeki), March - Hoshoryu (Sanyaku) - May - Asanoyama (Maegashira), July - Terunofuji (Yokozuna), September - Terunofuji (Yokozuna), November - Kotonowaka (Maegashira)
  15. Wakawakawaka

    Ozekis and Yokozunas for January 2024 - Feast or Famine?

    Yay I am first to vote. Terunofuji Y Takakeisho O Hoshoryu I think the poll may need reformatting? Question 3 split my vote 50/50 for the Ozeki. It seems misleading as. 1/1 (or 100%) of votes so far have Takakeisho as Ozeki.