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  1. Wakawakawaka

    Natsu 2024 discussion (results)

    Think Onosato is hurt or just trying something new? His style seems different than it has been the past 2 tournaments.
  2. Wakawakawaka

    Haru 2024 Promotion/Demotion and Yusho Talk

    Terunofuji's 13-2 got him from M17 to M1e.
  3. Wakawakawaka

    Terutsuyoshi Intai

    Whoever was doing commentary on Grand Sumo Highlights that day mentioned the connection. That's how I at least found out Terutsuyoshi retired.
  4. Wakawakawaka

    Terutsuyoshi Intai

    He's the life of the party when featured on Dosukoi Sumo Salon, always smiling and joking! Looks like Ura paid some tribute to him today with Ashitori win :P
  5. Wakawakawaka

    meta GTB results

    If we're going to include tribes from the Pacific Northwest, I believe we must include the KwakwakaŹ¼wakw as well.
  6. Wakawakawaka

    Favourite Sekitori Semifinals

    Do people really like Wakamotoharu this much or do they just dislike whoever he's paired up against? I get he's a solid no-nonsense rikishi... maybe I just see him as too 'no-nonsense', i.e. dull. Also wouldn't it be totally wrong for Takayasu to lose this round and not be able to secure his JY?
  7. Wakawakawaka

    Hokuseiho Out- Hakuho Demoted - Miyagino-beya Closing

    Maybe Hakuho is so competitive and with such a big ego that he will persist out of spite, 'They think they can break the great Hakuho, eh? I'll show them! I will be 100x more humble than anyone has ever been!'
  8. Wakawakawaka

    meta GTB results

    You know me too well.
  9. Wakawakawaka

    meta GTB results

    Prefixes don't count. Then again, perhaps I should have been more strict and excluded acronyms for consistency. I will gambarize in my future foruming, and take it one post at a time.
  10. Wakawakawaka

    meta GTB results

    Bob, Gog, lol, mom, pop, S.O.S., tot. Your list of 3 letter palindromes with middle letter 'O' is now complete.
  11. Wakawakawaka

    Favourite Sekitori, Quarterfinals part 2 (of 2)

    It's not an egg though, it's some sort of mammalian epidermis (usually bovine?). Since it is also mammals handling the ovoid bovoid, the many referee discussions I'd assume are to help discern where the player ends and where the ball begins. Especially if the player ate a lot of beef before the game.
  12. Wakawakawaka

    meta GTB results

    Very nice. So I think beyond adding an 8th item (a scoring system that addresses the 'everybody in Makuuchi getting KK' problem we discussed Tuesday) it sounds like you've got an efficient workflow figured out.
  13. Wakawakawaka

    meta GTB results

    I don't really know anything about script, so to ask a different way, what parts do you still have to do manually?
  14. Wakawakawaka

    meta GTB results

    What is the extent of the scripting/automation you have in place as far the entirety of the process goes? Like how long do you think it will take of human effort to create one of the newer banzuke with 200 players participating?
  15. Wakawakawaka

    meta GTB results

    Just as a heads up, here are the shikona changes from the Jurassic until the end of 2003. Basho - Old Shikona > New Shikona 200011 Jasonishiki Spondinoumi 200011 Kitaseiya Kotoseiya 200011 Midorishima Tamanaogijima 200107 Wakatanuki Itachi 200109 Kurausu Kura-Uzo 200109 Magunoyama Maguroyama 200109 Itachi Wakatanuki 200109 Gebono Gernobono 200111 Kura-Uzo Kurausu 200201 Magicdidi Chiyotokimiya 200201 Kurausu Sakurai 200203 Purukumi Kaikitsune 200207 Sakurai Kurausu 200211 Makususuchi Zenjimoto 200307 Feginowaka Inazuma 200309 Wakanozan Gibmaatsuki