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  1. Wakawakawaka

    GTB Kyushu 2023 - RESULTS!! 194 entries

    Indeed, when confronted with a conundrum in sumo fandom one must do what is most sumo. Consider GTB scoring and a rikishi's promotion/demotion on the banzuke to be analogous, then decide, which of the following is more sumo... - The ranking/scoring system is unfair to some, they don't get the promotions/points they deserve, so it must be changed. - If you lost a bout/failed to get points, you didn't take it one bout/GTB selection at a time, and need to gambarize and train harder. That's one thing I love about rikishi decorum, always blame yourself even if it's somebody else's fault. You're left with no choice but to focus and improve.
  2. Wakawakawaka

    GTB Kyushu 2023 - RESULTS!! 194 entries

    O boy, looking at some of the more experienced players entries, I probably pooped the bed on this one... The banzuke committee has seemed more 'extra by the mathy' to me the past few basho so I went with overdemoting the falling komusubi, an Aki 2011 versus Kyushu 2022 approach.
  3. Wakawakawaka

    GTB Kyushu 2023 - RESULTS!! 194 entries

    Anyone have the GTB results for Nagoya23? I don't see them on the archives.
  4. How: Announce 'Fitness tests to be added to rikishi health check ups starting in 3 years'. If they fail I guess they are kyujo for the basho and will be retested prior to being able to enter the next one? Why: Reduce injuries, potential knock-off effects such as improving recruitment.
  5. Wakawakawaka

    Will Takakeisho get the tsuna in Kyushu 2023?

    He probably won't, which will be too bad. Seems like the common perception is that he's a good as far as Ozeki go, but poor as far as Yokozuna (would) go. Not sure that's quite fair given the following... From Aki 2020 to present, excluding the tournaments he pulled out of, and the three 8-7 tournaments he competed in after those pull-out basho where he was still injured and could have sat out if Yokozuna... his record is 123-42 (74.55% win) Kakuryu's record in Yokozuna tournaments he completed was 246-84, literally the same exact win % (74.55%) Haramafuji's Yokozuna record in completed tournaments 277-98 (73.87% win) I know when I think 'who is going to win the yusho', 'a healthy Takakeisho' is the 2nd pick after 'a healthy Terunofuji'.
  6. Loosely related question in regards to requirements for new recruits. On SPT I believe it was mentioned the rikishi in 'school' had to pass some physical fitness tests (run around the kokugikan, do pushups, etc.?)? And rikishi also go through health checkups. I assume they are not re-evaluated on the initial fitness tests? If they are not, why not? It seems like it would be a good thing for recruitment in the long run if... Rikishi had to pass fitness tests so that > being as heavy as possible becomes not quite as heavy so that > injuries are reduced and long-term health is improved. I think the fans would benefit directly too with faster, more dynamic sumo.
  7. Wakawakawaka

    YDC convenes -after Aki 2023

    "Ozeki and attained the yusho. This fact in itself is important." "yusho, and that's what will be remembered." "There are some people who think an 11-4 yusho leaves much to be desired, but what's important is lifting that Cup´╗┐" That's what they said... I imagine the visual included them doing the YMCA dance but with the letters for TSUNA instead.
  8. Wakawakawaka

    Aki 2023 discussion (results)

    Speaking of Kotonowaka, his losses the past 2 days were very similar. He's heavy and plodding, or to put it PC 'inertially challenged'. Was there a recent lesson given to rikishi on Newton's second law of sumodynamics? (A Kotonowaka at rest tends to stay at rest, a Kotonowaka in motion tends to stay in motion?). Both Daiesho and Hokutofuji typically want to put Kotonowaka into motion with thrusts and that's their problem. Let Kotonowaka get into motion, and now it's his problem (stopping that is).
  9. Wakawakawaka

    Aki 2023 discussion (results)

    Atamifuji looking like a whole new rikishi from his first top division basho! Exciting match with Mitakumi today for sure. Overall looks focused and calculating.
  10. Wakawakawaka

    Ridiculous Predictions Aki 2023

    1) On Senshuraku, Shimanoumi challenges for the Juryo yusho in what doubles as an exchange bout against 6-8 Kagayaki. Immediately before contact at the tachiai, both of their mawashis fall off simultaneously, resulting in a double DQ, and both being promoted to Yokozuna. 2) On day 1 Hokuseiho does the standiest uppest tachiai he has ever done, whacks his head on the roof suspended above the dohyo (tsuriyane?), knocking himself unconscious and losing the bout. On day 2, at the tachiai he immediately grabs the tsuriyane, pulls himself up on it, and won't come down. The water break time limit is reached and he is disqualified for not coming down to drink the water. On day 3, Hokuseiho faces Ura, jumps up there again, and Ura teleports up there with him. They have the greatest match of all time, as evidenced by the copious quantities of octopai raining onto the dohyo. The match climaxes with the roof falling onto the dohyo, but no one can see who hit first because the walls of the roof are in the way. Without being able to rely on the cameras for a replay, the judges are lost and declare the gyoji the winner. From day 4 on, the roof is left on the dohyo as the investigation is under way as to who's fault this mess is, meaning nobody can see any bouts. Consequently the gyoji is declared the winner in each bout and racks up a score of over 100 wins, taking the yusho.
  11. Wakawakawaka

    GTB invite- Aki 2023 - 202 entries - RESULTS!!

    And the winner for guess this banzuke's headscratcher = Kinbozan staying at M10e? 62 points here. The good news is my last minute modifications changed my score by exactly 0 points.
  12. Wakawakawaka

    GTB invite- Aki 2023 - 202 entries - RESULTS!!

    A few examples of splitting hair decisions from the past decade as pertaining to Mitakeumi and Midorifuji's current stakes.
  13. Wakawakawaka

    GTB invite- Aki 2023 - 202 entries - RESULTS!!

    Onosho - M5w with 6 wins drops 0.5 ranks. Hokuseiho right behind at M6e with 5 wins, drops 5.5 ranks. That doesn't seem fair, but not sure there is a way of avoiding Hokuseiho at M11. Does the banzuke committee care about this kind of fairness, how much, and how will that effect the placement of other demotees like Midorifuji and Mitakeumi?
  14. Wakawakawaka

    GTB invite- Aki 2023 - 202 entries - RESULTS!!

    I shall invoke this clause having thoroughly anticipated the need for last minute changes! If I understand correctly you just go to the GTB entry page and fill it out again?
  15. Wakawakawaka

    Akiseyama Intai

    Good luck to Akiseyama in his future endeavors! I only saw him compete in his 2021 Makuuchi stint, but he seemed to just be loving every minute of it, says good about the man.