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  1. mimosa

    Kotooshu engaged

    More news and pictures about engagement here :) Best luck to Kotooshu and Asako! http://dailymotion.virgilio.it/video/x97bo..._sport?from=rss
  2. mimosa


    It's not the injures that causes him underperforming and it's not the lack of injuries at the moment that provided us with entirely new Kotooshu this basho. He is relatively new to Ozumo, but he has long sport career so he knows how to deal with pain and fear of injuries. He proved it on the dohyo as well. 2003 Haru basho comes to mind first. Sure injuries play important role when you have confidence problems, but that's definitely not the most important factor for Kotooshu. Back during his Ozeki run he said once in an interview "I knew I am second best at the moment and I wanted to prove it".That says a lot. That's not champion attitude! Ozeki means champion doesn't it? Never so far Kotooshu demonstrated that killer attitude you need for yusho "I can kill them all and came here to do it!" Until now. Since the first day of Natsu basho we got completely new Kotooshu. For the very first time he looks, talks, fights and most importantly wins as Ozeki should do it. All we need is single word to describe Kotooshu today: Convincing. Seems he finally managed to adapt to Ozeki demands. Not only he finally understood how he should fight at that rank, but he managed to change his sumo to do it. That's the second thing I disagree with Kintamayama about. He needs this change. He needs to finish it. To polish his Ozeki-sumo so to speak (no more henkas against Kisenosato even if it's really matter of reflex Kotooshu claims). And he needs to change further if he wants to take the next giant step. It's very pleasant surprise to see that entirely new Kotooshu indeed, but it didn't came just like that. He was trying hard to change for more than a year and thats what makes me optimistic he will be able to keep that momentum. Now he finally managed to do it and we can see it everywhere. Never in makuuchi he had so convincing basho. Just take a look at the kimarite list so far, Yorikiri - 54%, Oshidashi, Oshitaoshi, Okuridashi, Okuritaoshi, Shitatenage. All except the last one are 100% convincing ones. No last ditch efforts at tawara, no room for wondering who the attacker was, no dead-body speculations, no chance for mono-ii. That shows the forward sumo mentality is finally there. Today's win against Asashoryu shows the killer instinct is finally there too. It was coll minded yet overwhelming victory. Yes I know Asashoryu is not in his best form and yes yes yes I remember Kisenosato ... I am happy to see Ozeki Kottooshu finally arrived. Will he stay with us? Will he be able to go further? I don't know. First step is done! I do believe not the last one. Давай Калояне!!! Very well said, Salle! I am so happy with the wonderful performance of Kotooshu this basho. Kaloyan means "handsome Ivan/Joan/John" and also this is a name of a great Bulgarian king. Давай Калояне!!!
  3. mimosa

    Makuuchi Bout Videos

    I have the same question. Please help! (Please!?...)
  4. mimosa

    Hey handsome!

    The most attractive Rikishi for me is Kotooshu :-P
  5. mimosa

    Sadogatake Trip to Israel Chronicles

    Thank you for the pictures! Thank you for the movies! Thank you for the reports! Thank you for all! (Sigh...) (Punk rocker...) (I am not worthy...) (I am not worthy...) (I am not worthy...) (I am not worthy...) (I am not worthy...) (I am not worthy...) (I am not worthy...) (I am not worthy...)
  6. mimosa

    EU to present kesho mawashi to Osh

    Good luck Kotooshu with the new kesho mawashi! We, Europeans, will wait for yours (Showing respect...) (Whistling...) Yokozuna promotion.
  7. Today Kotooshu has a birthday. Happy birthday, Ozeki Kotooshu! (Whistling...) (Applauding...) (Applauding...)
  8. mimosa

    Who will be the next Yokozuna?

    Kotooshu will be the next Yokozuna till the end of the year, i hope. ;-) (Eek...) (Yusho winner...) (Yusho winner...)
  9. mimosa

    Osh's Kesho Mowashi

    Bulgaria is well-known not only with Bulgarian yogurt but also with Bulgarian roses and rose oil. ;-)
  10. mimosa

    Day 9 pics-Kyushu Basho

    OOOH, he looks great. (In a state of confusion...) (Eh?) (Clapping wildly...) (Applauding...) (Applauding...) (Applauding...)
  11. mimosa

    Oshu vs Shoryu...

    Kotooshu needs more time and experience and he will be unbeatable. I hope he will be yokozuna some day. (Applauding...) (Applauding...) (Applauding...)
  12. mimosa

    Kotooshu's opponent on senshuraku?

    Let see tommorow who will wipes the face of the opponent. I hope Kotooshu will show the best of sumo and will win the tournament. (In a state of confusion...) (Dribbling...) (Blushing...)