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  1. Kajiyanosho

    Haru 2024 Superbanzuke Masters Series

    Congrats to all the winners! Happy I managed to only drop to second place in the Championship, even with a 40+ points gap. By Natsu I'll hopefully come to terms with missing out on 5 JuryoGame points on the 5th tie breaker...
  2. Kajiyanosho

    Games talk Haru 24

    Congrats to all the winners! A more unpredictable besho that needed extra skills! I've defended my January title as well as Terunofuji did, but... Losing two basho on tie breaks ARGHHHH? I think I've lost JuryoGame to kuroimori on the 5th tie breaker (highest rank).
  3. Kajiyanosho

    GTB invitation- March 2024 - Results!

    30 points from the joi and.. 9 from the rest
  4. Kajiyanosho

    Chaingang egdenrac

    Thank you! I guess scores were high across many games because almost all of the favourites ended up with strong records. Things might be a bit less obvious in Makuuchi in March, but we'll have two 'easy' picks in Juryo (in theory). Looking forward to it!
  5. Kajiyanosho

    Hatsu 2024 Superbanzuke Masters Series

    AMAZING! Very happy about this. The stars have aligned - I didn't think I could beat all the veterans! I trusted Terunofuji to bring it home and that really paid off, I guess (especially in the Norizo Cup). And Takerufuji helped me out in Chain Gang. Thank you Isegahama! The basho started off with a huge facepalm when I realised I mistakenly chose Onosato as Weak Maegashira in Juryo Game. Thankfully it didn't count! Let's hope I won't crash down too quickly...
  6. Kajiyanosho

    Chaingang egdenrac

    My juryo choices gave me great joy this time! ✨ Great basho
  7. Kajiyanosho

    Chaingang egdenrac

    I changed my mind from Shodai to Nishikifuji, VERY pleased with that. Hope I can keep it up for once.
  8. Kajiyanosho

    Chaingang egdenrac

    Great challenge indeed! I guess it was helped by several dominant rikishi and a cameo from Wakatakakage. But it's going to get spicier from tomorrow, I'm sure.
  9. Kajiyanosho

    Improving Strategies for Sumo Game

    This post prompted me to look at the stats. I ended up with a 7-8 MK on senshuraku, with 99 points overall. The 14th highest score overall and the only MK among the top 20 for total points. Obviously it's all bad luck! It looks like I'll be stuck in Makushita for a little bit longer. Obviously I don't feel wise enough to give advice. When I don't have much time (which is very often), I just pick the order looking at both sumoDB and OddSumo's quotes. When I started playing (and was relatively new to sumo too) I tended to give too much weight to head-to-head stats vs. current state of form.
  10. Kajiyanosho

    Sumo Gaming World Championship 2023

    Congrats everyone! Especially congrats to Oskanohana for such a dominant performance. I'm not impressed with my 2023, but glad to have the Juryo Championship!
  11. Kajiyanosho

    Aki 2023 Superbanzuke Masters Series

    Congrats everyone! I'm really pleased with my 3rd place. At some point I thought Oskanohana was going to win all of them! That Onosato loss on Senshuraku robbed me of a Juryo Game yusho, but happy anyway! I somehow failed to make a Norizo Cup entry I probably fell asleep before clicking the confirm button. And congrats to Joputosu who won SalaryCap on his debut! I count that as a success of my recruitment for SB games on Italian fans Telegram channels.
  12. Kajiyanosho

    Games Talk - Natsu 2023

    Really enjoyed this Basho! Strange mix of ups and downs for me too. At some point I was topping The Juryo Game, Salary Cap and RotoSumo - too good to be true! Happy about Juryo, will have to improve on daily games next time.
  13. Kajiyanosho

    Nagoya 2022 Superbanzuke Masters Series

    Excited about being up there with the veterans. What a crazy Basho! Thank you. ✨