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  1. BFlatMinor

    Seki-Quad daily commentary Haru 2009

    Is there a relation between Hokutoriki's banzuke rank and the average numbers of wins in S4? Today's numbers will probably suffer badly from his win.
  2. BFlatMinor

    Nagoya Basho Viewing

    There's no way I'll enter my credit card number there.
  3. BFlatMinor

    Asashouryuu return preparations

    Can't wait to see him back on the dohyo.
  4. BFlatMinor

    Day 4 results and day 5 pairings

    He looked impressed by himself after the throw (or just surprised),
  5. BFlatMinor

    Sansho speculations

    Can't they award to of those?
  6. BFlatMinor

    Haku's Hip Hop Henka Unless of course you don't visit French sites, being from the UK and all...
  7. BFlatMinor

    Baruto kyujo

    Or get half right and take the next Juryo Yusho with 14 - 1. Elevator rikishi revisited.
  8. BFlatMinor


    8-7 hikiotoshi yes day 13 Chiyotaikai no 3 times j8e
  9. BFlatMinor

    The Show Must Go On

    I think he rather decided the yusho than he did keep the basho exciting, but fair game though. Great effort by him and (Laughing...)
  10. BFlatMinor

    Final day, top 5 picks.

    I agree with every single word of yours... (Poking the other guy...)
  11. BFlatMinor

    Less interesting trivia fact

    If he loses tomorrow, Kotomitsuki would tie the record for most consecutive bashos with an 8-7 record.;show_form=0 He no longer seems to be the unpredictable rikishi he used to be...
  12. BFlatMinor

    Extraordinary happening

    That shove by Kokkai looked more like trying not to fall over, imho.
  13. BFlatMinor


    9-6 hikiotoshi no 13 kaio no 4 m16e
  14. BFlatMinor

    Baruto in Makuuchi

    Did anyone else notice that Baruto was clearly pulling Miyabiyama
  15. BFlatMinor

    Can Miyabiyama make it back to Ozeki?

    Yet that would be the first time since 1957 that 33 wins in sanyaku over 3 bashos would not be rewarded with ozeki promotion. You can find the search here: (33 wins in three bashos and still sekiwake after the third)