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  1. Sumo Spiffy

    Invite for GTB- July (Nagoya) 2022- 155 entries - RESULTS!!

    Wait, did I really get a JY? O.o
  2. Sumo Spiffy

    Invite for GTB- July (Nagoya) 2022- 155 entries - RESULTS!!

    GOD. I don't know how my actual GTB entry did, but my video walkthrough scored 69. UGH WHY DIDN'T I DO IT IN TIME I had Nishikigi and Shimanoumi flipped, so no points for them. I also had Tsurugisho and Myogiryu flipped, even though I could have sworn I had them in what ended up being the correct order. I essentially had the pairs of Daiamami/Nishikifuji and Oho/Yutakayama flipped, so no points for them. I had Chiyomaru on 17E instead of 17W. So, three single-pointers and 33 correct. Edit: Wait a second. I just checked my actual entry and it looks like it scored 71. Between the two, I got every pick right in at least one; the ones I tried to logic out without doing the math in the entry were a disaster and correct on the video, but the video led me to switch a few things the original entry had correct where the math was very close. This game is so compelling and weird.
  3. Sumo Spiffy

    Invite for GTB- July (Nagoya) 2022- 155 entries - RESULTS!!

    I hadn't thought about it like this, but it makes sense. They even rose to the same theoretical level and would be naturally split east and west. I stuck with two because it feels like the reason to do this would be to allow the guys below to hold a higher numerical rank, even though they're not actually any higher on the banzuke relative to everyone else, and not as an appropriate reward for Kiri or Taka. So, I don't think they'll do that.
  4. Sumo Spiffy

    Invite for GTB- July (Nagoya) 2022- 155 entries - RESULTS!!

    I tried to figure out any logic for adding more komusubi slots, but I looked through as many banzukes as I could and I just couldn't find enough situations where K (or S) slots were added due to exceptional performance to land on a rationale for doing it here. It's simply quite rare to have as many guys perform well at high ranks and in the lower sanyaku in a single basho as happened here. I even made a video about it! :D
  5. Sumo Spiffy

    Sumo Yeets

    It didn't occur to me that the thumbnail might give that impression. I do enjoy them, so I'll probably stick with it, but I appreciate you telling me that.
  6. Sumo Spiffy

    Banzuke "BS"

    I was digging through some old data and found one banzuke, Haru 1933, that had numerous makuuchi and juryo wrestlers with BS by their names instead of a rank. These rikishi were also the only ones on their levels, as opposed to there being an east and a west. Does anyone know what this stands for? Edit: I should note that these wrestlers were returning after competing for a rival organization in 1932, so I know why they're being separated. However, other rikishi wrestled for that organization longer, and when they returned, they were marked "OB" instead. I'm also curious what OB stands for, but since this is the only time "BS" was used, I'm more intrigued by that. Link:
  7. Sumo Spiffy

    Sumo Yeets

    Ah, ok, I see this was moved. I'll put things like this here.
  8. Sumo Spiffy

    Sumo Yeets

    I made another video of rikishi throwing each other around to music. I took a guess that this is the right forum for something like this; let me know if it should go elsewhere. If you like this, I have a couple others on the channel. If this isn't the kind of thing that's desired on this forum generally, let me know and I'll make sure anything I share in the future is more appropriate (read: more serious).
  9. Sumo Spiffy

    Invite for GTB- July (Nagoya) 2022- 155 entries - RESULTS!!

    So, I entered early, then redid my banzuke and some parts look different (and maybe better, still pondering). Am I allowed to put in a new entry or does that mess things up?
  10. Sumo Spiffy

    Which Waka hypothetical is more likely?

    Was laying in bed thinking about this earlier: 33 wins in three bashos is a guideline for ozeki promotion, but I recall seeing say that only about 70% of rikishi who meet this standard are promoted. Given the struggles of the current ozeki, it seems unlikely that Waka would be denied if he had another 12-win basho at sekiwake, but given his struggles early in Natsu, not impossible. However, with Mitakeumi and Shodai both kadoban, I also wondered if the decision makers would be more likely to make an exception if he reached exactly 32 wins, on the basis that yes, he struggled, but he sorted himself out (evidenced by his turnaround in May and 11 wins in July), and one of those ozeki went MK again and lost rank. (Or both, but that seems unlikely unless Mitakeumi is genuinely hurt.) I realize what other ozeki do shouldn't matter for this decision, but it does feel like already having a dramatically inconsistent ozeki and a frequently injured one in the rank would make them cross their fingers if Wakatakakage looked in-form at 32 wins.
  11. Sumo Spiffy

    RotoSumo Nagoya 2022

  12. Sumo Spiffy

    RotoSumo Nagoya 2022

    Guess I can't talk smack about Kotokuzan anymore.
  13. Sumo Spiffy

    Natsu 2022 Discussion Thread - here be spoilers

    If someone shoved a live wire in Shodai's mawashi and he won the yusho in July and September, do you think they would make him yokozuna or find a reason to deny the promotion?
  14. Sumo Spiffy

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho Talk, Natsu 2022

    I thought that if he's out due to COVID, he has to be kept at the same rank. Is he able to be moved if too many competitors deserve his rank?
  15. Sumo Spiffy

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho Talk, Natsu 2022

    That's super helpful, thanks. I thought I stumbled across another method using bout query, but it doesn't work the way I thought. :(