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  1. SDM

    Banzuke for Nagoya 2022

    yes its not a rank in itself its just like an extra and called that way because of placement on the Banzuke Interesting is the 40s reference to the same idea as Outside-M
  2. SDM

    Future prospects to keep an eye on

    Although back in 1957 we got down to M23
  3. SDM

    Banzuke for Nagoya 2022

    Haridashi has appeared in a number of ways historically. Apart from Haridashi-Yokozuna, Haridashi-Ozeki, Haridashi-Sekiwake, Haridashi-Komusubi it has also appeared at various levels of -Maegashira including just being tacked on the bottom of the listsuch as Haru 1853. Its surprising how many different levels you can find
  4. SDM

    Banzuke for Nagoya 2022

    Another note ragarding Asahikuni is that he sat out the following tournament with an injury. No doubt that influenced them
  5. SDM

    Preparations of the Y/O Nagoya 2022

    hence the tongue smiley
  6. SDM

    Preparations of the Y/O Nagoya 2022

    I knew there was some kind of injury somehow from the way he was acting. Good to hear clarification.
  7. SDM

    Preparations of the Y/O Nagoya 2022

    So polite of course
  8. SDM

    Travel to Japan Today

    As per the above, so long as the person appliedf for the correct Visa, they wouldn't be screwing anything up.
  9. SDM

    Travel to Japan Today

    don't misunderstand I'm not proposing it but I know that someone will be thinking about it So its better to have a discussion about that and highlight the concerns as has now been done. By the way, I discussed the issue of people with family with a person inside the department and apparently it is possible for people with family there to visit. Obviously with certain requirements. ps - it is also apparently the case that your Japan-side guide would be essentially controlling your actions. Apparently tour groups are also required to have someone based in Japan to take responsibility.
  10. I thought we could do with a general topic on Japanese TV Shows and Movies. These don't have to be sumo related. Mostly interested in those which you are watching or have watched.
  11. SDM

    New recruits Aki 2022

    Cant see their feet so mayeb he's standing on this toes or wearings lifts
  12. SDM

    New recruits Nagoya 2022

    Just make a new keyboard layout with the top left key as a hot key that applies macrons easily. So typing Ō...etc becomes easy.
  13. On that subject I recall Ryomaden and Taira no Kiyomori. Can't recall what year they were
  14. I'll kick it off with a show I'm watching at the moment [between bashos] Kimi to Sekai ga Owaru Hi ni 君と世界が終わる日に So far this is turning out to be one of the best TV series I've seen. Well worth a look. A brief synopsis: Mamiya Hibiki works as a car mechanic and lives with his girlfriend Ogasawara Kurumi. Hibiki makes a plan to propose to Kurumi. On the day he will propose to his girlfriend, he slides off a tunnel and becomes trapped. 4 days later, he is able to escape, but he faces a different world. There are no people outside, the traffic system is destroyed, and there are bloodstains on the streets. What happened to the world? Hibiki tries to find Kurumi.
  15. SDM

    Strength of Yūshō

    Ironically I dropped off that list back then because I was far out of reach in various parts of Japan for an extended period without access to online.
  16. SDM

    Onsen / Sento in and around Tokyo outside of Tokyo offers better onsen.. like yugawara, hakone Less than 2 hours away
  17. SDM

    Have a go at a Haiku!

    This whole thing brings back some good old memories from the old days I still have that old book I think was called something like "A 100 Famous Haiku" somewhere.
  18. Actually, talking about the "poor" performance of the 3 ozekis it does raise questions. Since we have now been told that Mitakeumi is suffering from a current injury. It has also been suggested to me that Takakeishō has some issue of a physical nature. Then, if the talk about Shōdai suffering from effeccts of long Covid is in fact so, then perhaps we can still cling to hope for competition as a whole?
  19. SDM

    Travel to Japan Today

    Just been talking to someone in JNTO in London. They are just as frustrated by it as well as they wish to promote interest in Japan, especially as a tourism destination. I wonder how it would be viewed if you started off as part of a group but then went off on your own to visit your relative?
  20. I think Mitakeumi still has a lot to offer.
  21. SDM

    Strength of Yūshō

    It is a complicated thing. First you look at the opponents results to get SOS. But then one opponents 9-6 is not the same as another persons 9-6 so how to diffrentiate? You could look at that person's opponents SOS to weight the input but it seems like a vicious circle. Plus we haven't then taken into account the issue of feedback error [aka double counting] because the initial persons's reslut is in a sense double/triple counted. Then should we also consider rank not just results alone but that opens up another can of worms about people struggling with injuries etc. Ultimatley we have to accept that there is no one true method. Whatever method we choose it is a matter of choice/opinion about what is apropo. Still it would be interesting to see the results of these studies to help us to make our choices. We just shouldn't see it as ultimate proof.
  22. SDM

    NSK sues a former advisor

    The universal rule it seems
  23. SDM

    Measuring Ōzeki Quality

    That does provide some food for thought. ~On the Qual of Opp it would be interesting to add columns to see what % of all bouts were against diff level opponents. All in all a big effort, well done.
  24. SDM

    Nishonoseki Commemorative Exhibition

    Now that really makes me wish I was back ther in jp
  25. SDM

    More Takatoriki nonsense.

    I have to say I never really took to Hōshōryū so I'm not a "follower" or anything. He did have some luck as he happened to perform well at a time when things around him were going in the right way. Having said that, you have to admit that he did get the 8-7s and that is what was required to keep himself where he is. No point to criticise him because he is still quite young and there's probably a lot of pressure on. Still, he di manage to get the 8-7 both times even when it sometimes appeared he wouldn't. I wont make any conclusion as it too early. The best thing is to see how he performs from here on in which will be the real test. So keep an open mind.