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  1. maglor

    How many languages do we cover?

    English natively, Tamil semi-natively, have spent years of my life learning French, Spanish, and Hindi and can perhaps conjure up a few dozen words from the three combined.
  2. maglor

    Hakuhou is now Miyagino

    The most common complaint about Hokuseiho is that he doesn't have a tachiai, but I think there's a genuine question of does Hokuseiho really gain from charging hard at the tachiai? Here's this super tall, slow, clumsy guy who doesn't weigh insanely much, so he's probably a bit top-heavy as well. Charging in fast against a shorter, quicker, more agile opponent, what exactly is he gaining? Seems to me he's just begging to be henka'd or ashitori'd or something. Instead he stands up slowly, his opponent gets a good hit in, he absorbs it and grabs the belt with his crazy long arms, and then they're locked in a belt battle with a 200cm giant who can get all kinds of angles and leverage. Isn't that exactly what he wants? Looking at his 4 losses in juryo, they're to 25 year old uni star Oshoma who beat him on the belt, Shimazuumi who he had a good position on until Shimazuumi managed to pull a Shodai trick near the edge, Roga who got an excellent grip out of the tachiai and got Hokuseiho's belt without giving up a belt grip to Hokuseiho, and former Komusubi Ryuden who beat him on the belt. So in what's essentially his Juryo debut, he goes 11-4 with really only 1 loss resulting from a bad tachiai. Two losses to guys who are probably just better than him right now, and one loss to Shimazuumi who pulled off a very nice move well after the tachiai. Is the tachiai really a big problem, or are we just expecting a fish to climb a tree by expecting him to do sumo like someone 185cm?
  3. maglor

    Nagoya 2022

    The other interpretation is that he started off 1-3 against the 4 best guys around him, and then found that the middle of Juryo is a much more fun place to be fighting in than vs Hokuseiho, Kinbozan, and Gonoyama
  4. maglor

    Rikishi Status - 2022 Nagoya Basho

    IMO it is always an advantage to be able to sit out with COVID kyujo - pretty much all rikishi(especially those below Yok/Ozeki who can't just choose to sit out) are carrying some level of injury. Being given two more months to rest and heal instead of having to fight 15 times is a huge advantage.
  5. maglor

    More Takatoriki nonsense.

    Yes I think this is precisely it. If you look at 20-Yusho Yokozuna by when they were promoted to Yok: Taiho: 1961-1971 Kitanoumi: 1974-1985 Chiyonofuji: 1981-1991 Takanohana: 1994-2003 Asashoryu: 2003-2010 Hakuho: 2007-2021 So in the last 60 years we have had 3 periods where there wasn't an active Yok who would go on to win 20 yusho: 1971-1974, 1991-1994, and 2021-present(wonder if the drought will be extinguished in 2024). People just want the next superstar to arrive and Terunofuji isn't scratching that itch
  6. Obviously you can't draw too many conclusions from two matches, but Kayo lost pretty badly to Ieshima(who's pretty decent himself, 6-1 from Sd83 at 17 yo), and then Ieshima got wrecked by Kototebakari
  7. Actually there is precedent - I also think it's not too impossible for there to be 5 promotions - if Kiribayama was to get promoted to Komusubi then Yutakayama finds himself without anywhere to go
  8. maglor

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho Talk, Natsu 2022 Here's a good example of how the Yusho doesn't matter. J8W with 10D went to J1w, J9E with 10Y went to J2w. If you want a more recent example, Kototebekari beat Kotokenryu in a playoff for the Jonokuchi yusho last time, and KTB was actually 3 ranks higher in Jonokuchi, but they were ranked next to each other in Jonidan. (On an unrelated note, Kototebakari should be just a few ranks away from Asanoyama next basho)
  9. maglor

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho Talk, Natsu 2022

    You just missed it, it happened in 1998. This is the way I search:, K1w&form1_wins=8, 10&offset=250 though it does require a bit of manual searching through.
  10. Given that 5-8 Shodai has been deemed an appropriate opponent for Teru on Day 14 while it's the lower sanyaku who have to deal with the Maegashira who are doing well, I wouldn't be surprised if Mitakeumi, especially if he is 7-7 faces Teru anyway.
  11. maglor

    Banzuke for Natsu 2022

    Remember that if you look up a M17 with 7 wins, that guarantees that the banzuke extends to at least M17. M13 with 5 wins might be in a basho where the lowest rank is M15 or M16. There are a lot of basho without M17
  12. maglor

    Trivia bits

    Does anyone have a list of rikishi in the 6-tournament era who were above 200cm? I know about Akebono, Kotooshu, Futuhaguro, Tenta, and ofc Hokuseiho, but I was wondering if there are random guys who never crossed Makushita who I hadn't heard of before.
  13. maglor

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho Talk, Haru 2022

    Takakeisho was also only 22 while Wakatakakage is 27, which should play in WTK's favor. Takakeisho's incredibly one-dimensional brand of sumo might also have played against him. I think if WTK can get 12 wins, there is a very good chance he makes ozeki. 9-12-12 is probably also stronger than 9-13-11, as there is an emphasis on finishing strong. Really the only thing that stops me from saying he is a lock with 12 wins is the unfortunate fact that his run started at M1e and not K1w
  14. maglor

    Haru 2022 Discussion Thread (SPOILERS!)

    In Hokuseiho's defence, someone put it best when they said "he wins despite his sumo". It might not look pretty, but I'm not going to judge him before I see him in juryo just because his style looks weird.
  15. maglor

    Haru 2022 Discussion Thread (SPOILERS!)

    Or when Konishiki, in his 2nd ever basho at Makuuchi, had to fight 2 Yokozuna, 2 Ozeki, and a Sekiwake in the last 5 days from M6.... Or when Toyonoshima had to fight Hakuho, two Ozeki, Sekiwake Kakuryu, and M1E Kisenosato from M9 in his last 5 days Or(possibly the best one), when Kaiketsu from M7 had to fight a Yokozuna, three Ozeki, two Sekiwake, and a Komusubi in his last 7 days. Then he lost to a Sekiwake in the playoff.