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  1. Surely the only real point of interest is whether kototebakari can put up anything against him. The kid looks really strong
  2. To expand on Asashosakari's reply - this is the first time since the precedent of switching ranks for playoff yusho winners was created in 1997 that we have seen a non-sanyaku rank pair contest the playoff and the west side win. Whether they follow the rule since 1997 of the yusho winner being ranked higher or they decide this does not apply to non-sanyaku cases is yet to be seen.
  3. So, no choices for nishikifuji being a stronger promotion candidate than daiamami? I thought it's unlikely, but some have commented that it's completely without precedent to know if a title decider between same-rank rikishi swaps their order. Edit: I see your assumption now, that makes sense. Worth discussing though I think
  4. Yarimotsu

    Nishonoseki-beya happenings

    I immediately thought to also visit Tsukuba Circuit, but it's on completely the other side of Tsukuba. Can reach it with a simple line transfer by the looks of it though. I'd consider walking to the Tsukuba Space Center from Nishonoseki-beya but I can appreciate that not everyone's up for a 6km walk.
  5. Yarimotsu

    Nishonoseki-beya happenings

    I immediately thought to put on some grippy shoes and full skater pads + helmet and just go at it. Yes, this is a horrible idea and I don't even want to think about the joint injuries
  6. Yarimotsu

    Honbasho in person sometime soon!

    Yeah with the restrictions still in place it's far too early for me to even consider planning a trip. maybe in a year or two.
  7. Yarimotsu

    Sekitori Torikumi Natsu Basho 2022

    Is the 3 interspersed cross-division bouts in Juryo something they often do? Or something completely new?
  8. Yarimotsu

    Natsu 2022 Discussion Thread - here be spoilers

    A funny thought came to me just before that bout began: For Mitakeumi if he loses, that's the day he went kadoban as an ozeki. A black day to forget. For Shodai, that's Friday.
  9. Yarimotsu

    Natsu 2022 Discussion Thread - here be spoilers

    If you care about someone specifically staying in Juryo 1-14 (J15 has been unavailable since May 1967) then Mitoryu is already 6th on the all-time leaderboard. If he stays in Juryo for another 7 basho he will equal Tomonohana's run of 34 basho (Tomonohana made good use of kosho status though, so arguably in just 5 more basho Mitoryu will have competed the equal-most times consecutively in Juryo's 14 rungs). If you also specify that the rikishi must have not reached Makuuchi at any point before this run in Juryo, then Mitoryu is second behind Hakuryu and will equal his 5 year stint in just 3 more basho. (You do not want to know what query I used for this, it was highly inelegant and required manual counting/intervention)
  10. Yarimotsu

    Natsu 2022 Discussion Thread - here be spoilers

    I'll second this, it was getting outrageous how inconsistent the calls were. Much rather that they check even if most of the ones they felt necessary to check today were really straightforward in the end. Had to laugh out loud at okinoumi's effort (or lack thereof) today, it was almost unbelievable how he seemed to be saying "hurry up and push me so I can step out backwards". Looking forward with interest at which bouts are skipped in coming days to help resolve an unclear yusho race... or I suppose they could let ichiyamamoto take it having only faced low maegashira
  11. Yarimotsu

    Solitaire question

    Ahh, well given that information I don't have any further anecdotes to help. It seems to be a variation of Sir Tommy / Old Patience... The wikipedia article mentions the names of some more difficult variants but doesn't have links for them so you could explore more there. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sir_Tommy . There are many variations as this is considered the original form of solitaire.
  12. Yarimotsu

    Solitaire question

    So there's one random card face up at the top and four random cards placed next to each other below that, and you build from there? How does this help you build the suits at the top? I've played a variant of this above-and-below-the-line solitaire where you make pairings and build suits on the top piles as you described, but the setup is somewhat different. You can move up each Ace as found to start 4 different piles for each suit "above the line."
  13. Yarimotsu

    Natsu 2022 Discussion Thread - here be spoilers

    Well to be fair to the current crop, you picked the year that could arguably be called the peak of sumo. It's gotta be somewhere around there with the sheer number of strong yokozuna and decent ozeki to pick from
  14. Yarimotsu

    Natsu 2022 Discussion Thread - here be spoilers

    I'd argue a mono-ii was necessary there, and cost hoshoryu a win by reversal. A cynical viewer would see this as paying shodai back for a missed monoii earlier in the tournament, but that's not how justice works! Hopefully that's not the reason for non-consideration here.
  15. Yarimotsu

    What are a sumo wrestler's stats?

    Road to Yokozuna, as hosted in its Discord server, is probably as close to a good tabletop sumo game as there currently is. They use Power, Balance, Technique, Footwork and Spirit as their 5 stats that inform the rikishi's chance of winning with each move, they incorporate a round-based bout system and move through tournaments with a results-based reward / progression system informing the growth of the player's rikishi. (If you're a participant there I apologise for the overly brief description.) I think when it comes to a single bout, the element of randomness and luck must be emphasised, but when it comes to certain clashing styles there are almost unwinnable combinations. In this sense it's almost like a game of rock-paper-scissors with a lot of different move options (far more than just the 3) but still just a simple circle of critical counters that almost always win. From an overarching view, any rikishi can take pretty much any approach to any bout in spite of their specialties / suited style for their characteristics, but it should be at great cost to their effectiveness. How best to combine this all into a game is the hard part, but as I also enjoy theorising about games I'd be happy to discuss it more at length.
  16. Yarimotsu

    Sumo Culture

    Ok, I've figured it out. Clicked on another article that is written by the same 'person' on that site. If you browse a bit, you notice that the articles all seem a little off with their wording. Then you notice that they have random links to betting sites. In the sumo article, it references Baruto partnering with some betting company (I'm going to say that's not legitimate and recommend against clicking any of those links). My conclusion is simple: This is a news website that reports fake, AI-generated news. All these articles are written by bots. If you're not so tech-savvy you might not have realised this is possible, but it is. The first time I visited a site entirely populated by bot articles was in early 2019, this news site is a tad more advanced / believable but all the hallmarks are there. I also occasionally visit a forum where bots interact with each other daily and largely go unnoticed until you realise the exact same comments and image links are popping up over the course of months in different threads. Welcome to the future
  17. Yarimotsu

    Ridiculous predictions Natsu 2022

    This may not be the right thread for it at this point, but Tamawashi Yusho!
  18. Yarimotsu

    Natsu 2022 Discussion Thread - here be spoilers

    I'm going to have a lot of fun following the leaders over the next few days. What a crazy start!
  19. Yarimotsu

    New recruits Natsu 2022

    Just the "Mr. Smith" of Japan
  20. Yarimotsu

    Trivia bits

    You're correct. A swiss system where you run out of valid participants does have a lot of quirks in its scheduling.
  21. Yarimotsu

    Trivia bits

    Related to the above: The only occurrence of a yusho being won with a 5-2 score in the modern 7-bout era for lower divisions is Nakamurayama's September 1973 debut in Jonokuchi. This resulted from a six-way playoff, and is arguably the Weakest Yusho Ever. Somewhat amazingly, one of these 6 hapless rikishi did actually reach Juryo in 1982 - for a single basho. The rest fizzled out before makushita.
  22. Yarimotsu

    Trivia bits

    The Sandanme yusho was last won with a less-than-perfect score in January 1974 by Hironoumi with a 6-1 score - nearly 50 years ago! The Jonidan yusho would be in a similar position if it weren't for Kinunonami's 6-1 yusho when returning in March 2013 - the second most recent non-perfect Jonidan yusho was Futagonishiki's 6-1 in November 1978. In stark contrast, the Makushita and Jonokuchi yusho are won with 6-1 scores semi-regularly (13 and 12 times respectively since the beginning of this century), most recently in March 2021 for both. The reasons for this are rather obviously related to scheduling quirks at the top and bottom of the 7-bout system that do not apply to sandanme or jonidan.
  23. Yarimotsu

    Rikishi Status - 2022 Natsu

    I wouldn't be surprised to see him return later in the basho to reduce the rank loss. However, he is dealing with a spinal injury so if he wants a proper recovery of any sort, he'd better stay out.
  24. Yarimotsu

    Ceremonial dohyo-iri

    Interesting - so does this mean that Terunofuji perfers Midorifuji over Takarafuji? Perhaps he just wanted Midorifuji to get that experience?
  25. Yarimotsu

    Long Kachikoshi Streaks - Natsu 2022

    1. Mitakeumi 12-3 2. Abi 9-6 3. Kamito MK 4. Ryuo MK 5. Kitanowaka KK 6. Kiryuko KK 7. Nobehara MK 8. Miyagi KK 9. Wakatakakage 10-5 10. Wakamotoharu KK 11. Kotoshoho KK 12. Nishikigi MK 13. Shimazuumi MK TB 13