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  1. Yarimotsu

    Juryo promotions for Aki 2022

    Kinbozan being from Kazakhstan, a country with strong links to eastern Europe from recent Russian heritage but a tradition of turkic steppe culture, I'd be surprised if he compared more easily to European rikishi than Mongolian rikishi. There's a lot more shared culture, history and experience between Mongolia and Kazakhstan than Kazakhstan and Bulgaria.
  2. Yarimotsu

    Nagoya 2022

    I don't usually participate in the bickering because I want to just appreciate the good he is doing and ignore the petty grievances, but sometimes his tangents to make a point do go into the mindless activist sense that I particularly hate. Have a react :)
  3. Yarimotsu

    YDC convenes after Nagoya 2022?

    Well they can discuss it, right? They seem to discuss ozeki regardless of Yokozuna chances.
  4. Yarimotsu

    YDC convenes after Nagoya 2022?

    I agree, the only real conversation they can have is whether mitakeumi remains kadoban. And since he didn't clear it, I think they have to say he remains kadoban.
  5. Yarimotsu

    Games Talk - Nagoya Basho 2022

    Yeah, I made his juryo game entry for him as well, he said there were technical issues.
  6. Yarimotsu

    Nagoya 2022

    Regarding Endo, and this is not a comment on his efforts today but more generally, I haven't really seen him as a joi-level rikishi since I started watching sumo almost a year-and-a-half ago. I don't know if he was considered more technically gifted prior to this era... I know he's very well liked in Japan... but I've found his sumo generally uninspiring for the ranks he has had in this time, and I've been surprised that he manages to eek out the scores he does to keep rank.
  7. Yarimotsu

    Rikishi Status - 2022 Nagoya Basho

    Unfortunately, Ozumo has to move with Japan, and Japan is moving very slowly.
  8. Yarimotsu

    Nagoya 2022

    Very impressed by Nishikigi once again, on Abema the commentator even remarked "he saw that well" which is ironic. Endo put up a much better-than-expected effort but unfortunately for him the Yokozuna really wants to win this basho. Shodai... Nobody ever really thought he would succumb to true ozekiwake status, right? After all this time giving convincing ozeki performances
  9. Yarimotsu

    Nagoya 2022

    For starters, looking at Abema's view of the situation you have to put waka's right foot ahead of his left - not behind it, as they did. This put him on a stance completely devoid of leverage on his uwate side and allows teru to easily toss him the other way. You're looking very overly defensive in this thread.
  10. Yarimotsu

    Nagoya 2022

    Completely the wrong stance to resume.... I have no words
  11. Yarimotsu

    Nagoya 2022

    Come on, what he said was the Dewanoumi man who tested positive was asymptomatic, and correctly assessed that asymptomatic people should not be testing mid-basho.
  12. Yarimotsu

    Nagoya 2022

    I hope the people considering whether to demote him consider the difference between kosho and stable-wide COVID kyujo - it's not like this is mitakeumi's choice in any way. He's being forced to exit the basho, whereas with an injury he can at least mount the dohyo.
  13. Yarimotsu

    Nagoya 2022

    Just because I picked it for TTT doesn't mean I actually wanted it to happen...
  14. Yarimotsu

    Nagoya 2022

    Akua... does he have a coach? Does he listen to any advice given? Are people too scared to give him advice lest he attempt yet another kakenage, right then and there in the spur of the moment? Having just now looked up how Tatsunami oyakata got to the position he is in now, I can somewhat understand a lack of proper guidance in that stable. But seriously, Akua: You're skilled and strong enough to stay in the sekitori ranks. Just have some sumo sense at all, will you? Please!
  15. Yarimotsu

    Nagoya 2022

    I do have some sympathy for Mitakeumi, he's pretty much being forced to fight on with a clearly useless arm and put on a brave face. One-armed sumo isn't gonna get you far at this level.
  16. Yarimotsu

    Shohozan intai

    Shohozan was guest commentator on Abema today, when asked if there was something he wanted to make time for now he has retired he replied "A fishing trip". The commentator asked (jokingly?) why he hadn't been on Abema's fishing program(s) while active, Shohozan replied he wasn't invited. I'm sure a more competent translator / someone who watched live will be able to find a few more interesting tidbits.
  17. Yarimotsu

    Nagoya 2022

    For all the talk about a mizu-iri, I can't see a long bout taking place at all. Teru's knees surely won't let him just stand around with ichinojo leaning on him - there'll be action, quickly, and then one of them will be down or out.
  18. Yarimotsu

    Bout-Length Nagoya 2022

    94 seconds for Hokuseiho's bout with Yago today, by my count. I think he's in for a few more long bouts with his current style - but if his opponents have studied him they probably won't want to give him a long bout.
  19. Sure, they could both really really have wanted to use -fuji, but from Kokonoe's point of view, why not just use Chiyo- and avoid the argument? It's even more clear who you're paying homage to and whose lineage you are continuing, and it differentiates. As I said, wins all round! It would take a very stubborn young oyakata to upset that balance, and they don't seem to last long in the NSK. I think it's likely just a case of first-come-first-served.
  20. I don't have any actual insight to the situation, but wouldn't this be a simple case of differentiation being preferable for all involved? There's no reason for a stable to want one of their rikishi confused with another stable. I'd guess that one stable just starts naming their rikishi in that way, and other stables see that and realise they should avoid using the same naming scheme to avoid confusing third parties. It'd actually be a benefit in cases where an oyakata feels like he has multiple naming schemes to pay homage to / elders and legacies to honour. The easiest excuse to pick your own desired naming scheme or not have to use many different ones and confuse things, is to be able to say "that one was already taken".
  21. Yarimotsu

    Nagoya 2022

    I was thinking exactly the same when watching his bout. Doesn't look like his leg injury is going to get significantly better, and he looked far too defensive / scared from the charge today, ending in further pain. I couldn't tell if it was thrusts to his face or shoulder that was hurting but I'm sure we will know this time tomorrow. Ishiura's the one I'm most worried about, I feel like he's still got a lot more to give in the dohyo but having to climb back up the ranks/ cope with a complex internal injury may discourage him.
  22. Yarimotsu

    Heya Watch Nagoya Basho 2022

    Isegahama going 1-9 on opening day is interesting, I'll be keeping an eye on that
  23. Yarimotsu

    Help needed..Juryo game

  24. Yarimotsu

    Preparations of the masses- July 2022

    Couple of Nishikigi where there should be Nishikifuji?
  25. Yarimotsu

    Long Kachikoshi Streaks - Nagoya 2022

    1. Kamito KK 2. Ryuo MK 3. Nobehara KK 4. Kiryuko MK 5. Wakatakakage 9-6 6. Wakamotoharu MK 7. Nishikigi KK 8. Chiyosakae KK 9. Kainoshima MK 10. Suzuki MK 11. Mukainakano KK 12. Ryuden KK 13. Tochimaru MK TB 14