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  1. Yarimotsu

    Bench World Cup 2022

    I'd like to play. I've tried to digest as much of the rules as I can and I think that gave me a general gist of how the game is played and scored. Assumedly there will be reminders of what we need to do and when.
  2. Yarimotsu

    Gaga Does Dallas!

    I heard on the most recent GSB interview that there might've been some visa troubles for the Georgians. Hopefully this was resolved in time and they still made it. Always seems to be an issue with holding international events in the USA.
  3. Rikishi older than everyone above them on the banzuke, Aki 2022: Y1e Terunofuji 29.11.1991 O1w Shodai 05.11.1991 M3e Tamawashi 16.11.1984 Sd4w Asatenmai 23.05.1981 Sd33w Dairaido 17.04.1980 Sd40e Shoketsu 05.09.1976 With Shohozan off the rankings, the list of most impressive elders finds a large gulf in its center. Asatenmai eclipses Aozora at the top of Sandanme. Shoketsu, turning 46 next week, threatens to make this list even shorter as Dairaido falls closer to his rank.
  4. Yarimotsu

    GTB invite- Aki 2022 - RESULTS!!

    I think that your wording makes it sound backwards but it comes to the mathematical conclusion that you're basically correct. For those who reached 8 wins or 8 losses then pulled out with COVID, their rank change was given based on the excess losses or wins they got above 7, rather than doing any extrapolation at all. Due to how I calculated it, I actually used that process for the KK rikishi and only neglected to do it for the MK rikishi - which was only Endo and Daiamami. Daiamami actually nearly saves his Makuuchi rank under this interpretation (he does by straight math but I'd have to check precedent for division changes). Endo's expected rank goes exactly where he went on the banzuke.
  5. Yarimotsu

    GTB invite- Aki 2022 - RESULTS!!

    I'll take 4th place and my highest score by far from 5 attempts. Based on Isegahama's one-liner and where my submission was correct (M1-M4 perfect), I'm confident in saying my method was the one they used and my mistakes in placement lower down are just my usual inaccuracy compared to their process. So my process was as follows: Anyone who did not reach 8 wins or 8 losses cannot be moved (unless they must be forced 1 rank lower, which didn't happen). The fusen losses obviously count just as much as the fusen wins - like normal. The covid absences of those with 8 wins or losses are removed entirely from their score in calculating a win-loss differential to move that rikishi up or down a certain amount. If I'd made a few adjustments lower down on the banzuke to follow our usual conventions instead of submitting a rough draft, this process would've won it for me. Oh, and obviously Endo's rank is egregious but there's always one.
  6. Yarimotsu

    Hiro Morita’s “Sumo Prime Time”

    Just throw a bit of salt on it, it'll purify More seriously, it'd really suck to have a shimekomi gifted to you and immediately declared cursed because you lost a few bouts.
  7. Yarimotsu

    GTB invite- Aki 2022 - RESULTS!!

    My attempt: Terunofuji Y1e Takakeisho O1e Shodai O1w Mitakeumi O2w Wakatakakage S1e Daieisho S1w Hoshoryu K1e Abi K1w Ichinojo K2e Kiribayama K2w Tobizaru M1e Midorifuji M1w Kotonowaka M2e Meisei M2w Tamawashi M3e Ura M3w Nishikigi M4e Takayasu M4w Wakamotoharu M5e Sadanoumi M5w Takarafuji M6e Onosho M6w Aoiyama M7e Myogiryu M7w Tochinoshin M8e Hokutofuji M8w Nishikifuji M9e Kotoeko M9w Ryuden M10e Endo M10w Kotoshoho M11e Takanosho M11w Chiyotairyu M12e Okinoumi M12w Ichiyamamoto M13e Oho M13w Chiyoshoma M14e Terutsuyoshi M14w Yutakayama M15e Tsurugisho M15w Mitoryu M16e And a little note saying Hiradoumi next to M16w. I'm trying something with the M1 ranks, in the name of consistency. Suddenly being reminded that Takanosho's kyujo wasn't covid shook things up a bit. Basically I interpreted Isegahama's hint as "Don't move any covid-rikishi with undefined records unless you absolutely have to". For the rest of them, I shaved the absences off the top and produced a record from that. Most simply fell into place except M10, where Ryuden rising meets others falling. That could be anywhere between M9 and M14, with varying levels of likelihood.
  8. Yarimotsu

    Kensho Nagoya 2022

    Ah but you see, no women are allowed to step on the dohyo. Presumably, she won't step
  9. Yarimotsu

    Hiro Morita’s “Sumo Prime Time”

    Yep, seconding the above, it's not that Hiro is doing something entirely unique, rather that he has the access and knowledge and setup to do these kinds of videos with a high production value and from a position of mutual understanding with the rikishi and the whole sumo system.
  10. Yarimotsu

    New recruits Aki 2022

    Well if there's anyone who can give him advice on how to manage bung knees and still be successful, it's got to be terunofuji, right? @Katooshu was that not a left knee in 2017 and right knee in 2019, or is there a chance that one video is mirrored?
  11. Yarimotsu

    Gagamaru activities

    Very off-topic but how have you enjoyed Georgia? I've always wanted to go there as a tourist but I'm not sure if I can justify putting it on my first solo trip to Europe.
  12. Yarimotsu

    Hiro Morita’s “Sumo Prime Time”

    Completely agree, and I think if the channel goes down the path of daily bout coverage that's probably a misdirection of resources. If we want to watch the bouts, we know where to go. Hiro's channel can provide more camera angles, provide backstory and context to bouts and do a really good job - it's definitely the stuff around the edges which others cannot access that we want to see more of.
  13. Yarimotsu

    GTB invite- Aki 2022 - RESULTS!!

    I would love to know how statistically unlikely that actually is. It's got to be a fairly complex bayesian calculation to figure it out correctly.
  14. Yarimotsu

    How many languages do we cover?

    I can recognise just about every language represented in geoguessr within a phrase or two. Learned how to read Cyrillic (Russian) characters, also for the purpose of playing geoguessr. I have some level of confidence in my spoken Japanese - was just two marks short of officially being N2 qualified (business-level fluent) in 2020... my kanji skills are atrocious unless I practice often, so they've waned again since then. Studied introductory Italian, Spanish and French, and I tend to understand snippets of conversations in these languages but can't really formulate anything anymore or even remember basic vocab. If Japan ever opens back up to a degree I'm happy with, I'll be considering that language qualification again and potentially moving there.
  15. Yarimotsu

    GTB invite- Aki 2022 - RESULTS!!

    The way I did it, ichiyamamoto just slots into place and the hardest ranks were M1 and M10. How successful my idea of consistency will be... doubtful.
  16. If you're going to do these for other "class of" years, I'd like to see what you know or can find out about the ones who were good but never went pro. From what I can see, there's 11 sumotori kids in your list who were better at the time than 3 who became competent sekitori, yet they chose to do other things. Anyway it's cool to see this history
  17. Yarimotsu

    GTB invite- Aki 2022 - RESULTS!!

    I'm not going to take that bait either but I've moved beyond the initial shock and actually read what's in front of me.
  18. Yarimotsu

    GTB invite- Aki 2022 - RESULTS!!

    Lack of creativity, for one. I'd been putting it off and just had my first look.... so.... M1e Tobizaru or Midorifuji?
  19. Yarimotsu

    Juryo promotions for Aki 2022

    I consider that song highly dystopian. Highly doubtful that you're alone in that line of thinking, but it's not one I personally think holds up to scrutiny.
  20. Yarimotsu

    Heya graph

    That's going straight to my bookmarks. Thanks!
  21. Yarimotsu

    Kimarite Statistics - 2022 Nagoya

    I don't recall if I saw it in kintamayama or chris sumo coverage, but there was one in Nagoya and it was announced to the crowd that since neither wrestler could take to the dohyo, the bout would not take place. No banner was shown.
  22. Yarimotsu

    Corona and sumo

    I've seen a few people online starting to wonder what the NSK can do to relax restrictions and encourage fan participation again. Here's an (off-topic) article with some context of the difficult social position the NSK are in. It is about a large fine handed down from the Japanese pro soccer league to a team whose supporters are on occasion cheering in excess of league COVID guidelines. The article notes (the most extreme) reactions on Japanese twitter as is tradition for this particular tabloid. https://soranews24.com/2022/07/30/japanese-soccer-team-fined-20-million-yen-because-fans-cheering-violated-covid-19-guidelines/
  23. Yarimotsu

    Juryo promotions for Aki 2022

    Absolutely no offense taken, I just wanted to contribute from my own area of interest. Don't take it as a sign to not post, I think it became a helpful discussion for some other readers.
  24. Yarimotsu

    Juryo promotions for Aki 2022

    I don't have any insight about it, but a quick google for Kazakh wrestling tells me it exists, is very popular since independence, and looks similar to mongolian wrestling.
  25. Yarimotsu

    GTB invite- Aki 2022 - RESULTS!!

    I am actively dreading this... Might have to just do what I think should be done and hope they think like me