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  1. Leo C

    Natsu jungyo 2022

    Not only in sumo, but in general Japan isn't closing anything down (so far) due to the latest surge. Trips are scheduled to happen as usual, no mention of even the half-assed state of emergency (manbo or whatever it was called), etc.
  2. Leo C

    Nagoya 2022

    I think they were referring to Ichinojo himself being covid-kyujo last basho.
  3. Leo C

    Nagoya 2022

    Congrats to Ichinojo! I've always liked him for whatever reason and am happy he made it. Always seemed like he was able of going farther but wasn't putting his all into it; giving up at the bales and such, although now I know that that was more due to injuries than anything else, apparently. A solid outing including a win over Terunofuji which I loved.
  4. Leo C

    Nagoya 2022

    I attended the basho in Nagoya today, I liked the feel of the Aichi Gym for sumo. It is smaller than the Kokugikan, so even the cheapest seats kinda feel closer than anything on the 2nd floor at Ryogoku. A more intimate setting, so to speak. Very nice. Terutsuyoshi actually went for the ashitori again, haha that was great. I always enjoy it when guys try for something fancy or entertaining instead of what actually makes sense (i.e. Akua). Happy that Ichinojo got past Tobizaru, the basho coming down to him and Terunofuji in the end again would be fun, at least for me. The crowd didn't seem that happy with Ichi's win though. Not from today, but Teru vs Hoshoryu yesterday was great, I wish I'd seen that one live haha. Much like Kiribayama, I like the story of Hosh inching closer and closer to beating the Yokozuna on the belt. It'd be great to have a torch passing moment in the future with these two. Let's hope. Abi trying to henka Wakamotoharu of all people to start I didn't enjoy, but his sidestep to win I thought was alright. The crowd was a bit reluctant to start clapping probably because of the henka attempt. Wakatakakage's ozeki run may be over, but hopefully he gets his kachi koshi. Even if he can't get it done this time, it's fine, he's young and injury-free so far, so he can still make it in a year or two. He's been going up the banzuke at a steady pace and improving. Being a sekiwake getting consistent kachi koshi, much like Mitakeumi was for so long, is a good spot. I think he can manage to eke out one win from his remaining matches; he's beaten Takakeisho before and Shodai is still Shodai regardless of how scared of Magaki he is. Speaking of Shodai, I was angry when he beat Ichinojo when he had the lead because I was certain he was gonna turn around and lose to the likes of Shimanoumi and whoever else is having a bad basho in classic Shodai fashion, but since he actually had a good consistent run throughout I'm happy for him. Well done. I haven't seen the replay of Teru and Daieisho yet but, yeah, if Daieisho (or other thrusters) don't get Terunofuji straight from the tachiai it is difficult to beat the Yokozuna.
  5. Leo C

    Nagoya 2022

    Maybe he said he'd slap him again if he kept that level of performance...
  6. Leo C

    Nagoya 2022

    I felt a little sorry for Wakamotoharu, even if we ignore the false finish, he was doing great against the Yokozuna and having to restart (from the same position or not) may have cost him the victory. Very exciting nonetheless. Another loss for Ichinojo and now we're back to half the guys in the lead together... I don't mind this as I enjoy the chaos but it would be nice to have a different narrative from last time.
  7. Leo C

    Nagoya 2022

    Shodai of course shows up only to ruin the most exciting part of the basho.
  8. Leo C

    Nagoya 2022

    I'm glad Ichinojo decided to fight. It made for a fun match to see someone beat Terunofuji at his own game in a way.
  9. Leo C

    Nagoya 2022

    I wonder if Ichinojo is still giving Terunofuji his freebie now that he's in the lead? That would be very lame but I wouldn't be surprised.
  10. Leo C

    Nagoya 2022

    I always enjoy it when Teru faces Kiribayama or Hoshoryu. Like, even though there's no beating Teru on the belt because of how big and how good he is, that's their thing too so they go for it every time and it always makes for an exciting match, especially considering they're both up and comers as well. Today was another example. When one of those two beats Terunofuji in a belt battle some day it'll be great.
  11. Big pop for one cow's worth of wagyu beef Terunofuji got. I'd be excited too.
  12. 7th yusho! Omedetou. Happy for Teru, seemed like he was going to drop out in the beginning but he powered through and was rewarded for it. No kensho for Mitakeumi. Hopefully the sanyaku is more genki next basho.
  13. I liked the commentary on Abema. "Teru's yusho is not a done deal yet, Mitakeumi tries hard when there's big kensho on the line"
  14. Congratulations to Akua for his first successful kakenage of the year!
  15. Kiribayama and Wakamotoharu was a nice match. I'm not sure why Kiribayama tried to henka, but he recovered nicely afterwards. Tobizaru got robbed, a shame, I always enjoy a nice ashitori victory. I still laugh when remembering Terutsuyoshi and what'shisname that one time. Ura's victory was fun to watch. Nice effort by Wakatakakage. I was disappointed with his performance because he lost some matches he maybe shouldn't have, but he's had a good second week showing a lot of fighting spirit and the fans are still behind him. Hopefully he gets a kachi koshi.