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  1. Submitting this as the final bracket with apologies to Hoshuzan who is also currently 4-1 and who may get his final 2 wins vs Sandanme opponents. (or maybe this bracket will demand a rematch between Asonoyama and Kiryuko who didn't exactly fight to a finish the first time around...)


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  2. The placement of this bracket implicitly makes two assumptions (1) that Kitaharima will not advance to the finals (I've just got a feeling), and (2) that Dewanoryu will advance past Nishinoryu in the one-loss bracket. If those are incorrect guesses then more things have to be moved around (Kanzaki would face someone lower on the banzuke for 5-1 vs 5-1, and Kitaharima cannot face Nishinoryu for a rematch).


  3. Didn't mean to stop posting these last night. The "third" 6-1 bracket. Notice that Tamashoho cannot face the two guys that he already faced from the other side. However I am speculating that Mukainakano will beat Tamashoho anyway and face the winner of Nionoumi / Oshoryu. If Tamashoho wins he will have to find another opponent.


  4. Here is the top of several "one-loss" brackets, where obviously Oshoma and Hokuseiho have been appearing all over the place. Notable is the fact that I had to leave two 6-1 runs off of this bracket because they belonged to guys Tomokaze has already beaten, so he will have to get an opponent further down the banzuke (probably Tsurubayashi).

    Also if Oshoma loses his semi-final it is conceivable that he may face a Chiyosakae or Kinbozan, and if Tomokaze loses his next match then lots of possibilities are open.


  5. EDIT: Thank you @Jakusotsu for fulfilling the request! If anyone wants to see or follow along below I will probably live recap, or I can just delete the thread.

    === original message ===

    I fell asleep before the day 3 matches started and before I knew which matches would determine my win/loss outcome in the Sumo Game.

    Would someone mind letting me know which rikishi I picked (Hoshotakamoto) and which rikishi my opponent picked for day 3, while otherwise not telling me the outcome of any matches? The order of picks is important too for tiebreakers.


  6. Same as I posted under the other wave - I forgot to submit in time, and after a 4-3 debut for my guy in March, would have maybe gone with Jd81w Chiyotsurugi who didn't compete on day 1. But if I'm not eligible for these waves so be it.

  7. 17 hours ago, Seiyashi said:

    Yes I did! Just checked. Isn't the jōi fairly easy to predict, though, with the sanyaku serving as a constraining limit on how they can be organised? It was fairly clear that three of the incumbents would hold serve, so between Daieishō and Takayasu for K1w, despite what the numbers say, it was pretty obvious to me Daieishō was going to get it given the recent penchant for underpromotions and Takayasu pulling bridesmaid duty again.

    The rest of the jōi was pretty uncontentious after that, since by the numbers that's supposedly exactly where they shake out. Endō, Takanoshō and Ōnoshō are all tied, though, so it really was luck there, and the wheels started coming off by Wakamotoharu despite the numbers clearly showing him at M6E. Ura really lucked out there.

    I will just say I was impressed. True, it is often easy to roll perfect scores from Sekiwake on up (and I didn't find Komosubi to present a challenge this time either) but there were some places I hit a snag this time around M1 and M4.

    To your comment about things being more chaotic further down, I visualize the banzuke as a bunch of "clumps" where it is absolutely clear, for example, which 5 guys might land from 24-28 but maybe you can't predict the internal order between them, and then maybe likewise for 21-23, and so on. I think we all knew Kotokuzan was the 41st ranked person on this banzuke and generally knew Chiyomaru and Kagayaki would be next in line (but unsure of the order). And then Meisei and Ishiura are examples of the "floaters" where you can't be totally certain within 1.5-2 slots where they will shake out, so they have to be included in a much larger "clump" than, for example, the 1-man clumps at S1w, S1e, O2w, O1w, O1e, and Y.

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  8. 5 minutes ago, Seiyashi said:

    Out of reacts, but equal parts "thanks" and "haha".

    So basically, the clue to hack GTB is, seat of the pants?

    Someone suggested that I just feed all of the CSVs of 30 years of banzukes and records into Google's Vertex AI and pay them a few dollars to see how well they can score in GTB.

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  9. 4 minutes ago, Reonito said:

    On some banzuke, they've gone out of their way to demote 7-8's, like this time, except for some reason Yutakayama. On others, including all recent ones, they've been perfectly happy to leave them in place. No idea what accounts for the difference.

    Well clearly losing to a Komosubi is just unacceptable! (Laughing...)

    EDIT: maybe the new strategy for sniffing out bias should be to look at who gets the most outrageous Day 15 matchup and then fade their chances to get a fair shake in the banzuke.

  10. 1 hour ago, Seiyashi said:

    So basically, it's a case of screwing over everyone a little bit rather than stiffing someone hard for consistency elsewhere...

    Well, to spell it out Tochinoshin went +6 instead of +3, Okinoumi went -2.5 instead of -5,  Nishikigi went +5.5 instead of +3, Aoiyama went -0.5 instead of -1.0, Chiyoshoma went -3.5 instead of -5, Myogiryu went -1 (vs -1), and Sadanoumi went -4 instead of -5. So it begs the question of why they didn't go a little more lenient on Aoiyama and Myogiryu.

    EDIT: it's also somewhat egregious as Aoiyama entered day 15 at 7-7 and lost to incoming Komosubi Daieisho to get dropped, whereas Myogiryu entered at 6-8 and beat the extremely-promoted Tochinoshin.

  11. On 18/04/2022 at 09:48, Seiyashi said:
    Terunofuji Y  
    Mitakeumi O Shodai
      O Takakeisho
    Wakatakakage S Abi
    Hoshoryu K Daieisho
    Takayasu 1 Ichinojo
    Kiribayama 2 Kotonowaka
    Hokutofuji 3 Tamawashi
    Endo 4 Takanosho
    Onosho 5 Tobizaru
    Wakamotoharu 6 Takarafuji
    Ura 7 Shimanoumi
    Kotoeko 8 Terutsuyoshi
    Kotoshoho 9 Tochinoshin
    Nishikigi 10 Meisei
    Aoiyama 11 Myogiryu
    Okinoumi 12 Chiyoshoma
    Sadanoumi 13 Chiyotairyu
    Ichiyamamoto 14 Ishiura
    Oho 15 Azumaryu
    Midorifuji 16 Chiyomaru
    Yutakayama 17 Kotokuzan


    Pasting from Excel seems to work but it doesn't keep more sophisticated formatting like borders, unlike with Google Sheets.

    And I am using Edge, which nowadays is built on the same Chromium base as Chrome anyway. So some other chicanery is at work here.

    I haven't referred back to the official banzuke but did you get a clean sweep all the way down through M5?