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    Sandanme Tsukedashi = too low?

    Well it's been less than a year and Kanno/Nishikawa both look pretty solid.
  2. Hoshotakamoto

    GTB- Hatsu 2022- RESULTS!! 133 entries , 17 new players

    I'm not here to cast aspersions on Kiribayama (who is a great wrestler and for all I know may one day be a Yokozuna), but he has hilariously scaled the wall since exiting Juryo by posting a series of mirror records, e.g. 9-6 followed by 6-9, 8-7 followed by 7-8, etc. Props to him for timing things well and standing firm while others fall around him I suppose. Still this is not the same thing that got Wakatakakage to where he is.
  3. Hoshotakamoto

    GTB- Hatsu 2022- RESULTS!! 133 entries , 17 new players

    First time poster here but I had to rant. Agreed with you on Komosubi (although putting Meisei in a Daeisho / Waka sandwich was a risk mitigation strategy I wish I would have tried with Akua and Sadanoumi around Myogiryu). Agreed with you on Endo/Ichinojo. I also had Onosho in M6w but I correctly placed Abi behind Chiyoshoma and Hoshoryu so I lost 6 instead of 4. Moved Hidenoumi all the way in front of Takayasu so I lost 5 instead of 4. Agreed with you on Shimanoumi and Chiyonokuni. I finally got 2 pts for Kotoeko after he ruined my first 2 GTB submissions, but I had Tochinoshin behind Aoiyama->Tsurugisho so that cost me 5. also Reonito said: I also swapped the Komusubi [ I agree ], and Endo and Ichinojo [ I agree ]. I had Abi and Onosho wrong, plus Chiyoshoma on the wrong side (–1)[yep, him too]. Also Hidenoumi and Takarafuji, as well as Shimanoumi and Chiyonokuni. I'd argue that most of these depart from the usual way of doing things. I had Aoiyama and Tochinoshin swapped, but got Kotoeko [yep] and Tsurugisho right (+4). My other mistakes: swapping Ura and Kiribayama (–4) [I did this too], which I knew was a close call, swapping Chiyotairyu and Ishiura (–2) [I lost 5 for putting Chiyotairyu in front and getting Teru/Ishiura in the right order], and swapping Kotonowaka and Yutakayama (–4) [ I agree with this one too ]. In summary I agreed with you guys on almost every point that you lost and pushed a 2-13 Myogiryu eight rungs down the ladder instead of seven Tough day at the office.