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  1. Takaguntha

    Kyushu 2022 discussion (results)

    Without being aware of a possible henka they would regulary clash head on head even harder at tachiai. So a henka here and then may save some brain... In a three-way-playoff it makes escpecially sense to save power. But, sure, henka ist not what we want to see in a Playoff.
  2. Takaguntha

    Videos-Kyushu Basho 2022 - Days 1-15

    Harumafuji wins bei yorikiri, oshidashi and yoritaoshi!?! You made my day!
  3. Takaguntha

    Kyushu 2022 discussion (results)

    I can not see a tendency to overpromote Hoshoryu. And I am pretty sure, they will stick to this. Maybe this will fit to his personal devolpment- either way: his time should come.
  4. Takaguntha

    Rikishi Status - 2022 Nagoya Basho

    West Sekiwake Daleisho (Oitekaze Beya) East Maegashira #3 Tamawashi (Kataonami Beya) East Maegashira #5 Endo (Oitekaze Beya) West Maegashira #6 Tobizaru (Oitekaze Beya) West Maegashira #8 Nishikigi (Isenoumi Beya) West Maegashira #14 Tsurugisho (Oitekaze Beya) West Maegashira #16 Daiamami (Oitekaze Beya) West Juryo #3 Daishoho (Oitekaze Beya) have withdrawn the Day 13 of the July Tournament.
  5. Takaguntha

    Konnichiwa from Cologne

    Thanks and greetings @ Joann & Steve
  6. Takaguntha

    Konnichiwa from Cologne

    Greetings@shimodahito For sure I am enjoying Kyushu Basho- at least Makuuchi live every morning (8 a.m. in Germany).
  7. Takaguntha

    Konnichiwa from Cologne

    Thank you guys for the welcome! Very nice!
  8. Takaguntha

    Konnichiwa from Cologne

    Hi folks! I'm a 54 years old German. I learned that reading in this forum is so much more pleasure- and so much more informative- than following weird Sumo groups in social networks that I finally created an account.