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  1. Kintamayama Thank you for posting your videos,  my wife and I love Font day, the people that give you hate aren't really Sumo fans(imo), please continue,  the sumo world would be an empty place without your contributions. When we show people sumo, your our go to YouTube channel, Hakkeyoi 

    I loved it when Murray called slippiotoshi and giving you a name drop, priceless.

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  2. 28 minutes ago, Benevolance said:

    Japanese sumo sports psychology mostly involves hitting lower ranked wrestlers with empty booze bottles and telling them they're worthless, and I think Terunofuji doesn't drink because of his diabetes, so, alas, no therapy for Shoudai. 

    I'm finding that out, no wonder the Mongolians are thriving, they are used to harsh conditions 

  3. 3 hours ago, Koorifuu said:

    Shodai would've never been close to ozeki as early as one decade ago, and I don't mean he lacks the skill. Because he doesn't. And I'm already taking into consideration that long COVID's been destroying his stamina for any bout that requires continuous physical effort, which he often loses nowadays.

    Ever since I saw that jungyo video from around four years ago, where a bunch of makuuchi guys captained by Tamawashi were bullying a clearly uncomfortable Shodai by circling him with slaps and pinches to the nipples, I've always had the impression that his eventual ascent to ozeki was only made possible by that relative clampdown on hazing and mistreatment of "inferiors" that's happened in the last few years. He just doesn't have that primal, alpha mentality of domination over other males like most sumo greats had - and others would've destroyed him mentally and physically before he could amount to anything. In fact, I haven't got any concrete data to substantiate this claim, but I'm pretty sure his sudden rise from maegashira also-ran to ozeki was precisely just after that change.

    Exactly, Shodai is missing the aggression and focus needed to become an elite level Ozeki, Hakuho proved that last year with the slap fest.Day 14 July 2021. Not once did Shodai try any offense of any kind.