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  1. Bishonohana

    Sadogatake beya Keiko report - March 11

    Great pictures!! (Kewl pics!) I never liked Chiyotaikai that much, but he can sure grow on ya! (In a state of confusion...)
  2. Bishonohana

    Kitanoumi resigns, the brothers are out

    This a sad day for Sumo.... (Shaking head...) The Sumo world sure is getting some bad unwanted publicity!! (Eek...) I was never a fan of Roho and Hakurozan, but I really liked Wakanoho. I thought he may do well for the future. It's hard to believe that they would think that smoking weed is something that no one will find out about. You know the Heya must have reeked with all that smell. (I am not worthy...) All three will probably write a book now about the Sumo World and make money. (Band playing...) Good bye to Wakanoho, Roho and Hakurozan.... (Happy goodbyes...) (Happy goodbyes...) (Happy goodbyes...)
  3. Bishonohana


    (Dripping sweat...) (Nodding yes...) I AM ecstatic!! !!!! :-D (Yusho winner...) I always believed in you!! :-)
  4. Bishonohana


    Whether is the REAL Kotooshu or an artificial one, I'm glad to see how well he is doing, so far, and how good he looks!
  5. Bishonohana

    Pics Day 03 - Natsu Basho 08

    Great pix, as usual!! Thanks for sharing them with us!!
  6. Bishonohana


    These are really great pix, Fay!! You can really tell the true color of Wakanoho's hair from these pix! Thanks for sharing!
  7. Bishonohana

    Featured Rikishi! April 2008 - Goeido

    Great report and stats!! :-D He is one of my favorite Rikishi now!! :-)
  8. Bishonohana


    Sakaizawa was shoved off the dohyo duing the matta, but I didn't think he was hurt, then. It certainly was had enough shove, that he went off the dohyo, but he was on his feet. After the restart, when Sakaizawa was pushed back with his feet planted, the rest of his body laying on top of his own legs, with his knees bent as for as it could... and then some, I believe his breath was knocked out of him. Then once when he could breathe, he rolled and rolled until he got to the edge of the dohyo, where they put him in a wheel chair to take him out. It looked like he was in so much pain, even on the wheeel chair, that he couldn't even sit up straight. ;-) I hope he will be OK, but it sure didn't look like it, to me! (Shaking head...)
  9. Bishonohana

    Did Hakuho Really Make a Face Like This Today?

    I think that's the MOST UNATTRACTIVE photo of Hakuho that I've ever seen!!! (Applauding...) That's a terrible look for him!! (Applauding...)
  10. Bishonohana

    Day 3 Pics - Haru 08

    Thank you so much for posting the great pix!! (Holiday feeling...) Chiyotaikai's handstand is really a good shot! (Scratching chin...)
  11. Bishonohana

    Kyushu Basho - Pics Day 09

    As always, great pix, Fay!! :-)
  12. Bishonohana

    Quotes from Day 3 - Kyushu 2007

    Fulfilling my contractual obligation to link to certain video clips (Yusho winner...) every time this subject comes up: Link Oh I forgot about that match! :-) I do miss 'Shuzan and his crazy antics, though... But no one has done a good hatsuso-tobi like Hayateumi in recent times. I miss him, too! (Sign of approval...)
  13. Bishonohana

    Quotes from Day 3 - Kyushu 2007

    Thanks, Mado-san! These are some great quotes! Woohoo! (Sign of approval...) It sure brought a smile to my face and I needed that today! :-)
  14. Bishonohana

    Kyokai Changed their "Matches" Link?

    No, I meant click their record on the matchup page (same as before); I wasn't referring to the tournament records pages. Anyway, on the strength of the "picture = 1000 words" theory... :-) OMG!!! Asashosaki-sama.... You ARE my hero!! (In love...) Yes, a picture does does speak a 1K words and here again, it proves that theory!! (Sign of approval...) I can't believe that was all I had to do now, was to click on the numbers! :-) Thanks to everyone else for all your great ideas as well! If the link ever goes down, I have other ways to check the stats! (Showing respect...) You're the BEST!! (Yusho winner...)
  15. Bishonohana

    Kyokai Changed their "Matches" Link?

    OK...Maybe I'm dumber than what I think... (Oops!) When I go to the Record, it only shows how that specific rikishi is doing so far in this Basho ans who was their opponent and the kimarite. What I'm looking for is how they have done AGAINST the scheduled opponent in the past. Maybe I'm still going to the wrong place... Sorry if I've confused you, as well... (Sign of approval...)