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  1. HappySumo

    American Rules Sumo League [just an idea]

    Is it sumo without a proper tachiai and if it's not an openweight sport? If so then you can have no belt sumo exactly like no gi ju jitsu. I've already explicitly said it is a new sport so the IOC and USSF can't stop people from world competition for being in unsanctioned events. I know that's a rule because I all but memorized the rules before competition so I didn't make mistakes. Then they changed the qualifications for openweight with no email or even announcement it was contemplated. You can't possibly understand if you don't compete seriously.
  2. HappySumo

    American Rules Sumo League [just an idea]

    There is no other place to do sumo in America the same people run USSF and US Sumo association and don't want to do anything in the northeast Blew off working with me to set up an event . I think 20 years of failure has broken their spirit. Sumo is the only thing I allow myself to commit to fully. No one likes it when i take things seriously .I thought with such a small base of interest American sumos would take it seriously as well. They don't. So I will. I think it all comes down to two visions of respect. The USSF shows respect for Japanese traditions and religion. I show respect to the sport and athletes You know what should have been my first warning sign? I accidentally stepped on the matts for the tournament with shoes on during registration. And I jumped off like I touched lava and apologized Then big dude said "it's ok you can walk on it" But I never did I would have never complained if I had been told about openweight. I would have ignored everything because I was so happy for the opportunity to compete. I just don't understand these people. Is this what their full commitment looks like? If so then I can only pitty their spirit.
  3. HappySumo

    American Rules Sumo League [just an idea]

    No because ball shots are against the rules of sumo. My problem is if say you aren't allowed to intentionally inflict pain but won't disqualify anyone who does its just giving an advantage to unscrupulous wrestles. They have an entire extra set of tactics. So to make it clear for honest wrestlers I removed that non enforced rule. It's not really even change. Hakuho slapped the shit out if everyone but Ichinojo in his last basho
  4. HappySumo

    American Rules Sumo League [just an idea]

    The mawashi is critical to the sport like the size of the ball is crucial to baseball. Yet we have softball, wiffle ball, t ball, cricket.....[i put cricket in to make Indians, aussies and maybe the English angry] Let the Japanese have traditional sumo. Sports Sumo will be born in America.
  5. HappySumo

    American Rules Sumo League [just an idea]

    Who's going to stop me? It's American rules sumo it's a new sport like assuie rules football.
  6. HappySumo

    American Rules Sumo League [just an idea]

    Let's find out. The other two US sumo orgs have failed for 20 years to make sumo know in America. They do traditional sumo we will do sport sumo. What I saw wasn't sumo. Sumo is exciting, sumo is an event, sumo has drama and pacing The difference between this and mma is the guiding principles is your goal is not to knock out an opponent. That may happen but it should be an accident
  7. HappySumo

    American Rules Sumo League [just an idea]

    It means no whining when someone uses a legal move like a fave slap .
  8. I'd like to start tournaments for fun under the name American Rules Sumo League. Concept is No belt / this is a big hurdle for people. Wearing the belt and being seen in it. Spandex shorts and optional Spandex shirt No Japanese No rituals We start when both wrestlers sync up like the pros. Meaning when both fists are down for both people No weight class like real sumo You are allowed to intentionally inflict pain / in Japanese sumo you can't do something only to hurt people We allow choking but if your opponent passes out you're disqualified. Meaning you choke to get someone out of the ring or to the ground. Or tactical Thoughts? This should open the sport up and allow people to compete without violating USSF rules against non sanctioned tournaments. This is a different sport like Aussie rule football
  9. HappySumo

    US Sumo National Championship Tomorrow

    Far and away the worst organized event I've ever been to. I missed openweight competition because they apparently changed the rules so anyone could compete rather than just division winners. No one told me. I spent an hour looking for food no one told me there was pizza. No registration packet, half ass orientation. No practice session. I guess if you don't have a club no one gives a flying fuck what happens to you. I went from the happiest I've ever been after losing twice in a row to so angry I lost all control. All they had to do was say it to me once and I could have had more wrestling. The US Sumo Federation is a joke of a travesty.
  10. HappySumo

    US Sumo National Championship Tomorrow

    I'll say hi after
  11. HappySumo

    I have now done shiko in 8 American states

    I'm pretty happy today
  12. Starts 10 am Vegas time Streaming info I have We will have a live stream, and we'll post try to post it to our website, ussumo.org, on the day of the event. In case the link needs to be changed at any point during the event, and the web site can't be updated, updates will be posted to our facebook group, https://www.facebook.com/groups/775117836203144 I'll be offline tomorrow but thanks for your support.
  13. HappySumo

    I have now done shiko in 8 American states

    A problem I have been thinking about is how to be aggressive without being angry. And 1 of the lessons from my long drive is the trick is to enjoy it. Which is how I felt sparring I had the solution all along it seems. I know this isn't an original idea or anything but it took me a while to understand.
  14. I just got to Vegas yesterday for the North American Sumo Championship after driving across the country as a road trip. I realized around Kansas I had a chance to do shiko in several states. I even demonstrated shiko to a guy in Utah when we started talking about exercises for knee health. He even gave it a try which made me happy.
  15. HappySumo

    Teppo question is it for fitness or rhythm?

    Sure but I was more wondering if I was wasting my time if I wasn't hitting the pole hard. Because I can't smack my apartment wall like that.