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  1. Chiyotasuke

    Heya graph

    No one asked for this, but I just made one for shusshin. Could've made this sooner
  2. Chiyotasuke

    Heya graph

    It's shown under Takanohana. Do you feel like it's unfair for the previous Futagoyama to be shown that way? My graph sucks a little in that aspect
  3. Chiyotasuke

    Heya graph

    I finished the update just now; added extra lines to show rikishi movement and tooltip on heya names. Re the extra lines, lemme know if/how they could be improved -
  4. Chiyotasuke

    Aki banzuke trivia

    You're right, I should provide evidence: This is the main part, k2w - I checked every basho with 2 results I also checked the banzukes with 5, 6 sekiwake or komusubi. Am I missing anything else?
  5. Chiyotasuke

    Aki banzuke trivia

    Another trivia that I found out: Odd numbered rikishi for each of the 4 sanyaku ranks, which probably is the first time in history and likewise the 4 gaps it creates in sanyaku on the banzuke (3 gaps is rare these days)
  6. Chiyotasuke

    GTB invite- Aki 2022 - RESULTS!!

    If you want to know how I made the winning banzuke, take a look at my avatar pic Whatever the heck happened, I'm still happy about my 57 point yusho.
  7. Chiyotasuke

    Sumo Reference Updates The J14 rank vanished and the supposed J14 pair Kamuiyama and Akinoumi are instead laid out on the HariDashi rank
  8. Chiyotasuke

    A (maybe) rikishi holding a (maybe) euphonium

    Could very well be Wakatsukuba. Here are pics of him I found on the web: Spent 6 basho in juryo and opened a chanko restraurant after retirement. His last juryo appearance was Haru 1986, the year in which the Brass Bulletin issue was published The forehead shape, hairline, brows and eyes look very similar to me. As for the vaccine scar, I couldn't find any high quality photos with his side of the shoulder showing
  9. Chiyotasuke

    Heya graph

    These are very great ideas. I think it's crucial to show the heya merging, splitoff and such things in the graph to really illustrate the history of the heya. The whole thing needs to be informative yet easy to understand. I also thought of making tooltip with past names and shisho that show up upon hovering over heya names. I'll try to implement them all, but as I'm not that experienced in coding it'll take longer to finish
  10. Chiyotasuke

    Heya graph

    The site has been updated to add heya that shut down since WWII. A few short-lived heya had little to no data in the DB (like Asashio III's Furiwake beya) so they weren't included. You can also sort heya names now. I now understood Seiyashi's suggestion. I feel like I should add individual graphs for each ichimon. But I don't know how to implement that yet. More suggestions and feedback are most welcome
  11. Chiyotasuke

    Heya graph

    Like a toggle button to switch between alphebetically ordered and Ichimon-grouped heya name layout? I think I can do that
  12. Chiyotasuke

    Heya graph

    That's right. And I will add the previous Futagoyama and many other closed down heya in later update, I hope many would like to see them
  13. Chiyotasuke

    Heya graph

    Hello everyone! I've made this graph website visualizing all active heya's rikishi and sekitori. SumoDB was the main source of data and the Japanese Wikipedia was useful as well. I am planning on adding past heyas too, so stay tuned. And don't forget to check out the Information tab on the bottom of the page for graph info
  14. Chiyotasuke

    Retirements after Nagoya 2022

    Actually after Natsu. He announced retirement quite late though, just few days before the Nagoya banzuke release
  15. Chiyotasuke

    Nagoya 2022 day After pics overview

    Is this the one? He seems happy seeing beer arrive (at 2:35). This channel is great, it has quality content with English subtitles