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  1. Chiyotasuke

    Retirees after May 2023

    Kataonami-beya's tokoyama Tokohira also retired after turning 65 on the 26th. A commemorative photo from the heya's website:
  2. Chiyotasuke

    Promotion/Demotion/Yūshō Discussion Natsu 2023

    The GTB helper has been updated. As someone suggested on Github, I added a juryo banzuke on the left to fill in, which is relevant to this thread (I should've known about this). You'll also notice the columnized layout. I think it's suitable for editing it in spreadsheet, you just need to select and copy it from the page. And note the "Notes" column. All of them are togglable. But I had to remove the "Save to Drive" feature because of problems it caused. I don't suppose many people used that feature. Let me know of any issues or suggestions regarding the helper.
  3. Chiyotasuke

    Sekitori Sweepstake - May 2023

    There's been a mistake. Churanoumi didn't lose on Day 9
  4. Chiyotasuke

    Banzuke Surfing Natsu 2023 (16th Wave)

    Jk15w Shimabukuro (Changing my pick from previous pick Jk23e Shiroma, who's absent on day 1)
  5. Chiyotasuke

    Banzuke Surfing Natsu 2023 (17th Wave)

    Jk15w Shimabukuro (Changing my pick from previous pick Jk23e Shiroma, who's absent on day 1)
  6. Chiyotasuke

    Table formatting

    I found this online editor tool: You just paste your table into the left field and click Generate Table. A table with the proper links will appear on the right. I have no idea how this works but it might be the easiest way. I copied it straight from the page. Name Matches Since Current rank Takarafuji 915 2013-01 Maegashira 10 West Tamawashi 867 2013-07 Maegashira 7 West Daieisho 537 2017-03 Sekiwake 2 East Mitakeumi 356 2019-01 Maegashira 6 West Kotoeko 250 2020-07 Maegashira 12 West Meisei 240 2020-09 Maegashira 6 East Tobizaru 237 2020-09 Maegashira 3 East Kiribayama 228 2020-09 Sekiwake 1 East Chiyoshoma 210 2020-11 Maegashira 13 East Shodai 210 2021-01 Komusubi 2 East Aoiyama 172 2021-05 Maegashira 12 East Endo 147 2021-09 Maegashira 2 West Sadanoumi 135 2021-11 Maegashira 8 East Hokutofuji 134 2021-11 Maegashira 7 East Kotonowaka 130 2021-11 Komusubi 1 East Wakamotoharu 120 2022-01 Sekiwake 2 West Ichiyamamoto 113 2022-01 Maegashira 15 East Myogiryu 107 2022-01 Maegashira 14 West Nishikigi 102 2022-03 Maegashira 4 West Kotoshoho 100 2022-03 Maegashira 5 West Midorifuji 90 2022-05 Maegashira 1 West Oho 90 2022-05 Maegashira 16 West Nishikifuji 75 2022-07 Maegashira 3 West Ura 75 2022-07 Maegashira 4 East Hiradoumi 60 2022-09 Maegashira 9 West Ryuden 60 2022-09 Maegashira 10 East Takanosho 60 2022-09 Maegashira 8 West Abi 45 2022-11 Maegashira 1 East Azumaryu 45 2022-11 Juryo 2 East Kagayaki 45 2022-11 Maegashira 17 East Mitoryu 30 2023-01 Maegashira 16 East Tsurugisho 30 2023-01 Maegashira 15 West Hoshoryu 20 2023-01 Sekiwake 1 West Bushozan 15 2023-03 Juryo 3 East Daishoho 15 2023-03 Maegashira 11 West Hokuseiho 15 2023-03 Maegashira 11 East Kinbozan 15 2023-03 Maegashira 5 East Takayasu 15 2023-03 Maegashira 2 East Onosho 0 Maegashira 9 East Takakeisho 0 Ozeki 1 West Terunofuji 0 Yokozuna 1 East Wakatakakage 0 Komusubi 1 West
  7. Chiyotasuke

    Banzuke Surfing Natsu 2023 (14th Wave)

    Jk22w Haruyama
  8. Chiyotasuke

    Banzuke Surfing Natsu 2023 (15th Wave)

    Jk22w Haruyama
  9. Chiyotasuke

    New recruits Haru 2023

    So about this guy's shikona... Akinomaki was right, this time wolf was chosen as he became Chiyorozan 千代狼山. He does look kind of like a wolf
  10. Chiyotasuke

    Banzuke Surfing Natsu 2023 (18th Wave)

    Jk17w Chiyorozan I heard he was injured, so I'm not taking risk and am changing my pick, if you don't mind, to... Jk10e Soseizan
  11. Chiyotasuke

    Banzuke Surfing Natsu 2023 (19th Wave)

    Hello, I'd like to participate in this game. If I understood correctly, I'm only allowed to join the 19th wave and onwards. So here I choose... Jk19w Fujihara
  12. Chiyotasuke

    Sumo Reference Updates

    The shikona given name changes for Haru 2022 are not updated. I assume it was set aside because of Kaiyuma's name mystery. The mysterious kanji seems to be 祐 indeed. EDIT: If the kanji doesn't work or you're not sure, can you at least update the other names?
  13. Chiyotasuke

    GTB invite- Natsu (May) 2023 - 159 entries. RESULTS!!!

    Those who are going to use the helper again, note the bolded text.
  14. Chiyotasuke

    Promotion/Demotion and Yūshō Discussion Haru 2023

    I have updated the GTB helper page. If the banzuke is still of the last basho, click Reset Changes button then refresh the page. I will try to make it update automatically in the next update. This time, I added the option to highlight the rikishi's aite upon mousing over it. Highlighted black are the ones he beat and red the ones he lost to. Dashed lines denote fusen and the outer lines for kettei-sen bouts. The helper page
  15. Chiyotasuke

    Sekitori Sweepstake - May 2023

    I'm in. Excited about which sekitori I'll get