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  1. Inside Sport Japan

    Behind the Scenes at Basho

    You jest but fax is still how media applications for many JSA events must be sent. Not limited to sumo. Email or online applications are becoming more common each year but fax was still the preferred option for many sports up to a year or two ago.
  2. Inside Sport Japan

    Hiro Morita’s “Sumo Prime Time”

    From what we've heard in the past from the people involved NHK scheduling is mostly a matter of who is available on what day. Because of other commitments with horse racing it's rare to hear Murray Johnson on certain days for example. No one that we've spoken to has mentioned any extra prestige associated with particular days, although it's surely more exciting or stimulating to be doing the final weekend.
  3. Inside Sport Japan

    Amateur yokozuna gives up sumo to pursue NFL dream

    Of making the IPP? Yes. He's athletic and young enough to be of interest. Of making an NFL roster for the regular season? Very slim chance of that. Teams cut hundreds of players that were stars at big US college programs every August.
  4. Inside Sport Japan

    New recruits Aki 2022

    It was the same with Scandinavia correct? PeterSON EricSON etc. Ireland as well. O'Brien O'Reilly (O meaning of) and McDonagh MacMahon (Mac meaning 'son of')
  5. Inside Sport Japan

    Amateur yokozuna gives up sumo to pursue NFL dream

    Straight up against US college football players there would be little to no chance for sure but his path is through the NFL IPP. Hanada wouldn't be the first athlete without football experience to get a shot that way.
  6. Inside Sport Japan

    Corona and sumo

    Hearing that no one tested positive today in Shikoroyama, Takasago, Sakaigawa, or Miyagino stables. Everyone concerned should be able to participate in the autumn tournament
  7. Inside Sport Japan

    Amateur yokozuna gives up sumo to pursue NFL dream

    It will all likely depend on whether or not he gets selected for the NFL IPP next year.
  8. Inside Sport Japan

    Amateur yokozuna gives up sumo to pursue NFL dream

    He wasn’t chosen for the NFL International Player Program combine that takes places at Tottenham Hotspur stadium in Oct. That probably came as a disappointment as the NFL seems to be prioritizing physical potential over proven football ability - 12 Nigerians with no football experience made the list while Fujitsu Frontiers WR Riki Matsui is the only Japanese participant. Hanada is still young and hopes to makes the NFL IPP next year. The NFL is still the longest of long shots for him but he’s giving it a go.
  9. According to a report in Nikkan sports, 2020 All Japan champion (amateur yokozuna) Hidetora Hanada has given up on his dual ozumo / gridiron dream and is now just focusing on becoming the first Japanese player to make an NFL regular season roster. While at the World Games in Alabama (where he won gold) Hanada attended a Crimson Tide practice and realised that in order to make his NFL dream a reality he’d have to give up sumo. Since returning to Japan he has moved out of the Nippon Sports Science University Dorm, and is now living alone in a Tokyo apartment, learning English and training only for football with Fujitsu Frontiers and some other strong university teams.
  10. Inside Sport Japan

    Gaga Does Dallas!

    The event was postponed due to visa issues.
  11. Inside Sport Japan

    Hiro Morita’s “Sumo Prime Time”

    Hiro went to high school and college (Ohio State) in the US.
  12. Inside Sport Japan

    Aki banzuke trivia

    Shimoda was ms15TD which in effect made him ms15.5 for banzuke purposes - something his non promotion to juryo showed us.
  13. Inside Sport Japan

    Foreign amateurs aiming for ozumo

    Is that about his support for Russia and Putin?
  14. Inside Sport Japan

    Foreign amateurs aiming for ozumo

    100% The age thing is such a big factor when it comes to foreign recruits' chances of getting in.
  15. Inside Sport Japan

    Foreign amateurs aiming for ozumo

    Thinks he knows. Can't actually know unless he has a DEVS like quantum computer. From his social media it appears as if he's been in Mongolia the past few months so (geographically at least) he's closer to his dream world but he is already (?) 23 and still doesn't seem to have ever put on a mawashi or set foot in a sumo ring. No argument there. Do you mean makunouchi?