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  1. Inside Sport Japan

    Akebono dead at 54

    Akebono's human side eclipsed his incredible sumo achievements - The Japan Times
  2. Inside Sport Japan

    Hokuseiho Out- Hakuho Demoted - Miyagino-beya Closing

    They already tried that The first rijicho (96 years ago) was a general in the army with no sumo background.
  3. Inside Sport Japan

    Sumo obituaries

    From an old issue of Sumo World magazine. John Jacques also commented on his passing on Facebook with photos. LINK HERE
  4. The International Sumo Federation has issued the statement below to its members regarding a recent event held in the United States. A similar promotion run by many of the same people two decades ago resulted in multiple year (or lifetime) bans from IFS events for certain wrestlers and officials. NOTICE:The event unrelated to IFS held in US Regarding ‘the World Championship Sumo’ held in the USA this month, this was NOT related to the IFS at all, as it was organized by a different organization. We have requested them to change the name of this competition, as it is confusing and misleading to the Sumo World Championships, which we officially organize. The IFS is not involved in this competition and does not know all the details of how it is run. We do not ban IFS members to participate in this event at the moment, but we are not pleased about this competition being held under a confusing name. We would like IFS members to perform to the best of their strength at our official event, the Sumo World Championships. Look forward to seeing you at SWC 2024 in Poland in September. With best regards, International Sumo Federation
  5. Inside Sport Japan

    1st Hakuho Dreamgirls cup 2024

    All-time great Hakuho hopes to help girls realize their sumo dreams - The Japan Times
  6. Inside Sport Japan

    Some more pictures

  7. Inside Sport Japan

    Sumo program announcements (pics and vids)

    Hiro, Murray, and John review 2023 in sumo, and have some wild ideas about how the banzuke will look next year. Full NHK World video at this link:
  8. Inside Sport Japan

    Sumo articles by journalists who are Forum members/or not

    Stablemaster Shikoroyama's lasting sumo legacy
  9. Inside Sport Japan

    YDC convenes after Kyushu 2023

  10. Inside Sport Japan

    Sumo at the 2023 World Combat Games

    With there being next to no money in international amateur sumo and athletes having to crowdfund to get to tournaments, a meet in Saudi Arabia, just a couple of weeks after the World Championships in Tokyo, was always likely to struggle for numbers. This is just the third edition of the World Combat Games - and the first in a decade - meaning it lacks the cachet of the World Games (which has replaced the SWC on occasion). Although with sumo now out of the latter the WCG may take on greater importance for that sport.
  11. Inside Sport Japan

    Sumo articles by journalists who are Forum members/or not

    ‘Sumo's Olympic dream requires fresh approach’ - Japan Times
  12. Inside Sport Japan

    2023 World Sumo Championships

    American women make history at Sumo World Championships in Tokyo - Japan Times
  13. Inside Sport Japan

    2023 World Sumo Championships

    We've just sent you the complete results via email
  14. Inside Sport Japan

    2023 World Sumo Championships

    One member of Japan’s junior team today is the son of Kabutoyama oyakata (former maegashira Kanutoyama) and the younger brother of makushita rikishi Wakaikari.
  15. Inside Sport Japan

    2023 World Sumo Championships

    Today's Schedule: 9:00 ~ Asian Sumo Championships 13:00 ~ Junior Sumo World Championships (Details Below) Larger size image on Twitter here: