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  1. Taliesin

    Natsu 2024 discussion (results)

    I mean Onosato isn't even that young.
  2. Taliesin

    Kotoeko intai. Now Oguruma-oyakata

    He was my favorite. Such untamed energy. Always fighting head on. To me always was more inspiring than small rikishi who relied more on cunning techniques.
  3. Well, big sekitori he was...
  4. Taliesin

    ISP Banzuke Haru '24

    There was a total disaster basho in last 2 years, don't remember which one exactly. Edit: Hatsu 22, it seems.
  5. Taliesin

    Chaingang egdenrac

    Pretty sure I will never win a yusho. Many deep runs, but always very mediocre tiebreakers. At least this basho was satisfying in that I would definitely make the same pick that I lost with again.
  6. I thought maybe the opposite. Still normal 0-15 demotions starting from the first basho off, but to limit the fall to something like 2 divisions down from the rank where the fall started - for those who needs very long rehabs. Rank protection for salaried ranks makes zero sense - people would go for infinite kyujo instead of retiring. Of course nothing like any of these suggestions will be adopted by the NSK.
  7. Taliesin

    Hatsu 2024 discussion (results)

    To me Kotoeko always was the definition of "spirited".
  8. Taliesin

    Banzuke for Hatsu 2024

    Nothing special. There are wrestlers who went 39/89 in the same timeframe in juryo and ended up exactly at the rank where they started.
  9. Taliesin

    Kyushu 2023 discussion (results)

    I doubt that. He has tremendous driving force and knows both how to push and how to work the belt, but he is by far the worst in makuuchi at keeping his balance. He slips all of the time.
  10. Taliesin

    Weights and heights for Aki 2023

    Daieishou is significantly taller
  11. Taliesin

    Games Talk - Nagoya 2023

    And well-deserved top position on the ranking. Congrats.
  12. Taliesin

    Nagoya 2023 discussion (results)

    Won't be easy for Kirishima to escape that kadoban. Probably should have rested properly.
  13. Taliesin

    Nagoya 2023 discussion (results)

    Ok, third yorikiri win in a row for Tamawashi... Very impressive. Still just a finishing move, but looks smooth as if he was doing it his whole life.
  14. Taliesin

    Games Talk - Natsu 2023

    Thank you very much for the good news. Anyway, what I meant is that it was a unique treasury of sumo of the last decade.
  15. Taliesin

    Games Talk - Natsu 2023

    For me the biggest impression (aside from a crazy ride in chaingang) was that it's much more difficult for me to play ISP without sir Kintamayama's youtube channel.
  16. Taliesin

    Chaingang May 2023

    Dramatic ending.
  17. Taliesin

    Games Talk - Natsu 2023

    Yeah, good luck to everyone, great basho. Guess my first yusho won't be this time either, but still satisfied with how it went.
  18. Taliesin

    Games Bugs

    We have people who have already passed through day 5 in chaingang.
  19. Taliesin

    Natsu 2023 discussion (results)

    Hokuseiho just stood there with one hand grip letting Ryuden do whatever he wants for 2 minutes and still won. Crazy.
  20. Taliesin

    Games Talk, Hatsu 2023

    I only play three games - Roto, ISP, Chaingang. What a monstrous performance by Sakura! Almost took yusho in all three. And even a birthday today? Congratulations, truly!
  21. Taliesin

    Chaingang Hatsu 2023

  22. Taliesin

    Games Talk, Hatsu 2023

    No, no mistake. Somehow made myself believe that their respective form this basho eliminates most of the scenarios where Hokutofuji would lose.
  23. Taliesin

    Games Talk, Hatsu 2023

    Yeah, it's quite exciting. I still can't believe how stupidly I lost.
  24. Taliesin

    Hatsu 2023 discussion (results)

    People are sleeping on Hiradoumi. The guy is very young by current sumo standards, so he can still grow technically. Has tremendous energy and fighting spirit. I have no doubts that if nothing dramatic happens, he will reach sekiwake and maybe higher.
  25. Taliesin

    Kyushu 2022 discussion (results)

    But Kotoekou won.