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  1. Balon

    Games Talk - Nagoya 2023

    Haven't played all these sumo games as long as the veterans but I will say that Bench Sumo is one of my favorites, and SUmo Game too. I think I enjoy their core concepts the most, since you just pick 10 guys and it tests your predicting "skill" and some luck
  2. Balon

    Games Talk - Nagoya 2023

    sometimes you just have to get lucky I suppose.. although I wasn't really expecting Kotonowaka to actually win, since I am rooting for Hoshoryu to get his first yusho
  3. Balon

    UDH Nagoya Basho 2023

    Not sure if it's the same issue, but I've noticed an issue with viewing results from each day, ever since a few basho ago. Whenever I click on the links for each new day, it just gives me a blank page but once I ctrl+F5 it will load.
  4. Balon

    Games Talk - Natsu 2023

    well, I got the salary cap yusho so that's great, everything else was such a mix of ups and downs, mostly down
  5. Balon

    Games Talk - Natsu 2023

    Bad start to Sumo Game..! Last time I started off this poorly I finished with my worst record ever 3-12.. hoping to turn it around but we'll see
  6. Balon

    How Do You Track Your Games?

    Maybe I should track more. I just have all the games bookmarked so I visit the daily ones to make my picks. I only check up on the pre-basho ones at midway point and end of basho
  7. Balon

    Games Bugs

    at least with Odd sumo and Quadrumvirate you can see your picks highlighted so you know for sure but UDH you can only assume your entry have been submitted
  8. Balon

    Games Bugs

    Every single match in Sumo Game was 0-0 so the winners were random draw..
  9. Balon

    Bench Sumo news

    I'm unable to set my daily lineup, it says entries for day 5 are closed
  10. Balon

    Invitation to play Bench Sumo

    I would like to play Bench Sumo, my shikona is the same name.