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  1. Picture taken at the old Kuramae Kokugikan in May, 1962.
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    Thank you all for the welcoming words.
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    My first introduction to sumo was watching the spring tournament on NHK in 1962 while stationed at Yokota Air Base. Liked it so much that I went to see it in person at the next tournament at the old Kuramae Kokugikan. I got there early, probably around 10 AM and watched until the last bout of the day. Followed it on NHK and in the Japan Times until left Japan in 1966. Kept up with sumo news the best I could until the Internet made it easy. For the last 15 years I watch the daily highlights on TV Japan. As for my handle being "Toshiyori83", well, I am 83 years old. Greetings from San Antonio, Texas.