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  1. Kuma-Koma

    Bench World Cup 2022

    I rather think Kimyama won this penalty shootout at this moment in the sudden death, as England missed. As simple as that. Otherwise the scoring seems to be ok.
  2. Kuma-Koma

    Bench World Cup 2022

    Please do not forget the rule: "® and © teams keep their 'special rules' in extra time." That is, Netherlands scores a goal to Argentina in extra time.
  3. Kuma-Koma

    Bench World Cup 2022

    Addition to correction: even a loss by England wins the match for me in extra time
  4. Kuma-Koma

    Bench World Cup 2022

    Nope, no hope for Fujiko I am afraid. Even if Portugal and Morocco both won, Pitinosato would win in extra time. Each scenario ends with 1-0 to him. Let's see that hypothetical situation when Morocco and Portugal win:
  5. Kuma-Koma

    The Bench Euros 2020 (taking place in 2021)

    Indeed. But I mentioned to Nekonishiki yesterday that it is so hard to distinguish between the real injuries and the acting... Faking injuries should be banished from football completely. If a team wanted to keep their advantage, they should use only the fair ways, like doing everything a bit slower or refraining from attacking.
  6. Kuma-Koma

    The Bench Euros 2020 (taking place in 2021)

    Actually I don't think so. The normal game ends on the fifth slot which is empty for me so it is considered as a loss, so Switzerland's draw beats it. In my understanding the matches cannot rotate the way you wrote. The extra time will start with Belgium - England again (which will be D-D in the extra time) and Spain (still D) faces Denmark. At least this is how I understand the rules.
  7. Kuma-Koma

    The Bench Euros 2020 (taking place in 2021)

    Yes, it is a bit complicated, but I do like to ponder on it. If England lost, my chain would be broken only at the last slot, so extra time started on the first one. In this case Denmark could win the game for Godango if they won in the extra time. Other outcomes end up in draw which is actually the best I could achieve here. (Spain never will be W as the 120 min result was still D)
  8. Kuma-Koma

    The Bench Euros 2020 (taking place in 2021)

    @Nekonishiki Banji I think we have never cheered for Netherlands this much.