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  1. bookkeeper

    Nagoya Basho 2021

    i'm going to be honest, the drama llama part of me kind of wants the ydc to vomit out some A class xenophobia and not recommend a teru yokozuna promotion because he didn't get the yusho, but that doesn't seem likely. however, the thought of the ensuing implosion gives me some pure masochistic pleasure.
  2. bookkeeper

    Nagoya Basho 2021

    so this was definitely the bout that prompted the hair pulling comments i've seen around, and i was actually not very sure when i watched it but, wow is that photo damning. i'm very new to sumo so i'm unaware, but, does the NSK ever release statements clarifying how they adjudicate rules, and is there even any reason to believe they would do so this time around?
  3. bookkeeper

    Nagoya Basho 2021

    hey guys what's the current understanding for how hair pulls are called, and have there been any changes to the rule recently (past 2 years or so)? i've been seeing a lot of comments about hair pulls this basho (maybe because of what happened with teru last basho) and wanted to know what the real score was. thanks :)
  4. bookkeeper

    Promotions to Juryo Nagoya 2021

    From this interview of kotokuzan's, it seems like he speaks English fairly well, although it was somewhat ambiguous in the article when they were translating/tidying up his quotes. Interesting to read as well that his mom sometimes feeds the heya with Filipino food. For some reason, I really did have it in my head that all they ate was chanko. Can anyone tell me how typical his length of stay at makushita was? Don't really know how to assess his long term prospects.