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  1. This post actually belongs to the PDY-Discussion Hatsu. Since Ichinojo is banned from Hatsu at rank M7e it's highly likely that he will be demoted to Juryo in March:>2004 Statistically I expect Ichinojo to win the March Juryo-Yusho. Mini-trivia: the last Hatsu M7e incumbent was Takayasu who also sat out the tournament but due to Covid.
  2. Well, they should put Takayasu at Sekiwake. Because with bad Rikishi luck (Shodai not getting KK in January, Takakeisho MK in January and March, Hosh. and WTK have only 8-9 wins) they could end up having no Ozeki in May. Back in 2006 (Miyabiyama's time) they already had 5 Ozeki on the Banzuke. Well he seems to be injured again. Idk if he makes it back to Ozeki but at least they should have their cards (that is his rank) right.
  3. Barutokai

    The Wall

    Kinbozan is amazing. I hope he can keep his streak until Makuuchi. It's his 7th KK though. First Basho in September 2021 was Bg.
  4. Barutokai

    Kyushu 2022 discussion (results)

    Would be called like this on the dohyo. Put him in Jakusotsus heya.
  5. Barutokai

    Kyushu 2022 discussion (results)

    Takakeisho's Yusho-Doten is pretty amazing when you consider the cupping marks on his back.
  6. Barutokai

    Trivia bits

    Playing Guessing the Banzuke would've been more challenging back then I guess...
  7. Barutokai

    Trivia bits

    A couple of days ago I wondered if you/Terutsuyoshi can drop from Makuuchi down to Makushita. I thought I'd get an error from the Sumodb for the query... I was wrong. Turns out it happened to a man from Aomori back in 1928. Weird Banzuke times back then.
  8. Barutokai

    Kyushu 2022 discussion (results)

    Could it happen they put Terunofuji on Y-West? And Takakeisho on O-East? ( Thanks again Koorifuu , wonder if I didn't search PROPERLY... was looking for Jonidan etc.)
  9. Barutokai

    Kyushu 2022 discussion (results)

    I'd like to see that.
  10. Barutokai

    Kyushu 2022 discussion (results)

    A Shodai kachikoshi get's more and more unlikely. The last time he managed to win out the last 3 days was in September '20... when he got his Yusho at Sekiwake.
  11. Barutokai

    Kyushu 2022 discussion (results)

    Well he's still mid-Makuuchi after all...
  12. Barutokai

    Kyushu 2022 discussion (results)

    I'm curious about that too. It's possible there could be 8 lower Sanyaku but only 2 (Y)O. But all of Hoshoryus Sanyaku records before were simple KK or that one 9-6 @Octofuji mentioned. WTK on the other hand had his JY last time. But he is 8-11-6. He would have to win out; but could also get a MK. Then comes Kitanofuji to mind: promoted after July 1966, record: 8-10-10 (28). Only one other Ozeki: Yutakayama. But with 4 Yokozuna. The lowest ranked Y that Basho, Sadanoyama, got promoted to Ozeki with a... 8-9-13Y (30) record! Anyway. Sometimes you think a Rikishi got robbed. But when I see Mitakeumi and Shodai fight (and also Ichinojo) it seems like the audience gets robbed.
  13. Barutokai

    Videos-Kyushu Basho 2022 - Days 1-15

    The shimpan from the day 9 blast from the past is Minatogawa isn't he? I wondered who he is and searched for myself, but I'm not sure if it's correct.
  14. Barutokai

    Kyushu 2022 discussion (results)

    Saw a comment on Kinta's YT-Video today, that Tochinoshin should retire. Of all in Makuuchi that really have a bad Basho this time, I wouldn't be suprised if at least one other Rikishi retires. Tochinoshin isn't one of them. I mean he has wins after all. He sure was a couple of Bashos ago, but has stabilized since then. He has a bandaged left foot though.
  15. Barutokai

    Kyushu 2022 discussion (results)

    Psychologist. And 1 per Ichimon should be way enough.