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  1. sorry i have to take kosho thsi tourney good luck to everyone
  2. wolfgangho

    21 Hatsu 19, The Results

    kosho please
  3. wolfgangho

    JWS Hatsu 2019

    enho for the whole tourney please
  4. wolfgangho

    Class Dismissed Hatsu 2019

    kosho please
  5. wolfgangho

    Break The Curse (The Nigate Game) Hatsu 2019

    kosho please
  6. wolfgangho


    Dear participants! i still feel ill ( open legs) and there is a significant chance i will be in the hospital next basho sorry but i can`t run the tourney this time p.s. if any one else would like to run it for this basho feel free it`s not that much of work best wishes wolfgsngho
  7. wolfgangho

    Bench Sumo news

    sorry can`t count to 4 take everything back and my apologises to the people involved wolfgangho have a marrry christmas
  8. wolfgangho

    Bench Sumo news

    i lost 7 places the only in one in 3 divisions to lose 7 places if ihad a 6-9 or worse i would have benn declared intai?
  9. wolfgangho

    Bench Sumo news

    as always bad bazuke luck hits me the two down of me better friends to you then me i think sorry that thsi is such a good game for banzuke purposes i would have left many times
  10. wolfgangho

    DJOSG 2nd Edition

    DAY 15 and the winner is C H I S H A F U W A K U oh you wanted to know the daywinner first ok chishafuwaku my congratuluations for a yery strong ending leaving fujisan in 2nd place daily resulta chishafuwaku 16 Fujisan 3 Haidouzo 3 Pitinosato 3 Wolfgangho 3 Tameiki 1 no entries achiyama and wakatake 0 Total result after day 15 Chishafuwaku 12+11+11+0+2+5+8+6+3+17+4+2+28+13+16=138 Fujisan 16+12+3+6+7+0+29+10+3+2+9+17+3+3=121 Haidouzo 22+13+4+0+9+0+5+10+4+11+4+9+6+1+3=101 Achiyama 36+10+1+1+0+1+14+16+7+3+5+0+0+0+0=94 Tameiki 18+6+6+0+15+3+6+7+1+6+1+7+4+1=87 wolfgangho 6+6+7+3+4+3+18+10+0+9+5+16+1+6+3=87 Pitinosato 28+5+2+0+8+0+14+6+0+6+2+8+0+3+3=85 Wakatake 24+2+2+0+4+0+0+1+0+0+7+36+0=76 specail prices and banzuke will follow later hope to see you back in january have a good time merry christman and happy new year wolfgang
  11. wolfgangho

    DJOSG 2nd Edition

    @haidouzo i don`t likt your rule change even if i was hit by blidness a day ago other opinions? day 15 terutsoyoshi kotoyuki yago enho tobizaru toyonoshima tomokaze wakatakagae tsurugisho
  12. wolfgangho

    Games Talk Kyushu 2018

    YEAH i won the LKS basho should have taken a kosho in al daily games desasterous scores in all games
  13. wolfgangho

    DJOSG 2nd Edition

    results day 14 did i write something about the basho is maybe already knowen some days ago? now today we have a new overall leader and at the same time daywinner chishafuwaku but still to close to call day14 chishafuwaku 13 wolfgangho 6 tameiki 4 fujisan 3 pitinosato 3 haidouzo 1 no entries waktake and achiyama total after day 14 Chishafuwaku 12+11+11+0+2+5+8+6+3+17+4+2+28+13=122 Fujisan 16+12+3+6+7+0+29+10+3+2+9+17+3=118 Haidouzo 22+13+4+0+9+0+5+10+4+11+4+9+6+1=98 Achiyama 36+10+1+1+0+1+14+16+7+3+5+0+0+0=94 Tameiki 18+6+6+0+15+3+6+7+1+6+1+7+4=86 wolfgangho 6+6+7+3+4+3+18+10+0+9+5+16+1+6=84 Pitinosato 28+5+2+0+8+0+14+6+0+6+2+8+0+3=82 Wakatake 24+2+2+0+4+0+0+1+0+0+7+36+0=76
  14. wolfgangho

    DJOSG 2nd Edition

    day 13 omg we had today a 8 winner lineup and a 7 winner lineup congrats to waktake and chishafuwku achiyama didn`t make an entry and fujisan scored just 1 point wakatake 36 chishafuwaku 28 haidouzo 6 tameiki 6 fujisan 1 wolfgangho 1 pitinosato 0 total after day 13 Fujisan 16+12+3+6+7+0+29+10+3+2+9+17+1=115 Chishafuwaku 12+11+11+0+2+5+8+6+3+17+4+2+28=109 Achiyama 36+10+1+1+0+1+14+16+7+3+5+0+0=94 Haidouzo 22+13+4+0+9+0+5+10+4+11+4+9+6=97 wolfgangho 6+6+7+3+4+3+18+10+0+9+5+16+1=88 Pitinosato 28+5+2+0+8+0+14+6+0+6+2+8+0=79 Tameiki 18+6+6+0+15+3+6+7+1+6+1+7+6=82 Wakatake 24+2+2+0+4+0+0+1+0+0+7+36=76
  15. wolfgangho

    JWS Kyushu 2018

    day 14 enho