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  1. wolfgangho

    GTB Natsu 2020- 106 entries and results!

    @Kintamayama sorry to Interrupt you the entry sid Looks updated with new basho results but hte enry help sides Shows the results from the basho before
  2. wolfgangho

    JWS Haru 2020

    should be me my basho have a 5 and 4 streak and got my 5 Winning streak not only with terunofuji
  3. wolfgangho

    Games Talk Haru 2020

    yeah kk in bench even if it is makustita after day 9
  4. wolfgangho

    General Corona Banter

    i see the Boxing is in England also Badminton and poolbilliard still runing there
  5. wolfgangho

    General Corona Banter

    in Gibraltar they are still playing snokker the first days with 100 suporters starting Saturday there will be None suporters somewhrer an olympic qualification tourney for Boxing is going on with nearly no suporters noone is interested they are not banned
  6. wolfgangho

    General Corona Banter

    who cares About the xfl? even the advertisements during the super bowl are more exiting
  7. wolfgangho

    General Corona Banter

    trump is a fool i hope he gets the Virus instead of being reelected
  8. wolfgangho

    Long Kachikoshi Streaks - Haru 2020

    @Asashosakari thats rigjht enho kk
  9. 1) K-M2 endo2) M3-M6 mitakeumi3) M7-M11 kiribayama4) The rest of the bottom of Makuuchi kotonowaka5) Juryo terunofuji6) Makushita kawamoto7) Sandanme and below yanagida
  10. wolfgangho

    Long Kachikoshi Streaks - Haru 2020

    1. Kotoshoho KK2. Kotonowaka MK3. Roga KK4. Terunofuji KK5. Amakaze KK6. Suzuki KK7. Daikisho MK8. Kotosusumu MK9. Yutakayama KK10. Akua MK11. Tokisakae KK12. Kitanowaka MK13. Shoji KK14. Toma KK15. Yoshii MK16. Ito MK17. Enho k18. Hidenoumi MK tb 13
  11. hi


    somewhere i read a meaage of you About a new game by jakisotsu

    i cant find it

    or did i misunderstand you


    best wishes


    1. Jejima


      It is a 'joke' game by Jakusotsu for this basho only. Predict on which day the basho will end due to the virus.

      All the best,


  12. wolfgangho

    Kosho Requirements

    if anyone reads this due to the death of my mother i don´t have time to play all games if i haven`t entered your game i take a kosho yours wolfgangho
  13. wolfgangho

    JWS Aki 2019

    hi wakatakae! due to family issues i withdraw for the rest of the tourney will be back in november yours wolfgangho
  14. wolfgangho

    Break The Curse (The Nigate Game) Aki 2019

    hi sakura! due to family issues i withdraw for the rest of the tourney will be back in november yours wolfgangho
  15. hi achiyama! sorry due to family issues i withdraw for the rest ot the tourney will be back in december for sure your wolfgangho