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  1. I don't think anyone could order him to take them (maybe Hakkaku could in his role as rijicho) but that does not mean it would not be seen as his duty and obligation to look after ichimon rikishi due to him being most senior oyakata within ichimon and at least nominal head of ichimon.
  2. Ex-Kaio is not head of ichimon... he might have said no, but I don't think that Isegahama as head of ichimon could do that.
  3. But did Isegahama even have a choice? Once the decision was made to shut down Miyagino without spreading rikishi over several heya, Isegahama pretty much remained as only option where ex-Miyagino rikishi wouldn't be a majority... and possibly even more importantly, highest ranked rikishi in stable.
  4. Terunofuji was also an ex-Ozeki who was almost a sure bet as next Yokozuna before injuries forced him to sit out and drop to Jonidan... Back then I had a feeling they put him at M1e instead of M4 or M5 so they would ensure he get to face a full Sanyaku since they really, really didn't want to risk a Maegashira ranked rikishi win back-to-back Yusho.
  5. Well, it will be very very interesting to see how they handle this mess... will they decide to shut down Kasugano as well? Will they force Kasugano into early retirement? Or will they do nothing of importance and just let it slide?
  6. Do I understand this correctly: Tochikayama gets bullied, it gets so bad he run away back home and Kasugano's response to that is to force him to retire? He doesn't force the bully to retire, he forces the victim... I really hope I'm misunderstanding the situation.
  7. Ripe

    Haru 2024 discussion (results)

    You can walk... whether you should is another thing. Especially if you're a sumo wrestler weighting over 140 kg. And competing should be out of the question...
  8. Ripe

    Haru 2024 discussion (results)

    Hoshoryu tripped himself on Kotonowaka's leg...
  9. Ripe

    Haru 2024 discussion (results)

    Nah... Kise at least could walk. If this really is Achilles tear then for Takerufuji even walking is out of the question, let alone climbing up the dohyo. And anyone who would loose to him in this condition should submit their intai papers before leaving Kokugikan...
  10. Ripe

    Haru 2024 discussion (results)

    Yeah, Goeido was "ozekiwake" but that is in part because of the level of competition he had to face for most of his Ozeki career... competition that is unquestionably better. In the end, Goeido ended up with loosing record against all four Yokozuna and was more or less equal to other Ozeki (and even some Sekiwakes). It's hard to have good records when you're pretty much guaranteed between 4 and 6 loses to other top guys you had to face.
  11. And it was nothing but luck that nobody was killed in Michinoku (where bully used air-gun to shot a rikishi) or Miyagino (where Hokuseiho used fire on a rikishi)... and in both cases oyakata turned blind eye to bullies actions. So yes, not much have changed and it's only through blind luck that nobody ended up dead over last 20 years.
  12. You forgot about Michinoku... sure, heya will close down but that is because oyakata turns 65, not because he ignored violence inside heya (including use of air-gun).
  13. Yes, the way Kyokai addresses the scandals evolved, but sadly not much changed since we're still having situations like this almost 20 years later. Because if some of the things that were reported about Hokuseiho's behavior are true then it's a miracle nobody ended up seriously injured or possibly even killed. Don't get me wrong, I have no problem with shutting down Miyagino heya and sending all the rikishi to another stable. They might have also broke them up and spread them over several heya but that is minor detail. But that is only if this becomes gold standard for dealing with similar situations in the future (rikishi bullying others and oyakata doing nothing about it)... sadly, I don't believe that will be the case.
  14. Yeah, I don't really see him scouting... or doing anything more than necessary. I think Kintamayama is right that it will take an absolute miracle to have him stay... he'll probably use next few months to solidify his business and then resign and leave to absolute delight and happiness of NSK and his fellow oyakata who never even wanted him to become one of them. Which is why they eliminated Ichidai-Toshiyori, why they had him sign that agreement before allowing him to become Magaki (which I don't think any other oyakata had to do) and why they're shutting down his heya at first possible reason even tho in the past they allowed heya to remain after much, much bigger scandals (Tokitsukaze comes to mind... if there was ever a reason to shut down heya it's after oyakata beat rikishi to death!).
  15. If I understand it correctly, Kise-beya was shut down because of Kise oyakata deals with yakuza, not because of rikishi actions... was there ever before a heya that was shutdown because oyakata failed to properly oversee rikishi and their actions? I know it was a different time, but Tokitsukaze wasn't shut down after oyakata beat rikishi to death! And he was still allowed to reopen heya two years later... whether Hakuho will be allowed to do that or not remains to be seen. Provided he doesn't retire soon.