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  1. Ripe

    Kabu-worthy Sekitori

    Yeah, but unlike Abi and Ryuden, when questioned about it, Asanoyama lied to JSA which led to their public defense of him against accusations by the tabloid... only for accusations to be proven true. Getting out of a doghouse for breaking the rule might come in time for Asanoyama... but getting out of one in which he found himself for making several Oyakata look foolish is going to be a hard task. One that might require all the involved Oyakata to retire...
  2. Ripe

    Kabu-worthy Sekitori

    I'm actually wondering about Asanoyama... as a former Ozeki, he'd be a pretty sure bet as someone who will get a kabu, but with his past I'm not so sure he'll get it in the end. After all he did lied to JSA and made them look foolish when they defended him based on his lies (a far bigger crime than anything he was nominally suspended for)... and by doing what he did not only he managed to make JSA look bad, but he also caused current Takasago an demotion and loss of income (if I remember correctly), making me wonder how much will current Takasago be willing to fight for him. Basically, at this point I have a feeling that his only shot at kabu is to get Nishikijama...
  3. Ripe

    Kabu-worthy Sekitori

    Shouldn't Otowayama and Furiwake be considered when discussing situation within Nishonoseki and Takasago ichimons? Those two may currently be on loan to members of Dewanoumi ichimon but that is recent development. And both of the owners of the kabu have far stronger ties to Nishonoseki or Takasago then to Dewanoumi...
  4. Ripe

    Retirees after Haru 2022

    It would sound even more awesome to say "previous millennium" which is also correct
  5. If they didn't add an extra slot for Kyokutenho when he won a yusho from M7w I don't see them opening a slot for Takayasu, especially considering him going from 10-0 to 12-3... besides, is he the next one up or is it Ichinojo who went 9-6 from M2e?
  6. Ripe

    Next Ozeki?

    Oh no, his (and Asanoyama's) rejection will be because of their suspension... but the fact that Miyabiyama wasn't repromoted even after scoring 34 wins over 3 basho will be used as part of justification for not promoting them. But in the end, the fact that they were suspended will be held against them and possibly used to bar them from promotion to Ozeki... hinkaku may be more important for Yokozuna but it also play a part when it comes to Ozeki.
  7. Ripe

    Next Ozeki?

    Are you so sure he'll manage to get back to Ozeki rank? I can totally see him get Miyabiyama treatment and not get promoted even with 34 wins over 3 basho due to his demotion coming as a result of suspension... I can also see them denying Abi for pretty much the same reason. Of course, both Asanoyama and/or Abi could force their hand and get promoted to Ozeki, but it would probably require something special for that to happen.
  8. Ripe

    Hatsu 2022 discussions (results)

    Yeah, they need effort from Terunofuji but I'm not sure how much of it... after all, Terunofuji won last seven matches (8 out of 9 since his comeback) and is 12-4[-1] against Mitakeumi.
  9. Ripe

    YDC convenes after Kyushu 2021

    Did they even begin to consider that runner ups didn't look good because healthy Terunofuji is at least one if not two classes better then them? There is a reason why none of them managed to take advantage of Hakuho and Kakuryu being injured and absent to make a tsuna run... and why Terunofuji had little problem getting back to Ozeki and getting the rope. So I'm not so sure having degeiko will help with them looking better... it might make them look less bad but that's about it. At this point, I'm not sure that #74 is currently on banzuke...
  10. Ripe

    Kyushu 2021 discussion

    Only 25 of those 30 rikishi managed to score 70 wins in a calendar year. Four of the other five (Futabayama, Terukuni, Akinoumi, Haguroyama) never fought in a 6 basho per year era while 5th (Kagamisato) retired in 1958...
  11. Ripe

    Kyushu 2021 discussion

    My mistake... I knew there was someone who wasn't promoted following a back to back Yusho as Ozeki and I honestly thought it was Futabayama. I was correct that it happened and it actually happened twice! First time was to Tamanishiki in early 30's after he won three consecutive yusho's as Ozeki, two of them 9-2 followed by 10-1. The second time was a bit more recent, from 1950 when Chiyonoyama wasn't promoted following a 13-2 Y and 12-3 Y...
  12. Ripe

    Kyushu 2021 discussion

    There is a precedent. It may not be recent but Futabayama was denied promotion following three consecutive zensho yushos (two of them as Ozeki) back in late 30's... it took a fourth consecutive zensho to get him promoted. So yes, if they want to deny anyone promotion they could always use that to "justify" their reasoning.
  13. Ripe

    Kyushu 2021 discussion

    I believe they would promote him with back to back Yusho... especially if Terunofuji is still there on Day 15. But with Terunofuji going kyuyo in one of the tournaments... well, I'd say it's a coin toss. They could go either way. But it's rather curious that they kept quiet about his promotion chances following his playoff loss in May... they gave conditions for Terunofuji's promotion but not for Takakeisho's. So yes, they might choose to deny him even with D followed by Y which is what got Kakuryu his promotion. That said, Kakuryu never went kadoban or missed a bout as an Ozeki.
  14. Ripe

    Kyushu 2021 discussion

    No, debilitating injury didn't cause them to deny Terunofuji... but they still needed him to go 13-2 D, 11-4 J, 12-3 Y, 12-3 Y and 14-1 J before they promoted him. They required Kisenosato to go 13-2 J, 13-2 J, 12-3 J, 10-5, 12-3 J and 14-1 Y before they promoted him and need for Japanese yokozuna was even greater at that time. Kakuryu had to get 14-1 D, 14-1 Y and everyone before that since Asahifuji needed back to back wins. The last person promoted with a single Y and JY was Hokutoumi in '87 and even him stringed a 11-4, 12-3 Y and 13-2 J. So no, a JY here followed by Y in January will most likely not be enough considering his 8-7 score in September. As I said before, Takakeisho had to prove he can string at least 3 if not 4 double digit results to be considered for promotion.
  15. Ripe

    Kyushu 2021 discussion

    No, I understood you... yes, a JY now and a Y in January might get him promoted (I doubt it, but there is a slight possibility) but that discussion will only came after his potential win in January. Not before than and almost certainly not after a mere JY in November. I doubt anyone relevant from NSK will come out and say that he need to do "x" in January in order to get the rope following a JY. They might come out and require a win if he got a D, but not after a JY. So if he get on a tsuna run, it will be a secret one. As for his two previous Yusho counting... why would they? Terunofuji won two Yusho in a row and he didn't get promoted, they still required a good showing in following basho (which he got) in order to promote him. So how much will a win nearly three years ago be worth if 13-2 D, 11-4 J, 12-3 Y and 12-3 Y were not? Especially considering Takakeisho only got 8-7 in September...