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  1. Yeah, but almost all of those Ms1's had only 4 wins... with 5 wins it's far, far rarer event. There was Fukuoka in 2008 and before that was Tochifuji in 1967. And Tochifuji's situation is... well, due to reduction in size of both Makuuchi and Juryo there was no promotion from Makushita and he actually ended up at Ms3e following a 6-1 score at Ms1e. Meaning that there was only one real case of 5+ win Ms1 not being promoted to Juryo in last 55 years!
  2. Isn't his kyūjō due to COVID? Also as a purely theoretical debate now due to Asanoyama's loss... if Roga ended up with 5-2 record and Asanoyama ended with 7-0 Y, which one would be promoted if there was only 1 spot open in Jūryō?
  3. Not sure what you mean by that since he was never retired... he was expelled, forcing him to sue NSK asking to be reinstated which he was once he won his case in court.
  4. Ripe

    Measuring Ōzeki Quality

    Terunofuji did have back to back basho... it's just that one of them was as Sekiwake. I do agree with you that lower sanyaku results would not count for yokozuna promotion in any other case... but in many ways Terunofuji was a special case. He was a former Ozeki, who was by many considered a sure bet as future yokozuna before he suffered a near career ending injury. So yes, while loosing on senshuraku to GOAT is almost as close as possible you can get (only playoff loss would be closer) do you really think those three results did not help make the decision to promote him even easier? After all, Sekiwake and Komusubi face pretty much the same opponents as Ozeki (or Yokozuna)...
  5. Ripe

    Measuring Ōzeki Quality

    Why people keep insisting Kisenosato was promoted because of 12-3 J followed by 14-1 Y? If that was all he got he wouldn't be promoted... he was promoted due to having a six basho sequence of 13-2 J, 13-2 J, 12-3 J, 10-5, 12-3 J, 14-1 Y! That is four J and a Y with 70+ wins over a full year worth of basho. Same can be said about Terunofuji... his five basho prior to yokozuna promotion were 13-2 D, 11-4 J, 12-3 Y, 12-3 Y, 14-1 J presenting rather clear case of being worthy of promotion.
  6. Ripe

    Measuring Ōzeki Quality

    Problem is that prior to 2014, playoff losses or jun-yusho didn't matter... it was yusho and only yusho. So I'm not sure how you can classify something as "close" when there is no chance of them being promoted. When there is probably not even a discussion if they are worthy of promotion.
  7. Ripe

    Measuring Ōzeki Quality

    I'm not sure your criteria for being "close" matches those of NSK when they considered someone for promotion... in fact I'm pretty sure it doesn't. Because between 1989 and 2014 criteria for promotion was pretty simple: back to back yusho. Meaning you were considered only after winning a yusho as a Ozeki. It was only in 2014 the criteria was somewhat relaxed leading to promotions of Kakuryu and Kisenosato.
  8. They couldn't really force him to retire considering they didn't forced Abi to retire for breaking that same rule... Besides, you can make an argument that forcing him to retire would be letting him of the hook easily... he'd be gone and that would be it. This way they could use his potential re-promotion as a way of keeping him in line... without him ever getting it, or the eventual kabu to stay as oyakata (for that he'll need to stay on long enough for current decision makers to retire).
  9. Because with Asanoyama we have to consider more then just his skill... he didn't drop down because of injury, he dropped down because he broke the rules, got caught while breaking them, lied about it to NSK, got proven a liar by a tabloid creating a huge embarrassment for the NSK in the process of doing that. I don't really see them repromoting him to Ozeki unless he pretty much forces their hand...meaning 35/36 wins over three basho as Sekiwake. And even that might not be enough if he doesn't win a Yusho in that stretch.
  10. Ripe

    Kabu-worthy Sekitori

    Because those are two separate things? Wanting to keep Asanoyama as rikishi is one thing, wanting him to become one of oyakata is another. They couldn't really kick him out (even if he did submit his papers) for lying to them without appearing to be petty and vindictive... and they couldn't kick him out for breaking the rules when they didn't kick out Abi and Ryuden (well, they could, but then they'd risk him going on various talk shows complaining about double standards and unfairness). So they didn't accept his papers, gave him a six basho suspension and that was it... now it's up to Asanoyama to fight his way back or submit his papers once again (and this time, they will probably be accepted).
  11. Ripe

    Kabu-worthy Sekitori

    Yeah, but unlike Abi and Ryuden, when questioned about it, Asanoyama lied to JSA which led to their public defense of him against accusations by the tabloid... only for accusations to be proven true. Getting out of a doghouse for breaking the rule might come in time for Asanoyama... but getting out of one in which he found himself for making several Oyakata look foolish is going to be a hard task. One that might require all the involved Oyakata to retire...
  12. Ripe

    Kabu-worthy Sekitori

    I'm actually wondering about Asanoyama... as a former Ozeki, he'd be a pretty sure bet as someone who will get a kabu, but with his past I'm not so sure he'll get it in the end. After all he did lied to JSA and made them look foolish when they defended him based on his lies (a far bigger crime than anything he was nominally suspended for)... and by doing what he did not only he managed to make JSA look bad, but he also caused current Takasago an demotion and loss of income (if I remember correctly), making me wonder how much will current Takasago be willing to fight for him. Basically, at this point I have a feeling that his only shot at kabu is to get Nishikijama...
  13. Ripe

    Kabu-worthy Sekitori

    Shouldn't Otowayama and Furiwake be considered when discussing situation within Nishonoseki and Takasago ichimons? Those two may currently be on loan to members of Dewanoumi ichimon but that is recent development. And both of the owners of the kabu have far stronger ties to Nishonoseki or Takasago then to Dewanoumi...
  14. Ripe

    Retirees after Haru 2022

    It would sound even more awesome to say "previous millennium" which is also correct
  15. If they didn't add an extra slot for Kyokutenho when he won a yusho from M7w I don't see them opening a slot for Takayasu, especially considering him going from 10-0 to 12-3... besides, is he the next one up or is it Ichinojo who went 9-6 from M2e?