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  1. Is it the system or the stupidity of inidividual rikishi? It seems many Japanese rikishi never develop their skills much at all and they hit the ceiling due to totally tunnel vision sumo with no real brain work behind it. There are of course exceptions to this like Kotomitsuki, Goeido, Chiyotaikai etc. who are uniquely smart and adaptable too AND show ability to learn. "Mae ni deru deru deru sumou" mantra is understandable but it becomes an obstacle too. Many foreign rikishi including Mongolians look much more apt to excel in refining their skills. Although it is also true that rikishi like Ama, Hakuho and Kyokushuzan had always looked extremely capable and athletically super smart. Maybe Japanese rikishi are moulded into the same mould (generalization to an extent) as a youngster sumoka and lose the proneness to think more about how to try different stuff in sumo.

    Even in butsukarigeiko some Japanese rikishi are like they are clueless how to generate the most power and how to recruit muscle cells. They just push like machines. Then again Japanese judoka are very technical and smart and have had great success. Some rikishi have judo background too but they appear to lose the good sides of judo when they have been in sumo for a while. Of course sumo is forward going sport and it is essential to do good forward going sumo and be strong in that but that doesn't mean one should abandon all else in the name of "mae ni deru dake desu!" simplification.

    I haven't seen a really smart new Japanese rikishi in ages. The kind of rikishi with great fundamentals in straight forward yotsu or oshi but with dohyo intelligence in unusual situations and the ability to try out new stuff and succeed in that. Ok, maybe Goeido is one. He thinks about all aspects of sumo and consciously sharpens them and he has fast reactions to mid-bout events. Well Satoyama was extremely smart but often the really smart Japanese rikishi are too small. Terao was one very good example of a rikishi who had good dohyo brains.

    Of course there are plenty of good Japanese rikishi who are skillful. That is not the point. The point is the invisible mould they all seem to sink somehow to some degree.

    The smartest one is Aminishiki. I forgot him. Now there is a rikishi with dohyo brains to share. He adapts, he has developed new skills, he looks like he is always thinking the bout well and you can always see in his sumo that he knows how to deal with each situation.

    I think Japanese rikishi are under guidance that makes them look dumber than they would be.

    What you think about this is what you think about it. This is what I think.

  2. Elbow injuries are treated with either operation or physial therapy and rest. He goes to Mongolia so obviously no operation. Physical therapy and rest and rehab can be done in Sudan, Mongolia or Japan. He goes on vacation and does rehab there. It is very simple. He can have all the mud treatment and drink wonderous liquids but it is quite simple that he goes to Mongolia to be in Mongolia. "to Treat the Injury"......

  3. There is no justice in sumo.... :'-(

    Although I'm VERY happy for my neighbor Baruto (well, Estonia is just across the water from Sweden...), Kisenosato must be cursing the luck/bad luck of the banzuke. Kise has had about a 100 kachi-koshi at komusubi, including one 10-5 at KE, but was never promoted to sekiwake because of lack of vacancies. And here comes Baruto and eeks (in the immortal words of Sumo World) out 8 wins on the last day, and lo, sekiwake next!

    Good luck, Baruto and may Kise be able to make new strong efforts to break HIS curse.

    You are a good man.

    But Baruto did earn his sekiwake promotion well now with good powerful sumo. Kise earned it before too but didn't get it but now Kise has a problem with his sumo. It opens up. Kise has almost everything good but his sumo opens up. When it closes down again, it will be a joy joy moment for everyone except anti-fans. He also needs to learn to close it faster. He has become formidable in most aspects so such a "small" correction would make wonders. You shall see. Baruto had a nice flow in the second half. He lifts well as did Takanonami. Nice to lift from both hands outside when lifting makes your stance normal. Cool leverage.

  4. (Shaking head...) What was really shocking to me was this quote:
    Two of the wrestlers died as a result of their infections, so cases like this do need to be investigated," said Dr Yanagi...

    Nothing I can find on the Net suggests it could be fatal - some resources say recurrent infections are usually less severe in symptoms and shorter lasting than primary infection. Is there a foxy doctor in the house to explain this?!

    I doubt the viral infection of this "wrestler's herpes" that it is also called, is fatal but the lesions naturally expose rikishi to secondary bacterial infections that can then become septic and that can kill also young healthy people. My guess is that the 2 wrestlers who died had this kind of secondary infection that spread into blood and caused a septic shock but I really don't know.

  5. Hope this blows up into full scale turmoil. Yaocho is the most despicable detail in sumo in my opinion. Beating a deshi to death is just violent youngsters without control and even under orders to cause severe pain (and hence not organized in bigger scale even though naturally very condemnable action), steroids and all are at anyone's disposal and so on. Yaocho is a spit on the faces of fans and the idealism of any sport. There is all sort crap about possible reasons for yaocho like "seniority", "when you get older, things happen and it is just life", "why go all out when opponent has much more at stake". All those are really sad reasons. In ideal sumo world seniority on the dohyo means that younger rikishi does all he can do respect the older rikishi by offering all he has against the old man, old rikishi in general are put to retirement with aggressive sumo without mercy and 7-7 rikishi (and ozeki in particular) must all be punished for not having better record on senshuuraku. Sumo world is not ideal, far from it I bet. Still yaocho claims are good as they grind into the core of the most disgusting part of sumo. Of course big reason would be money. Rikishi are undoubtedly greedy as are most athletes. They want to have a lot of money. If yaocho offers a chance to have more money, why not do that if one has no strong principles of maintaining dohyo a sacred place where one must never slack off and always try to beat the opponent.

    While not yaocho as such, half hearted koen bouts in Mongolia got deserved criticism from some Mongolian viewers. If you go there, you could have the courtesy of showing real sumo and not some half-hearted piece of shit show. Evidently jungyo tournaments in Japan don't receive such critizism though despite the same stupid pipi-avoiding sumo and so. Well I guess people like those tournaments too then even with the crap the rikishi show there.

    One thing I wonder about Wakanoho. Who exactly would have given him that kawaigari treatment when he was sekitori since he didn't have any stablemates as sekitori? Ichimon sekitori?

    Oozumo may be rotten to the core as one formerly active sumoforum member said after the killed deshi thing and vanished from forum and if so, it would be nice to see the oyakata pay for this the ultimate price of total humiliation and loss of reputation.

    Corruption is human nature. Corruption is done because it gives benefits. Of course closed clique like Kyokai is riddled with corruption. There is not much sumodou or integrity that can overcome such a setting as Kyokai has with old men in closed circle with lot of hierarchial puppet shows. Still corruption must be killed and corrupted people must be punished. Just like violence is human nature and is not accepted, corruption must be fought too well.

    I doubt too there is any evidence supporting Wakanoho's claims but attack towards Kyokai is good for the future of sumo. Attack Kyokai with all possible ways and try to destroy it and maybe it brings some good stuff too for the future. Sumo wrestling is still a very good thing.

  6. Only wins count, 4 wins in makushita and below means kachi koshi.

    I am not certain about this. In fact, most rikishi who went 4-4 in top Makushita historically, were not promoted to Juryo. But as I said, the other guys were 3-4 before their final bout. So the information value of this reply isn't that terribly high, either. Sorry for that.

    Ok. That is news to me. This question has been asked before and some sumo gurus at that time said that 8th bout is never a burden on a rikishi but can be a benefit. We shall wait for the clarification from the current gurus in this area. Information value increased 0.1%.

  7. Kotomitsuki was overwhelming superstar as an amateur and has become an ozeki later than thought. As an ozeki he has been pretty good. The sumo technique mentor of Kotooshu, the uchimuso king, the technical wizard in beating huge rikishi, the engaged man with a big smile. He has very good power level and can do both dashinage well.

    The interesting detail about Kotomitsuki is the following observation which is so far not so robust reflection of actual truth. He is Ronnie O'Sullivan. Ronnie the snooker champ changed his uwate grip and played many games with his weaker hand. He was even critisized about this when players said he shows disrespect to his foes by doing that. Ronnie himself said at least once that he gets confidence a lot when he changes the grip to his natural one when really difficult shot ahead or his game gets worse. Then again he sometimes continued using his "weaker grip" even at times of extremely difficult and vital shot. Now, my snooker knowledge is not good and details may be wrong but the overall picture is that Kotomitsuki may be O'Sullivan.

    It is definitely so that his favorite grip is left hand outside and his preferred stance has been migi-yotsu (after morozashi of course). However, I remember him using right hand outside grip against genki Musashimaru effectively and in general he has had success from hidariyotsu too, like against Baruto in an epic bout this basho. What is interesting is that he seemed to GO for right hand outside grip in many bouts. Without checking I wonder if he had any left hand outside grip bouts this basho. Is he really oriented towards hidariyotsu now rather than migiyotsu? Does he have elbow problem balance tilted so that hidariyotsu gives him better tools now? In any case, he works very well from right hand outside grip and has done that before but he even commented after one bout that he was able to get "his right hand outside grip well". Yes he did but what if he got his left hand outside grip then? That *should* be his best stance in normal yotsu. Tomorrow on senshuuraku, he will face Hakuho and definitely migiyotsu is the probably stance if both get their way. Also he beat Hakuho with that grip not long ago.

    This ability to do such a good sumo from both sides is important. Both Hakuho and Kotooshu do very well from each side despite their favourite grip being left hand outside. Asashoryu was stronger from right hand outside grip and KaioU has only 1-2 uwatenage wins from left hand outside (and way over 100 from right hand outside). Kyokutenho, Goeido, Baruto are some other rikishi who seem good from both sides too. In Goeido's case this ability was matured in recent years.

    Kotomitsuki has quite a package. Yotsu in any way, dashinage, uchimuso abilities and also good pushing attacks and strong tachi-ai. Wreckless at times yes but good sumo. He is also amazingly same sized as he was just before joining oozumo.

  8. Tamakasuga must have injured himself and that was revealed before day 15 bouts were set. But this you obviously guessed too so information value of this comment was nil.

    Wakakoyu is just lucky man. Only wins count, 4 wins in makushita and below means kachi koshi. 4-4 is same as 4-3 but 5-3 is obviously much better than 4-3 so he is a lucky man and can even beat YMY with his style of sumo.

  9. Update 25.9.2008

    Bushuyama has done it. He has actually sealed his promotion to makuuchi at the age of 32. There is an ongoing thread dedicated to his current achievement ( http://www.sumoforum.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=16290 ) but such a feat warrants an update of this thread too.

    He is nowadays an aggressive rikishi who can do good oshi and yotsu and who is amazingly solid against pushing attacks too. Lets see how effective he is in makuuchi in Kyushu 2008.

  10. This is quite stupid thread but regardless of that...

    Every time I have been in Tokyo or Osaka or Nagoya basho and I have noticed a lot of Estonians chanting and supporting Baruto, Baruto himself has lost badly. Naturally they have been there on many occasions when I have been unaware of their persistence but it is funny that every time I have noted their presence, Baruto has lost fully.

    Today on stream there was some chant that must have been Estonian fans? Hard to say but no more shouting or Baruto-calls when Asasekiryu dropped the giant with a big uwatenage after outwrestling him well.

  11. Yamamotoyama is 6-0, and has already defeated the only serious challenger he has in Juryo. Furthermore, three spots on the banzuke ahead of him are opening up for next basho. So if he pulls off the unlikely zensho Juryo yusho, does he have a shot at Makunouchi promotion from Juryo 12? And would this be the first time that anyone within spitting distance of Makushita got immediately promoted it to the top division?

    Oh, and why can't Orora fight like this?

    That is actually a rather strange comment. What only serious challenger? He has yet to fight almost all genki upper juryo guys like Koryu, Bushuyama, Kasuganishiki and has to deal with his rival Aran and also Ichihara. YMY has looked good but also with plenty of weaknesses. He gets upright a lot, is quite clumsy with his hands and still shows weakness from the side. He has survived well and has had some good finishes but in no way has he dominated juryo.

    YMY is a real athlete, Orora has never been and never will be a real athlete. That is quite enough of difference and Orora's power is much lower level that YMY's.

  12. In juryo the best effort was Tosayutaka's back bending defense at the edge and twisting angry Asofuji with a very rare kubihineri. Asofuji was all fired up delivering some nasty harite and he did gain advantage in yotsuzumo having Tosa's balance way up. When he powered Tosa to the edge, Tosa started the tenacity show that made him succeed in that long winning streak on his way up the banzuke. Back bending and twists and turns a lot before finally twisting Asofuji down with kubihineri. No mono-ii. Asofuji was possibly ordered to come back to bow for real as Tosayutaka also bowed twice. Great kubihineri. Asofuji is winless while Tosa is at 2-2.

    YMY had his hands full with small and fast Sagatsukasa. This bout showed the fundamental weakness of YMY. He looked even light at times when Saga kept changing the attack angle. Still YMY did survive some pulls and managed to turn to face Saga every time. Makuuchi rikishi would have beaten YMY easily in this bout though. The end was rather weird with both going down. YMY's uwatenage was the verdict without mono-ii. YMY was said to be weak from the side. He didn't look "very weak" but certainly vulnerable. There is certain clumsiness in his technique when attacked like that but good thing is he has mobility and stays rather calm. 4-0 start speaks volumes too but he may end up losing quite a few too if he doesn't get sharper. Saga is now 2-2

    Kaiho did a nice makiotoshi against Hakuba.

    Kasuganishiki caught Aran and got a solid grip. Aran without his tsuppari-slap down combo looks quite different and Kasuganishiki outpowered him in businesslike manner. 3-1 at J3, Kasuganishiki is looking for promotion to makuuchi again. Aran stays at 2 wins.

    Koryu did his thing with powerful oshi but Bushuyama withheld amazingly well, then just bulldozed Koryu out without even such a good stance. Bushuyama is on fire and peaking now. 3-1 at J1. Koryu suffered his first loss.

    Only Ichihara and Yamamotoyama keep clean record with 4-0, Koryu, Bushuyama and Ryuo comprise the 3-1 group.


    In makuuchi Kasugao looks listless and is 0-4 now. Kokkai gave a long look at gyoji who wasn't pleased with his tachi-ai, second attempt was clean and Kokkai yanked Chiyohakuho down fast. Kakizoe and Kitataiki had a long first attempt as gyoji didn't evidently hear that shinpan stopped the tachi-ai or something and they had to do it again. Kakizoe then went for moronic pull against injured Kitataiki and gave a gift win to him.

    Kimurayama defended well and remains with clean record 4-0. Sakke also defended well against Takekaze but when kime-hold was on, Takekaze did a big sotogake on him getting his first win. Sakke is at 1-3 with 1 very good win and 3 forgettable bouts. Hokutoriki straightened Tochinoshin up before yanking him down. Such a move sure isn't good for a rikishi with recurrent back problems. Hokutoriki is at 4-0 now but will soon lose like a jonidan rikishi.

    Wakanosato looked better now after 2 horrible bouts. Hidariyotsu duel with Tamanoshima never went into pure form as neither had right hand on the belt. Waka did his powerful suku-move and kept the pressure on Tama outpowering him. Tamanoshima did spirited dancing twists at the edge but Waka read those well and never gave room. Tamanoshima's first loss this basho.

    Masatsukasa remains winless despite a decent tachi-ai surge. Dejima bulldozed and then put Masa down when Masa did awkward one legged twist attempt. Dejima at 3-1 looks ok in deashi compartment.

    Toyohibiki was perfect from the start hitting Futeno with full power and using the well-earned momentum to keep pushing Futeno out. Perfect sumo by Toyohibiki who rises to 2-2 while Futeno suffered his first loss.

    Good tachi-ai by O3 against Kakuryu and Kakuryu pulled which didn't have any other effect except for O3 who easily pushed Kakuryu out. O3 now 3-1 while Kakuryu drops to 2-2.

    Kasugao, Masatsukasa and Yoshikaze remain winless. Yoshikaze looks quite genki while Kasugao is clearly not genki and knee is bothering. Masatsukasa also doesn't look to be in top shape. Kisenosato is also 0-3 but he is in good shape and can get his first win today.

  13. Yes it is very nice. You do realise though that it is likely that the person/persons of various interesting personality features will probably inform police, embassies, NSK, NHK about this and soon Ms Ngozi will be threathened with law suits, fines, urine tests and such things? Well Ms Ngozi has one ace in sleeve so to speak.

  14. Quote: Kaikitsune Makoto, "Chiyotaikai had his second great bout in a row pummeling Toyonoshima straight out. Wow."

    Wasn't that the Ozeki's first win vs Toyonoshima as well? It's nice to see 'Taikai in good form. Surely he can outlast Kaio(U).

    Amazingly yes! 0-5 before today. Just highlights how good Toyonoshima is with his balance and all. Today was all Taikai though. Taikai looks unusually good but it may be thanks to perfect tachi-ai wins the 2 last days. Against Kisenosato he won the tachi-ai 100-0 and quite cleanly against Toyonoshima too. He did say he has never had problems with the both hands down before charge so maybe he indeed gets some advantage of the new enforcement of the rules.

  15. Also, Kotooshu, what were you thinking? :)

    Migiyotsu I bet. That was not such a bad loss. Tenho was just more skillful getting the left hand outside first and Tenho is very strong from that position. Osh could have tried to calm things down a bit and not do that nnnngh-drive without good tools but it was quite a strong position for Tenho. Tenho's goodness, not Kotooshu's failure. Good strong sumo.

  16. perhaps someone can confirm, but I believe I saw Ms. Uchidate in attendance beside the East Shimpan, and it seemed that Kotoshogiku gaver her a good kick when he went flying out. Wonder if Hakuho willl get in trouble for that

    and did anyone notice Asashoryu giving a strange wave after losing

  17. Hakuho and Kotoshogiku will soon fight for life.

    Asashoryu had weak final shikiri thigh kiai, was turned sideways by Miya's inashi and pushed out.

    KaioU and Kisenosato had hidariyotsu duel, KaioU got right hand on the belt and launched a tremendous uwatenage. Kisenosato has never flown like that before as a result of uwatenage. Big wow for the KaioUnique. U-wow-tenage! Maybe it was for his many Mongolian fans who live in Mongolia.

    Chiyotaikai had his second great bout in a row pummeling Toyonoshima straight out. Wow.

    Asasekiryu had Kotomitsuki on the run after the initial tussle. Kotomitsuki showed good footwork but Sekiryu got left hand outside well and performed a very nice long dashinage sending Mickey on his face. Beautiful Sekiryu-dashinage.

    Tenho got full migiyotsu before Osh got his left hand on the belt. When Osh tried a rather desperate no-real-grip-onslaught, Tenho turned him over with a strong uwatenage move. Never give Tenho such a grip without having your own grip at least equally strong.

    Ama did his trademark "on your face!"-tachi-ai, Baruto did some pull fidgeting and was pushed out. Baruto has nice comments about life. Before Shoryu-bout he was all excited and when asked why his reply was "I want to see how his power has declined!".

    Aminishiki was at his best with a powerful oshi attack followed by yori drive. O3 didn't have a chance in this bout. Ami is genki despite 2 early losses. He looks strong and sharp.

    Goeido is another contender for possible open sanyaku slot. Manly sumo against Nada throwing him over the edge with right hand uwatenage. There is good horse power in his upper body moves when he has a grip. Good sumo.

    Hokutoriki destroyed Toyohibiki in a bout between pusher specialists.

    Wakanosato meekly pulled against Tokitenku while Futeno keeps on his good series of undeterred attacks. Masatsukasa couldn't do much against him. 3-0 and smooth.

    Sakke did sumo the way that he sees optimal. Immediate strong position, lifted Tochinoshin's body up and outpowered him after two very bad losses. 1-2 for both.

    Tamanoshima continues his road to 15-0 by tripping Yoshikaze.

    Knee-handicapped Kitataiki did hassoutobi henka which failed and Dejima ran him out. Was polite though and didn't slam Kitataiki 10 rows into audience, some nastier rikishi (like Hoshikaze the Nasty) could have done that.

    Takekaze offers nothing.

    Kimurayama did again his inashi after tachi-ai and looked burly in tsuki/oshi exchange with Kokkai and won well.

    In juryo Ushiomaru smacked Kaiho with a big tsukiotoshi. Always a special moment when sumo jijii goes down with force but gets up well to come fight the next day.

    Sagatsukasa was the father of the most predictable move in juryo. He dug low and turned Hakuba sideways and it was a real "Here it comes soon!"-moment before he yanked Hakuba down with a neat makiotoshi.

    Toyozakura didn't fall for Aran's tricks and kept pushing him until Aran was out.

    YMY and Tosayutaka had a bit similar bout than they had a while ago. This time YMY caught him early and crushed him with kimetaoshi. Well done again. 3-0 and good sumo.

    Koryu's pushing attack is extremely efficient sometimes. Mokonami was the victim.

    Bushuyama beat Shimotori and is now 2-1 with 3 good bouts. He will soon battle in makuuchi...

    In makushita Sakaizawa looked listless against Tamaasuka.

  18. In makushita Hochiyama was going forward like madman and Sokokurai skillfully flipped him over. Sakaizawa looked good in dealing with Mori's charge in true Sakaizawa-manner and finally dominating him quite well. Hokutokuni did strong sumo but lost when Kotoyutaka moved aside close to edge. A bit erratic but good power by Hoku. Towanoyama outpowered one of the nastiest rikishi in sumo, Hoshikaze, well.

    In juryo YMY was quite sloppy with his sumo. Looked oddly weird but has solid footwork now, considering his size. When he got left hand on the belt he made it look easy when he threw Wakatenro with uwatenage.

    Kaiho and Otsupotsu had an energetic veteran duel, Potsu finished with a neat kotenage slam. Genki sumo.

    Tosayutaka looked very sharp in migiyotsu against Hakuba. Launched a drive which Hakuba tried to encounter with sotogake if I saw right but Tosa leaned on him and crushed him.

    Ichihara vs Ushiomaru was the low point in juryo. Many matta and then the collapse.

    Aran is employing his 2 major tactics now. Slapdowns and that painful looking tsuki. Aran tried an immediate slapdown but matta was called, then the tsuki and slapdown against Mokonami. Aran has other tools too and he has grown significantly since his debut. That tsuki looks ok and his slapdowns are often well timed. 2-0 start.

    Bushuyama's final result at J1 is insanely interesting detail. He looks stilll very strong and while he lost to Kokkai's pull, he still looks like he is totally ready to do well also in makuuchi. We shall see but I predict makuuchi promotion.

    Tamawashi and Kimurayama both hand excellent pushing finishes. Today Tamawashi did his timing perfection thing and made it look rather effortless to push cannonball out. He has done this many times. He is strong but has also well tuned up timing in his pushes at times. Kimurayama on the other hand does inashi right after tachi-ai a LOT. Probably more than any other sekitori. Today he did it too and at the end pushed Kitataiki out. Kitataiki aggravated some injured part or had a new injury limping enought to cause significant concern in his makuuchi debut basho.

    Tamanoshima had strong forward going sumo against Chiyohakuho while Sakke is quite lost at the start of the basho losing easily to both Tamanoshima and today against Dejima.

    Futeno got his right hand outside at once and Wakanosato was beaten.

    Tochinoshin and Yoshikaze had exciting bout where human spirits were high and lives were at stake. Yoshikaze did his pushing attack and when teh bout went into yotsuzumo, he tried to turn Tochinoshin over and managed to do that too but then Tochinoshin did the same and lifted Yoshi high up twice, second one resulted in tsuridashi win.

    Hokutoriki did his best pushing sumo against Iwakiyama. You know the kind of huffing and puffing sumo where his cheeks, chest and all get all swollen and he relentless aims high driving the foe out. Iwakiyama did his best but evidently twisted his ankle (or knee, most likely ankle) and looked quite bad limping back. He may well withdraw. The pain was immediate when he got up and limping worsened on hanamichi. Ankle it was. From a source in the land of JAPAN, I have been informed that Iwakiyama heard an ominous snapping sound in his right ankle and hopes it is just a ligament and not a fracture.

    Hmm..guess what happens when you pull Toyohibiki after tachi-ai and fail to pull him down? Well Masatsukasa tried that and ran far into the audience.

    O3 digs into his opponents well now. Tokitenku kept him away for a while but then morozashi and good win. O3 looks genki.

    Nice ottsuke like attack from Aminishiki but Goeido defended well and slipped behind Ami driving him out. Aminishiki has lost twice in this manner now that foe slips away or behind him. Goeido looks genki.

    Kakuryu hasn't had much to offer against Ama before and it didn't look good when Ama got him in quite a squeezing hold but alas, Kakuryu did a splendid kotenage and Ama was defeated with a cool ippon level throw. Classy throw by Kakuryu.

    Toyonoshima and Nada both got their favourite positions and Nada threw new sekiwake down with his classic shitatenage.

    Tenho kept groping and Mickey was calm and collected. Uchimuso-man hit again. Good sumo by Mickey and looks technically sound and all. We shall all hope for 15-0 yusho or something like that. 2-0 against foes he should win against but a good start anyway.

    Kisenosato lost the tachi-ai badly and was target practise to Taikai then. Oi oi, bad bad sumo by Kise.

    KaioU got into hidariyotsu and also got right hand outside grip, Sekiryu broke the grip once but the second time was marched out.

    Baruto pivoted and Kotooshu was out. That is as simple as that. It is good to have such reach against Kotooshu.

  19. Aki basho is here, new Rijicho apologized during his opening speech. Aran has swollen and so on.

    Ri looked a bit less aggressive than optimal but rather easily flipped Katsunofuji over with uwatenage using high over the top grip. He was good against sekitori at keiko prior to basho so should be a candidate for great result.

    Kokkai had his heart muscle' s conduction routes decreased and looked his usual self when slapping down Kasugao.

    Wakanosato had good tachi-ai and pulled Tochinoshin down with energetic sumo.

    Married blog-veteran Futeno had good defense against Yoshikaze's yoshikazeism and caught him at the end ousting him well.

    Tochiozan stopped Toyohibiki, got morozashi and won by sukuinage. Strong start

    Goeido and Kakuryu ended up in migi-yotsu which is the favourite one of both rikishi. Before that Goeido showed solid footwork and genkiness. From migiyotsu Goeido took initiative with a strong throw. Powerful and explosive uwatedashinage Looks good.

    Aminishiki was the forcer but Toyonoshima did a little bullfighting move and Ami just stumbled down. Rather neat move to be honest. This bout did not give good grounds for evaluation of the level of genkiness of these two sumo wrestlers.

    Shogun had right hand on the belt first and U never got his. Some healthy defense at first but finally Shogun did his drive and U was escorted out. Strong sumo by Shogun.

    Very intense bout between Kisenosato and Osh. Kise took control first driving Osh backwards but Osh circled away with the help of shitatenage attempt, then got his right hand on the belt and was able to lift Kise's centre of gravity up. Kise tried one more twist at the edge but Osh nudged him over and Kise went down hard. Good oozumou.

    Kotomitsuki survived a slapdown and pushed MIya out well. He looked healthy, happy and sober.

    Asashoryu approached the bout with Baruto the same way as last time. Two-handed grip on the frontal mawashi and yank. Worked well. Baruto went down.

    Hakuho had ridiculously perfect tachi-ai and its after-effect. Such is life.

  20. 32-year old Kotomitsuki and his stones or various kind proposed an ex-hospital worked Tanaka (33years old). She went to see asageiko at a time when Kotomitsuki was shindeshi. Acquintance process took place and more serious ongoings since about 6 years ago. At her birthday in June this year Kotomitsuki gave her a nice diamond ring and proposed her. Her reply was very positive with itsudemos and all. Ceremony is planned for next year. Kotomitsuki wiped abundand sweat and declined to reveal how he calls her due to major embarrassment factor. This whole thing was revealed at press conference today at Sadogatake-beya.

  21. Just a quick note to add here... but this ex-vampire will go to bed after one post!

    I was at Isegahama last week Thursday! Aminishiki looked good! I am a big fan of his and I really want to see him bounce back after Nagoya!! When there is time.. I will promise to post some of his photos from asageiko.

    Now it is time for ex-vampire girl to go to bed!

    Ms motovampire, in the current situation keiko news are scarce due to reporters' enthusiasm over the off the dohyo scandals. I need my keiko news fix. Please elaborate your keiko news report if you have such kindness in your heart. He did bouts against whom? Who else were there? Was there splendid footwork? Thank you for your cooperation. Maemitsu!

    In general too, when Japan-based kind and less kind people visit keiko, it would be highly appreciated if some concrete numbers would also be given or if not numbers, at least more detailed reports about mobility, technical sharpness, strength, endurance etc. about the rikishi. It is nice in a way to read reports like "I saw X and he looked good!" and "He won many bouts!" but it is like foreplay without the finish or a fart/burp without full clearance of air. The nature of keiko is different with each rikishi as some do keiko without that much eagerness to win bouts but just hobe their skills and strengths (Shogun comes to mind) but keiko shows the various elements of mobility, power generation, sharpness in technique and tactics, endurance etc.

  22. Tamanoi Oyakata has punished all his rikishi, confining them to the stable for now. He was thinking of making Toushinyama sit out Aki, but Isenoumi and Tomozuna told him it wasn't necessary. The heya will pay damages to the taxi company as well.

    Oh..nice old-fashioned "one will do bad thing in a group => ALL will suffer!" method. Maybe he wakes up in the middle of the night when others beat him with soaps wrapped in towels....