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  1. I suppose it is a good indication of the degree of turmoil in oozumo that this report is not commented in any way. In any other situation such a strange event between an oyakata and sekitori level rikishi would have gotten much more attention. If the report is true and not exaggeration or simply false, it is quite an incident.

    Well good for Daiyubu it didn't escalate into major temporary rage where he would have taken the scissors away and stabbed the oyakata 100 times resulting in big headlines.

  2. After Cambodia Daily articles even Finnish newspaper Pravda (the Truth or by local language Helsingin Sanomat) has takes a bold step to tell earth breaking news about evil Kotomitsuki gambling habits. Pravda

    And what is interesting is that the quoted news article is the 2nd most read article on that newspaper's web version today. The last paragraph bluntly says "Popularity of sumo has been decreased by various revelations like drug use of sumo wrestlers, rigged bouts, in May it was told that gangsters were regularly sold front row seats.

    Pravda has nothing to do with this Finnish newspaper though.

  3. That trivia aside, for a comprehensive revision of the injury system I'd like to see authority transferred to an independent medical board of some type. Give rikishi as much time to recuperate from serious injuries as that board deems necessary; whether that's combined with a full kosho rule (no demotions at all while out injured) or some type of limited demotion system as in Asojima's suggestion is of lower priority to me.

    Education, kabu, ichimon stuff all undoubtedly good targets for reforms but this one by Asashosakari is the one I have been thinking too. It is also easy to implement, just one panel of 2-3 doctors. Always at least one orthopedist specialized in athletes and then when needed internal medicine doctor etc. There are many injuries that are objectively rather easy to determine and evaluate the needed recovery time and means of treatment.

    The panel's job would only be to determine the time frame for no demotion-time. There could easily be a salary cut after some minimum recovery time and then threshold for when full demotion automation comes into play. This way it would be fair for all rikishi and also would give a chance to undergo surgeries which enable full function again without worrying about the major drop on the banzuke.

    Freerider lazy rikishi couldn't lull around saying "oh it is not that good still" and collect the good salary and untouched banzuke position while resting more than necessary because there would be full demotion automation and salary cut scheme after the determined reasonably strict time frame.

    For example:

    Ankle fracture not requiring operative management: 8-10 weeks time frame where no salary cut, no banzuke drop (6 weeks cast, then progressive rehab 2-4 weeks). Definitely not back to normal strength after that but able to take part in most cases.

    Heart transplant: 4 weeks time frame (couple of pills, inserting love and passion towards wife/gf and sumo into new heart)

    Complete ACL-tear with menisci damage: operative treatment 6 months time frame

    And so on based on each case recommendations by expert panel which has access to MRI/x-rays, clinical findings etc.

  4. the underworld is involved in everthing in Japan. why would you think sumo is exempt from them. the Sumo assosiation was wrong in the actions they took because they are old farts living 50 years ago. they need to get into modern ever day live and see the worl as it really is. Takanohana tried to stand up for what is right and resigned. why is it the assosiation wouldn't accept the resignation? because it will start their downfall. they are the ones who need to be fired and booted out of sumo all the way.

    is there nobody in other sports that gambles on baseball or soccer or anything else? all sports have their gamblers and always will. being fired for betting on other sports is outrageous. if they gambled on sumo outcomes okay. but other sports? wake up and smell the roses of reality people.

    Not that I know much anything about the magnitude of underworld's influence in Japan but rationally thinking yakuza (if that is what we define as the main underworld entity) gets involved in areas where it has most to gain with minimal risks. It certainly isn't involved in "everything". Yet the hypocricy is there of course. Theatretical covering up a picture of Toyonoshima with a blanket and stuff like that is mostly a show naturally. Still, do you really think there should be some sanctioning of taking part in activity that suppors the underworld? As it has been written by people far more knowledgable than me , illegal baseball gambling being associated strongly to yakuza is a well known fact in Japan. So if you get caught and you won't get a strong punishment, then it is just a signal that "yes we know it is underworld related but as many people do it and it is modern reality, it is not that big deal". Sounds quite strange to me.

    I agree with you than oozumo has quite silly rules and the old school oyakata and in general the very conservative attitude of sumo elders is also tragicomically dumb at times. All sports have gamblers for sure, all sports have egoistic bastards, mean bullies, nice persons etc. Even in oozumo gambling seems to have been quite widespread and I don't doubt at all that majority of rikishi knew this was going on so rikishi and oyakata didn't really think it was that bad. Now the reaction is a severe reprimand, that expected deep bows and "reflecting one's actions" while when engaging in the actity nobody thought it was that bad. Gambling between one another inside closed circle without outside (underworld) influence shouldn't be a reason for generalized punishment. Good to hear such ridiculous path wasn't taken. Now THERE would have been the ultimate step forward from the driving ban-rule.

    It may be that Japan is full of corruption, full of deals with yakuza where both parties benefit from and at the same time quite powerful rejection towards any company with known or even suspected links (even temporary) to yakuza (the post from one foreigner on this forum who has done business with Japanese companies a lot was quite illuminating). The beautiful big discrepancy between the tatemae and the true feelings towards something.

    Life is life, I know a lot about the nature and forms of shitatedashinage but not much about this stuff so everything in this post may be crap.

  5. The special Hyogiin meeting was held today and things coming out of there do not bode well for Kotomitsuki. A member of the new investigative committee says they will be dealing with the gamblers according to how heavily they were into it money-wise. "Those that played in the millions of yen category will be expelled-(jyomei, as they say in Japanese, something that has never been done before). Those that played for a thousand yen are safe!" he said. It is the heaviest punishment in the Kyokai book. The punishments should be announced at the July 4th rijikai, the same session that will have to decide if the Nagoya basho will go on as planned or not. "Someone who is a central figure in this case will certainly have to leave the sumo world,", hinted the committee member. "They should be kicked out just for consorting with those anti-social types..", he added. The reporter says Kotomitsuki and the hairdresser both qualify for jyomei status.

    It makes sense in a way that the magnitude of the gambling of Kotomitsuki becomes an issue. Especially when criminal circles like yakuza are involved, the bigger the money, the bigger the risk of becoming a tool for yaocho-based profits. This of course is only possible if there is betting on sumo and yakuza or whoever can profit from knowing about fixed bouts. Naturally being involved in gambling and hence financing yakuza (which undoubtedly doesn't give odds or circumstances that enable big losses for them) can be considered quite malign activity. Yet, since there obviously is a silent approval or "don't cross the line and we will not pursue you with big force" attitude towards yakuza so this kind of publicity isn't good for anyone. I don't understand what good does this do for yakuza either. Even dumber individuals see the background in this so a lesson : "if you gamble and are famous enough or you have something major to lose, you can easily be blackmailed by yakuza". Doesn't this decrease gambling and is bad for yakuza's finances? It would seem so. I don't know how violent yakuza is but if the ex-makushita bloke did this on his own and jeopardised future profits, some local yakuza leader could well have him killed or at least take some fingers. That is quite stupid to demand 100 million after 5 million. Idiot. Not good at sumo, not good at blackmailing.

    So Kotomitsuki will be destroyed and quality of life goes down and shame stays, no sumo world for him, no other skills, no reputation. Shit happens indeed.

  6. Tochinoshin outpowered Kotooshu in a battle of migiyotsu specialists. Both had firm grip after some grip changes, Kotooshu exerted all his power to drive Tochinoshin who neatly lifted and pivoted Kotooshu around and maintained pressure in fully convincing way. Remarkable sumo by Tochinoshin, probably in top 3 of all his bouts ever in oozumo. Everything worked perfectly in this bout and Kotooshu was able to do his own sumo too.

    Harumafuji is not one-legged. He can put pressure on it but of course it is painful and not good. Most likely meniscus injury. Today he looked light at times when left leg was supposed to do the work but he also did put pressure on it more at times and had a decent win over Homasho. Kotomitsuki repeated his tachi-ai speed from yesterday but couldn't blow away Toyonoshima, still worked his way to good inside position and had his first win too.

    Hokutoriki's was at his absolute best today. Immaculate tachi-ai and follow-up. Koryu was completely destroyed. Outstanding. It is like seeing a huge tackle in hockey where the receiver gets destroyed by a clean hit (but not die). Great stuff.

    Look at Tamanoshima the Ironbar today. Quite funny actually. Stiffness in defence maximized. Lower back problems undoubtedly a part of the reason. He just stood there taking Wakakoyu's tsuki-attack before getting pulled down.

    Takamisakari avoided the tachi-ai loss which is common sight in his bouts against Takekaze, wrapped him and escorted out. Good sumo.

    Aran had very good tachi-ai and right hand push which was enough to derail Mokonami in 2 seconds. Strong start 3-0.

    Goeido looked stable in yotsu but Okinoumi didn't even hand one hand on the belt. Still hard to say how Goeido's sumo will be this basho. 2-1 is a good start while Okinoumi is somehow lacking something. Nothing that clear what it is.

    Kakizoe got morozashi and lifted Tosayutaka out with tsuridashi.

    Toyohibiki succeeded today in hitting as hard as he can and the momentum took Tenho out.

    Asasekiryu and Wakanosato ended up in hidariyotsu which Wakanosato handled better. Asasekirty lost his right hand outside grip but performed a beautiful and clean chongake which is often seen. 3-0 start for him while Wakanosato is 0-3.

    Aminishiki had another wild bout movement-wise. He already had a nimble one against Kotooshu but today even more so. Kakuryu's missed push was almost his downfall but somehow found a way to wriggle out of Aminishiki's hold, then did susoharai attempts twice before losing his own balance and falling onto his ass while Aminishiki aided with a little push. Erratic bout.

    Kisenosato had a normal bout where he easily beat a weaker foe in hidariyotsu.

    YMY looks very bad, Daido looks good, Matsutani had killer uwatenage against soon retiring Kaiho, Sadanofuji does burly sumo and is 3-0.

  7. Gagamaru is a nice exhibition sample of a reasonably stereotypical rikishi body but without excessive middle body prominence. He does resemble Musashimaru in some ways. Strange thing is that it is difficult to determine how major are his weaknesses. Having had rather limited access to juryo bouts lately, I haven't been able to analyze his sumo much. When he wins, it is usually the same way keeping his 200mg mass of liver, muscle, fat, connective tissue and stuff in front of his foe pushing and pushing. There is certain beauty in the simplicity of his sumo and his body also looks very good in such sumo. Today he did his sumo by keeping in front of Wakakoyu and being stronger in such sumo, he naturally won. Simple as that. Of Gagamaru stays on his feet, he will bring a new aspect to makuuchi. Good addition.

    Hokutoriki's dream bout today being able to do exactly what he likes to do. Tamanoshima's style suits Hokutoriki perfectly. If Hoku didn't win this bout, then he could admit he didn't win despite having all his major weapons in full use. Tamanoshima gives such a clear target for his pushes and Hokutoriki did his thing and had a good win. Tamanoshima doesn't have a good record against Hoku for obvious reasons.

    Also Koryu did his sumo and showed his best against Yoshikaze who didn't have a chance today.

    When Shimotori gets his left hand outside against Sakke, it is difficult for Sakke to pivot as Shimotori is tall and has squeezing left uwate. Therefore today Shimotori getting that grip, it was his main goal to suppress Sakke's inevitable pivot and better reach means better suppression stance and hence the one-sided win.

    Tochinonada's quick tsukiotoshi at the tachi-ai dropped Takekaze.

    Okinoumi has a good sumo body with reach and power. Needs some honing and needs to have less problems with his lower back in order to proceed to new heights and becoming more rubsut. Today Kimurayama was in control utilzing his high level skill of timing his pushes. This sometimes results in overwhelming finishes as his strong push sends foe airborne. Today Kimurayama managed to go with his flow and kept pushing before finishing off with typical well timed big push that sent Okinoumi tumbling down.

    Mokonami had another strong bout despite giving Tosayutaka morozashi. With only left hand outside grip, he did well to throw Tosayutaka down. Perhaps some of the cause was Tosayutaka's slip or balance problem but nevertheless 2-0 for Mokonami after 2 solid wins over Okinoumi in yotsu and Tosayutaka today.

    Goeido looks light still and is not that stable with his sumo yet after knee cap fracture (probably the diagnosis). He has his kubinage weapon which worked nicely today against Tokusegawa. 1-1 but a long basho for him ahead.

    Aran had reportedly always eaten like a horse, had mouth cancer at one point but is now at 162kg!? How did that happen. 1-14 in Haru was very bad but this basho a good start with wins over Sakaigawa rikishi. Today he was able to stop Toyohibiki's charge well and forced him to the edge where Toyohibiki tried to hang on and even do some sotogake stuff. Aran kept his pressure at full force and Toyohibiki then dropped off in a spectator pleasing manner. Aran 2-0, Toyohibiki 0-2 but with respectable efforts to the end.

    Kakizoe benefitted a lot from the tachiai as it looked like matta and Kakizoe just pushed upright Tamawashi out without problems.

    Kokkai is the first real sekitori veteran who comes from ex-Soviet or Eastern Europe area. He may be wreck physically but doesn't show that much on the dohyo. Today a solid win over Tenho who on the other hand looks somehow tired.

    Kitataiki brings visible fighting spirit, good basic yotsu-tenacity into sumo and has deserved his shot at high maegashira. Even with migiyotsu he outpowered Tokitenku today. Kitataiki is usually better at hidariyotsu. Tomorrow a good challenge facing Kisenosato against whom he can't win in hidariyotsu.

    Quick dashinage-win at the tachi-ai from Asasekiryu against Hakuba.

    Shogun looks very genki. Hopefully he doesn't aggravate his groin pulls (which can't be that bad really) and can do t his kind of sumo the whole basho. Stomach thrusts in half hidariyotsu and Wakanosato didn't have an answer to that. 2-0 and genki start indeed.

    O3 pushed and pulled Kakuryu down. Mundane bout.

    Harumafuji must have knee injury but it is not easy to put everything on that in this bout either. Tochinoshin is good at taking pushes and got into position he really can't lose from. Tsuridashi was a formality after he got a hold of Harumafuji's thigh. Bad landing on the injured leg and it could have done some aggravation. Hard to say how his knee feels but Aminishiki has often done good sumo even when limping around. The nature of his knee injury is not reported? Menisci crap?

    Baruto has big advantage due to his reach. He has enourmous power but what makes it so special in his case is the fact that once he gets a grip, he has twice the leverage to use that power than a 185cm rikishi has. As a foe one should always try to read which side Baruto tries to pivot. If you can react to that, then the advantage gets smaller. Homasho had a good pushiing attack and tried to force Baruto out from migiyotsu but when close to edge Baruto got his migiyotsu and managed to use that power+leverage golden combination to turn him around with tsuridashi. As they say in Japanese he has "megumareteiru" body for yotsu. Good start as a new ozeki. Homasho went of a shift at the tachi-ai too.

    U and Miyabiyama showed some mobility, or KaioU actuallty showed that more. Great dohyo sense and amazingly good turns and escapes. There were plenty of stances and angles of defence that put a lot of burden on his lower body and lower back (even a pressure peak from side) but he looked quite comfortable even when sitting down heavily after yanking down Miyabiyama bit before stepping out with his heel. Great stuff and showed he doesn everything he can to get wins. Hopefully he can do reasonably health sumo despite this burden.

    Kisenosato had 3-1 in last 4 bouts against Kotomitsuki. Today light Kotomitsuki had tremendously godo tachi-ai beating Kise 100-0 in that. Physical power is good to have as Kise wasn't bulldozed even with such a loss at the tachi-ai. One of the no no-moves of Kisenosato came into play again as he did that tsukiotoshi move which is quite a reflex from him but this time he managed to turn Kotomitsuki around and easily jerk his out. Not convincing sumo but these kind of wins are important. Bad tachi-ai loss and bad tsukiotoshi move habit coming into play and yet a solid win at the end.

    Typical smart sumo by Aminishiki keeping low and watching Kotooshu's moves. Kotooshu looked very sharp though with good countermoves by using nimble footwork. Good display of agility. kotooshu is genki. 2-0 against difficult foes at the start of the basho is promising. Aminishiki looks genki too. Good sekiwake and brings excitement to all bouts.

    Hakuho won a sumo bout well.

  8. Sekiwake Kisenosato, the longtime Japanese hope-pizza delivery boy who has yet to deliver our order, seems to be in great shape. Continuing his great performance at the YDC soken, he was part of the Nishonoseki Ichimon rengo keiko held at the Kataonami-beya today. He was very conspicuous, having the most bouts of all 14 sekitori who were there-35. He beat the Sadogatake Ozekis Kotooushuu and Kotomitsuki, and was 30-5 overall. "I am in good condition. It was good keiko, and the feeling that I want to 'do' something was there as usual..", he said. Last night he went to watch boxer Hozumi Hasegawa lose his world championship crown at the Budokan. "It's a one on one affair just like sumo so I learned something from it," he said.

    Takanohana Oyakata had some good words to say about him., "I believe Kisenosato will cause a lot of interest next basho.." he said.

    In general Kisenosato's keiko activity is one of the highest among sekitori. He mostly gets good "grades" from oyakata for doing a lot of bouts and working hard. The only occasions I have read about oyakata saying to rikishi "stop already!" are Kisenosato vs Harumafuji sessions. If he was less active during Haru jungyo, maybe that is exactly what he needs in order to be in best shape (read "sharp and not overtrained"). He did look sharp in Haru basho too despite relatively disappointing bouts. Perhaps he loses many bouts badly in Natsu basho due to his worst foes' ability to exploit the weaknesses in his defence. Kisenosato's main problem is his "worst 3 technical blunders"-problem. In sheer power, explosiveness, hidarimotiyotsu and spirit he is oozeki level. When he does that tsukiotoshi retreat in unwise circumstances, when he opens up too much while doing ottsuke or position optimizing pushing attack, when he doesn't squeeze his upper body into better package at the beginning of yotsu, then he is in his destruction mode. If those weaknesses persist, he will never rise to oozeki.

  9. It is unusual at that age to get a stroke so probably he undergoes quite thorough examinations concerning rare causes. Still, "quit now!" comments require some logical reasoning. "It is a sign that brain can't take it" is not medically sound reasoning. The scar itself is likely small and is not healthy tissue anymore. It is more a possible epilepsy cause than cause of future stroke. I asked 2 neurologists what they think of this case and without knowing further details both said there is basically no reason why to limit any sports. Naturally it is highly unusual case that a stroke victim engages in cracking nuts at the tachi-ai but in overall having suffered a stroke shouldn't cause any "no no"s to one's life.

    He may well get a recommendation to quit as he is veteran anyway but emotional "he is stupid if he continues!" and "he should quit NOW before next stroke comes!!"-comments are a bit of an irritant to me so that is why I am writing again on sumoforum and stuff like this which is off-topic and uninspiring.

    Concussions and such are different matter altogether. The stroke must be rather large to cause brain tissue atrophy in such degree that risk of hemorrage due to diminished brain tissue (and therefore increased movement of brain tissue in hard impacts) is elevated in significant degree.

  10. I doubt the cerebral infarction was directly linked to sumo in any way, especially as it appears it was not cerebral hemorrage due to impact. There are no real limitations after a stroke (cerebral infarction). No limitations in sports etc. In that sense there isn't that much basis on why he should quit sumo. If he has no residual symptoms limiting his power, balance or such, why should he quit? Indirectly sumo life may have exposed him to risk factors such as high blood pressure (number one risk factor), high cholesterol, smoking or so. If he gets medication to control blood pressure and other risk factors are handled in appropriate medical means, he will have good secondary prophylaxis decreasing the probability of future strokes. Stroke victim does not have to live in any way differently than non-stroke human. One medication that is very often started after stroke is ASA+dipyridamole combination which decreases the probability of an ischemic stroke well but also increses bleeding risk to some degree. This risk isn't that significant though but could be used as the only (what I can think of..) reasoning why quitting sumo would be "important". Increase of blood pressure during sports is not as bad as elevated BP level in general as the physiological way BP rises during exercise is better and safer than in hypertensive disease.

    Taking care of his health is now more important than ever but if he wants, he could also continue sumo while taking care of the possible risk factors he has accumulated. Naturally as the information about the type of his stroke is not released, it can also be more rare like carotic dissection originated or it could have been hemorragic stroke etc. Still in most case scenarios I wouldn't automatically say it is bad for him to continue sumo.

    Try to avoid strokes.

  11. For now sumoforum will not change. Exil and mods are in charge of forum function as such. The options I got were ok but the easiest way for now is to continue like this. Sumoforum appears to be needed still to some degree so shutting down the forum is not a good option. I won't be much of a part here anymore and won't be an active Rijicho either. Honestly don't care much what happens on forum or how it develops. That fact makes me a very inapt person to be in any kind of charge here. Good basho though!

  12. It is long overdue but now I really need someone to take over sumoforum as Rijicho and also take over the administrative side with or without Exil. I am not sure where Exil is or what is his current interest in this forum but for me there is nothing much left here.

    I have lost interest gradually with increasing pace in discussing sumo on forum. Also, the fact that there are quite a bundle of facts and saddening/irritating details in Kyokai and in the whole oozumo, makes it quite difficult to be in charge of this forum. I fully accept and admit the fact that my opinions or role in the world of oozumo is totally insignificant (which is naturally true for any individual fan) and that my ideals or principles of how to manage something as great as oozumo are totally irrelevant as oozumo is Kyokai's world and is defined largely by that organization. Still, the way things are done is such that it is just saddening. Same is true in many many areas of life and sports and so on, but since oozumo is number one for me, it has big impact.

    When one looks at sumoforum or sumotalk or just the online sumo circles, it is evident the circles are naturally small. Do you really need this forum? Kintamayama could easily also post his news to his own forum or website or even set up his own little closed forum. Or there could be some news site where the active ones could translate news if they so wish. Many of the active users can translate the Japanese news texts themselves anyway. Doitsuyama's database gives answers to all statistical questions and so on.

    Little by little oozumo has become comparable to a situation where in a marriage or just general long term love affair, everything else is becoming total shit and disappointments follow each other day after day but the actual sex is better than ever. Total immersion in satisfying pleasure which should be difficult to do though if feelings otherwise turn into coal crap. In any case such is the relationship of mine towards oozumo becoming. In these times when there are truly a great bunch of rikishi in makuuchi and sumo bout quality is great for the most part and am really looking forward to Nagoya basho, it is sad that I feel more and more negatively towards Kyokai as a whole and so. if aforementioned situation regarding that couple with amazing sex but nothing otherwise (quite hypothetical though in longer than 1 year relationship where they actually live together), I'd recommend a break-up and just meeting each other to have that amazing sex and if that amazing sex fades away, they have nothing but semi-warm memories or just cooled off piece of memory left. Nothing takes away the enjoyment of the actual one on one bouts when the intensity is great but otherwise why bother?

    Before August there should be some solution to this forum problem. I think I have paid 252 euros (+ some other small fee, maybe 20 for some registration thing) per year. It was easy to change the ownership when Kotoseiya turned it over to me years ago. Some phone calls with the company and double checks and so and that was it. Don't know if it is as easy still, even if foreigner takes over the contract and payments and everything. Will check these things out. If nobody wants sumoforum, then it is a bit of a problem. I just paid for next 3 months so not a rush in that sense at least.

  13. [indeed, two totally different excuses, complete with two totally different quotes from the totally same Oyakata..

    Score two more points for the NSK's credibility.

    And both reasons such utter crap! Oh my goodness...in a twisted kind of way the influenza panic can be understood as a reason - no matter how totally unfounded way to cancel a trip like that- but to say "bad bad places there where rikishi may take DRUGS!" is such tragicomic reason that it is just surreal. What a load of bull. Be very not well at all. Maybe some good dose of H1N1 among the "brains" of Kyokai could wake them up (or kill them which is not wanted of course).

    I wonder when will some oyakata say "no more degeiko because H1N1 may loom there!!!"

  14. I think Harumafuji is the best rikishi package. Best physique of all rikishi, sharpest one and is indeed very entertaining. Not only because of his speed but his unusual speed and maneuvres. And whoever kills Shoryu like that is always a pleasure. He has been saying the same thing for years now about yorokobaseru the audience and that he does. He may be quite bizarre in his interviews and whatever but on the dohyo he is incredibly well balanced and versatile. It is not often you see a squatting shitate-spin like the one against Hakuho on first bout or the sheer speed. Very good rikishi for oozumo and life.

  15. You all piss me off and sumo pisses me off too (except the fact that the quality of sumo was very good this basho with a bunch of great stuff and techniques and fighiting spiritus!). And you are all dumb if you think rikishi need to act in bizarre ways to do yaocho or you have never done any real sports yourselves. It is ridiculously easy to defend well and even attack but just controlling the moves one bit not to win by accident. You can easily perform a head detachment tsuki in such way that it looks very genuine but just read the defender's position and control the power enough to make it easy enough to defend against that. Come on people...are you really saying that it is difficult? If so, you don't know what you are talking about. Shit. Life is full of crap and life is life.

    Oh well it is all about th balance and tolerance of complete shit in sumou. Sumoforum rampage seems an apt procedure.

  16. Okinoumi's juryo career has been quite disappointing. He doesn't show much ability to break free from makushita level sumo and loses feebly a lot. He might have been a rikishi whose career gets a Shotenro like move upon arriving in juryo but he has turned out to be a grey rikishi without anything really to offer so far. Maybe he gets his act and body together and shows different kind of sumo in Hatsu 2010 but for now he lacks everything.

  17. Kitazakura still has that ability to keep track of his opponent's fast movement. He does it the same way as he did in makuuchi. Good sumo today.

    Ri's problems must have quite a lot to do with his bad knee injury he had. He should get back to high makushita soon and with some more speed/fire he should get up to juryo clearly within 1 year.

    Takanoyama is doing fine at Ms20 with 3-1 after today's uwatenage win. Would be interesting to know what he intends to do after his career in sumo.

    Tokushinho never looked like a really potential rikishi. Just not good enough to have much of an upside at sekitori if he even gets there. Never understood the small fuss about him. Almost all bouts I saw live, he didn't look one bit like a future makuuchi.

  18. On the day that the first cases in Japan of the oink oink were confirmed, two Makuuchi rikishi went to the Kkan infirmary after falling ill to check for the flu. No names were named, but maybe someone here knows, though they may choose to keep this information to themselves as usual.

    Is this just some very Japanese PR or is it really so that rikishi with no contacts to risk areas or people at risk undergo tests for this H1N1 virus if they have influenza symptoms? Or even just regular flu symptoms?? I am aware of the strange panic mood in Japan around these issues and exaggeration of a kind but this is just silly or silly PR. Finland has confirmed H1N1 cases too and only risk targets are tested if clear symptoms.

  19. Hokutoriki has done his sumo both in good and bad. Chest and face are as puffed as usual and throat attack is his game. He has had good wins over Tochinoshin and Kokkai and had a forward going motion yesterday against Toyohibiki too despite losing at the end. Dejima has been Dejima. Yesterday had a text book (book called "Dejima's tachi-ai and its ramifications in Japan" tachi-ai hitting YMY hard, then recovering from admittedly agile move by YMY before returning the favour by getting out of the way. Hokutoriki vs Dejima always has the extra spice of having solely in throat/head aiming pusher and usually lower aiming bulldozer. Dejima hasn't beaten Hokutoriki lately. Today Hokutoriki's pushes were more effective and all that Dejima could do was to defend as much as possible never getting any of his own pushing game on. At the end Hokutoriki just pushed him out. Simple as that. 3-4 for Hoku and Dejima both.

    Takamisakari has been extraordinarily sharp this basho. Lost to Shotenro yesterday but otherwise perfect sumo. On day 5 his demo on how to excel in migiyotsu was electrifying. He took migiyotsu stance against Bushuyama, then perofoemr utterly classic drive by lifting Bushuyama up with his free right hand (under Bushu's armpit ) and escoriting hism out. That is the best Takamisakari move that is not defensive pivot. Also Tochinoshin has done his own sumo a lot and looks genki. Powerful defense and lot of horse power in his migiyotsu. Tochinoshin has not beaten Sakke in 2 tries. Tochinoshin had the advantage first getting the better tachi-ai. Hidariyotsu stance at first, Tochinoshin tried t o get into driving form but Sakke did his powerful pivot, worked his way deep inside and he never loses from that position. Sakke squeezed Tochinoshin's torse and kirikaeshied him crashing down. Great sumo by Sakke. 6-1 now and looking as good as ever. Tochinoshin falls to 4-3.

    In addition to many matta, Kakizoe has done better sumo than in ages. Pushing is good, sharpness too and he has done some neat sukuinage too. An awkward tachi-ai against Sakke was the reason for his only loss so far and his foes have not been of such modest quality. Toyohibki with his operated retina looks like his old self and better. Convincing oshizumo in his wins mostly, one horribly disintegrated bout against Bushuyama and very acceptable yotsu fight agaisnst Tochinoshin. Good sumo all around. Today Kakizoe evidently got inside at the tachi-ai but Toyohibiki countered with a fast robust kotenage sending Kakizoe down to his second loss (5-2). Toyohibiki is also at 5-2.

    Miyabiyama hasn't been bad. He lost to burly Toyohibiki and YMY but prevailed over Futeno, Shimotori, Kimurayama and Tokitenku well. Some persistent pushing and despite the decrease in strength, he is doing his job as well as he can. Kokkai has been even more bisonish at times but also all-out yotsu. The wins over Bushuyama, Kitataiki and yesterday Tochinoshin were all thanks to unrestrained yotsu-tension. Messy bout today where Kokkai did his bull attacks again and Miya tried his best to have some stable pushing but as Kokkai was so erratic, the bout looked very unclean and messy. Entertaining though and neither fell down easily until the end when Kokkai stumbled down in as uncontrolled way as large bout of his bout was. Miyabiyama at 5-2 is showing decent sumo and Kokkai at 4-3 isn't bad either.

    Bushuyama is at 1-5 but his sumo isn't bad at all. His foes have been of better caliber than he has ever faces in first 6 days but he puts up good fights, isn't a walkover at all. With such sumo he would easily going for good kachi koshi in juryo. Yesterday against Kimurayama there was fire on the dohyo. Sweat, desperation, seizing the moment, love and heasted work all combined into a enigmatic mix of honest, workmanlike sumo. Many sumofans cried in awe of the humble work by two rikishi. Shimotori is also 1-5 and doesn't quite look like he has timing right now. He has 5 losses in a row now. The bout is kenkayotsu although Shimotori is better at hidariyotsu than Bushuyama is in migiyotsu. Still Bushuyama should win if bout ends up in hidariyotsu. Shimotori is a 99% sue winner in migiyotsu. Well bout went to hidariyotsu and while Bushuyama didn't really get right hand outside, he was still clearly better in that and ousted Shimotori after some work time. Good basic sumo bout.

    Futeno recovered from worrysome start and let his sumo flow on 3 conseuctive days. The serenity of expressions against Iwakiyama followed by two businesslike wins over Dejima and Tamawashi showed promes. He stands at 3-3 and looks at times to still generate a lot of power from right uwate grip. Kimurayama at 1-5 needs wins in order to avoid demotion. He doesn't do that much of that inashi move now and doesn't look especially weak either. Yesterday's bout against Bushuyama could serve as an optimal turning point to him. Futeno was able to divert the bout towards yotsu but Kimurayama broke free and sent a couple of well timed jerks which made Futeno collapse. Nice nice sumo and winning streak for Kimu now. 2-5 => 10-5 in his dreams perhaps. Futeno at 3-4 is really not that good result but what can he do?

    Shotenro's sumo is somewhat difficult to YMY. Shotenro won by oshidashi in Kyushu and oshitaoshi in Haru. Yesterday Shotenro's eyes and intestens boiled due to kensho catch. Fully successful bout against Sakke gives him a nice flow to today's encounter with YMY who has been pretty good (4-2) and hasn't been okuridashied at all. Another tremendously perfect sumo from SHotenro. He blasted into YMY and had everything going his way. Power, timing and probably attack angle well in balance, he strormed forward and YMY had no chance to come back. Shotenro is now at 4-3 and has had 2 absolutely perfect bouts in a row against formidable foes.

    Asasekiryu (2-4) has looked rather mediocre with glimpses of his brilliance only while Tamawashi (2-4) is somewhat of a mystery even still. His forward charge is very good and arm fencing too in placing his hands on foe's body but yesterday too when his tachi-ai was good, veteran Nada just utilized the lean and did his thing. On the other hand when he gets into full yotsu he is very good in that too. We shall await in great excitement how his life will continue as a makuuchi rikishi. There is special quality and uniqueness in his sumo. Again Tamawashi started off with a fine push, when Sekiryu tried to regroup, Tamawashi yanked him around with kotenage and finished with okuridashi. 3-4 for the Mongolian minienigma. Sekiryu just looks off in most bouts.

    Surprisingly Tenku (3-3) is 3-0 against Shogun (5-1)in last year's bouts. Shogun lost one bout 100-0 to picture perfect Tamawashi but other than that has dominated well. He has been doing his very own sumo (as opposed to for example doing Orora's sumo) beating Aran, Toyonoshima and Kisenosato. Especially yesterday's bout against Kisenosato took him on the verge of orgastic pleasure based on his body language and post-bout comments. He hates to lose to Kise whom he considers his main rival. Shogun is in great shape now and going for double digits for sure. Tenku has lost some of his appeal lately but still does some good sumo at times. There is also certain weakening in his defense though. My guess is he has some lingering problem with back or some other problematic body part. Ketaguri win by Tenku. Shogun banged his leg or actually Tenku banged Shogun's leg with that ketaguri.

    Yoshikaze does his sumo but his primetime has ended for now. Losing a lot (1-5) while being as energetic as always. Nada is Nada (3-3). Heh...some basic tussle at first but then Yoshikaze kind of vanished. Nada just lost all landmarks and fell after a short "oh oh..i have no foe". Funny to an extend. Not that funny but a bit funny. Kind of like a funny expression of a rikishi in a photograph taken during a bout.

    I admire Iwakiyama (3-3). The difficulties with various bodyparts must still hamper his sumo but in this basho he has been showing such intensity that it is just a big example to younger rikishi. The last two bouts against Tochinonada and Shimotori looks explosive and the finishing throw against Nada was superb. It is not so much the results but the intensity. Goeido's sekiwake debut and Toyohibiki's return to development curve must have some sort of an impact on him. In any case, be sure to notice the youthfulness in his sumo. Aran (2-4) on the other hand has been outsumoed and outmuscled in 4 bouts now. It is understandable he loses to Kisenosato, Shogun and Sekiryu like that but yesterday's totally bizarre sumo against then winless Yoshikaze was bad. All he did was deliver some nasty street fight slaps which didn't have much effect and Yoshikaze took him out. It won't be easy against today either.Wow, nasty bout. Aran was making mush out of Iwakiyama's face with arm extending direct hits. Iwakiyama looked pissed and head bumped Aran then! Some hussle tussle after which Aran slapped him down forcefully. Violent bout indeed. Both at 3-4 now. Iwakiyama is probably angry now at shitakubeya. Teeth breaking stuff from Aran.

    If I remember correctly (and I may not) Takekaze (0-6) broke his losing streak in Kyushu by defeating Kisenosato (5-1). Hopefully history won't repeat itself. Kisenosato has been opening up again and his stance gets too high too. Yesterday was a nasty example of that when he went into hidariyotsu with Shogun. Kise's centre of gravity was high al the way, naturally also thanks to Shogun's sumo, but his body just floated. It was only a matter of time before such errors come into play. Takekaze is outclassed a bit at this level and has faced only yokozuna and ozeki so far. No danger today, solid tachi-ai and pushed Takekaze around, almost crushed him mid dohyo with a thrust but Takekaze staggered to the edge where Kise then finished him. Good 6-1 start while Takekaze's difficulties continue.

    Aminishiki (1-5) is a bit off but is also performing good solid sumo and defensive moves. He has been slightly unlucky too and just missing one more gear in many bouts that he could have won too. Nice win over Shoryu though and he can beat anyone, doesn't look bad but he can't blame but himself for not getting more wins than 1 despite valiant efforts. Tamanoshima (1-5) is doing his sumo but hasn't been able to upset ozeki or yokozuna this time. Tamanoshima's nodowa lead him all the way to the finish. Nodowa and accompanied forward march and Aminishiki had nowhere to escape.

    Kotooshu (4-2) had a very good bout yesterday against Homasho. Tight migiyotsu and power sumo. Aftera w hile hip drop during a drive and while Homasho tried to hang on and prepare for utchari, Osh lifted him out. Toyonoshima (2-4) has looked ok but yesterday he had cool finish against Sekiryu. Morozashi and then yanked Sekiryu's right hand oustdde off with grip breaking move and immediately dropped him with sukuinage. Kotooshu vs Toyonoshima isalways a classic. 2-1 in favour of Toyo in last 6 bashos. Kotooshu prevented Toyo from getting inside, pushing sumo and Toyo never got into his favourite shitatenage/sukuinage situation with Osh. Sound tactics from Kotooshu.

    Taikai (4-2) has looked good in the bouts he has won. Yesterday's foe Tamanoshima is a good target practise body too as he tends to take the hits straight on. Good propulsion though and heavyness even behind the thrusts. Still Taikai will lose for sure if the rhytm is off. Goeido (4-2) lost badly to Kakuryu yesterday having been caught by surprise when Kakuryu came out with tsuppari. Otherwise good tactics and good results so far. He has beaten 3/4 ozeki so far so 4/5 would sure look good. Goeido looked good in attempting to seize the mawashi from below. The grasping didn't work though and this left him as a bit of a sitting duck. Taikai did his pushing while Goeido launch a retreat along the edge, Taikai followed though and easily won this bout.

    O3 has had better basho than ever when it comes to ability to really wrestle against anyone. The stable state defense is still lacking against high rankers but his strengths are becoming better and better. Yesterday a better chance to beat Shoryu than most think. Shoryu's pull kind of move saved his ass but it was good tactics from O3 and nice delivery too. He himself even said he would have "had him" and that is not common to hear that lower sanyaku says such a thing out loud after losing to yokozuna. 2-4 now with 2 ozeki scalps. He met Kotomitsuki (4-2) last basho and los. Kotomitsuki has looked as strong as ever but that odd loss to Tenho ruined his reputation a bit. The loss to Goeido was acceptable due to Goeido's good footwork and such losses do happen. In last 3 bouts Kotomitsuki has been his usual strong self beating Homasho, Baruto and Aminishiki clearly. Neither got that big advantage at the tachi-ai but bout slowed down which always favours Kotomitsuki against a foe like O3 too. Kotomitsuki then just outpowered O3 out. 5-2 for him and really is looking better and better. O3 couldn't compete with genki and balanced Kotomitsuki yet.

    Homasho's 0-6 isn't the whole truth. He has been competitive against in many ozeki/yokozuna bouts but has come short so far. KaioU has employed his kote grip a lot extinguishing Kakuryu with that, yanking Tamanoshima with hikkake and testing Estonian elbow joint durability. KaioU has also looked quite agile even and it is nice to see him as healthy. Excellent tachi-ai reaching for right uwate and it was all over then. Good sumo by KaioU. Homasho had no chance in this bout. 6-1 for U and Homasho at 0-7 now.

    Yesterday Kakuryu showed how to do a polished attack where foe is totally unable to have even a single effective response. Kakuryu just pummeled, pushed and moved in a way that left Goeido so armless that it was funny. All Kakuryu did was making damage while Goeido every move was off and unproductive. Nice sumo by Kakuryu who rose to 2-4 while Goeido dropped to 4-2. Harumafuji's tachi-ai against Tenho yesterday must have boosted his already high confidence even more. The tachi-ai had no flaws, it was one of the best ever. Just amazing. 6-0 and solid stuff. For some time Kakuryu was unable to beat Harumafuji but now he has actually beaten Harumafuji twice in a row. Interesting bout today to come. Speedy sumo from Harumafuji. Just kept Kakuryu in sight and was faster in his moves. Kakuryu did his best to match that but not this time.

    Asashoryu vs Tenho has little pre-excitement. Shoryu won.

    Hakuho is 5-0 against Baruto (2-4) in last 6 basho. Baruto was flexing his elbow a bit after getting caught by KaioU. Baruto has had only 1 solid win and has lost 4. Quality foes though and foes like Tenho know how to fight him. If this bout goes into migiyotsu, then at least some chance for Baruto. Otherwise Baruto is totally outskilled.

    Bout goes to hidariyotsu where Baruto tries his best to power Hakuho out but the defence is impeccable. Then a well-timed uwatedashinage drops Baruto relatively easily. There was no knee collapse there or it didn't look like that at least but some limping post-bout is witnessed.

    Great sumo today in many ways.

  20. Tosayutaka took Wakakoyu's tsuppari well, maintained tension, close in and beat him in convincing way. Nothing much wrong in Tosayutaka's sumo so far with 3-0 and solid.

    Masatsukasa simply outskilled Shotenro.

    Kokkai and Kimurayama had an odd bout where both did a push/jerk and then retreated again. Kokkai did this more as this is Kokkai's world and eventually pushed Kimurayama out. Not the most ordinary bout...

    Hokutoriki found his own sumo and kept pressure on Tochinoshin's neck with strong extending thrusts, Tochinoshin almost got hold of Hoku but Hoku placed his hand on Tochi's shoulder with extended arm, exerted more pressure and then pulled him down. Good Hokutoriki style sumo. Tochinoshin suffered his first loss.

    Kakizoe did a matta again and in the bout did an awkward high tachi-ai with limited sense, Sakke hugged and pulled Kakizoe down. Sakke has started with a nice 3-0 with some sticky and fast sumo.

    Toyohibiki had perfect tachi-ai yesterday and follow-up against Shimotori but today his pushing was off. Good tachi-ai but neither hand found its place on Bushuyama's estrogen rich torso and power went 80% to ugly big birds whose name I don't remember and 20% to Bushuyama's female-breasts-male pecs-chest and armpits. Must have felt frustrating. Bushuyama easily handled that 20% of Toyohibiki's pushing power and just yanked him down with good tsukiotoshi.

    Dejima got morozashi and doesn't really lose from that position at least to Shimotori.

    YMY vs Miyabiyama was the first exciting first time meeting today. Migiyotsu grasping at the tachi-ai and then Miya tried to press YMY down, YMY circled in big baby steps and managed to stay more or less face to face with Miya, then did his massive pushes and Miya went out. Pretty nice footwork by YMY although heavy steps in the circling phase. Cool 1st time meeting too.

    Energetic attack from Iwakiyama with tsuppari. Futeno's defended with poker face, got morozashi. Iwa then tried two-handed "I will detach your head" push while being hugged by Futeno. That failed and hidariyotsu stance for Futeno was the result. Some nnngh action where Futeno showed some horse power and took Iwakiyama out. Best bout fron Futeno so far. Good bout in every way too.

    Chiyohakuho has had tremendously good sumo on days 1 and 2 and gave street aggression pushes to Yoshikaze yesterday. Today his sumo was gone and Tenku caught him and yorikiried without much sweat.

    Tamawashi showed off his yotsu power yesterday beating YMY and today he beat genki Shogun with perfect fencing with arms after good low and angle-optimized tachi-ai. He has power and skill to place the thrusts and pushes. Possibly the best bout of his makuuchi career (since genki Shogun is one of the strongest foes he has faced and the dominance of the bout with his own sumo). Tamawashi has tools and who still claim his yotsuzumo is not good are all fools.

    Asasekiryu pushed out Yoshikaze and gave a look.

    Kisenosato was faster out of the blocks and didn't give much room for Aran to pull. One-sided win. Kisenosato has been strong. Still opens up and looks vulnerable so soon probably a horrible morozashi loss where birds laugh and Takasago oyakata's glucose level goes up due to stress related hormone release.

    Nada and Toyonoshima had a sort of an aiyotsu where Nada prevailed. Toyonoshima was staggering again in weird stances..

    Kakuryu went for morozashi against Baruto was his right hand was tangled somewhere and Baruto's twisted him out with power. Kakuryu has been lacklustre or/and helpless on 2 days now after screwing up the bout on shonichi. Yesterday was squeezed to ai ai ai-zone by U and today didin't get any real sumo going on against Baruto.

    Harumafuji's pushes are so good and aimed from such a good angle. He did that against Tamanoshima and then dived into morozashi/inside+mae grip and pushed Tama out. Great stuff.

    Kotooshu attacked from below against Takekaze and looked tactically and technically smart.

    O3 killed Taikai's pushes, closed in and walked him out. First win as komusubi. His goal before the basho was double digit wins which is much nicer than that "kachi koshi..."

    Kotomitsuki had beautiful tachi-ai taking Tenho back and getting morozashi. Yet he managed to lose when Tenho twisted. Ozeki should never lose this way. Utter failure. Two bad losses like that but he does generate from his muscles well.

    Goeido does real thinking man's sumo. Slight approach from hitting with right shoulder which diables U from getting into hidariyotsu, then keeping the package tight and not giving U any opening. When U tried to grab Goeido's arm, he just lunged forward bumping U out. 3-0 and all wins against ozeki.

    Aminishiki's tachi-ai was silent and sharp, Beat Shoryu totally in that, Shoryu went for tsukiotoshi or katasukashi and Ami used that more to get even more momentum and just bounced Shoryu out. Very good sumo.

    Homasho had good footwork and was going forward too when Hakuho pulled and stayed on the edge while Homasho went flat on his face and off the dohyo. I hope Homasho doesn't have any bigger problem with his left elbow with the wrapping and all. If there is an injury, the landing today didn't give any positive sensations to that I bet.

    Some good sumo today and refreshing first time meetings.

  21. Shoryu went for a quite dumb tsuriotoshi which came back to haunt him as Kakuryu landed,

    you know, if that had come off, Kakuryu would have been haunted for a long time by it, just like when Asa did it all those years ago to Kotomitsuki...after dumping mickey in the middle of the ring like a schoolboy his confidence was shot for years against Asashoryu who has racked up an extremely one sided record against him.

    If his tsuriotoshi had failed that day we would have said it was stupid, I guess its only stupid it you can't pull it off...its genius if you do....Asashoryu of 5 years ago would have nailed that throw and Kakaryu would be a once bitten twice shy for a very long time..

    I can't remember even one makuuchi bout where that tsuriotoshi would have worked actually in such even position. Both had migiyotsu and it was face to face. Shoryu's tsuriotoshis against Kotomitsuki or Hokutoriki were just showing off from totally dominant position. There is no comparison between those and this tsuriotoshi move. It is comparable to badly timed throwing attempts where it only gives the foe a chance to get the momentum and so.

    But I agree totally that if Shoryu had pulled it off, it would have been quite a blow to Kakuryu's confidence. You just can NOT lose by tsuriotoshi from such frontal position.

    It is still a mystery for me why those show-off tsuriotoshi are so highly valued anyway and I mean the ones from 100-0 position where there is no doubt of the outcome of the bout. It is like escorting someone to the edge from behind in full okuridashi position and then deciding to trip the loser on the tawara while giving a big push causing the loser to fall face first off the dohyo.

  22. Tosayutaka looked good against Kimurayama who did his pushing attack without inashi or avoidance of any kind.

    Kokkai got into hidariyotsu first and outpowered Bushuyama.

    Kakizoe did 5 matta before tachi-ai worked. Hokutoriki's two-handed push looked good but then Kakizoe just slipped away and Hoku fell down.

    Shotenro was caught in yotsu immediately and Tochinoshin just pivoted him around and out with left hand shitate grip.

    Takamisakari had no problems getting left hand outside and easily dominated Dejima after that.

    Miyabiyama says he has become weak and can't compete with power anymore. No repromotion to ozeki. Nice slap fest with more powerful Toyohibiki before Miyabayama sort of collapses while Hibiki pulls a bit.

    Futeno isn't really that good anymore.

    YMY has grown big. Gout he has, power he has, pimples he has, hunger too but nowife. He squats a bit to the left side so possibly gout hampers the right side especially since no knee braces. Or the heal injury is the problem. Bit shaky stuff but doesn't really lose the balance with Tenku and pummels him out after some delecate moments. Good start. Insufficient preparation for the basho.

    Tamawashi has incredible surges of forward power at times. He just blows his foes away like nothing when that momentum is there. He tried such against Iwakiyama and it did look beefy. Iwakiyama defended though with an extra lean back stance. Then a little slip and pat and Tamawashi ate dirt.

    Great Chiyohakuho's sumo with strong yotsu. Myth is that Chiyohakuho is bad at yotsu. Good win over Asasekiryu. Chiyohakuho works dynamically from right hand outside stance.

    Uuuu..Yoshikaze started with a cool inside attack from below, then went for katasukashi which backfired and Shogun got into attack mode. Shogun gave a look after win and radiated fire from his round belly where visceral fat does damage.

    Aran was 0-3 against Nada before the bout. Nada got left hand inside but Ran kept him at bay. Then a neat move changing his left hand to do some armpit sweat testing and this kept Nada even higher. A slip of a kind occurred and Aran got to side, had left hand outside for a monet while Nada was going forward. Nice first win over Nada. Compact body.

    Kisenosato got right hand outside and the tachi-ai was strong. Toyonoshima did his classic shitate move which is actually very strong and from nice angle. Kise defended and bulldozed him back where again Toyo held on while Kise kind of threw him back to center. Toyonoshima fled back against Kise, pivoted and once again tried to hang on but too much was too much and after a great duel, Toyonoshima succumed to Kise's final pushes. Excellen bout.

    Tamanoshima beat Baruto but didn't see the bout.

    Diabetic Chiyotaikai still generated power well enough to defeat one of the easiest foes for him, Tenho, quite perfect sumo and everything went like a dream for Taikai. Upright Tenho and perfect target practice. No idea yet what Taikai's power level is and whether he can truly compete in this basho as well as needed.

    Takekaze isn't the least dangerous foe to Mickey (beat him twice this year already). Businesslike routine bout from Koto and no worrysome signs. Looks genki. When Koto looks genki, it is good for the world.

    Good enough keiko before the basho for U. Today hit + pull. Easy win and usual head shake after hatakikomi move.

    Nice display of offence and defence. Harumafuji did his fast tachi-ai and attacked with vigour. Homasho did his own sumo fully with solid defence and good power. Harumafuji's tottari move disintegrated Homasho's stance and then had the flow better finally pushing him out. Good bout and both look genki.

    Quite unconventional bout. Goeido got left hand outside at the tachi-ai, tehn lost it but had a kind of a kime-hold but from very low stance, just turned around and around dragging Osh around and down. Quite neat win and nice way to debut at sekiwake.

    Some great action also in Shoryu-Kakuryu bout. Migiyotsu where not much difference in strength. Shoryu went for a quite dumb tsuriotoshi which came back to haunt him as Kakuryu landed, got the better grip, forced Shoryu to the edge where Shoryu came back from a very difficult situation with a classic throw. Kotenage with a dose of kakenage. Brilliant. Shoryu had hi right hand useless even before getting it more into play and Kakuryu had very dominant position. Kakuryu should have won this though no matter how brilliant Shoryu's throw was. By just squeezing Shoryu calmly would have done it but who can expect in a flow that foe can really still come back like that.

    Now Mr Dohyo Arrogance and sekinin-mantra. He beat O3 the same way he beats him at keiko. Immediate left hand outside not giving similar one to O3.

  23. After Haru basho 2009 Tochiouzan:

    8-7 at M2 took him to komusubi where he will debut at Natsu basho. The fundamental strengths are intact. Beating Kotooshu and Harumafuji with good tachi-ai morozashi surge and stopping Taikai as well gave him 3 good wins against an ozeki. He had a good outing on day 1 against Kotomitsuki too but MIckey broke his left hand outside grip and against KaioU he fell down after tachi-ai. Yokozuna bouts were inefficient as Shoryu took morozashi immediately and Hakuho got into his form too.

    The biggest improvement appears to be as simple as increased power level. He is rather predictable rikishi with well-known strength of constant pressure, morozashi, migiyotsu drives and good attacking skills. His weaknesses in defense are improving as was seen is bouts with MIyabiyama, Kotoshogiku, Aminishiki and Kisenosato. When he is forced into calmer yotsu, he can nowadays generate more power and be more competitive even at high maegashira.

    Against Goeido he had a bout where Goeido got a firm right hand inside grip and with that he pivoted and floated Tochiouzan around and out. Goeido makes his sekiwake debut in Natsu basho and deserves the place above O3 now.

    Before Natsu basho he has done keiko with Asashoryu, Baruto and others. Evidently his shisho also demands a lot from him. While he is nowhere near to be a real ozeki candidate in the future, if his power level development continues, he will be quite competitive at sanyaku already. The more he can also handle more static yotsu with sanyaku level rikishi, the more he becomes a threat to any rikishi. He doesn't have that much problems defending against an oshi attack.

    Hopefully his injury problems stay in the background now and lower back + shoulder holds well his first steps at sanyaku and hopefully those first steps are strong enough at tachi-ai in Natsu basho. Komusubi debut gives him a yokozuna foe on shonichi at least.