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  1. Some observations:

    Kotoshogiku looked very powerful and thick today against Tochinoshin. Thick is a way that he looks like a rikishi with all possible organs thick from toe to eye fat. Tochinoshin got his left hand outside but Kotoshogiku broke the grip and then simply outpowered Tochinoshin. He may or may not be ozeki material but he is for sure stronger physically than year ago. He was tarzan in his early sandanme/makushita days and nowadays a muscular hippo.

    Kisenosato managed to get in a bad bout on day 2 but looked sharp and also showed a lot of horse power in his moves. Goeido didn't have his best day but very one-sided win.

    Okinoumi is dangerous with left hand inside but wasn't able to beat Wakanosato with that today. Still Okinoumi is also a rikishi with elevated strength level as was well witnessed in his day 2 burly win against right hand outside Kaisei.

    Contrary to what the Man wrote on another thread, Kotooshu didn't have much to do with Tosayutaka's injury. Tosayutaka tried his trademark on the edge bending action and his leg got straightened and twisted. Looked more like hamstring injury based on the replay but I suppose knee it is then. Kotooshu did slam him but Tosayutaka's put himself there with his own respectable to the bitter end-fight.

    Harumafuji looks flawless, just beautiful control in small details. Confident and sharp, if things stay like this, he will beat everyone.

    Tokitenku vs Aran was a good one too, Aran doing his usual moves with tsuri, pivots and overall migiyotsu power play while Tenku has his ability to withstand quite a lot of power in that position and then has his perfect timing for one of the best uchigake of the year. Brilliant.

    Tochinowaka looks like a absent-minded and a bit soft giant who can generate but who looks as if he was always a bit of a sloth. Still 3-0. He needs some more sharpness and more sushi.

    It must feel good to beat Gagamaru since Gagamaru always comes forward and throws around his stomach and all, he is a simple rikishi and you know what you get. Homasho used his typical leaning posture and tenacity, got a grip and had a good power win.

    Plenty of good sumo so far it seems.

  2. Okinoumi is powerful, has good height (190cm), evidently does good keiko and is now healthier. He had lower back problems and shoulder problems. He has beefed up quite a lot in the last year or so (definitely over 150kg clearly now) and resembles Tokusegawa in many ways. He can generate a lot of power which has been shown well this basho also in bouts he lost (like the one against Baruto) and also has good sumo senses and skills. Ex-Chiyotaikai commented today he looks forward to seeing how strong he will become eventually. He has all the ingredients at least and is only 25 years old. He doesn't have striking weaknesses as far as I can see. Room for refinement and further development for sure.

  3. He doesn't mention any names of any new people who've done yaocho, but he does single out Kisenosato as one of the small number of "serious" rikishi that don't engage in yaocho (and he's the only one to defeat Hakuho in five basho...hrmm...)

    Kisenosato's name has come up before in fleeting yaocho topics like the weird one about Asashoryu and yaocho back in the days and always as an example of a rikishi who does not engage in such. I doubt Wakanoho had some kind of extra warm relations with Kisenosato and wouldn't have any motivation to single him out in a positive light without a reason. In any case, whatever the scope of yaocho is in professional sumo, whatever the cultural way of Japan may be (yaocho is embedded in the culture etc), these "lone" warriors who go their own way not succumbing to a "dirty" system (even if it was not considered dirty in the actual society itself) are the real pearls in my opinion. Kisenosato is my number one favourite rikishi so the naturally the more than 50-50 chance that he actually represents the ideal way (in my world) is comforting.

    In general, regardless of who may be clean or not, the type of rikishi who would stick to going for a win in every single bout is the ideal rikishi in my world. If the system is riddled with yaocho and yaocho is considered quite normal and yet a rikishi X never changes his way always going for a win, he gets my full respect. Damn statue should be erected for individuals like that. In my sumo world senpais are respected by trying to rip their hearts out sumowise whenever meeting them on the dohyo, no matter what situation, all bouts are approached with only a single thought "This is the only moment that matters, this very bout, this very sumo bout, there is no yesterday, tomorrow or 2018, only a chance to go all out regardless of anything". If only the world of sumo, Japan and individual minds were as simple as that.

  4. Big salt, big character, big man. Nowadays Nishikido-oyakata winning his maegashira yusho in Nagoya 1992 as M1. Some of his bouts are shown in that clip including less obese Musashimaru, Takanonami, Wakanohana, Takatoriki, Kotonishiki. Also some dynamic Terao sumo against Musashimaru.

    And found this one too, utchari-party and 3 torinaoshi.

  5. Tosanoumi was Tosanoumi.

    He had thinnest calves in relation to size and thighs.

    His grunting was loudest in makuuchi.

    His bouts against Musoyama were often very intense and true bison style bing bangs repeatedly,

    His stumbling became a bit tragicomic at one point.

    He often took direct eye contact right after the moment his foe stepped out, lifted his head and looked straight into the eyes of his foe in rather unique way.

    He almost always rejected the helping hand of his foe when down on the dohyo or off the dohyo by forming an international stop-gesture with his palm facing toward the foe, sometimes combined that with particular lip rounding move.

    He had one of the oddest losses against Musoyama where Musoyama had just given up on the edge when Tosa turned the nnnnghhh into a throw/pivoting move enabling Musoyama to continue to his (Musoyama's great surprise) and Muso ended up winning after that. It was a really funny moment in life. Naturally he just didn't see Musoyama just gave up 0.2 seconds before his unnecessary pivot.

    He had strong left hand outside grip which he used to launch some spectacular throws.

  6. It is odd rikishi stop updating without any notice. After all there are many readers/fans who like those. Especially rikishi who have no major disasters like Kotoshogiku who just vanished. Strange.

    Futeno on the other hand is obviously annihilated. Illness, gambling whatever stuff must have happened. He even was the main blogger in makuuchi and his blog was known well. Then, nothing all of a sudden. No explanation, not even a laconic comment like "This blog won't be updated anymore", just silence.

    I believe Futeno has some non-healing debilitating injury which destroyed him. Nobody gets that weak considering his former horse power.

  7. I must say I am surprised by Tochiozan's performance this basho - it's his sekiwake debut after all and he's already 7-2. I wonder if it's more about him becoming a more mature rikishi, or is it that up to this point he simply met rivals who are not really in shape this basho (maybe except Kakuryu).

    His sumo style is based on power and since his power level is going up little by little, his sumo gets stronger too. He has skillful technique but quite simple too. Reports from keiko indicate he is strong enough now to also do well in basic yotsu against strong foes, something that was not the case when his power level was less. Maturity sure but most important is the step by step power increase.

    As he goes forward mostly, the comments by some of his keiko opponents that "he has gotten stronger" is easily understood as that strength is felt immediately by the opponents. Not really surprising he is doing this well.

  8. Ms14w Ikioi (4-1) oshidashi Ms17w Kyokushuho (3-2)

    Ikioi the "great frame talent" is going strong getting his best ever 3 basho streak in makushita since his makushita debut in May 2006!

    And he got kachi koshi already at his career high rank. 191cm/131kg lazy looking talent may well become a sekitori soon or fade back into mid makushita. He is still only 23 years old. And he did this by beating another talent who has not been advancing as well as predicted by many. Both there rikishi have what many Japanese rikishi in particular lack: height and reach in a slender package. Way too many tall Japanese rikishi are big fat men who have no real substance in their sumo nor good athletism.

  9. J1w Toyonoshima (2-0) hatakikomi M16w Tosanoumi (1-1)

    M15e Gagamaru (2-0) oshidashi M17e Toyozakura (0-2)

    M16e Kyokunankai (1-1) okuridashi M15w Kakizoe (0-2)

    M13e Kasugao (2-0) yorikiri M14w Tamawashi (0-2)

    M13w Sokokurai (1-1) uwatenage M14e Tochinonada (1-1)

    M12w Takekaze (2-0) hikiotoshi M11e Kotokasuga (0-2)

    M11w Yoshikaze (2-0) sukuinage M12e Koryu (0-2)

    M9e Kimurayama (2-0) sukuinage M10w Shimotori (1-1)

    M10e Hokutoriki (1-1) hikiotoshi M9w Bushuyama (0-2)

    M8e Kokkai (2-0) hatakikomi M7e Kitataiki (1-1)

    M6w Asasekiryu (1-1) yoritaoshi M7w Tosayutaka (0-2)

    M5e Takamisakari (2-0) tsukiotoshi M6e Mokonami (0-2)

    M4w Aminishiki (1-1) oshitaoshi M5w Hakuba (1-1)

    M2w Tochinoshin (2-0) yorikiri M4e Tokusegawa (1-1)

    M3e Kotoshogiku (2-0) yorikiri S1e Aran (0-2)

    S1w Tochiozan (1-1) oshidashi M3w Kyokutenho (0-2)

    O1e Harumafuji (2-0) susotori M2e Homasho (0-2)

    O2w Kaio (2-0) yorikiri M1w Wakanosato (0-2)

    K1e Kisenosato (1-1) oshidashi O2e Baruto (1-1)

    O1w Kotooshu (2-0) yorikiri K1w Kakuryu (0-2)

    Y1e Hakuho (2-0) hatakikomi M1e Tokitenku (0-2)

    No sumou. Were there many good moments on the dohyo, enticing mobility, outstanding efforts and sharp killer moves?

    Did Kasugao exhibit as tremendous power sumo as on day 1?

    Did Sokokurai beat Nada with right hand outside uwatenage and underline Nada's decline?

    Was Asasekiryu vs Tosa a solid yotsu where Tosa tried utchari and was crushed?

    Was Takamisakari's tsukiotoshi offensive in nature?

    Was it as evident as is the image of Shogun vs Aran meaning stomach driven continuos drive by Shogun or morozashi?

    Was O3 now strong from the start as opposed to weak day 1?

    Was the susotori a reaction to movement or planned attack from calmer situation?

    Did Kisenosato own Baruto?

    Didn't Kakuryu cause Kotooshu problems with his eloquent movements?

    Was Hakuho tightening his lips arrogantly when standing up from the kensho receiving squat?

    Well, it is Aki basho.

  10. Okushima sleeping most of soken was quite tragicomic considering his status in this reform thing. Arrogant and impolite to greatest degree.

    Then again I doubt rikishi put much effort in soken this time either. No news about such dynamic soken stuff at least.

    Odd world.

  11. 1990 Nagoya basho bout against Daishoyama resulting in violent slapfest and suborbital fracture. Takatoriki was at J1 back then.

    Takatoriki vs Akebono bouts, some of them. Takatoriki had some great ones against Akebono. Life was life back then in the 1990s for Takatoriki and Akebono. Still is.

    Takatoriki's yusho at M14 in Haru 2000. Good clip, interesting stuff and his own thoughts.

  12. that is so funny since every rikishi I know is emailing me every day from tiny keitai keypad which even I have trouble with....

    what I wonder is how good those ipads will be since many heya don't even have internet connection for rikishi to use. At Dewanoumi for example one rikishi has a mobile internet key which he lends to everybody else to use. (doesn't cost him extra because it is a flat fee about 6,000 a month) they should make sure every heya has wireless internet access..... that and that one ipad will work so well in a heya like Kitanoumi with a gazillion rikishi, they can rotate using it once a year.. ha ha!

    6000 yen a month? Not very cheap there in Japan unless the connection is very fast then.


  13. Thank you for all the donations. I have contacted each donator personally and informed about the success of the money transfer so hopefully there are no members who have made a donation via Paypal or international bank transfer and have not heard from me after the donation.

    12 donations altogether and pretty much 1 year sumoforum fees covered with the total sum.


  14. Nichonage by Takekaze on day 12 was very impressive. Tokusegawa was squashed but the sad part was Takekaze's knee hitting down first and no dead body rule or any other loophole in such events. Still, such an effort and massive throw getting unrewarded is a bit sad I think. Tokusegawa probably has never won by getting so totally thrown onto his back. Damn that was a cool throw though. This was even better than the one Miyabiyama did against Takanohana and injuring his shoulder in the process (rematch was ordered and Taka won that). Takekaze wasn't sad on day 13 when performing another cool technique susoharai against Tamaasuka whose current taping brings to mind surgery wound hernia patient that had over 30cm hernia in her stomach so that one could press with one's hand all the way to the spine as her vertical midline incision sutures at the fascia were ruptured and the whole stomach opened up underneath the skin and one could nicely feel the bowels and spine even without the abds or fascia on the way. When holding breath and generating tension, she looked to be pregnant with big twins on 38th week since the abdominal contents bulged out of the abdominal cavity. Tamaasuka's taping just brings that to mind.

    Aran makes me sad. He is very strong and also has skill (not that getting morozashi against Kisenosato is necessary so difficult...frustrated fan's comment dake) but he does those henka moves and pulling fests still a lot. I am sure he can't help it as it comes automatically at times but he should definitely be a rikishi who actually does according to that boring mantra of "I want to do forward going sumo" when ganbarimasu and ichiban ichiban or jibun no sumo kind of prerecorded mantras are used. Nobody wants to see strong rikishi doing such moves. Of course the fact that he is good at henka and pulldowns make his foes worry about those and makes it more likely that they are more cautious and hence Aran gets advantage getting into good positions and winning tachi-ais.

    Aminishiki's knee injury and withdrawal is sad. He really is a positive asset with his beautiful and dynamic sumo.

    The saddest fact that Kisenosato is showing more and more than despite being fast and very strong, he will probably never get rid of his shortcomings which simply prevent him from getting higher.

  15. And after lot of problems and lack of decent response from Paypal, I have finally managed to get back there so Paypal is also an option now and should be the best option for people outside EU (where IBAN bank transfers should be free of charge and the easiest way).

    I will contact people privately about this. I am not collecting more money than the annual fee is so since more volunteers have now written to me, the expense p er person will be quite small.

  16. Good bout between Kisenosato and Baruto. Kisenosato seems to be losing his good bouts now with small margin. Interesting approach by Baruto not wanting to get the mawashi even, just kept pushing before some yotsu and again separation. Dynamic bout with good solid sumo by both. Underlining again the small margins Kisenosato loses with when not getting totally beaten at the tachi-ai. Anyways, this is the kind of sumo that is all out sumo.

    Kitataiki goes against yokozuna tomorrow with 3 bout winning streak. Nifty move after Hakuba turned him around, pivoted fast and outpowered Hakuba.

    Aran and Tochinoshin had a classic migiyotsu duel which is both rikishi's best sumo. Aran had more power today and threw Tochinoshin down with a beautiful power uwatenage when Tochinoshin was attacking. 7-4 and sanyaku beckons. Tochinoshin goes 3-8 and loses his sanyaku spot.

    Tenho and Shimotori also had migiyotsu and this bout highlighted the difference of class as Tenho is a class higher that Shimotori and showed that by not having much problems despite Shimotori's favourite sumo.

    O3 was able to handle Aminishiki's early trickery before launching his drive getting his 6th win and getting read for sanyaku return.

    Sometimes it would be nice to get some insight why rikishi do odd things at times. Yoshikaze is in bad form and Asasekiryu has had his 2 wins in a row now and then goes for henka losing like an idiot. Oh well, such is life.

    Tokitenku was impatient and stood up twice while Kotooshu just stayed in crouched position waiting for the ultimate syncronization of breathing, thoughts about Rijicho's blood pressire burnout and eye contact with Tokitenku. Tokitenku then crouched down fast and tachi-ai was speedy, Kotooshu was late and was pulled down. Curses in Bulgarian (or Japanese..who knows whether he thinks in Japanese on the dohyo) for sure in his mind.

    Shogun now makekoshi after an expected loss to Hakuho.

    Sanyaku spots are opening up. Only Kisenosato probably stay at sanyaku.

  17. He can barely use the left arm. It was even said an operation would be an option but KaioU says no as there is not enough time before Aki basho. Evidently a bad enough muscle tear at the shoulder area. That silly "2 weeks to total recovery" statement is there as usual but naturally 2 months is closer to truth and if it is bad rotator cuff tear, the arm will be quite weak for a long time and given the earlier injuries, it certainly doesn't look promising when it comes to Aki basho and career continuation. "Somehow I want to make it to Aki basho" says KaioU and doesn't seem that convinced himself.

  18. Credit goes to Aran for being able to beat strong opponents 2 days in a row by getting morozashi. First he used Kisenosato's weakness on day 9 and today he totally extinguished lacklustre Shogun by easily getting morozashi and having quite an easy day at the office. Good stuff now after lot of slapdown sumo on early part of the basho. 6-4 at M2 is very good. Kotoshogiku looks oddly erratic and hasn't been able to produce much in his last 3 bouts. He is bound to lose sekiwake rank and probably also sanyaku.

    Good call that rematch in Shimo-Tamawashi.

    Mokonami vs Tokusegawa was great power bout where you could sense the horse power. Tokusegawa's finishing move was well timed while Mokonami centre of balance was more on the right side due to leg position. Tokusegawa's sumo is solid an quite clean. Good human rikishi. 6-4 at M7 is good. Mokonami has lost 4 out of his 5 last bouts but isn't weak. Mongolians often have that extra something that is hard to specify.

    Asasekiryu's win over Tochinoshin was awesome. Blocked Tochinoshin's right hand inside use by learning with his head while having a strong grip, got even better grip step by step during advance attempts and finally had Tochinoshin in impossible squeeze and escorted him out with the help of some kirikaeshi aid. Tochinoshin had nothing to work on in this bout from the start. Tochinoshin most likely gets demoted from sanyaku too with his 3-7

    Oh how much that little difference does! Perfect example of Kisenosato today too, he was very close to losing feebly by morozashi but had just enough movement today blocking Hakuho from getting that, then he was very strong. In this kind of sumo Kisenosato is hard to beat and he was able to give Hakuho lot of powerful pushes. The robustness of Kise shows well here, yet at the end Hakuho did launch a great kakenage but it was a good bout and great finish. It would have 3 second morozashi bout if Hakuho got just an inch closer at the start when Kise opened up too much again.

    Homasho handled Gagamaru without problems and Gagamaru's tachi-ai was slow today.

  19. Once again a bad loss to Kisenosato, the mistake that is often his downfall came onto surface again. Kotooshu already got into deep morozashi without problems against him and now after tentative tachi-ai, he attacked with harite so that Aran reached deep into morozashi and Kise had nowhere to go with his upright position. This is the major flaw of his, the package opens.

    Tochinoshin had a great win over Kotooshu last basho in migiyotsu but now perhaps irritated by Kotooshu's stalling at the tachi-ai, he went for a fast shift aside reaching for the belt, this was already too slick move to Osh who was able to turn but was hopelessly upright and had no chance.

    Kitataiki is better than people think. Strong rikishi, late bloomer. 3-6 but he does powerful sumo. Today he beat Kotoshogiku in hidariyotsu although have to say Shogun did screw up the bout with his own move a bit but nevertheless, Kitataiki's hidariyotsu is strong.

    Aminishiki has been sharp this basho and is in the midst of a 3 bout winning streak outclassing Tokusegawa today. Tokusegawa did his own sumo well and shouldn't have regrets. Aminishiki was just too good today.

    Today's bout is a nice exhibition of why Hakuho is so insanely good. Naturally he has power a lot and is very stable balance-wise but he is as good as Takanohana was in dominating the grip duels and gaining superior position. Especially impressive is his ability to basically always correct an inferior position. Kakuryu's sumo was absolutely brilliant today. Twice he was establishing a superior posture and even morozashi was well set at one point but Hakuho's skill, speed and yotsu magic is so immaculate in these situations that he always comes back. His right hand use in breaking grips and changing grips is unchallenged. It is easy to understand why he is so difficult to beat. He has no weaknesses and his power level is very high, balance and dohyo sense too, the suppleness and flexibility of his body combined with his incredible grip change technique is almost unbeatable package.

    Kakuryu is also showing his best this basho and has plenty of tools.

    Takekaze was quite pissed at Kimurayama due to that tachi-ai shift thingie.

    Homasho was superb, took maemitsu, pumped his legs while pushing Mokonami out with power. 9-0 is well deserved.

  20. Very nice sumo bout between Tokushinho and Kaisei in juryo. Long bout in yotsu but without standing around. Both rikishi used all their power in that bout with at least 20-25 seconds of maximum contractions of various muscles. Quite classic chikara-kurabe sumo but two big rikishi. That was good.

    Hokutoriki could be a good yakuza enforcer with his explosive and mean look. He has done his own sumo for 2 opening days blasting both Tamaasuka and Shotenro out easily. He is one rikishi whose powerful sumo is awesome and the kind one can truly appreciate as he often wins with a lot of horse power (when he goes forward that is). The kind of "I will detach your head!"-oozumo all out attack. Naturally the problem is his weak bouts and pulldowns which are more than common. Sokokurai with his earnest training is a good example of how to build oneself as an athlete from the basics. 1-1 start and within good striking distance to makuuchi promotion at J3.

    Sokokurai tried to get advantage for the tachi-ai by stalling but Hokutoriki continued his rampage and pushed Sokokurai out without worries. Hokutoriki's sumo has been just like he probably wants it to be every day. 3-0. Sokokurai had no answer today.

    Kimurayama had a beefy bout with Bushuyama yesterday. Heavy inashi-expert has tough stablemates to train with and both are better than ever. He also turns 29 today so good time to start winning. Tamaasuka had Tamakasuga as training partner for some time and Kimurayama has a lot of similarities with Tamakasuga so quite familiar feeling it should be to play with Kimu.

    Tamaasuka looked like he was at home by defending well against Tamakasuga-substitute but Kimurayama's superb inashi worked like charm he may or may not have in the eyes of female sumo fans. Tamaasuka was able to sudue the thrusts but since Kimu has that big man's inashi, it is not easy. Kimurayama now 1-2 and some cake deserved.

    Homasho started off with 2-0 after 0-7 and withdrawal from Natsu basho due to neck sprain. Yesterday he outpowered Takamisakari well, Shotenro is struggling with 0-2 with rather weak sumo so far. Shotenro loaded everything in the first 6 seconds or so blasting Homasho with all his might and aggression. Homasho stood his ground (well went backwards though but never in real danger yet), took a grip, changed it to morozashi and extended his winning streak to 3.

    Aomori-bout between Takamisakari and Bushuyama is always fired up. Aomori rikishi tend to be even extra fired up against Takamisakari and Bushuyama is 2-0 against him in their bouts in the last year. Takamisakari beat Takekaze with very sharp sumo on day 1 but lost one-sidedly to strong Homasho yesterday while Bushuyama had one of the best bouts of day 2 against Kimurayama enduring well and finally getting his go to-weapon right hand outside grip to win by yorikiri. This bout should be dynamic and yotsu for sure.

    No yotsu...Bushuyama wanted to keep Sakke away and they exchanges pushes while moving around the dohyo, Sakke was robust and didn't budge at all winning with oshidashi after some 10 seconds or so of pushing.

    Takekaze was able to do his pushing style more than Tamawashi his. Hence the former's win.

    Kokkai has been grabbing the mawashi efficiently throwing down Gagamaru on day 1 and powering out Tamawashi on day 2. Maybe the promotion by Gagamaru is another motivational increment to him. No flaws so far in this basho while Tosayutaka couldn't launch much attack against Mokonami on day 1 and was hit well by Gagamaru on day 2 but moved well enough to let Gagamaru fall. This should be a good bout.

    Kokkai went into his bullfighting mode but combined that with some 5-6 big slaps, one looked like a real boxing slap. Tosayutaka couldn't get close although didn't have that much problems with the slaps. Kokkai then slapped him down with two hands on the neck and tapped Tosayutaka on the diaphgram when he stood up. Maybe the slaps did contribute though and that was the reason he was able to slap down Tosayutaka. It was a good slapdown. Kokkai 3-0 with mixed sumo style so far so looking good and beard undoubtedly grows.

    Mokonami "the mini-Hakuho" as he was described by someone 2-3 years ago has done keiko a lot with the real Hakuho and has started off strongly especially on day 1 against Tosayutaka. Mokonami had a bad back for a long time but appears to have recovered from it or learned to live with it. Gagamaru's makuuchi debut hasn't been that bad despite 0-2 start. Already good impact on day 2, Tosayutaka was just too fast.

    Oh well, Gagamaru did absolutely perfect sumo. Rarely has first makuuchi win been so overwhelming and so much in accordance to one's best sumo style. Gagamaru hit Mokonami straight on and the tachi-ai looked FAST! 1-2 now and Mokonami 2-1.

    Shimotori prevailed over Tokusegawa yesterday in a text book migiyotsu which is the best stance for both rikishi. 2-0 start is good while Yoshikaze is on the blue sky and horrible on days 1 and 2. Yoshikaze came back with some sumo today pivoting around and while Shimotori had left hand outside grip, it was above Yoshikaze's shoulder and more enabled Yoshikaze to turn him around and out.

    Kakizoe had good package elbows tight pushing Tokusegawa back but at the edge the Mongolian pivoted skillfully and Kakizoe fell down.

    Kakuryu at M6 smells like double digit kachi koshi. Businesslike and technically sound wins over Wakanosato and Tokitenku on opening days, Kitataiki has a big hurdle to cross if he intends to gain his 1st win of the basho against Kakuryu although he did do well in Natsu basho against tough foes. If he gets right hand outside grip and is able to maintain that, he has a good chance.

    Arm fencing thing was all Kakuryu, 3-0.

    Wakanosato can still do that airy sukuinage like yesterday against Kitataiki but is no longer as strong as he was and is not really able to do such sumo against sanyaku opponents.

    Soon after tachi-ai, migiyotsu where not that much action, rapid grip change and a short span hidariyotsu before migiyotsu again. Tokitenku was the one having also outside grip on the belt and used that to oust Wakanosato.

    Hakuba has looked helpless against Baruto and Kotooshu as both caught him and he has no chance then. Aminishiki is a different kind of foe but Hakuba is doomed if he doesn't manage to pull Aminishiki sideways. Aminishiki was at the receiving end of Kisenosato's charge on day 1 but killed Shogun's sumo on day 2 totally. He looks nicely genki this basho too.

    The kind of move Hakuba did at the tachi-ai backing up to one side rarely works against Aminishiki who just kept Hakuba in his view and charged him out easily. Hakuba hasn't been able to challenge anyone in his first 3 bouts at all.

    Big bout is between Kisenosato and Tochinoshin. Kisenosato has done very forward minded sumo and has used strong nodowa and just going with muscle power. Both Aminishiki and Kyokutenho did what they could but couldn't handle Kisenosato's power at the end. Tochinoshin is genki but has had difficult start with Hakuho on day 1 and Harumafuji on day 2. If Tochinoshin gets left hand outside grip, he will win, if Kise gets right hand outside grip, Kise will win. Everything in between favour Kisenosato. In any case a big bout for both as 3-0 and 0-3 starts to both rikishi would be much more significant than 2-1/1-2. As long as there is no henka at the tachi-ai by Tochinoshin.

    Solid sumo by Tochinoshin, Kisenosato opened up with thrusts and his nodowa too, yet was caught upright and Tochinoshin got close and in strong position before Kise could reach for the belt and get into yotsu-form. Good win by Tochinoshin, good tachi-ai and good follow-up when Kise's push gave him an opening. So 2-1/1-2 now.

    Harumafuji had initial problems with genki Tenho but settled in migiyotsu, couldn't drive Tenho back and after really sharp sumo by Tenho, Harumafuji was lifted up and carried/pushed backwards where he stepped out before Tenho went down. Tenho is 2-1 after beating Shogun and Harumafuji + giving Kisenosato a good bout despite losing. Surprisingly genki veteran. Harumafuji is getting another mediocre basho it seems.

    Tochiozan is genuinely gaining power little by little. Hakuho's comment before last basho "if he can hit just a bit harder, it will be interesting" sums it up. He hit hard on day 1 and humiliated Harumafuji without giving him much chance and on day 2 he was caught by Hakuho. In general his Natsu basho was also quite strong despite 7-8 record. He lost by isamiashi to Kotooshu and was close to beat Baruto. He isn't taking big steps but truly building his power with small steps. Against Baruto he needs morozashi but that is not at all impossible task. Baruto himself was fooled by Aran's nifty move to aside.

    O3 had powerful tachi-ai and got inside, drove Baruto back, reacted to Baruto's yank/pivot throw, continued the pressure and beat Baruto in great fashion. Perfect sumo and as perfect O3-sumo as it gets. 2-1 with 2 ozeki scalps. No more ozeki promotion hangover for Baruto but 1-2 already.

    Kotoshogiku has been stopped by Tenho and Aminishiki now. He hasn't had any opening to do his own sumo. Bad start. U hit and pulled Aran, got hidariyotsu against Asasekiryu and has a good start with 2-0. This is a bout Kotoshogiku should get into his form unless U pulls after the tachi-ai hit and wins by hatakikomi.

    Shogun did a shift at the tachi-ai impact and got U sideways more, then launched his usual attack and drove the 3rd ozeki of the day to bad defeat.

    Kotooshu looks genki, he had his easy revenge against Hakuba and managed to squeeze a difficult foe Asasekiryu enough to block yet another big throw/trip by Asa. Aran's amazing weight gain must have brought him more power but he was already big in Haru where 1-4, yet 12-3 in Natsu looked convincing. So far not much on display as one fast loss and one fast win. Against Kotooshu it will be very difficult to avoid Kotooshu from getting left hand outside. If Aran can then challenge him like Tochinoshin did in Natsu basho (and won), then Aran has taken a big step forward. I really hope no shifts to side by Aran today.

    It looked at first as if Aran got morozashi (hard to say) but in a glimpse it was migiyotsu and Kotooshu was simply stronger quite easily powering Aran out.

    All 4 ozeki bouts were clear. 3 ozeki lost without controversy or bad luck, and Kotooshu won with dominance.

  21. More conspiracies!

    An equally relevant question is "Why would Kotooshu lie about it?"

    The journalist says the surgery happened end of May. On June 2 Osh said he's doing keiko everyday.

    Is it possible to have a knee surgery so minor that recovery is less than a week?

    Most likely explanation is that the knee just had an "attack of meniscus problem" and it went away without the need for surgery. You can see those attacks a lot in Aminishiki who limps after some bouts when extra pressure on the knee while I have never seen Kotooshu limp on the honbasho dohyo. Resection or reattachment of the torn part of the meniscus can be done and is not that big operation arthroscopically but certainly not something one recovers in a week no matter what and Kotooshu actually looks very good on the dohyo now. If I am not mistaken, Kotooshu also has at least partial ACL injury and is able to deal with it as many rikishi tend to do.

    Even with arhroscopic surgery, the joint tends to take it personally when poked with instruments and stuff shaved there.

  22. I suppose it is a good indication of the degree of turmoil in oozumo that this report is not commented in any way. In any other situation such a strange event between an oyakata and sekitori level rikishi would have gotten much more attention. If the report is true and not exaggeration or simply false, it is quite an incident.

    Well good for Daiyubu it didn't escalate into major temporary rage where he would have taken the scissors away and stabbed the oyakata 100 times resulting in big headlines.