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  1. Double Withdrawal Day 7:

    East Maegashira #2 Chiyotairyu (Kokonoe Beya)

    has withdrawn the 7th day of the March Tournament.

    East Maegashira #13 Tochinowaka (Kasugano Beya)

    has withdrawn the 7th day of the March Tournament.

    Chiyotairyu hurt his right ankle against Hakuho, one month estimated for full recovery, returning this basho very unlikely.

    Tochinowaka has evidently an injured back of thigh on the right side and is hence kyujo.

  2. Sternotomy might cause some problems to a rikishi for sure as the healing process to full endurance takes some time. Then again I treat many postoperative patients who have undergone sternotomy usually due to invasive valve operation or bypass operation and even after a week quite heavy pressure applied on it to test the stability and it feels very robust. Postoperative complications like mediastinitis are more likely with obese people like Masunoyama so definitely some risks in operation too.

    It does sound very strange he hasn't been operated though since his occupation is sumo and it definitely seems to limit his exercise tolerance. That means the ASD/VSD is big enough to compromise the circulation. Life is strange at times in the world of sumo. Perhaps it doesn't have any effect in his normal routines but as a rikishi he needs his engine fully operational.

    He is definltely under the care of cardiologist and with very high likelyhood has yearly checks including echo (ultrasound examination). If he was getting dangerous/ complications like abnormal thickening of the ventricles or atrium walls due to the excessive work the heart must do in order to make up for the less oxygen rich blood flowing to muscles, then quite unethical doctor if he hasn't been very strongly adviced to have the operation which usually corrects the situation fully. Then again patient has the final word and nobody can force him to undergo an operation if Masunoyama simply says "not yet".

    I dare to claim a severe collapse or even death is highly unlikely in his case though. He is not a living time bomb there based on the info given on his condition.

    Spent some time at anesthesiologist ward in Japan some 7 years ago and they sure did have very sophisticated operative techniques. It is surprising such wide spread cathether technique in VSD/ASD is so rarely used although if Buckton's theory/comment sheds some light on the matter if it is indeed so.

  3. Sorry, I am not fond of having one thread dedicated to Nagoya basho miscellanous comments so here is a separate post about my impressions.

    Kyokutenho's performance makes his yusho seem so pathetic it is painful to see. Admittedly Tochiozan is having a horrible basho especially after being in great shape prior to basho. Still, Kyokutenho's comments about keiko and degeiko and certain "I am old jijii and don't want to train with yokozuna" stuff is just bad. Shame on other rikishi, system, dohyo demons and everything/everyone that contributed to his yusho which was quality wise the worst yusho I have seen ever when it comes to bout by bout quality. I must say I even wish he will finish 0-15 to underline the point. Still, yes he is in his own way a good sumo ambassador and deserves credit but him winning yusho in Natsu basho was bad bad anomaly. In Nagoya basho he has even been able to do his own sumo in many bouts and yet has lost all of them and not only against yokozuna and ozeki but also rookies like Aoiyama. Fluke yusho is no real yusho in my eyes.

    Baruto has been strong as always but has been totally outsumoed in last 2 bouts by Miyogiryu and then Harumafuji. Both Miyogiryu and Harumafuji has horse power enough to defeat Baruto when they manage to outskill him that way. Especially Miyogiryu's perfect inside attack with compact package not having one inch of room for counter attack was beautiful. It will be interesting to see whether he can beat Kotooshu tomorrow if Kotooshu gets into his own form where he gets his own grip while keeping Baruto's stance upright. May well be 3 losses in a row after tomorrow for Baruto the ex-yokozuna candidate.

    Tochinoshin may be under some foolish house arrest or dsiciplinary actions even now but he does tremendously spirited sumo. In basically all his bouts he has been sharp and tenacious. The bout against Homasho was one of the highlight bouts of the basho and bouts against Aran, Shotenro, Takayasu and especially Yoshikaze were entertaining stuff and one can see how his body exerts all its power in those bouts. Awesome sumo. His lost quite fast to Gagamary but that was largely due to Gagamaru having a dream tachi-ai (the kind he dreams about often, perfect hit where all his fat cells lined up behind the surge generated by his sizeable muscles and I doubt anyone could have stopped him in that bout). Against Takekaze he was a victim of annoying Takekaze henka/inashi. 6-3 is a decent result. Good keiko partners in Tochiozan, Tochinowaka and Aoiyama.

    Hakuho is 9-0 but not convincing. Only today against Goeido he did some of his best stuff but surviving the inashi and explosive migi uwate drive by Goeido by using his sukuinage move and then performing his trademark uwatenage where he pivots 125 degrees while pulling and twisting the foe in rather unique fashion leading with his head and controlling his hips. Classic Hakuho uwatenage. Tomorrow he will be in trouble with Kakuryu and is about to have his first loss.

    Look at Kisenosato vs Aminishiki on day 4 and you will see the combination on surprise factor and ridiculously successful tactics and execution by Aminishiki. From the start, Aminishiki goes low and pushes from best angle, and not just that, he follows that push with 3 more pushes from below before Kisenosato can ever correct his upright stance caused by the first push. Aminishiki isn't that cautious about his own balance but just seizes the opportunity to never let Kisenosato back to normal position. Just watch the bout, it is 100% success from Aminishiki. Kisenosato's second loss agaist Goeido was sloppier but he has the physique to have yokozuna strength, I seriously doubt he'll ever actually reach yokozuna rank but good ozeki he will be for sure as his worst mistakes only come to surface sporadically now. Solid win agaist Kakuryu and a good exhibit how powerful his pushes are. 7-2 and tomorrow a crucial bout agains Tochiozan. Only one question in the bout: Will Kise avoid being morozashied? That is the question that determined the outcome fully.

    Kotoshogiku is doing stable sumo agaist relatively mediocre foes so far, gappuri works and his balance in fine. Only that bizarre loss against Aoiyama where the cause of the kotenage loss is still unknown. Harumafuji is the best rikishi in Nagoya basho so far with 9-0 and dynamite sumo. He looks genki and healthy and looks set for yusho. Naturally a HUGE bout Shogun vs Haru. If Shogun catches Haru without ending up defending agaist morozashi, he will most likely bump Harumafuji away from the dohyo, true nemesis for Harumafuji although last 6 bouts between them is actualy 3-3. If Harumafuji wins tomorrow, he is very close to yusho.

    Kaisei's body is interesting. He must have surprisingly lot of power there since he can absorb attacks so easily. He may have some marshmallow effect ala Miyabiyama of early 2000 or Minatofuji but his attack is strong too. He is very robust when he is not forced to move a lot and has this businesslike strength he uses to oust foes. 8-1 and some convincing sumo.

    Many genki rikishi challenging yokozuna. Harumafuji. Kisenosato, Kotoshogiku for starters and Baruto too. Tochiozan is a huge disappointment and oddest failure is Takayasu's (and to some degree Okinoumi's but he had some injury problems) gloomy record despite having some good sumo there. Masunoyama is a big asset to sumo with his story, lungs, ankles, fighting spirit and growing strength and abiity. Chiyotairyuu's new sumo works and Chiyonokuni looks to be back on track. Sad to see Takamisakari fading and glad to see Ikioi's energetic and innovative moves.

    We have a good basho going despite rather many takekazeish events at tachi-ai.

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  4. There is a big difference between fat people and strong people. Fat cells can't be contracted. Rikishi needs muscle.

    Konishiki, Yamamotoyama, Musashimaru, Akebono were totally different rikishi than Kainowaka, Orora or any long time makushita/sandanme +180kg rikishi, The difference is in muscle power and that gives the tools to control the "too big" bodies. If you are big you must have lot of muscles to do well in sumo. Often rikishi becomes weaker but stay at same weight when career starts to go bad, what does that mean? Muscle loss and fat instead acclmulates. Many oyakata are fat with loss of muscle which is sad and makes life difficult. Fat is healthier with muscle. If you have fat cell size be sure you have bigger muscle cells too, off or on the dohyo.

  5. 8-0 rikishi:

    Hakuho looks pretty similar as always. Has those under armpits yanks to side and overall solid sumo without big problems. Today concentrated on having a powerful tachi-ai stopping Gagamaru and while the first slap down attempt went wrong, easily took morozashi at the next impact and dropped him with sukuinage. Against Goeido and Aran he had some scare (Goeido's shitatenage attempt and Aran's morozashi approach).

    Kotoshogiku is rather flawless, tachi-ai works, gabburi as always, very stable and calm. Today didn't let Kakuryu much chance as his tachi-ai was strong and immediately penetrated Kakuryu's defence getting into hidariyotsu and after that it was just yorikiri pressure followed by uwatenage. All his bouts have been good ones. Kisenosato, Baruto, Harumafuji, Hakuho to come but hard to see him not to go 2-2 or even better against them. Most likely result-wise strong ozeki debut this will be.

    7-1 rikishi:

    Very good call by gyoji in favour of Kisenosato who had a horrible bout. Or to be fair to Kotooshu, it was actually 100% perfect tachi-ai by Osh getting inside and leaving Kisenosato in hopeless position without grips, balance high. Yet this desperation tsukiotoshi maneuvre and good dohyo edge hovering saved him this time. Big win for Kise as this a bad bad bout. Kotooshu must be cursing after this loss. Tomorrow Harumafuji agaist whom it is always a risk for Kise to fall into morozashi or other hapless situation. Tomorrow it is all about the initial 1,2 seconds which determines the nature of the bout. He can't afford as bad start as today. Kotooshu looks genki.

    Takekaze has had 3 good bouts in a row beating KOkkai with a nice throw, upsetting O3 and today pushing Aminishiki out. Takekaze does henka and slapdowns more often than "necessary" but he does have a flow now.

    Wakakoyu also 7-1 with a good forward going win today against Yoshikaze.

    6-2 rikishi:

    Aoiyama's tachi-ai worked perfectly and he got good momentum and angle to get into good yotsu with energy from the tachi-ai taking him to a good yorikiri win over Takararuji (2-6). Aoiyama has makuuchi honeymoon and in many bouts things go his way from the start. Good rikishi.

    Miyogiryu's wins continue to impress. Today another total victory in 2 seconds against admittedly struggling Asasekiry (2-6). Miyogiryu's sumo is classy. Also, just realised it NOW that he is from Sakaigawa-beya where Goeido, Toyohibiki, Hochiyama, Sadanofuji (good 5-3 debut in makuuchi), Shironoryu ( avoided makekoshi in juryo today) amongst others grapple. Today feet+arms magic and easy win. Don't remember all his wins this basho by heart but at least agaist Asasekiryu, Kaisei, Tamawashi and Kokkai he has been quite overwhelming. The loss against Wakakoyu was after some good defending first and then succumbing to well-timed pull.

    Kotooshu is genki, today's Kisenosato bout was a good example of that.

    Kakuryu has now lost to two of his main rank rivals and has lost quite decisively too. Both Kisenosato and today Kotoshogiku dominated him from the start. Still 6-2 but needs to turn the tide fast and tomorrow is not easy against Baruto.


    Harumafuji had 4 push+disengage-combos taking Tochinoshin gradually backwards and out. Looked sharp today while Tochinoshin 1-7.

  6. I was sure Kotoshogiku (Kotokikutsugi then) will be at least sekiwake level rikishi when I saw his first bouts at sandanme level years ago, He was tarzanish back then and had the tools already. So 5 points for that. Now he has silently developed a strength from migiyotsu too and small all around increments to his power level and he is extremely difficult to outpower. He looks very much like a true ozeki now with his solid sumo, trademark yotsu (and now even from migiyotsu ie left hand outside he can work quite well) and confidence. Okinoumi showed his own rising overall quality and power too fighting tenaciously against Koto.

    My son is now a bit over 6 months and his tsuppari is the best among all babies I have seen ever. His kicks to my chest and sometimes jaw and eyes and stomach are very strong when he lies on his back on my knees. His mother is more of an endurance type lacking some fast constricting muscle cells but son is showing off pretty damn explosive and dynamic moves. Also his yoooooooooishoooo comes out suddenly and loud. Not yet able to do suriashi due to inability to stand/walk/speak German but his eyes are full of flames, enthusiasm and joy when dad does suriashi with kettle bell. Also he watches sumo keenly pumping his arms and shouting sporadically. His favourite on enlarged screen is Yoshikaze. Gagamaru makes him confused. He won't become a rikishi but he is my son and he is the best. He is not allowed to hold my Kisenosato-statue ( from KOKUGIKAN) because he likes to annihilate things.

    Speaking of which, Kisenosato fell to Goeido's only viable tactics against him which is morozashi attack. Kise did his admittedly strong pivoting combined with tsukiotoshi/katasukashi which he has used efficiently lately even against the lip tightening yokozuna. Goeido followed well, established a strong morozashi and Kise's kime-hold is not something Kise has done much so despite the enourmous power he didn't do much good with that before Goeido predictably dropped him with neat sotogake. Goeido looks quite good so far even if he is 2-3. Kisenosato indeed needs to beat Kakuryu tomorrow to get back on track. Both have been very good this basho.

    Kakuryu continued his own sumo finesse agaist Tochinoshin getting a better grip and being wary of Tochinoshin's tawara moves steadily ousted him to advance to a fine 5-0 of which at least 4 wins have been very convincing without much flaws. One of the highlight bouts tomorrow as Kakuryu needs to do what Goeido did today and not try to get in power game against Kise.

    The more I see Gagamaru, the more I feel his existence is important for sumo. I mean he is the classic behemoth who just uses his bulk and forward momentum to do his job on the dohyo. Makuuchi without Gagamaru would miss something definitely. Aoiyama is a bit similar in some ways and has good stuff but has something more than Gagamaru in general. Good debut for him.

    Miyogiryu has excellent natural dohyo sense or actually more like sumo sense and his technique is very sophisticated. He rarely fusses around, hassles or rushes things but just explosively seizes to openings, beats foes in grip duels and shows formidable finishing power even. Today he so totally suffocated any sumo in Kaisei and just outskilled him 100-0. Great rikishi and a definite asset in makuuchi. People who appreciate/understand finer details in sumo are surely his fans already. Observe the work of his hands on the dohyo.

    Toyonoshima has sometimes screwed up a bout against Harumafuji from the exact same deep inside grip but today defended well and while Harumafuji is the rikishi who can always come up with some good attempt even from rather disadvantageous situation, this time he was dumped well. Harumafuji often makes a smile-kind of face when squashed, no matter what, that is his losing expression. Such is life. At least it gets conspiracy hawks' attention and makes good material for forum's picture quote masters. Anyways, this bout was won and lost fully at the tachi-ai. Harumafuji is so far from any yokozuna talks now and is going for some 10-5 result.

    Kotooshu vs Aran was a text book (not that there are likely to be textbooks about this) example how Kotooshu's height gives him good leverage against rikishi as "small" as Aran. Migiyotsu is Osh's forte and he basically just lifts Aran enough while pulling him in so that Aran loses ground control and use of legs as powerful factors in the defensive moves. What the hell can you do when Osh pulls you in and lifts you up so and escorts out? Tochinoshin was earlier able to counter this as he is already so tall that leverage is more difficult to take away fully. I claim that the 4.5cm height difference between Tochinoshin and Aran is a big one in such bouts against Osh. Kotooshu 4-1 and looks reasonably good though, then again he has been able to do his sumo in many bouts and lost the one to Toyonoshima where he was outskilled in the technical phase of the bout. Aran is 0-5 and soon he gets his first win with a big henka for sure (not tomorrow...).

    Hakuho's lip tightening moves is annoying but who cares?

    Ikioi 5-0 hehehehehehehehehehehehehhehehe....that IS funny, not that he is bad, not at all, but his makushia-history is just awesome in its stunning formula (which was broken lately as he actually made the step up to get more 5-2 + results) but WHY is he not getting more muscles in his great frame?? He has the body to get that and doesn't have Takanoyamaish body style and problems gaining weight.

    Nobody "toys" or "plays" with Homasho who has true physical power and even good own style but he is totally lost and most likely his back is troublesome as he is very unstable now and that is not usual.

    Kokonoe sekitori were combined 1-8 aftter 3 days but now more light as Chiyonokuni showed a great tsukiotoshi and also sharpness in his first winning bout today and Chiyozakura has looked a bit better too.

    Tochinowaka continues to show his vastly improved sharpness by not falling to Yoshikaze's fast sumo. Great transformation.

    There are some good newcomers in makuuchi folks! Aoiyama, Tochinowaka, Okinoumi, Miyogiryu....

  7. Okinoumi looks fearless and never seems to belittle his chance on the dohyo (based on the dohyo action). Also power is good and skill too. Very good newcomer indeed to the higher ranks. He can take oshi and yotsu attacks well too. Today he outskilled Baruto from the start and survived Baruto's trademark power yanks before forcibly blocking the last attempt escorting his out. Good stuff.

    Kyokutenho read Harumafuji well with that kime-hold and squeezed the inevitable morozashi pivot throw into a crushing kimetaoshi. Surprising win but well executed.

    Kisenosato's thrusts have so much power that it is nearly impossible for lower power level rikishi to beat him in such scenario. Solid sumo once again beating foes he should beat.

    Goeido's shitatenage attempt seemed explosive and had effect, not enough but effect still.

    Shogun's sumo is stable too although Homasho did actually do some sumo today and not being tosanoumish.

    Tochinowaka is like Okinoumi in many ways now. The increased sharpness in his sumo has taken him to all new level. Totally dominating against Aran and his sumo in general is very strong and even aggressive (which was not the case say 1-2 years ago). 3-0 and surely interesting to see him against sanyaku.

    Gagamaru didn't know what to do with Kakuryu who was very capable of just steadily advancing and defending against Gagamaru's reasonably erratic all out attack moves.

  8. Somethig that I always wanted to ask, but fnally got the right context... Who is (was) forum member #3 and why is (s)he missing from the list?

    Me, I was only Kaikitsune back then and the first thread seems to be my post even.

    10 years ago I wrote that on my 26th birthday. Now 36th birthday tomorrow. Such is life. Sumoforum lost most of its Swedes it seems. Yubiquitoyama gone, Kashunowaka's mysterious disappearance was a big topic back in time. Tokimori vanished, Maguroyama vanished. Swedes gone. No more Swedes.

    My active days were in the past but it is good to see sumoforum is still going, if not strong, at least going. Small circles naturally but such is life.

  9. Conspiracies or not, whether all his bouts in last 5 basho have some kind of agenda or not, the fact is though that he has good record against ALL sanyaku/high maegashira rikishi including quite a big advantage against Harumafuji and 10-10 against Baruto. Only Hakuho has been very difficult as he has been to all rikishi and Tokitenku is some kind of nemesis to him. Other than those, he has shown he is second to nobody. And he HAS improved his sumo a lot in last year or so. He has become formidable even in migiyotsu and beats everyone in hidariyotsu when he gets his gappuri going and even without that, he is almost invincible from that position.

  10. Year has gone by, many people dead, many born. Sumoforum goes on with unchanged expenses compared to 2010. Last year I got pretty much all costs covered thanks to donations by forum members.

    I am again asking for donations, reasons are same as before, I covered all the costs for years and don't want to do that anymore.

    My Paypal and bank account info (with BIC, IBAN) are unchanged too but send me PM (private message) if you are willing to contribute to expenses and I will send you the necessary info there.

    The cost of running sumoforum is 4x63 euros + some registration fee of few euros per year making it around 260-270 euros per year.

    I am also "Rijicho" of the forum but use this Kaikitsune Makoto-account so send pm to this account.

    Thank you for your co-operation and benevolence.

  11. Kakuryu and Kisenosato: 3-3 record in last 6 encounters, tactics is clear, Kakuryu wants to get inside while Kise tries to keep him away. Today very solid pushing attack and piss off you morozashi midget-attitude kept Kakuryu away and it was quite one-sided win. One of the best wins for Kise this basho. Kakuryu is great in general when he gets into his own form. 5-2 and strong wins over two ozeki.

    Shogun is very strong this basho, day 1 loss brought some "choking already" comments from a prominent musician but police is investigating the matter now. Naturally it all depends on how he does against ozeki and Hakuho but so far he has dominated Kisenosato, Goeido, Tochinoshin which is already a lot. Not much chance for Yoshikaze. Shogun was just too strong

    Harumafuji had some scare for the first time this basho but solved the problem of letting Goeido in by launching an explosive throw. 7-0 and yusho favourite for sure. Almost perfect sumo all basho and sharpness at its best.

  12. I wonder if Jaromir Jagr knows Takanoyama's existence and admires his tottari. No tottari today but explosive kotenage for sure.

    Takamisakari is weak, he looks physically weak.

    It is possible that ex-Tochiazuma's sumo soul has infilitrated Fujiazuma who looks at times as calculating and poised as did his oyakata usually on the dohyo. Perfect example today keeping Sagatsukasa in sight, not rushing it at all and just closing in and attacking when opening came. Amazingly calm sumo and smart. Like Doitsuyama wrote, he appears to be similar as always in theory but something has clicked now better and he actually looks like the rikishi he was supposed to become years ago.

    Takayasu is another quality rikishi, today calm shita kara stoppage of Kimurayama's charge and using that power of his to easily move forward. Takayasu has this kakuryuish or aminishikish subtle skill and ability along with pretty all around quality sumo skills. Great new Naruto "star". 6-1 and well deserved. He is always calm even when cornered or pushed back. He seems to always have time. Good.

    Toyohibiki had also a good bout with less sloth-like Tochinowaka, always good to see nnnghh-bouts.

    Asasekiryu threw down Daido well with shitatenage.

    Homasho had a semi-accidental loss yesterday with some slipping but other than that he has been quite stable and forward going. Good basho 6-1, not much problems with Miyabiyama.

    O3 had a good one yesterday against Aran in migiyotsu. He was weaker a year ago when forced into such static yotsu but now had good power duel against Aran. Today easy morozashi charge against Tokitenku. O3 looks quite good.

    Wakanosato flipped Gagamaru well with sukuinage. Always great to see giants fall big.

  13. Naruto oyakata is known to favour weight training as part of training regime. All sekitori (in all stables) are muscular, Takanoyama is much less muscular than Kisenosato or Wakanosato who are both very beefy (also Takayasu is very muscular) but Takanoyama just doesn't have the fat. Why? Probably due to training habits of lot of keiko and natural aversion to eating huge amounts of food + body type. Czech amateur sumoman Shiroikuma said back in the mediocre old days that he brought Takanoyama protein drinks etc and encouraged him to gain weight without much success. Takanoyama has gained weight slowly over the years and basically only muscle. Takanoyama is one of the greatest stories of oozumo and unique career in many ways.