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  1. It must be noted that Kimurayama looks very strong. It is imaginable that his rivalry with Tochinoshin bears fruit to both. They have been the most improving rikishi at Kasugano-beya and have spent much of their time around similar ranks. Also mutual keiko is abundand. There is plenty of horse power in Kimurayama's sumo. He has a great chance to follow Tochinoshin to makuuchi after 3-0 start at J2. Today he did his own sumo and pushed Kaiho out. Kasugano-beya needs new sekitori as Tochinohana and Tochisakae retired, Kasuganishiki looks weak. Of course there is also Ri who is 2-0 at high makushita now and coming up favourably.

  2. Tochinonada showed great resistance against Takekaze. Upper body, leg and hip power in full use in that defense. He sure looks young and strong. All that keiko with Shoryu prior to basho pays off and he seems genuinely genki. Good to see his veteran sumo being so dynamic.

    KaioU is too heavy caliber and heavy weight rikishi for Baruto to spin around. Not much contest when U got right uwate so well. Baruto seems genki though with good footstep and should cause problems to many sanyaku.

    Goeido defended well against Sakke's favourite grip, got his preferred maemitsu stance and finished struggling Sakke with a neat dashinage yank. Good start and always promising when defeating Sakke who had full migiyotsu on.

    Amuru looked strong like a bow in his bout against fat Kazafuzan. Simply powerful and sharp sumo and easy morozashi crush.

    Futeno didn't let Hokutoriki shock him in yotsu second basho in a row and ousted the enigma.

    Toyonoshima did perfect sumo. Solid tachi-ai, 100% morozashi success, gabburiyori and O3 couldn't do anything. 100 points to Toyo. Perfect sumo from the start to finish. Nothing can be said about O3's condition based on this bout.

    Aminishiki struggled after Tenku's couple of side slaps and ottsuke puppets and inashi muppets. Yet he held his ground on the tawara using the healthy knee as leverage and slapped Tenku down. Tenku messed it up too by extending his arm as a reaction to Ami's pull.

    Shogun beat Kakuryu with migiyotsu! Not often seen that Shogun does that. Good sign indeed. Strong gabburi and solid yorikiri start.

    Ama slipped behind Miya at the tachi-ai and escorted him out.

    Kotooshu beat Wakanoho in full aiyotsu. Good tachi-ai, good follow-up and his trademark pull up and drive out move worked well. Wakanoho wasn't a match despite his favourite grip.

    Bird poo indeed. Unchi ga tsuita ga un mo tsuita you da. Taikai has usually good target practise with Tenho or can hone his pulldown skills. Today good elbow-healthy pushing sumo. Nice start.

    Kotomitsuki did what he often does to Kokkai. Spins him around and dumps violently. Good start for Mickey too. Kokkai was outmaneuvered.

    Lot of good stuff at juryo and Tosayutaka at Ms1 looked as good as keiko reports hinted.

    Kisenosato had a good tachi-ai and survived Shoryu's kotenage well. Then just used his horse power and SHoryu's failed kotenage impetus to crush the yokozuna. Kisenosato has many wins over Shoryu now and they are all totally strong wins where Shoryu was simply outpowered. That is good for future. Hope he will continue working on his weakness of letting his upper body float at times. Crucial bouts will be against genki Mickey (can he block the morozashi?). Cool to see his oozumou.

    Cool to have sumoU again.

  3. I have never been so excited about a coming basho! Don't know what has happened but it is really strong feeling. Soon Natsu basho! What a cooooool fact!!!! Think of shonichi! Many bouts again. Usually many bouts per day but shonichi now and Natsu basho. Wow. And nobody kyujo. Kisenosato vs Shoryu on shonichi..unbelievable stuff. Life is life and Natsu basho comes without any impediments.

  4. For me there has been sudden thresholds that I have crossed. First threshold was when normal Japanese started to sound like "oh I pick up some words". Then after more exposure and studying full sentences became clear at times. The biggest threshold came when consecutive sentences could be understood. I am sure Mane-san will have similar threshold occasions and more rapidly too since you seem linquistically very talented. Written Japanese is just hard core work, just takes hours and hours of exposure, repetition and studying I guess.

    It IS fun though when one can understand Japanese well and not feel all the time that "soon I will drop off the wagon" when someone talks. Then when too proud feeling just tune in for some news clip about some special stuff about legislation of so and humbleness comes back soon.

    I am verrrry jealous of such possibility to spend millions of years in JApan without a break and expose, expose and expose. I mean be exposed exposed exposed. Physical naked self exposing in Japan is not good as it is not good in most countries.

    Make sure to visit chanko place at sumo school every day. Not so big meal but nice anyway AND you can see one of the trillions of interesting Japanese working tasks when the guard/official guides people to the tail end of the queue with SAIKOUBI....SAIKOUBI. Well that task was actually in a way sensible but I have never seen such eerily job as I saw at Tokyo Disneyland where a young woman said to all guests entering some thingie that "ashimoto wo chuui kudasai" and when the face looked foreign she says "Please watch your step" and she did CONSTANTLY as it was such device that the flow was constant and there were no breaks. If formerly common kaisatsu ekiin (ie. those clipper men at stations where they clicked the ticket before automatic stuff has largely taken over) were joked making the click movement with their fingers at sleep too, I am sure this young woman must have had some extra ashimoto wo chuui kudasai-action in her life asleep or not.

    In Osaka there are guards in front of Korean embassy. It was on the way from Osaka sumo venus to my hotel last time and every day the same guy stood there for at least 7 hours. If he does that for living, it surely is a job where inner life must be rich in order to not bore to death. Well I am sure they rotate the tasks and it is not all he does all days long.

  5. Asashoryu says he is SATAN. Ok, well he did kind of say that yes but there is now talk about Asashoryu becoming less satanic and turning into an angel. He has had bad manners, bad attitude, selfish arrogance but is it changing? Is he becoming an angel? Stay tuned for Kintamayama's report later on. He wil undoubtedly report about this revelation. But aren't dohyo demons satan's troops in a way? If he turns his back on satanic behaviour and the devil's advocates, will they attack him on the dohyo despite all shiko and will be get badly injured at Natsu basho???

  6. He also lost mentally already when he saw Asashoryu entering the training session. It was by accident that they were at same keiko session today but Asashoryu targeted him and Sakke went into a panic mode. Shoryu only had 1 bout against Sakke out of the 18 he had overall but even in that he tackled Sakke hard with shoulder resulting in nastu kachiage and sent Sakke far away. Then at butsukarigeiko Sakke was on the dohyo borrowing Nada's chest while Shoryu yelled menacingly that Sakke should do butsukari with him! Sakke pretended he didn't hear that and went all out on the dohyo borrowing Nada's gentle chest. Shoryu was pleased with the keiko and it went as well as he planned. Keiko bouts were much like honbasho bouts and Shoryu looks genki. He used some throws against Tochinoshin and Tochiozan on the way. Sakke had eyeball moisture and he was in general stiff and stressed over Shoryu's visit. His expression radiated "Oh why why why why did he come here..I didn't think he'd come here..." anquish. There is no report of Sakke marrying a woman yet.

  7. What weight lifting exercises does he do?

    What are his poundages?

    I understand he does 200 kg for the bench press. (Sigh...)

    I don't know what he does but I find the reporting about rikishi's weight training bizarre at times and there are totally silly comments like "Hokutoriki got a lot stronger as he bench pressed 140kg at the beginning and soon went up to 200kg!". Kisenosato did squats with 150kg couple of years ago while Wakanosato did bench presses and squats with 100kg. Small weights but rikishi don't do really heavy weights as there is not much sense in that. Then again Shiroikuma who knew Wakanosato well, said once Wakanosato did an easy 300kg deadlift after keiko without much prior training in deadlift and that is quite very impressive. Back in 2000 or so KaioU was introduced weight training. He was totally lost with leg curls at first and couldn't lift much. That wasn't due to lack of power in thigh flexors but just innervation confusion. He soon got used to it. At the same time he did a very easy 200kg squat by just trying how it feels without prior training as squatting doesn't need much tuning up the innervation after sumo background.

    Hokutoriki's bench press was a beautiful example of how refining the power happens. Hokutoriki surely didn't get MUCH stronger with the bench press keiko as compared with sumo keiko but his muscles just learned to generate power in bench press fast. 200kg is much more closer to "normal" level for strong rikishi without techical prowess in bench press. Konishiki who was always keen on lifting weights had 225-230kg bench press maximum if I remember correctly, Akebono lifted 220kg. Shoryu lifted 180kg 2-3 years ago after keiko and now he has done 200kg evidently.

    Many rikishi do basic stuff with weights but don't risk their bodies with that and toning up the body like Sentoryu did is not exactly the best way to avoid injuries. Sentoryu was probably 800kg+ powerlifter too but was still easily handled by strong makuuchi rikishi in power sumo.

    The beauty of sumo is that the power is uqiquitous due to heavy foes and the strain yotsuzumo puts on all parts of the body.

    The beauty of Ama is that he is exemplary in generating all his power in most positions. He has total harmony between muscle cells, CNS and spinal cord in particular and his cerebellum is among the best in sumo.

  8. Hakuho did the famous peesu appu thing rikishi tend to do at some point and then went 29-2 against Ryuo during a 1 hour sanbangeiko session. "I wasn't planning to do this much but it was totally ok" and his oyakata also was relieved: "He didn't get out of breath either" as there has been some voices (well reported by Itchyman) about Hakuho's lack of keiko amount and preparation slowness. Degeiko to come soon after an ex-Taiho-related event on 6th. He hasn't had the tooth replaced I think but has had some stuffing there for protection. Now he takes it off and also says that he has only been drinking sake lately "I don't get enough calcium" he says and drinks 1 litre of milk per day to counter that bad fact. In general is mood is good and smiling prevalent even without the missing tooth.

  9. Hello.

    I suppose it's time for a proper introduction.My name is Arka.I have been following sumo on and off for the past 9 years.A deeper interest in sumo was rekindled with the recent Yokozuna rivalry. (Clapping wildly...)

    I live in Grimsby United Kingdom the same place as longtime forum member Fujisan (I am not worthy...) and have met up with him recently.

    Will be looking forward to discussing sumo and getting to know the members on this forum!

    Arka :-D

    Chuck in the salt and Fujisan and join the fray Mr Timid (that is what your name means here). Be very well, don't be afraid.

  10. Kotomitsuki is genki. He has been doing diligent degeiko since 28th of April. At Tatsunami ichimon keiko session he blasted Hakuho out with strong sumo and looked strong in general. He also kept smiling incessantly and did a nice Azuma move to avoid yusho arasoi inquiries by saying "first gotta see until 3rd day of Natsu".

    Seems that ALL ozeki and yokozuna do good keiko in their own way and are genki. One week of hard keiko left. Hopefully no injuries happen.

  11. till I'm all worn out!".

    Fukuoka-ben for 'even though I'm' I guess?

    I think this depends a lot of how you see it. It is true that U hasn't had double digits in last basho but he still has very good sumo and power in him when he has a decent tachi-ai. The best examples are his bouts against yokozuna. They are really good bouts and U can defend. He has worn out body but he is a master of adapting and nursing it. Evidently that gym training is one big part of his conditioning. The greatness of KaioU is evident if you think that he can still have very solid bouts against a very young yokozuna who hadn't even joined sumo when U was throwing Musashimaru and the likes around. It is funny how at the same time guys like Baruto get this "Oh he would be almost yokozuna if not the KNEE!" while you have guys like U and Taikai who have multiple chronic injuries that would keep Barutos way below forever. The question whether KaioU should retire already is another thing. In any case it is good to hear he is doing good keiko and showed endurance in aggressive bout against Tenho.

  12. Fay,

    Thanks for information on Ichihara. I don't know what his injury was nor do I understand why he was sent to Juryo.

    That adds insult to injury.

    He injured his knee at Haru basho and naturally was sent to juryo as he couldn't pile up wins by staying home. Kind of like when someone has a heart attack and is sent to hospital for by-pass surgery, he/she loses rank and becomes a rank and filer and often depressed.

  13. Natsu basho is once again in May. It usually is. Fay is often there in May. We never know in advance. It is very very fun to have Natsu basho coming our way. Think about it. It is SUMOU and it is exciting! Kisenosato is stronger than ever and 170kg and eats well. Many other rikishi are good too. There is not much boo. I really like sumou boom and Fay's picture zoom. We shall all do shiko a lot to make dohyo safe for rikishi. Demons away, except Kogure. Be well. I like Natsu basho. YMY sweats a lot in Natsu basho but probably much more during Nagoya basho. Sweat is good.

    What do you think about Natsu 2008? Or do you think at all? Down with the henka, on with the bashow! Tachi-ai is the core of May!

  14. When I visited Sakaigawa-keiko in January, the fact that Sakaigawa-oyakata came in with his pyjamas on and before that I rang the doorbell of the actual residence door at Sakaigawa-beya and asked a permission to watch asageiko gave strong impression that I was actually entering their home. The first 1 hour I was the only guest there and rikishi even replied to my mornings and so. Tokoyama brought me zabuton and I naturally had the best seat as I was the only one there. I can't imagine anyone visiting someone's home at 6am and not respecting it by watching the keiko without fussing around and so. Maybe the atmophere is different when there are plenty of spectators as that sort of makes it more "public" event despite the fact that that it still is their home. I was serene, quiet, focused and wrote on my notebook and took some pictures and videos and stayed 4 hours there. Nobody goes to anyone's home and act like it is their own home. Or if they do, they are idiots and must be destroyed immediately or gently guided. Dotombori is a better place for less restrained behaviour! There are also pimps around and millions of non-pimp humans.

  15. Asashouryuu was 9-1. If he would have had a tie as well, the police/ambulance could have arrived. "I'm in good shape. When I was doing sumo I did not feel the pain", he said. Hakuhou was 8-2. No direct confrontation. Asa went up against Kisenosato, Goueidou and Tochinoshin. His only loss was to Kisenosato whom he later beat three times. Hakuhou had all 10 bouts against all the Ozeki. He lost one to Kotomitsuki and one to Kotooushuu. He looked calm.

    The papers say 6000 like Mark promised.

    Some reporter has had his facts all over the place again. Kisenosato did have nice bouts against Shoryu and was 1-3 but Shoryu also had bouts with Toyonoshima, Kotooshu according to Nishinoshima's videos. and not just Kise, Goeido and Tochinoshin.

  16. It is important to comment makushita indeed.

    Hokutokuni 1 Tosayutaka

    Hokutokuni is very strong and was 6-9 in his juryo debut. Still powerful wins, good sumo and solid age. He should have good chance to get back in juryo although his foes will be very tough indeed. Tosayutaka has his brilliance but also lacks size and something. Yet, his talent is indisputable and he should become solid sekitori too. Quality Ms1.

    Yamamotoyama 2 Aran

    This pair has risen up together and both bring in unique physiques. Aran's top level power athlete's physique is impressive but he had to do his best sumo to get kachi koshi in Haru. Some rather weak wins and was also dominated couple of times during the basho. YMY looked invincible in his 5 wins but I have no idea how he was in his 2 losses. Kintamayama just commented "YMY looked confused in his bout against Kotoyutaka" but that doesn't say much. In any case both Aran and YMV move well and have good horse power and are interesting rikishi so rapid ascension to juryo is recommendable.

    Kotoyutaka 3 Ryuuhou

    Kotoyutaka beat YMY and looks physically strong. He isn't that young anymore but has good chance to become Sado's next sekitori. Ryuuhou is also physically strong and a nice test for the surrounding rikishi.

    Mori 4 Houchiyama

    Mori creeped up. He was good college rikishi but doesn't really look so stellar in any way. A good basic sumo package without much special points. Would be interesting to see how he could cope with juryo. Houchiyama has had bad back problems and can't generate power. If he was recovered suddenly, it would be yet another solid juryo level rikishi competing at high makushita.

    Kanbayashi 5 Takakoyama

    Kanbayashi tries to get it done the easy way and I don't like his sumo one bit. Takakoyama is a classic working horse with heavy body and has done more keiko with Kisenosato than any active rikishi Wakanosato excluded. It is cool to see him approaching the top of makushita. Like Mori he is a real basic sumo package but with more body weight and more oshi.

    Wakatenrou 6 Shoutenrou

    Wakatenrou messed up his chance to get promoted to juryo after a long while but finished Haru with two losses ending up at 3-4 at Ms2 so he went down to Ms6 and outside promotion zone. Shoutenrou has been around the neighbourhood for a while. Multifaceted but fujuubun.

    Yamasaki 7 Hoshikaze

    I have no idea who is Yamasaki and how he is. No recollections of seeing any of his bouts ever. Hoshikaze is sometimes very angry on the dohyo and has versatile skills. He is close to his all time career high and speaks good Mongolian.

    Minami 8 Satoyama

    Minami has had the blessing of curse to fly under the shadows of YMY, Aran and even Ri. He is fat, solid but a bit unproven yet. A rikishi his size and style often hits walls very hard and has limited means to evolve much, especially since he is college rikishi and MBO signs in his mid section. Satoyama is either carrying more than one serious injury or has illness. He has lost his sumo, his power and his brilliance. I don't know what has happened to him.

    Yoshiazuma 9 Dairaidou

    Yoshiazuma took a peak into juryo and plummeted back, had shoulder problems and steepened his decline with 1-6 in Hatsu. He bounced back with good 6-1 in Haru and is back is business. He is taller than 99.5% of Japanese men (rough estimation out of the blue sky). Dairaidou the roidbull had his honeymoon in sumo and then became a shadow land wanderer. Started Haru with 4-0 only to fall into 3 bout losing streak. Dairaidou is like the angrier version of Toyohibiki but not quite as strong though.

    Tokusegawa 10 Kaounishiki

    Lanky Mongolian is good but so far hasn't bee strong enough for juryo challenge. Kaounishiki is already an entity in makushita and not going anywhere fast.

    Shimoda 11 Senshou

    Kokkai and Mori has excellent basho and their heyamate Shimoda had one too. 6-1 took him closer to sensible ranks. 1 year ago or so I made a bet of 100 units of currency with Kintamayama that Shimoda will never get into juryo. I win. Senshou is an unknown Mongolian.

    Sugita 12 Tamaasuka

    Sugita has risen back with consecutive kk. He is small, agile and cool. Many women would like to have an encounter with him. Not all rikishi would as he is tremendously slippery when wet. Tamaasuka is a <sigggggh> rikishi who was future sanyaku but ended up as listless makushita. Good Haru basho though...

    Nakano 13 Ri

    Ri is improving but has too ready body for his sumo soul. He needs to hone his sumo soul to match his body and he will be formidable. Tools tools and tools but also certain immaturity in his sumo and kind of "oooops...yeah i made a new kind of mistake again" rikishi but that is GOOD. He will improve and utilize. Nakano is not discussed in his preview due to constraints.

    Daishouyama 14 Soukokurai

    Daishoyama no more salaried ranks for him. Soukokurai has good tendons and can excel in sumo.

    Kasugakuni 15 Nakanokuni

    Kasugakuni has been thrown around by Kasugao undoubtedly hundreds of times. Nakanokuni may watch Olympics on TV.

    Juumonji 16 Kirinoumi

    Juumonji retires soon. Kirinoumi does what Kirinoumi does.

    Kotokuni 17 Matsutani

    Fukuoka 18 Hayasegawa

    Daimanazuru 19 Shiratsuka

    Asahisakari 20 Tamarikidou

    I have to go to run errands and return books to library. Also soon I must install MICROSOFT FLIGHT SIMULATOR and fly to NARITA and other airports with a jumbojet.

    Last comments: Daimanazuru no more juryo, Shiratsuka not so impressive in the bouts I have seen from him. Tamarikido soon SUIT for real and not just in imaginary world.

    Be well

  17. OPG looks old in a way but it is the only basho I have visited twice and it has nice proximity to loitering rikishi around the corridors and so. The location is very cool too and it kind of hides there unlike Kokugikan which is prominent with big ego. I shall bow to OPG if it will be torn down by humans. <bow>

  18. A crazy and sad (in a pathetic way) Japanese lady who was a student at my school, stalked a few of the male teachers, following them around shopping malls, to their house etc, her favourite she even travelled to the one guys home country, looked up his parents in the phone book and went around to their house and conned them into the thinking she was the guys friend and got access to his house and had dinner with his mother etc.

    That is not so rare method of stalking.

    Teachers, politicians, health care professionals are some of the main risk groups when it comes to stalking. If teacher has 100 students, there is statistically someone with stalking potential so no wonder teachers get targeted more than plummers or pilots for example.

  19. s that come from the same idea. The 月 represents 肉 flesh, and the 3 力, arranged as they are, represent the power of the hands "sandwiching" (はさむ) the power of the body. From the sense of "clamping down" on someone, of "sandwiching" them with threats of force, the kanji took on the meaning of threaten, intimidate. In Japan, 脇 came to be used to represent the point where the arms "sandwich" the body (the armpit, later to also mean "side"), while 脅 was used to represent the "sandwich" (はさむ) action. The 脇 character doesn't exist in Chinese. Or rather, it exists only as the kanji 脅.

    The etymology of 協, incidently, is that the 3 力 represent three distinct strengths/forces, and the 十 represents 十印(ひとまとめ), a symbol of "grouping together".

    Cool stuff. Thanks for that. I have to start honing my Japanese threatening skills now. Odosanaide! Odoshitara bukkkkorosu!!! and less violent: odosanaide kudasai, boku ha tada no sumoUfan desu kara neeeeeeee...

  20. You forgot one method of dealing with the stalker... Killing him and disposing of the body (I guess that could be included under #2).

    Yes it would and killing a person is not that easy. Requires special circumstances and even then it can be very difficult mentally. Also killing someone who is "only stalking" is not very good defense and criminal consequences would be severe. I wonder if there are many murders/manslaughters by the stalking victim? I doubt that. It is probably very rare.

    More about this so benevolent topic, whereas US is very violent country with the amount of guns and all, Finland is also violent country and there are even a lot of guns here (something like 4th most in the world per capita). Yet Finns tend to shoot each other not so often. Stabbling to death is more common. In any case there is a seminar now about violence t owards women. Last year 35 Finnish women died due to violence and in 21 of the case the perpetrator was spouse (or ex-spouse I think). That is double the amount of casualties due to domestic violence compared to Sweden. In average Finnish level of domestic violence is around the same as in other Western countries but more women killed here.

  21. Stalking is rather common phenomenon. According to statistics, around 4-7% of men and 12-16% of women have been victims of stalking during their lifetime. Having been stalked in the last year is reported by 2% of people in Sweden. 80% of stalkers are men. 75% of victims are women.

    Stalking is defined as unwanted attention/harrassment by a person. In 80% of the cases the victim knows the stalker. Clearly most common situation is a man stalking his former girlfriend/wife (around 50% of the cases involve ex-spouse, most often man stalks woman). Of all stalking cases a bit over 10% results in sexual violence, around 35% results in some form of violence and in 50% of the cases there is threatening involved. Over 50% never get physically abused by the stalker. Most commonly the violent cases occur when the stalker is former spouse (56% of the cases result in violence). Psychotic illness is often linked to stalkers of public figures and in these violence is rare but threatening common.

    There are many ways to stalk a person. Most commonly seen forms are numerous contacts by phone/email/etc., appearing outside victim's home or work place, following the victim around, sending stuff to the victim and so.

    Typical stalker is 30-40 year old male. Narcissistic personality disorder is more prevalent among stalkers than general public, also asocial personality is more often diagnosed among stalkers. 40-50% of stalkers have criminal record. Motives for stalking are desire to engage into relationship with the victim, revenge, bad blood, desire to effect some things. Relationship desire motive is the most common. I don't think the success rate is very good if one stalks a woman (or man). Not the best ways to charm someone. So called erotomaniac stalking is very rare. That is a delusion that the target actually is deeply in love with the stalker.

    Victims naturally suffer from this kind of stuff. 75% have chronic sleep disorders Loss of appetite, suspiciousness, suicidal thoughts occur etc. Quality of life goes down. Restraining order is surprisingly good means to limit the stalker. Even though it only works in half of the cases, even the other half doesn't get more violent or so due to restraining order. That is at least a statistical fact.

    How to deal with a stalker?

    There are 5 methods:

    1. Negotiating, interacting in constructive manner.

    Trying to communicate with the stalker and talk calmly. Doesn't work well at all especially when stalker is former spouse.

    2. Counter reaction.

    Threatening the stalker with violence, police, revenge etc. This method is not recommended. Can also provoke violence due to threat of exposure and ego injury.

    3. Aversion

    Changing phone number, changing routines, moving away etc. Works pretty well as it makes stalker's work more difficult but naturally is very wearysome and puts lot of strain and effort on victim's life. Hence not always used. Stalkers who want relationship don't get any positive feedback when this aversion technique is used so it can work that way too.

    4. Denial etc.

    Not good.

    5. Authorities involved.

    Restraining order, 35-40% of the persons under restraining order break it. Lessens the burden of violent threat.. Around 50% of victims take the matter to police/court. In US and 8 EU countries "stalking crime" is separate in justice system. In Germany the maximum penalty is 10 years even while in Austria only 1 year. In other countries stalking as such is not criminal but of course some actions involved in stalking are (killing, breaking into home, assaulting parked car etc.).

    So stalkers are dangerous as such. Often men with violent tendencies and although over half of victims never get assaulted physically, it is still a big risk. The average duration of stalking is 2 years and that is a long time. Stalkers are usually very much against treatment.

    Don't stalk, be well.

  22. I must say I read a lot of manga concerning fighting but I almost never see the odosu 脅す verb. In fact, I can't recall having seen it recently but I see 脇 fairly frequently. I will look out for it now but I wonder if it is not in common usage?

    The other triple-power kanji to remeber is 協 kyou cooperation (juu 十 ten plus 三力, the power of 10 times 3 is cooperation).

    But that 脇 kanji is not related to any verb that describes threatening. I am still wondering what threathen word is used mostly in casual speech in Japanese and are there nuance differences a a lot.

  23. I believe you need to use quotation marks for kanji text just like in western-language Google searches, or you'll get non-fitting search results like these. With quotes, the frequencies look quite a bit differently: 8,800 /14,500 / 2,600.

    Yes of course. I actually tried some other sentence like "Asashouryuu ni odosareta" but as it didn't give any results I thought it doesn't work for some reason....

    So kyouhaku suru isn't that used but it gave so many hits due to noun nature of "kyouhaku".