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    Nihongo - Japanese

    I think funny. Laugh happen. Be funny. http://youtube.com/watch?v=mSm5VNoBnew
  2. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Visiting a Heya in June

    Sakaigawa-beya seems to be open to visitors, the keiko there is intense and good platform to watch from. It is in Saitama but well within reach. Goeido, Toyohibiki, Iwakiyama, Hochiyama etc. there. Makushita is good too and better go there early. Probably they go for degeiko more at Nagoya camp so maybe a chance to see some real keiko there some days after LA and before departure to Nagoya.
  3. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Featured rikishi - Yamamotoyama

    Update after Natsu 2008 basho. YMY got a 4-3 at Ms2 but unfortunately due to bad banzuke luck, he wasn't promoted to juryo. In Natsu basho he looks powerful as always winning well and showing good footwork and strength in his losses too (in the 2 I saw, haven't seen the one against Yoshiazuma). He started off with an aggressive attack against Aran pushing him around quite a bit but ended up victimized by Aran admittedly well honed pulling skill. Then he yanked Hokutokuni with a big kotenage using his belly as a leverage too (as was also pointed out by commentating oyakata). He caught Tosayutaka well and smothered him in kote hold despite yielding morozashi to Tosa. Mori is used to YMY as he has had plenty of bouts/training with him in amateur days so he knew what to do and moved around a lot. Still YMY defended well and had couple of nice counter moves before solid maemitsu grip by Mori combined with YMY's upright stance made YMY a passenger. Mori had the plan to go for frontal mawashi grip and succeeded in it well. Still very good defense from YMY too and excellent tactics by Mori. I didn't see his bout against Yoshiazuma but he was gasping for air and leaning towards the hanamichi wall after Mori bout so maybe got banged up a bit. In any case he came back strongly by yoritaoshing Kotoyutaka and getting kachi koshi against wily Sagatsukasa in his first ever juryo bout. YMY's mobility is MUCH better than many think. Also oyakata commentators were impressed by his footwork especially against Sagatsukasa. YMY's style is power sumo of course and one trait is getting high kotenage stance which is okay but somewhat worrying as it appears so often. He can throw strongly from the belt and naturally has heavy pushing. He has lately gone for more straight forward attacks with tsuppari and oshizumo. He seems a bit vulnerable to morozashi and needs to have better defense against that. He can prevail at this level even when letting foes get inside but can't let stronger foes do the same constantly. The weak point in sideways movement has improved which is promising sign. The remaining question is his endurance both physically and health-wise. He has tools, power and good training environment. In Nagoya basho he will be hit with big man's nightmare which is Nagoya heat and will sweat profusely. Natsu 2008 YMY bouts: http://youtube.com/watch?v=lF6vPCH8oeo vs Aran http://youtube.com/watch?v=LnHF8d4z9i8 vs Hokutokuni http://youtube.com/watch?v=MIgtL6Ozec0 vs Tosayutaka http://youtube.com/watch?v=O1c3z4sYjV8 vs Mori http://youtube.com/watch?v=TJBE2ZOw5AE vs Sagatsukasa
  4. Kaikitsune Makoto

    One-Day Tournament - June 1st

    KaioU beat Baruto and Kyokutenho on his way to semifinal with Hakuho. In semifinal Hakuho didn't let U get his right hand on the belt while getting his own hold and won by yorikiri. Hakuho beat Wakanoho and Kotooshu before that and also said his left ankle is more or less fully healed. Asashoryu beat Tochinoshin in migiyotsu. Tochinoshin showed good power in the bout. Asashoryu then beat Kisenosato (who had beaten Kokkai, Futeno and Taikai on his way to quarter final) by preventing Kise getting left hand in and while all the huffing and puffing was on, Shoryu masterfully executed a BEAUTIFUL uchimuso but Shoryu himself was totally "ipponed" by Ama in semifinal with a massive sotogake slamming him down. Ama beat first Tokitenku and then O3 in quarter final with fast uwatenage and outmaneuvred then Shoryu in semis before ending up in hidariyotsu. When Shoryu nngghed, Ama did a massive right side sotogake. Kotooshu had a really intense bout with Goeido earlier on.
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    Bouts are often quite short as you must have noticed. Strong tachi-ai gives a great inertia and also forward motion which can give extra power and momentum enough to win the bout even if the bout lasts over 10 seconds. Tachi-ai "power" isn't always so essential. Sometimes some rikishi just stand up lazily and destroy the attacker's rush by getting morozashi or pulling a henka or for example swinging the thrusting arm aside and escorting the better tachi-ai rikishi out. Strategies at tachi-ai are of various kinds. Dejima like tachi-ai is simple low charging cannon ball tachi-ai and there are many rikishi like that including Kakizoe, Takekaze, Dejima. Some rikishi tend to aim higher at the tachi-ai like Chiyotaikai, Ama, Hokutoriki. Their strategy is mostly to bend opponent's back and attack the upper body with thrusts. Classic example of this was Akebono of course even though he was able to do solely yotsu-aiming tachi-ai too. Some strong yotsurikishi have smothering tachi-ai. Hakuho's is a classic example. He almost never goes for full tachi-ai impact but concentrates his power on the first step while reaching forward to get to the belt. As Hakuho has strong lower body and upper body, he is very successful in that. To many yotsurikishi tachi-ai is important as it can enhance the chance to get into one's favoured yotsu a LOT if tachi-ai is strong. Kisenosato had perfect tachi-ai against Asashoryu on shonichi and got the momentum he needed to get into hidariyotsu stance with Shoryu which is something Shoryu can't let Kise have. KaioU's tachi-ai is good when he steps solidly with his right foot at the tachi-ai. Easier said than done. When he was at his prime, whenever he got a good "fumikomi" with right leg at the tachi-ai, he virtually never lost. Japanese sumo commentators use "fumikomi ha X" kind of statement after tachi-ai and this describes the core point of tachi-ai regardless of the actual tactics, style or speed even. It means the step at the tachi-ai is more powerful than opponent's and it leads to good flow often. Fumikomi can be "too good" sometimes too and become wreckless (hello Kotomitsuki..) so the balance is important. No matter if you absorb,intend to blast the foe onto 5th row or just have a solid tachi-ai, it is essential to have a strong step at correct moment before impact. This is one reason I highly disapprove Wakanoho's waiting tachi-ai. It distorts the conditions and makes it more difficult to his foes to have this timing right. Then when he does he damn jumps and pulls, it even highlights that. A BIG tachi-ai by two strong rikishi is awesome to watch and usually leads to ferocious bout where both get the extra adrenaline rush from the impact and from the self-content feeling of having succeeded in robust tachi-ai hit. Musoyama and Tosanoumi didn't have excellent bouts for nothing...it was because of the train wreck tachi-ais they had in their bouts. Be well at tachi-ai, be well.
  6. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Superb sumo bouts

    Look what I found... Some uber cool bouts including couple of knock-outs. Onokuni gets knocked out by infamous Itai while small Kyokudozan knocks out Takatoriki partially. Beautiful ipponzeoi is also shown and Tomonohana's masteful izori. Be well and witness.
  7. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Featured rikishi - Bushuyama

    Bushuyama said this basho was his "last chance" and he was desperate to get kachi koshi. Indeed his sumo looked very spirited throughout and especially the fact that he was able to win well with oshi, yotsu, kotenage and defensively he had many techniques at his disposal.
  8. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Featured rikishi - Bushuyama

    Update 28.5.2008 Bushuyama has turned 32 and just made a successful comeback into juryo. He made his first comeback since the last update of this featured rikishi-page already in Hatsu 2007 and even had 9-6 record then before sliding back to makushita with 6-9 and 6-9 and even suffered a bad makekoshi 2-5 at Ms2 in Nagoya 2007. Since Aki basho 2007 he has had only kachikoshi results. 5-2, 4-3, 4-3 and 4-3 in makushita and now very good basho with 9-6 at J14. Bushuyama had the best basho of his career in my opinion. Days 1 and were promising with good oshi attack against Katayama and very clever and dynamic tsukiotoshi from static position against Wakakoyu. On day 3 he yielded uwate to Shimotori and outpowered. On days 4 and 5 he had powerful tachi-ais against Daiyubu and Sagatsukasa and tsukiotoshied both. On day 6 he was pushed out by Kirinowaka but on day 7 he had Shirononami in kime-hold and finished with kotenage after taking all Shito's attempts. On day 8 he had no problems with Asofuji and on day 9 he had another hidariyotsu stance against Mokonami and finished him with kotenage too. On days 10-12 he lost three in a row but didn't have any bad bouts though. Day 10 bout against Kitazakura was intense. Bushuyama won the tachi-ai and even in migiyotsu stance was the forcer until Kita unleashed a nice sukuinage close to edge. On day 11 Bushuyama had a long exciting bout against genki Koryu putting Koryu into defensive. Both had their chances until Koryu did a surprising uwatehineri amidst Bushu's pressure. On day 12 he attacked Kimurayama well but Kimurayama's sideways movement was superb. Bushuyama looked very annoyed and disappointed after each of these losses. On day 13 he clinched his kachi koshi finally by having an aggressive counter with Ryuo finishing with his third kotenage of the basho. He was VERY happy to have that kachi koshi and simply oozed content and fighting spirit. On day 14 he was outpowered by Ushiomaru but sent Ichihara to makekoshi on senshuraku to get a good 9-6 results. Bushuyama's sumo had strong tachi-ai, good kime-squeeze, powerful hidarityotsu and always fighiting spirit high. He is also mini-Kitazakura in his inability of lack of will to suck up the content and disappointment after bouts. This was best Bushuyama ever and he is 32! Must be healthy and sumo is fun for him now. Even in the bouts he lost he was mostly rather good. Only 2-3 "bad" bouts. Pay attention to Bushuyama. He is strong and has spirit.
  9. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Shironoryu and broken nose

    Shironoyu is strong at keiko at Sakaigawa-beya and as good as Sadanoumi. He had a great basho with 6-1 result. It seems he broke his nose in his 4th bout and bled well. He got plenty of applause at his stable's senshuuraku party for his perseverance. He will turn 25 in September. Oyakata is really hoping to see Hochiyama get back to juryo. Hochiyama went makekoshi in makushita. I think he has quite significant back problems.
  10. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Sumo - buttock slapping

    Is sumo the only sport in the world where it is very common to slap one's own buttocks? Some rikishi do that regularly in addition to beating their mawashi. Is there a reason for this? I will speculate because Oslo burned to ashes, Russia beat Canada in hockey and one sumoforum member showed arrogance at Kokugikan today. Reasons? 1. Desensitization of the skin of the buttocks in order to maintain numb tachi-ai. 2. It feels good to slap one's naked buttock (it does, try it when going to showed naked) 3. It is just a habit like mawashi beating and bamboo cane 4. It is important and tranquilizing to slap one's own naked skin in many ways like in sauna with vihta thing. In sumo it prepares the skin for all sorts of contacts during a bout 5. Rikishi test the tone of the gluteus maximum prior to bout In any case it is a good part of sumo, this buttock slapping. I have yet to witness a rikishi butt pinch one's own butt. No wonder Wakanoho for instance is keen to try butt pinching targeting a woman later on if he doesn't get 7 year ban for acting like a Wakanoho.
  11. Kaikitsune Makoto


    I have never been a big Kotooshu-fan but his smiling face, genuine joy and all enthusiastic Bulgarian comments during yusho interview, the whole appearance of his really makes it a really nice makuuchi yusho win. A lot of ultimate post-orgasm serenity, mental truce with the world, bubbly joy and yatto hotto feelings and eruption of teeth shining and everything that is related to stable mental state with nirvanaish peace. Kotooshu is a big man, big cheese appetite, big father, big heart. He even said his hurt his kokoro during the hardship which was nice thing to say and highlights the hotto yatto motto GOOD state. His sumo was strong but it was also "lucky" but lucky means he was able to do his own sumo basically every day almost and that is skill, flow and concentration. Things won't be like that in Nagoya but now he has serenity, cheese and obstacle removed. Be well Kotooshu. Be well. Looking forward to Nagoya basho. Sumo wrestling is a very good thing and he probably agrees now fully too. Hristo Stoitskov!
  12. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Day 15 lower division results

    Homarefuji vs Fukao had a beautiful "o-ou...."-process featuring a very big rikishi (198kg) losing balance and then everything collapsing including knee, legs, hips, breasts and all in a series of separate phases. It is very massive fall out of control and must not be shown as the first glimpse of sumo to fatsos all-believers of non-sumofan civilians.
  13. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Early Nagoya banzuke discussion

    Nagoya banzuke will be such that soon it is time for annual sumowrestling is a very good thing-post.
  14. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Iwakiyama and skin

    Those scar lesions Iwakiyama carries must be ecthyma scars. Usually children, neglected elderly or immunosuppressed individuals get these but can come othewise too. Streps are most common pathogens. I saw one lady once with many crater like ecthymas but I didn't know what was wrong with her. All inflammation markers were high too and high fever without other focus. Probably systemic echtyma it was!!! Treatment was kick-ass i.v antibiotics but only Iwakiyama brought the impetus to do research later about the craters and indeed she must have had rare systemic echtyma. Very cool (not for patient...). Wondered about what are those craters on Iwakiyama-zeki! Now there may be sound diagnosis. How lovely is that on scale 1 to 10? 9. Please witness images of ecthyma. I can't find a picture of Iwakiyama's clear ecthymas on his skin but I have seen his knee area from close range and admired the ecthyma scar then. It has also been visible in some pictures. He has more than one too. Maybe the gross size of his causes his skin to be more prone to bacterial infection complications like that. Here are some non-gross images of ecthymas. You can find gross images too by trying google search with "ecthyma". You can also find sheep and goats with ecthyma. A bit gross one perhaps: http://www.ijppediatricsindia.org/articles...582_33072_2.jpg
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    Day 13 lower division results

    Aran is basically pulling in EVERY bout. He is totally chronic in that. I find that quite peculiar and much more so since he does so much keiko and is strong, solid and all. As if it is so badly embedded in his spinal cord that he just has to do that. He is good at that yes but still his sumo is very unpleasant while effective to a degree. Hope he brings more solid sumo to juryo or that he will be totally destroyed there to tiny Ossetian granules. Could someone really tell him to stop screwing around there and start doing sumo that he can be proud of and results come then too? His sumo is more annoying that Goeido's total self-destruction sumo in makuuchi. Weird. Where the hell is the Ossetian pride, the "manly pimples are good for rough men"-attitude, the desire to win by squeezing the air out of foes and do good sound sumo? I whistle to Aran and not the way some women do, I want to see more manly sumo from him. Shame on him. Lets see if there is a real rikishi there or is he just another puller? Ossetian Yokozuna, use your authority and make Aran do good sumo and not cut corners and do unappealing sumo. Come on...
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    Quotes from Day 13 - Natsu 2008

    Yashiki was quite outspoken in his yusho interview. He also said he played badminton as an infant, got injured so stopped doing that, got fat and his mother told him to join sumo since he became fat. Such was sumo career start. Tamaasuka thanked profusely Tamakasuga's support throughout the years and so. BTW, Tamawashi is close to makuuchi while Tamaasuka may go to juryo now. Good basho for Kataonami-beya and Tamanoshima stopped Hokutoriki making him look helpless again.
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    How good is the foreign rikishis' Japanese?

    In my host family in Matsumoto I asked about Asashoryu's Japanese from the head of the family while we were listening to his long talk. He pointed out that Shoryu's Japanese is very fluent but it is also clear foreigner's Japanese with grammar errors and ways to say some stuff. Perhaps Japanese who say his Japanese is like native refer to the fluency and maybe even pronounciation but at least my host family members were firmly saying that no Japanese native would speak like he does in some grammatical ways and ways to say things. It would actually be very strange if he could sound like a total native. I have never seen any foreigner who didn't move to Finland as a child that could speak Finnish that would fool me into thinking it is native Finnish, no matter how fluent. There are always some differences that are clear. I suppose it is a big factor how much foreigners spend time with natives and interact. It is said that Hakurozan has been much more integrated in his heya than Roho in his own. Maybe that was the reason he is better in Japanese and he is said to be more open too. Akebono mastered even some advanced grammar well in his Japanese flow at the end of his sumo career. I have many old tapes from that time and now when I understand the language, looking at those tapes again is great fun. Big question is always how to define fluency or language skills. It doesn't say anything about real language skills if rikishi can talk fluently about sumo. Put a rikishi in a bank to open an account and discuss possible investment possibilities or make him go alone to buy a house from real estate agent who explains the details of the house and so on. But for a rikishi it is enough to know the sumo stuff well and then be able to communicate enough to survive in every day trivialities in Japan. Still it doesn't mean they are "fluent". Good question to evaluate true Japanese skills would be to have rikishi listen to 20 minute news clip in Japanese about various topics including politics, sports, whatever crime stuff etc. and see how well he can follow that. And if news language is "too katai", then even some discussion panel where topic isn't sumo or something familiar to them. It is annoying when people list "I speak English, Swedish, German, Japanese, Russian" and then when questioned more, they can understand just some of 2 of those languages and speak basic stuff and be at maximum moderate level in other 2 and fluent in only one". To be able to say "he speaks 4 languages" should require REAL skill in those languages. Someone said Baruto speaks English. Then in some interview revealed his English is very shallow and quite rudimentary. That is not equivalent of "CAN SPEAK ENGLISH". It is "understands some English and can speak it a bit". Nobody says "I can bake well" when they have done buns twice and some apple pie once without major disasters.
  18. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Nihongo - Japanese

    http://www.nhk.or.jp/r-news/ A good way to have daily dose of more formal Japanese. For example listening to 3pm news every day gives 10 minutes of good Japanese exposure and quite wide vocabulary exposure too. Of course nowadays it is very easy to find Japanese stuff online at youtube of other similar sites so it is all up to motivation dake.
  19. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Futeno's blog

    That dake there is just the same stuff as shika nai...so the sentence is more like: The body is moving (well) so now (from now on...ato =>) I just have to concentrate more (go there more concentrated). I suppose he meant that since body is moving well and no problem there, he just needs to stay more focused to not let the poor body get into impossible situations or difficult situations at the tachi-ai or so.
  20. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Futeno's blog

    I was able to do good tachi-ai but I couldn't really react/respond to aite's inashi. Effin chancy is what exactly??
  21. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Hakuho vs. Ama

    I'll rephrase. The henka didn't bring Ama any advantage as neither had left hand outside grip after tachi-ai and Ama beat Hakuho from totally equal stance. In this way henka didn't effect the outcome. If you assume that Hakuho would have been better at tachi-ai than Ama automatically, then I disagree as Ama is also very skillful getting a good position at the tachi-ai. In overall Hakuho was outskilled in this bout. The only way one could say henka had an effect in the outcome is to assume that a normal tachi-ai would have put Ama in inferior position automatically which I don't believe. You don't have to like henka. Never have I said that and I dislike henka very much too. I don't have to like Wakanoho one bit. My number one dislike rikishi for sure. Wakanoho did henka today too btw. Oh I was so happy to see him eat dirt after that uwatehineri. Maybe he smashed his own dishes now.
  22. Kaikitsune Makoto


    He is simply doing his best sumo in most bouts getting close and tight and not letting his foes to establish their position. It doesn't matter which way he does yotsu when his foe doesn't have a mirror grip. Kotooshu hikitsuke strength is immense and has always been. It is due to his strong grip, height and slender physique. In this basho he has been getting confidence more and more and at those times one's own sumo tends to become easy and flow is good. In all his difficult foe-bouts he has totally managed to smother the counter attacks. He got Asasekiryu immediately into a very tight pin and same with Tokitenku. He blocked KaioU's right hand totally while having extremely strong stance. He does great and is happy and confident and already 10-0. It is easy to go up there in such state and let the flow come. Still difficult days ahead with Shoryu, Hakuho, Ama and probably Toyonoshima to come. He doesn't HAVE to go for uwatenage when he gets such strong yotsu stances. Usually his uwatenage comes when he can't do yori so easily. When he has full yotsu and foe doesn't, he just generates his power in pulling the foe up and escortin him out. Nobody can block that if they don't have a two-handed grip themselves.
  23. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Hakuho vs. Ama

    The henka had no bearing on the outcome. If anything, Ama was at a disadvantage after doing it. And he still won. Props where it's due. Yes and Ama also did very well to keep Hakuho off the belt while getting his own left uwate. After Hakuho's shitatenage attempt Ama showed his athletic ability by still keeping Hakuho off while circling away to do the throw. Awesome sumo.
  24. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Day 7 results and day 8 pairings

    Hope tomorrow is a better day. Too bad for those who were watching sumo at Kokugikan today. Such crap on the second half of makuuchi. Sure, Kotomitsuki self-destructed with exaggerated tachi-ai madness but big anticlimax in Kotooshu vs Kise, MIyabiayama couldn't stay on his feet at all either and Shoryu faced somehow ill Kakuryu. Taikai was dropped in a second and Kokkai offers nothing. Then Wakanoho's backward pull tachi-ai and all. U's fierce sumo against Ama was good and Baruto vs Tenho good yotsu. Otherwise a BAD day to introduce shinsumofanbakubaku to sumoU. Well Tochinoshin and Hakurozan had a neat one and first half was much better.
  25. Kaikitsune Makoto


    Wonder why but Wakanoho has become my number one dislike-rikishi. Ranking rikishi based on like or dislike is a bit childlish but Wakanoho just annoys me greatly. There is something irritating in the mix of attitude, Kakizoe-tachi-ai and jumping pulldowns and his overall stuff. Granted, he is also strong and has good stuff but the bad stuff is sooo annoying. Also I think it is quite a shame to do Kakizoe tachi-ai and be over 190cm tall and yet use that leaning leverage to commit jumping pulldowns. Should be banned. At least Kakizoe never does those, not that he actually could easily due to short stature but Wakanoho gets good advantage of the waiting tachi-ai leaning posture to do his irritating sumo. It is extremely rare I favour Shoryu in any bout but against Wakanoho I certainly did and probably will. Wakanoho doesn't need my support, he has his solid fan base.