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    Aki 2008 - Some day 3 comments

  2. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Aki 2008 - Day 2 Comments

    In makushita Hochiyama was going forward like madman and Sokokurai skillfully flipped him over. Sakaizawa looked good in dealing with Mori's charge in true Sakaizawa-manner and finally dominating him quite well. Hokutokuni did strong sumo but lost when Kotoyutaka moved aside close to edge. A bit erratic but good power by Hoku. Towanoyama outpowered one of the nastiest rikishi in sumo, Hoshikaze, well. In juryo YMY was quite sloppy with his sumo. Looked oddly weird but has solid footwork now, considering his size. When he got left hand on the belt he made it look easy when he threw Wakatenro with uwatenage. Kaiho and Otsupotsu had an energetic veteran duel, Potsu finished with a neat kotenage slam. Genki sumo. Tosayutaka looked very sharp in migiyotsu against Hakuba. Launched a drive which Hakuba tried to encounter with sotogake if I saw right but Tosa leaned on him and crushed him. Ichihara vs Ushiomaru was the low point in juryo. Many matta and then the collapse. Aran is employing his 2 major tactics now. Slapdowns and that painful looking tsuki. Aran tried an immediate slapdown but matta was called, then the tsuki and slapdown against Mokonami. Aran has other tools too and he has grown significantly since his debut. That tsuki looks ok and his slapdowns are often well timed. 2-0 start. Bushuyama's final result at J1 is insanely interesting detail. He looks stilll very strong and while he lost to Kokkai's pull, he still looks like he is totally ready to do well also in makuuchi. We shall see but I predict makuuchi promotion. Tamawashi and Kimurayama both hand excellent pushing finishes. Today Tamawashi did his timing perfection thing and made it look rather effortless to push cannonball out. He has done this many times. He is strong but has also well tuned up timing in his pushes at times. Kimurayama on the other hand does inashi right after tachi-ai a LOT. Probably more than any other sekitori. Today he did it too and at the end pushed Kitataiki out. Kitataiki aggravated some injured part or had a new injury limping enought to cause significant concern in his makuuchi debut basho. Tamanoshima had strong forward going sumo against Chiyohakuho while Sakke is quite lost at the start of the basho losing easily to both Tamanoshima and today against Dejima. Futeno got his right hand outside at once and Wakanosato was beaten. Tochinoshin and Yoshikaze had exciting bout where human spirits were high and lives were at stake. Yoshikaze did his pushing attack and when teh bout went into yotsuzumo, he tried to turn Tochinoshin over and managed to do that too but then Tochinoshin did the same and lifted Yoshi high up twice, second one resulted in tsuridashi win. Hokutoriki did his best pushing sumo against Iwakiyama. You know the kind of huffing and puffing sumo where his cheeks, chest and all get all swollen and he relentless aims high driving the foe out. Iwakiyama did his best but evidently twisted his ankle (or knee, most likely ankle) and looked quite bad limping back. He may well withdraw. The pain was immediate when he got up and limping worsened on hanamichi. Ankle it was. From a source in the land of JAPAN, I have been informed that Iwakiyama heard an ominous snapping sound in his right ankle and hopes it is just a ligament and not a fracture. Hmm..guess what happens when you pull Toyohibiki after tachi-ai and fail to pull him down? Well Masatsukasa tried that and ran far into the audience. O3 digs into his opponents well now. Tokitenku kept him away for a while but then morozashi and good win. O3 looks genki. Nice ottsuke like attack from Aminishiki but Goeido defended well and slipped behind Ami driving him out. Aminishiki has lost twice in this manner now that foe slips away or behind him. Goeido looks genki. Kakuryu hasn't had much to offer against Ama before and it didn't look good when Ama got him in quite a squeezing hold but alas, Kakuryu did a splendid kotenage and Ama was defeated with a cool ippon level throw. Classy throw by Kakuryu. Toyonoshima and Nada both got their favourite positions and Nada threw new sekiwake down with his classic shitatenage. Tenho kept groping and Mickey was calm and collected. Uchimuso-man hit again. Good sumo by Mickey and looks technically sound and all. We shall all hope for 15-0 yusho or something like that. 2-0 against foes he should win against but a good start anyway. Kisenosato lost the tachi-ai badly and was target practise to Taikai then. Oi oi, bad bad sumo by Kise. KaioU got into hidariyotsu and also got right hand outside grip, Sekiryu broke the grip once but the second time was marched out. Baruto pivoted and Kotooshu was out. That is as simple as that. It is good to have such reach against Kotooshu.
  3. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Aminishiki and Aki basho

    Aminishiki is a verry good rikishi with cool style and cool head. He has had some great results within a year or so and for example has been awarded shukunshou 3 times since Natsu 2007. Those were his first ever shukunshous. He made a very apt comment prior to one basho when he said "yuushou arasoi wo kakimazeru you ni..." which means that he was about to mix things up at yusho race in the next basho and that he does by giving his all and always going relaxed and sharp against ozeki and yokozuna. It sounded beautiful. He is very tough foe again at M4. His dashinage, both-hands on the front mawashi, his footwork and eloquance. He is also quite fat and bulked up nowadays but still extremely agile. Aminishiki comes and goes well. He has chronic menisci problems but despite those he is again a good candidate for all sort of prizes and hoorays and oooohs and aaaahs. Kotooshu will be silent again after bout against his neme-emetic nemesis. Aki basho comes soon and it will a good basho with excellent bouts and more excellent tachi-ais. Someone from the audience will shout a joke about weed and then some other audience members have a little laugh about that. But nobody mocks Aminishiki who is unmockable.
  4. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Kotomitsuki engaged with a woman

    32-year old Kotomitsuki and his stones or various kind proposed an ex-hospital worked Tanaka (33years old). She went to see asageiko at a time when Kotomitsuki was shindeshi. Acquintance process took place and more serious ongoings since about 6 years ago. At her birthday in June this year Kotomitsuki gave her a nice diamond ring and proposed her. Her reply was very positive with itsudemos and all. Ceremony is planned for next year. Kotomitsuki wiped abundand sweat and declined to reveal how he calls her due to major embarrassment factor. This whole thing was revealed at press conference today at Sadogatake-beya.
  5. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Aminishiki and Aki basho

    Ms motovampire, in the current situation keiko news are scarce due to reporters' enthusiasm over the off the dohyo scandals. I need my keiko news fix. Please elaborate your keiko news report if you have such kindness in your heart. He did bouts against whom? Who else were there? Was there splendid footwork? Thank you for your cooperation. Maemitsu! In general too, when Japan-based kind and less kind people visit keiko, it would be highly appreciated if some concrete numbers would also be given or if not numbers, at least more detailed reports about mobility, technical sharpness, strength, endurance etc. about the rikishi. It is nice in a way to read reports like "I saw X and he looked good!" and "He won many bouts!" but it is like foreplay without the finish or a fart/burp without full clearance of air. The nature of keiko is different with each rikishi as some do keiko without that much eagerness to win bouts but just hobe their skills and strengths (Shogun comes to mind) but keiko shows the various elements of mobility, power generation, sharpness in technique and tactics, endurance etc.
  6. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Another affair

    Oh..nice old-fashioned "one will do bad thing in a group => ALL will suffer!" method. Maybe he wakes up in the middle of the night when others beat him with soaps wrapped in towels....
  7. Kaikitsune Makoto

    What will the Kyokai do now - Roho and Hakurozan Issue?

    That is moving loyality towards Hakurozan heh... "He says he tells the truth so nothing else can prove otherwise!". Ok, surely no loality but attempt to save one's own ass at all costs. If the lab at hand is the only WADA-certificate lab, then it surely has very strict protocol testing stuff like this too. B-sample result will be positive in any good lab (or if it won't be, then very lucky human Hakurozan is). "Police to investigate"? What does that even mean? Didn't they already do that searching thing and question asking? Oh the lab then....how nice. Also I doubt anything else was tested by that WADA-lab since it is not WADA case, just a lab that has that special status in Japan. Labs test only what they are asked and in this case the whole idea was to test for use of cannabis/marijuana. Aki basho comes! At least tachi-ai is still good and sensible!
  8. Kaikitsune Makoto

    What will the Kyokai do now - Roho and Hakurozan Issue?

    Well lawyers' job is to offer desperate attempts too. What prejudical outcome? Interpretation of the urine samples is not exactly affected by whatever prejudice or so. New sample is equally odd attempt as that proves nothing even if it is super clean. Naturally they haven't smoked since the surprise test and so they would just have better chances to get a clean result in new sample. Also I very much doubt the labs testing doping would not have equal status amongst labs ie. certification and quality demands etc. Pleading innocence has something to do with this? And besides isn't Kyokai able to kick rikishi out just like that anyway or do they even have some kind of protection against dismissals in form of contracts or so...why would Kyokai believe them instead of urine sample results? When it comes to passive smoking, nicotine and other levels in the blood are a lot smaller than when one smokes oneself. I doubt cannabis is any different and these tests must have been designed so that positive result from passive smoking is extremely unlikely. Threshold levels in those A and B-tests with more sophisticated tests are most likely high enough. I fully understand why they plead innocence. They will lose everything if the admit using but they won't lose more if they are treated as guilty ones despite them saying they are innocent. Of course they stick with their stance. Some athletes keep denying even when they have very strange substances in their urine that can't get there in any circumstances except using them. Tampered samples-defense is also much used or like Maradona said "Those tests can give any kind of results".
  9. Kaikitsune Makoto

    What will the Kyokai do now - Roho and Hakurozan Issue?

    Probably so that the "second test positive" meant that the urine sample of Roho and Hakurozan that gave the positive reaction in the "kit test" were examined with more sophisticated methods and that is the A-test. Then the B-test is the verification of the result of A-test, just like in other sports where they often say that "we can't comment yet as only A-test is positive so far" but in 99% of the cases the B-test will be positive too if A was too.
  10. Kaikitsune Makoto

    What will the Kyokai do now - Roho and Hakurozan Issue?

    Rijicho's comment that "They say they are innocent 1000%. I believe them!" and then demanding more and more tests to get a negative result is out of this world. Kyokai obviously approved that these urine tests are taken (and wasn't it so that urine tests were taken from all sekitori?? in which case I don't understand why Roho and Hakurozan had to spend more time there when others had left for food, pachinko, nap or entertainment of other nature), what is the fuss over the results? Of course Kitanoumi is not bright and he wants to keep on to his power. He is only an ex-rikishi and now rijicho. Outside Kakkai he is nothing but a uneducated, simple man with no powerful status. What is it with these oyakata anyway? Many seem totally lost when crisis hits. Takasago was utterly lost when Shoryu had his mental era and Kitanoumi looks more and more tragicomic. If urine tests were made on all sekitori and only Hakurozan and Roho tested positive on THC, it is against all probability laws that this would have been due to some "pain killer". Roho's back has been in bad shape for a long time and his back will never heal most likely so he might well be on some less orthodox medication but Marinol...very unlikely and Hakurozan most likely isn't receiving such anyway. The most interesting case will be when roids and stuff are tested. If they do that without prior notification, it will give massive amounts of positive results for sure. I am 100% sure all oyakata know that rikishi use these a lot as they themselves have been full of those in their active time. This is such a play for the "public" that it is funny. When it was up to Kyokai only, it was easy to make these ridiculous excuses that "we had problems with setting up a procedure so we cancel the tests for now" and when results were in, they wouldn't have been published at all. But if other authoritative bodies will intervene and tests are somehow out of Kyokai control, then it will change sumo. Same masking agents come into play that are common in other sports and Balco like things will start appearing. For now oozumo has been free ground for any performance enhancing substances and of course rikishi use those as much as possible to gain the major benefits from those. In this sense these THC things are miniscule in significance. They are signifiant due to the hypocracy and/or strict Japanese law but sport-wise they have no significance in sumo but roids are essential part of it. Interesting times ahead.
  11. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Kotomitsuki hospitalized again-new thread

    Nothing in the news about him not taking part in souken. I doubt they removed "all stones that are visible in CT-scans or so". There shouldn't be any problem taking part in Aki basho. Operation to remove stones is a lot less invasive than gall stone operation where gall bladder is taken out. Pain during an attack is usually passing one and in more than 50% of the cases no procedure is necessary. If the stone is big enough, then it is removed in rather non-invasive ways and even then recovery is fast. As with Kokkai he too should be fully ready for Aki basho. Kokkai's procedure was NOT a surgery, just a simple cathererization to electricute some well-established extra conduction paths in the heart. Sumowise he should be fine and doing keiko already. And there hasn't been any reports about an "operation" concerning Kotomitsuki. Probably he just went to hospital to have contrast liquid CT taken and if diagnosis clear and size small enough, he might have waited in hospital until pain was away and stone genkily spurting out of the penis thing and he got i.v painkillers if painful attacks. Then released and good keiko against food-fixated Shogun and Osh. Apart from bad trauma victims I have never seen as painful patients as acute ureter/kidney stone victims. Squirming around is common, sweating due to pain and all sorts of interesting phenomena are common. Women in labour are experiencing pain they can expect and can prepare for it mentally but kidney stone attacks come from the blue sky like henka from Dejma.
  12. Kaikitsune Makoto

    On being guests in foreign countries

    Is there such time really? Guests can be treated well and hospitality is found everywhere to varying degrees. If foreigner in Japan has built a career, contributes to community in other ways and has set up a family, that means integration has been strong. Still if such a foreigner decides to stab someone to death when on drunken rampage, the "guest" status or foreigner status comes to the surface again. I am pretty sure this kind of phenomenon happens in most cultures. At least in the ones I am more familiar with. I would think this is more emphasized in a country like Japan where foreigners are really much more conspicuous and where the principle of not sticking out too much from the bunch is still stronger than in many other countries. This topic just brought to my mind the strange system of not deporting foreign criminals easier. Hence I was thinking more of real crime than just less harmful nuisance behaviour. And the all time favourite detail about foreigners anywhere is that if you don't learn the language, then complaining about lack of opportunities, lack of social network or whatever is idiotic. If you integrate into a new country, learn the language.
  13. Kaikitsune Makoto

    On being guests in foreign countries

    I don't think it is so strange that foreigners might get more harsh treatment when it comes to nuisance behaviour or breaking rules although sometimes foreigner also gets away due to being foreigner (who doesn't understand how things are done). Still I fully admit that Italian/Spanish exchange students walking against red light so that I needed to brake quite strongly and deliberately stopped quite close to them, annoy me more than Finns doing the same. Somehow the thought that they come to a foreign country and act in such stupid and reckless way pissed me off more. They should "behave" even more so than Finns who live here and who can be reckless in their own country. Certainly can be an odd way of thinking but I am pretty sure foreigners' lack of attention to rules or customs annoys many people too. Similar example was when a bunch of very loud German exchange students started a happy get together-chit chat in university's computer lab where dozens of people actually work and "silence" is written everywhere. How damn arrogant was that. They were thrown out of the lab soon and same would have happened to Finns but the fact that they were exchange students and yet so damn arrogant and not respecting the silence at all was even more annoying. Britons' reputation of going on rampage abroad in tourist destinations is an extreme example. In Japan the foreigner sticks out more and while foreigners might even irritate some Japanese by just being there, it is not that big wonder if breaking some simple rules is frowned upon even more than if Japanese would do that. Nobody would accept it if some guest of yours would behave in disrespecting or/and bad way in your house. Foreigners are "guests" in foreign country so isn't it natural their behaviour is more under microscope if some questioable behaviour detected? It doesn't have to have ANYTHING to do with racism or discrimination. I am a big supporter of eviction/exile? of foreign criminals. I don't understand why a refugee with armed robberies, assaults and rape can't be kicked out of the country more easily. Refugees have special role as they have fleed their own country's situation. So even more so with "regular" foreigners. IMO foreigner who does a serious crime should be thrown out of the country and never let back and most of the refugees too in similar circumstances although it is trickier question as they can get killed in home country etc. Finns who do serious crimes still do it in their own country and can't be kicked anywhere. The crimes themselves are as obnoxious whether the perpetrator is a Finn or a foreigner but foreigner can be thrown out of the country or should be thrown more easily. Does that make me sound like a right wing bigot? I am all in favour of cultural melting pots and mixing of nationalities and foreigners' arrival but what is the reason not to create simple rules that if certain level crimes are committed, foreigner is thrown out of the country no matter what...
  14. Kaikitsune Makoto

    How do you recognize genkiness?

    Even without detail stuff like tachi-ai angles, grip change smoothness and reactions to opponent's moves it is possible to determine who is genki I think. Even injured rikishi can be genki in this sense. To me "genkiness" is very close to sharpness. Different rikishi have different normal sharpness levels. Ama's sharpness is very impressive while Hakuho's is quite different. Sharpness itself is largely based on good tuning up. That is why some injured rikishi sometimes appear unusually sharp or rikishi who haven't done much keiko due to injury prior to basho. At the moment there are thousands of athletes trying to maximize the sharpness before Olympics. MOst athletes training is already light tuning up and goal is to have innervation and muscles as sensitive as possible for the performance in the games. In sumo sharpness shows in various ways. One good way is the tachi-ai. Well tuned up rikishi with loose muscles and non-tired innervation can usually get in a good easy looking, yet sharp and even powerful tachi-ai. In grip duels the sharp rikishi's moves look automatic and smooth. "Body moves well" is a common comment by a genki rikishi and it emphasizes the "effortless" ability of the body to respond automatically and work the way rikishi wants. With stiff muscles and overworked body such ability is rare. Sumo becomes strenuous and difficult and sometimes clumsy. Sharpness shows also in ring sense. With sharp body rikishi can feel the dohyo better, utilize it better and just feel at ease there even in difficult positions. One important factor is self confidence. Anyone who has done sports more knows the feeling that when body works well it brings a surplus of self confidence. "I can do anything now so I will just go all out" works in anything but definitely in sumo where you need to react quickly, take initiative and believe you can beat yokozuna today. Genkiness is sharpness. Sharpness can occur even when body is not in full shape if the body has been resting optimally and the injured part doesn't play a huge role. I remember Haru 2000 basho where KaioU had knee injury and lost many bouts easily due to that but one day he was very sharp at the tachi-ai against Takanohana, delivered big pushes and completely dominated the yokozuna. In that bout the sharpness was perfect. It was just going forward and body reacted well. He wasn't bad at all in that basho but his knee was so injured that it was too big a burden despite sharp sumo and hence the injured part played too big a role. There are also other examples where injured rikishi are surprisingly genki. On the other hand there have been cases where rikishi's basho performance was clearly effected by too hard prebasho keiko and when such rikishi had some injury/fever before the basho forcing them to let body sensitize itself, their basho was much better sharpness-wise and genkiness showed.
  15. Kaikitsune Makoto


    Akinoshima also had major problems with KaioU who usually squeezed the life out of him as Akinoshima's body was so reachable. I also agree that Toyonoshima has real power and since it is packed in such a short package, he can be a real problem for tall rikishi once Toyo has shitate. Just look how awfully difficult it is for Kotooshu to counter that shitatenage despite having uwate and KNOWING for sure Toyonoshima will soon flip him over. Kotooshu can block many rikishi's shitatenage with his strong uwate grip and leaning towards smaller foe but against Toyonoshima it just doesn't work so well. And Chiyotaikai CAN do yotsu..it is a myth that he can't. He is not ozeki level in yotsu and not even sanyaku but he can beat many of the maegashira in yotsu if he has his right hand outside grip. He loses to all ozeki and yokozuna easily in yotsu but that doesn't warrant such "can't do yotsuzumo at all" statement.
  16. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Your Surprises, Disappointments and Discoveries at Nagoya

    Biggest surprise is somehow the general consensus that Masatsukasa was such a big surprise with his kk and that his talent, skill and spirit hasn't caught the eyes of most of forum members. Masatsukasa had been riddled with so many injuries during his short life that it is quite something he made it to makuuchi but sumo wise he has shown remarkable talent for long time and this is the type of rikishi that tend to do better after promotions to higher divisions. Reminds me of Hochiyama in that sense. Hochiyama was eternal high makushita but when he broke that spell, he became much more prominent rikishi in salaried ranks before his injuries killed his sumo. Masatsukasa is very smart on the dohyo. Maybe his honey moon with makuuchi was this basho but I wouldn't be surprised if he stayed in makuuchi for long time.
  17. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Rikishi Talk Day 13 Nagoya Basho 2008

    Had to comment on this as I have seen Hoshikaze's antics many times before. He has very nasty character on the dohyo. He seems pissed and appears to deliberately go for nasty moves and late pushes. He has gotten extremely agitated at matta situations before. This incident didn't come as a surprise one bit. Whether he is such a nasty one by nature or whether he just gets so worked up that it goes overboard is the question but he has done acts of similar nature many many times before and it wasn't an "accident" for sure. He just does that.
  18. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Day 15 results, yusho and sansho

  19. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Using mobile phones on trains

    Maybe that is missing the point actually. Japan like Finland is full of mobile phones and their usage is very wide spread. I doubt Japanese object someone being on their mobile in general but trains just happen to be places where custom is that no disturbance by talking in one's mobile phone. They do have places in trains where usage of mobile phone is allowed and Japanese use those. In Finland no such restrictions in trains really and I have to say Japanese way is much better and nicer. Japanese fiddle with their phones a LOT in subways and trains, play the games, watch news, send SMS-messages and emails but that is non-disturbing activity. I have watched live sumo in Yamanote on a mobile! That was cool.
  20. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Knifeman rampage in Tokyo

    I suppose this news has been broadcasted in most forum members' countries' media by now. A rare incident of a 25 year old wacko driving from Shizuoka to Akihabara using rental car and then hitting some pedestrians before stepping out of the car yelling and smiling and stabbing people indiscriminantly, including a traffic policeman on patrol. 7 dead and 11 injured according to latest reports. Long knife too with 18cm blade survivor knife. Police chased cornered him and apprehended him. He wore glasses, had beige jacket and troubled mind. He said he was sick of life and society and came to Akihabara to kill people. He lives alone. The attacker after getting caught: Japan is a safe country statistically and empirically and such incidents are very rare of course as they are even in more violent countries. There was that kindergarten massmurder some years ago and the attacker has since been executed.
  21. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Asashouryuu preparations Nagoya 2008

    Mr Sumos can go to Sweden for example when they have vacation. Kyokai is employer and can say "hai". Can Mr JAB go to Thailand for 1 week during working week? Mr Sumo X wouldn't probably go to Sweden for vacation though. Stockholm is not number one target for Mr Sumo X. Jake-sama, do you aspire to become a strong sumo wrestler in the future? Will you become a Sumo?
  22. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Knifeman rampage in Tokyo

    Most would be ready to tear a killer to pieces if they killed a loved one. Society's role is to prevent that. Human being is very much revenge oriented. Wars are full of revenges regardless of religion. Death penalty doesn't serve as a threat. Allowing torture in some form would be very dangerous road. Officially disintergrating humanity . Then again part of "humanity" as in human nature is to enjoy others' suffering, if they are "enemies". Still only a handful of people could actually find it appropriate to imagine anyone being tortured day after day. Most of us would not want to see animals getting slaughtered in front of our eyes but still eat meat with pleasure so a conviction "Blind him and kick him in the head once every ten minutes for 20 hours a day and other times chain him in unnatural positions until he goes mad and dies on his own" might make one sick but could be forgotten if the conviction would be hidden in some jail as it probably would. Works maybe but really, is this an option? People with mental illness can explode regardless of any right or wrong understanding. Temporary insanity is a common plea but it also has truth in it in some ways as often at the time of that insanity, no norms or threats etc. have significance. If you start killing mentally ill people (like psychotic persons, the more than temporary insane people), it is just eradicating the weed so the speak. Societies where human weed is eradicated are not known for their justice or fairness.
  23. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Toyasuko's YouTube channel dead

    I strongly believe someone has tipped NHK off about these videos tosa uploaded. Admittedly the videos were rather flagrant violation of all sorts of rights. Someone has probably either: a) felt important when tipping NHK about the videos b) just for sake of causing nuisance to innocent and less innocent sumofans Maybe not but somehow it just feels like that. It was fun as long as it lasted and I understand the actions of NHK of wanting such stuff removed but I highly doubt it was detrimental in any way. More like bringing more sumo stuff to people and maybe would have even benefitted. Oh well, R.I.P. I hope no sumoforum member did any tipping off activity at least. If so, then it was not that nice. Selfish? Maybe. Sad day though. That account was a pearl.
  24. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Kotomitsuki videos

    Kotomitsuki sends his greeting to his most royal (wonder if loyal too..) fan Aiko-sama: http://youtube.com/watch?v=5kTtVJMM-1o Kotomitsuki throws Kotokasuga and Kotoshogiku around at Sadogatake-beya keiko: http://youtube.com/watch?v=dcLcNcHcWjI
  25. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Nihongo - Japanese

    Japanese language is luring, multi-faceted, difficult, easy, challenging, funny and many other attributes too can be used to describe it. One of the main passions of mine which do not involve physical activity. Kanji ability as well as speaking/listening have gradually gotten better. Still long way to go and still studying Japanese is more and more fun. There are millions of sources for Japanese language but as this is sumoforum and sumo is Japanese, it is convenient to have one Japanese language thread here too. I will update this more or less regularly, sometimes longer breaks, sometimes daily. Whatever comes to mind. Basically it is to my own amusement too but of course the more input from native Japanese speakers or any other Japanese language students, the merrier the thread will become. Doitsuyama had written a wonderful series of sumo words' meaning in German on the late German sumoforum. There were all kimarite explained as well as ranks and participants. Something similar could be compiled here too in English. However, the topics covered will be from any area of life and from elementary level to complicated advanced grammar and vocabulary.