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    Day 1 comments - Natsu 2009

    Tosayutaka looked good against Kimurayama who did his pushing attack without inashi or avoidance of any kind. Kokkai got into hidariyotsu first and outpowered Bushuyama. Kakizoe did 5 matta before tachi-ai worked. Hokutoriki's two-handed push looked good but then Kakizoe just slipped away and Hoku fell down. Shotenro was caught in yotsu immediately and Tochinoshin just pivoted him around and out with left hand shitate grip. Takamisakari had no problems getting left hand outside and easily dominated Dejima after that. Miyabiyama says he has become weak and can't compete with power anymore. No repromotion to ozeki. Nice slap fest with more powerful Toyohibiki before Miyabayama sort of collapses while Hibiki pulls a bit. Futeno isn't really that good anymore. YMY has grown big. Gout he has, power he has, pimples he has, hunger too but nowife. He squats a bit to the left side so possibly gout hampers the right side especially since no knee braces. Or the heal injury is the problem. Bit shaky stuff but doesn't really lose the balance with Tenku and pummels him out after some delecate moments. Good start. Insufficient preparation for the basho. Tamawashi has incredible surges of forward power at times. He just blows his foes away like nothing when that momentum is there. He tried such against Iwakiyama and it did look beefy. Iwakiyama defended though with an extra lean back stance. Then a little slip and pat and Tamawashi ate dirt. Great Chiyohakuho's sumo with strong yotsu. Myth is that Chiyohakuho is bad at yotsu. Good win over Asasekiryu. Chiyohakuho works dynamically from right hand outside stance. Uuuu..Yoshikaze started with a cool inside attack from below, then went for katasukashi which backfired and Shogun got into attack mode. Shogun gave a look after win and radiated fire from his round belly where visceral fat does damage. Aran was 0-3 against Nada before the bout. Nada got left hand inside but Ran kept him at bay. Then a neat move changing his left hand to do some armpit sweat testing and this kept Nada even higher. A slip of a kind occurred and Aran got to side, had left hand outside for a monet while Nada was going forward. Nice first win over Nada. Compact body. Kisenosato got right hand outside and the tachi-ai was strong. Toyonoshima did his classic shitate move which is actually very strong and from nice angle. Kise defended and bulldozed him back where again Toyo held on while Kise kind of threw him back to center. Toyonoshima fled back against Kise, pivoted and once again tried to hang on but too much was too much and after a great duel, Toyonoshima succumed to Kise's final pushes. Excellen bout. Tamanoshima beat Baruto but didn't see the bout. Diabetic Chiyotaikai still generated power well enough to defeat one of the easiest foes for him, Tenho, quite perfect sumo and everything went like a dream for Taikai. Upright Tenho and perfect target practice. No idea yet what Taikai's power level is and whether he can truly compete in this basho as well as needed. Takekaze isn't the least dangerous foe to Mickey (beat him twice this year already). Businesslike routine bout from Koto and no worrysome signs. Looks genki. When Koto looks genki, it is good for the world. Good enough keiko before the basho for U. Today hit + pull. Easy win and usual head shake after hatakikomi move. Nice display of offence and defence. Harumafuji did his fast tachi-ai and attacked with vigour. Homasho did his own sumo fully with solid defence and good power. Harumafuji's tottari move disintegrated Homasho's stance and then had the flow better finally pushing him out. Good bout and both look genki. Quite unconventional bout. Goeido got left hand outside at the tachi-ai, tehn lost it but had a kind of a kime-hold but from very low stance, just turned around and around dragging Osh around and down. Quite neat win and nice way to debut at sekiwake. Some great action also in Shoryu-Kakuryu bout. Migiyotsu where not much difference in strength. Shoryu went for a quite dumb tsuriotoshi which came back to haunt him as Kakuryu landed, got the better grip, forced Shoryu to the edge where Shoryu came back from a very difficult situation with a classic throw. Kotenage with a dose of kakenage. Brilliant. Shoryu had hi right hand useless even before getting it more into play and Kakuryu had very dominant position. Kakuryu should have won this though no matter how brilliant Shoryu's throw was. By just squeezing Shoryu calmly would have done it but who can expect in a flow that foe can really still come back like that. Now Mr Dohyo Arrogance and sekinin-mantra. He beat O3 the same way he beats him at keiko. Immediate left hand outside not giving similar one to O3.
  2. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Tokitsukaze Asageiko

    Well how was the Gorilla then? You didn't mention him at all. Was Tosayutaka present?
  3. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Tochiouzan and Goueidou - Career watch

    After Haru basho 2009 Tochiouzan: 8-7 at M2 took him to komusubi where he will debut at Natsu basho. The fundamental strengths are intact. Beating Kotooshu and Harumafuji with good tachi-ai morozashi surge and stopping Taikai as well gave him 3 good wins against an ozeki. He had a good outing on day 1 against Kotomitsuki too but MIckey broke his left hand outside grip and against KaioU he fell down after tachi-ai. Yokozuna bouts were inefficient as Shoryu took morozashi immediately and Hakuho got into his form too. The biggest improvement appears to be as simple as increased power level. He is rather predictable rikishi with well-known strength of constant pressure, morozashi, migiyotsu drives and good attacking skills. His weaknesses in defense are improving as was seen is bouts with MIyabiyama, Kotoshogiku, Aminishiki and Kisenosato. When he is forced into calmer yotsu, he can nowadays generate more power and be more competitive even at high maegashira. Against Goeido he had a bout where Goeido got a firm right hand inside grip and with that he pivoted and floated Tochiouzan around and out. Goeido makes his sekiwake debut in Natsu basho and deserves the place above O3 now. Before Natsu basho he has done keiko with Asashoryu, Baruto and others. Evidently his shisho also demands a lot from him. While he is nowhere near to be a real ozeki candidate in the future, if his power level development continues, he will be quite competitive at sanyaku already. The more he can also handle more static yotsu with sanyaku level rikishi, the more he becomes a threat to any rikishi. He doesn't have that much problems defending against an oshi attack. Hopefully his injury problems stay in the background now and lower back + shoulder holds well his first steps at sanyaku and hopefully those first steps are strong enough at tachi-ai in Natsu basho. Komusubi debut gives him a yokozuna foe on shonichi at least.
  4. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Tochiouzan and Goueidou - Career watch

    Sawai and Kageyama will be big stars in ozumo. My prediction is that Sawai will become ozeki in 3 years max. Bold prediction for sure but he has superb quality. Kageyama I have never seen in action yet but he has good physique and is young etc. In any case I will follow their career in this thread until they go intai! Always bump up this thread in the future and ponder about their sumo and progress. Forget Kushimaumi's disappointment and Daishoma-like "certain sekitori who never get beyond makushita". Sawai will show the world. The bouts I have seen from him have convinced me totally. Soon will start this long time thread by summing up their careers so far with kimarite and opponents etc. New era has begun (Applauding...)
  5. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Maegashira preparations -Natsu 2009

    True. I didn't think of this at all. Definitely. Indeed.
  6. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Maegashira preparations -Natsu 2009

    I could imagine that this kind of total oddity is rather frustrating for Kise. He has no competition in his stable and beats Wakanosato regularly without much problems. Also he does seem to have ambition and desire to get higher for sure and yet he is confined in his stable doing tedious keiko with only Wakanosato. Luckily there are rikishi who come to train at Naruto-beya. There are no downsides that I can think of if Kise would go for degeiko often. His physique is one of the best in sumo and that is not a problem at all and that he can train well at Naruto but he has fundamental flaws in defending against morozashi and to repair that he'd need a variety to morozashi specialists to train with. Naruto oyakata naturally fully understands the weaknesses of his star deshi and yet he doesn't expose him more to learning ways to cope with that morozashi. I totally don't understand this approach. Kisenosato's losses are mainly due to this particular weakness and most of his foes now go for this. WHat can he do to get better? 1. Get stronger? Faster? Sure but he already is very strong and fast too. 2. Learn to block better morozashi and letting his foes inside. Can he do this at Naruto? NO. He is not competing against maegashira or juryo or makushita, he is competing against sanyaku and very skillful guys like Kakuryu, Harumafuji, Goeido, Tochiozan. Can he clearly improve his skills to block these guys' attacks by only working out at Naruto rikishi? NO. 3. Get more confidence? Sure but he does have confidence, of course it gets shaky when he loses 100-0 sometimes. Best way to get confidence would be to realise he can regularly handle the bouts he has now major problems with due to the major weakness. If he gets that "Now I can worry less about losing like a hokutoriki", he will gain extra confidence and will be good. Then again, maybe he is happy with his homefield keiko and doesn't even have the hunger to go for degeiko. If that is the case, I doubt he will get to ozeki ever. Oozumo is odd dd dd
  7. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Takanohana's diet book

    Hmm..maybe the "secrets" of his diet: 1. Stop massive steroid use and lose 30kg of muscle mass 2. Stop eating big rice meals and in general just eat like a normal man and fat leaves the body 3. Don't start drinking big amounts of alcohol. I got the impression that Takanohana wasn't that big of a alcohol consumer though. There is diffierent kinds of weight losses too. Some oyakata has mostly lost the muscles and the size that is left is a lot of fat and muscle where fat taken place. The muscle MRI images of some retired athletes who still look to be quite genki, show also the interesting accumulation of fat. Size of the muscle area can be preserved even quite well but muscle mass goes down and fattening of the area happens.
  8. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Ozeki preparations - Natsu 2009

    So Taikai got diabetes too. Doing sumo with broken rib is very difficult too. Kaiho and Chiyotenzan lost some of their power due to diabetes. Quite a bundle of health problems for Taikai.
  9. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Doping tests to start!

    So only stimulants? And surprise tests by the organization itself and surprise tests announced beforehand? Very nice. It still looks more and more like they will never implement anabolic substance tests and the cannabis havoc was a big blessing to Kyokai in this sense.
  10. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Quotes from Day 10 - Haru 2009

    Really stupid contradiction in Harumafuji's talk. He didn't do henka today at all but thought of doing henka and the other day scolding Kakuryu for doing pulling sumo as that is against the "etiquette" when facing an ozeki. Yet he has a rather fresh ozeki would be thinking of doing a henka against yokozuna. Now THAT is what can be called more against "etiquette" if anything. Great sumo by him today though.
  11. Kaikitsune Makoto

    The "Fleshiness" of Yamamotoyama...

    Fleshiness aside YMY showed today that going migiyotsu with him is indeed a big problem. Tochinoshin is known for his migiyotsu power but was totally dominated in that. YMY hasn't really had such a bout in a while where he gets into such solid yotsu. Tochinoshin didn't look like he had any real chance to win. Convincing stuff although it is not that often he gets into such sumo style.
  12. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Kisenosato-Asashoryu and O3

    Kisenosato has been morozashied in every bout he lost this basho and he won strongly every bout he didn't give morozashi. Well he did shake Harumafuji off and then lost due to vanishing Mongolian but in general it is even more apparent and conspicuous that Kisenosato's biggest problem is that morozashi. There was a time when he developed clearly his skill in blocking that. But again he looks extremely vulnerable against it. Goeido even said before the bout that his goal is to get morozashi and after the bout that the plan worked perfectly. So today Kisenosato faces Asashoryu and I am pretty sure Shoryu goes for morozashi and if successful the bout offers nothing much. O3 on the other hand has honed his skill in attacking inside and morozashi is in his reach often. He already beat 3 ozeki by doing that inside attack and today Kakuryu. Guess what kind of plot there will be in Kise vs O3 bout? Indeed.
  13. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Kisenosato-Asashoryu and O3

    Interesting question honestly is whether there has been emphasis at Naruto to get rid of this problem. It is THE problem with Kise. His opponents try to take advantage of that all the time. Only pushers and rikishi who almost never go for morozashi don't go for that with Kise. Naruto-oyakata uses weight training as part of the whole picture so it is kind of odd if he doesn't also put Kise to work on various ways to avoid that morozashi. I know in sumo a principle of just doing your own sumo at keiko and so is very prevalent and as such, probably good principle. Still, when there is a clear problem area, it would be definitely beneficial to pay special attention to that. It is impossible for him to reach the needed consistency to advance further if this area stays so vulnerable. None of the ozeki/yokozuna have had such a major single weakness when they were promoted to ozeki. I sense the evident irony in your comment but there are surely ways to refine a weakness with special traning and not screw up the mind and other aspects of sumo techniques at the same time.
  14. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Kisenosato-Asashoryu and O3

    Ja ja. Very much so. This is a big problem for Kisenosato now. 4th time in Haru basho now. Very disturbing, truly an area to work on day and night. Such is life. There is a lot of energy and erupting power getting lost there when he gets himself in that morozashi positiion. If he'd at least do that right nodowa - left ottsuke combo more now.
  15. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Day 4 comments

    Chiyohakuho and Tosanoumi was filled with action of non-stop nature. Chiyohakuho is sharp a rikishi with extra mean look. Some rumours suggest he may be extra mean for real too. Today a good example of hitting sumo although some pull attempts included. One of the most entertaining ones for sure. YMY hasn't been tested at all yet. All his foes have been caught or cornered and he is very powerful in forward going sumo and also when he gets a good hold of his foes. None of his foes so far have managed to circle much and the mobility aspect is stll unknown. Nobody has gotten inside either but in general YMY looks better and better. Homasho has been quite disappointing in his last two bouts. Wakanosato and Tochinonada are good solid rikishi but Homasho has looked oddly helpless against them. Nothing to offer in yotsu in either bout and no real defensive stickiness either. No expectation value in joijin with sumo like that. He looked just weak. Kisenosato has now done similar sumo as in keiko. Solid, powerful and spirited. When he doesn't get all morozashied at the start he looks more and more menacing. Miyabiyama was light creature to him as Kise pummeled him out with the help of left ottsuke and pushes. Miyabiyama fell off the dohyo in spectacular manner for the second time in Haru basho (shonichi was first). Nasty angle Baruto's arm had when U twisted him down. Partly bad luck that Baruto's arm was caught there. Good tactics at the tachi-ai by U and kotenage reaction when Baruto's arm was nicely in package. U is still quite a wreck but at least can give some traditional distal humerus massages. Chiyotaikai did his attack but Goeido was firmly in the bout from the beginning due to a successful tachi-ai. It is worrysome how Taikai is caught but Goeido looks much better now than on 2 opening days. Always nice to see face first dohyo contacts. The illusion and peculiar rumour that Asasekiryu's knee is somehow very bad is still surprisingly prevalent. He uses it very much and puts pressure on it well. Kakizoe didn't like to lose and looked pissed and pissed. Kotomitsuki's uchimuso is always a pleasure. Nobody knows what is his rea shape. His losses didn't really give such a good idea of that so far. Tenho's twist was so Tenhoish that it is moving. Tenho's trademark super timing twist. Aran is Aran, the anticlimax man. It has been a long time since any active sekitori died on the dohyo or off the dohyo. Over 10 years. Has anyone seen live Baruto vs YMY keiko? Takanonami recovered well from his stroke. The often problematic spot in the spine is the Th12-L1 area due to transition role and I bet many rikishi have locks and dysfunction there and chiropracticians (cult members or not) treat those and earn good money. Simple treatment method. Yep. Nobody says shit about juryo division.
  16. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Day 2 comments

    Harumafuji went for morozashi like Osh did on day 1 against Kise. Kise himself did go for a decent left arm morozashi block but he just is a bit off all the time now. Good powerful head press though and follow-up before Harumafuji did exactly what one can do in such situation. Neat spin and Kise can blame himself not taking it easier when he had time. In any case Kisenosato has been totally off at the tachi-ai on two days in a row but today survived it and actually produced good stuff. Kotoshogiku continues his good start by ignoring Baruto's pushes and then digging in as Baruto panicked. Nice footwork by Baruto though at the edge. Both Baruto and Shogun look genki. It is not a nice thing to say but it was good to see Hakuho giving Hokutoriki some extra twist to show how pathetic sumo he shows again. How can you lose that fast really..oh well Hokutoriki at joijin is bad for sumo. O3 gave Osh the same treatment Osh gave to Kise. O3 was very smart at the tachi-ai slipping through into good morozashi and dominating the ozeki from there on. O3 looks more powerful now in some ways and the lack of that extra power was his demise last time at joijin. Good to see his physique getting better and better. YMY also looks robust. Good basho.
  17. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Day 1 results and day 2 pairings

    Terrific start for Kotooshu and horrible sekiwake debut for Kisenosato. This kind of total failures prevent Kise from making more impact at the moment. He did go for right uwate but was totally opened up from the left side too making it easy for Osh to dig in and get overwhelming morozashi with ease. This particular bout doesn't give any hint how good shape either. Still this kind of instability is awkward. Nothing went well for him and Osh had a perfect bout. Gotta love Kotomitsuki's grip breaking maneuvre. He does that move very often and is highly successful in it. Solid start despite giving O3 the advantage early on. Mentally seemed to be a big relief too to have this good winning start for the basho. Harumafuji's loss against Shogun is not exactly surprising. Shogun has a difficult body for Harumafuji and has been dealing with Haruma well before too. Rather squeezed morozashi without good leverage and Shogun sure did make sure there was no pause in pressure. Good reading of Haruma's edge moves and manly finish. Good start for the 1-99 keiko man and definitely a nice confidence booster after Hatsu melancholy. Homasho had a wounded foe but at M7 he has a duty to return to joijin to bring his beef to torment sanyaku. His wrist healed and hunger unsatisfied, he will soon bloom and brings more variety and nebari stickiness to prime time sumo. He says his tachi-ai has improved, that along with functional wrist should make his package better than ever before.
  18. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Sadogatake beya Keiko report - March 11

    Thanks for the excellent report. That is how keiko report should be! Kotoshogiku may have lower back problems but his main problems are that he never beats "anyone" at keiko. He is the worst keiko rikishi in makuuchi relative to his honbasho strength. Ok, maybe competes with Sakke in that but in a different way though.
  19. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Sadogatake Asageiko February 15, 2009

    No keiko at all for Sado sekitori? They are there but no bouts, no butsukari? Same with Azumazeki pictures, no Sakke in action or so. Is this picture taking bias or why is there no pictures of them in action?
  20. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Rijikai passes new rules

    Heheh..this whole cannabis mess turned out to give Kyokai a bit less awkward way of trying to get away from testing roids and stuff. It is easy to eradicate use of narcotics as that is probably quite rare in sumo anyway. So they probably test one urine sample from which cannabis, amphetamines, opioids are screened and if tested positive, more accurate procedures takes place. Nothing about growth hormone or anabolic steroids. This doesn't change anything really except gets rid of very dumb and simple rikishi who still take the chance with for example cannabis. They should stick with being drunkards, sexual adventures with porn magazines and prostitutes and occasional roid rage. That and overeating, gambling, pachinko and so on should give enough off-dohyo pleasure so that risking their careers by smoking some weed doesn't happen so often. Vacuuming roids can continue like always and no problem there. INteresting to see how big pressure other officials put on Kyokai to actually implement the performance enhancing drugs-testing when some time has passed since the start of this testing for narcotics.
  21. Kaikitsune Makoto

    What if sumou is rotten and bad

    What if sumo is full of rotten apples and MBOs? What if there is a classic clique where rather simple men form a union where too "difficult" things make everything a mess and where active rikishi are just future members of the rotten MBO clique? What happens to the concept of a rikishi if they are just weak-minded corrupted individuals who follow the code of how things should be so that they can live in their simplicity and so? What if rikishi are turned into a bunch of exhibits of corruption and the dirty self-prostitution? I wondered last night whether then all that really is beautiful or infatuating in sumo is only concentrated on the details of sumou like shiko, suriashi, teppou, mage, nage, kake and all that? Whether rikishi and oyakata are just grey matter and have no true spirit to honour those details? And if so, why would the ingredients of oozumo then be of such high value? Why would there be any special attraction in such a silly move as shiko? Surely one could then say that why wouldn't a volley ball player's diving technique to save the ball be of similar value? I don't know but regardless of what kind of pile oozumo might be, the essence can still be shiko and the adjutants. It is the next door to nirvana to realise that it is not shiko's fault if oozumo is full of crap. If sumo dies, shiko lives. Then sumoforum won't be needed anymore and all one needs is to see the light in the essence of sumo basics and live happily ever after thinking that maybe oozumo turned out to be a big abomination as such but nobody takes away the beauty of the basic tools of sumo technique and essence. There is nothing good about how Kyokai handles things. The more they do or say, the sadder they look. The insult to intelligences is great. One can't respect such arrogance. One can respect suriashi though, even at night, even at full moon or even in agony.
  22. Kaikitsune Makoto

    What if sumou is rotten and bad

    Money means shit when implementing the first part of your message. Any sport or any activity where true challenges with oneself is dealt with is the purest of the purest. Hence fat slobs who train very little and utilize their status as a sekitori in a smaller heya where newspaper reading ignorant oyakata reside are really disgusting. Rikishi with great ability but lazyness are the worst. Rikishi who love to do hard keiko are the best. Even if they were involved in selling and buying all their bouts and would kill cats for freetime enjoyment, their tendency to do really hard keiko to improve themselves would still be a beautiful thing. The act of dedicating oneself to really get better and better is the core. All else can is really bad and can be judged harshly but still in that one thing even the worst person could be so good that that part of his dedication could be admired. You often hear that when someone says that for example Hitler was really skillful in something, some people attack that "He was a monster and no good things must be said of him!!!" but that is just stupid. One can always admire the ability or drive to excel in some thing no matter how bad the outcome or other areas would be. Just like it can be fascinating how a intelligent psychopath creates a detailed plot to do some horrible acts in innovative and hard-working way. Oh, so if a rikishi A is a real nasty SOB and kills homeless people and bankers in the evenings with a shotgun and pokes the eyes of his young heyamates BUT also trains like madman (which he is of course if he did such acts...) and really polishes his sumo and physique putting himself to the limits, that feature can get my upmost admiration despite the fact that in other areas he would be scum and should be fed to dohyo demons in a big kettle. One can NEVER condemn hard work and desire to get better and better.
  23. Kaikitsune Makoto

    What if sumou is rotten and bad

    Even if Japan or "japanese way" was all rotten, it would still have a huge number of very intriguing and beautiful things. Same analogy with sumou. You just have to ignore the shit and see the essence. If you were to become a big Japan hater, you could still always enjoy sakura and sushi. The separation is possible. One is one's own master and world is full of things that can always appeal. Puroresu analogy is not really good. Even most children realise it is fake stuff. It is its essence. It is not that sumo would all be fake but it is the way sumo is handled. Call me arrogant but Kyokai is dumb, it is not "protecting the tradition", it is like a damn committee or appears as a political group with the difference that their ways of avoiding difficult stuff is so dumb that 90% of people see the pathetic attempts of getting away from a tough spot. Where do the new oyakata go when they retire from active sumo? They vanish. What good has Takanohana or Akinoshima or anyone done ever to Kyokai? Is Terao as good as he seems to be? Should there be such oyakata more? is there really any real love towards sumo in Kyokai? or are they just office rats with bad hangovers? I mean is there really no real brain work in Kyokai? Is there really nobody there that can cause changes within the boundaries of tradition? How incredibly nai'ive and dumb it was to force the tachi-ai rule shit for one basho and then get back to normal just to show the now mean business in correcting bad ways? Screw it all, there are really good rikishi around and really good sumo but how can it feel this sad when following the news and reading about Kyokai's decisions and acts? I am a pig and this is SAD!
  24. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Sumo Wrestlers Are Good Guys

    Not sure but perhaps the homosexual sex part has now been removed in some countries. To prevent people engaging in homosexual sex from donating blood has been very common. Based largely on statistics that people engaging in homosexual sex have higher incidence of HIV due to anal sex details and the fact that the number of partners is greater. There actually is a basis for this which always comes forth when someone says "I want to donate and I am gay!" and wants change. Not that it is that good rule but there is a statistical basis in that... But it is funny there isn't any clear reason given why in Japan one can't really donate as a foreigner. Mad cow disease etc. are not really good reasons as a whole. If there are many Japanese people who don't want to receive foreign blood, then one should just ban all foreigners from donating without strange excuses and so. Who would really give hard time to them for that? Japan's bias is not a big secret. If you want to make a rule that discriminates foreigners, it would be less insulting to just say that "foreigners are banned from donating blood". It is like not wanting to invite a person to a party. Say "I don't want to invite you" and not make dumb excuses that are transparent and insulting. World where things are said frankly is good. It may be bad but it is also good. Maybe as a Rijicho one should also be very frank and just kick out people from forum.
  25. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Reefer Madness engulfs Ozumo

    Cannabis is not in the same league with nicotine, heroin-family drugs or cocaine/amphetamine when it comes to harmfulness or addictive power on average. It doesn't surprise me that rikishi are not that much in favour of so called healthy lifestyle. Wakakirin smoking despite the previous Wakanoho and Russians-thingie isn't that odd. It is not so much a matter of stupidity but probably just ignorance to think about the consequences and estimating the risk of getting caught low. Smoking cannabis is not good for you but the laws in Japan concerning it are definitely not good for you. There are bound to be dozens of rikishi with personality disorders including narcissistic and asocial and these types don't really care that much about rules, especially the asocial ones. If rikishi follows the ideal sumodou, he probably shouldn't engage into actions indicating lack of self-discipline that don't have positive impact in his rikishi growth. If one follows the ideal of physical and mental development into a great rikishi (or any other athlete), that takes full devotion too. There are often comments about some talented rikishi that "they don't take it seriously enough" and that leads to lack of ambition and lack of desire to do really heavy duty keiko. Then sometimes there are also rikishi who devote themselves to keiko and refining themselves AND can also indulge in having sex with all women (or men) in the vicinity, having many lovers in addition to career wife at home, drinking themselves to twilight zone twice a week, overeating all sorts of food and whatever extra-curriculal activities one could think of including whatever one could imagine. Kyokai seems quite simple. "mae ni deru, dechatta kekkon ha dame, hisshi ni". Many oyakata seem very simple. Some of the decisions or "this is what we say so the spotlight may go away"-announcements or the extremely nai'ivity at occasions may reflect the lack of brain in Kyokai or a combination of admittedly cultural difference of making deep bow apologies with tears and all "we are sorry for all the troubles we have caused" when one rikishi is caught smoking cannabis + the lack of brain. Kyokai who has totalitarian power over rikishi shouldn't have any problems implementing all so called "we are arranging stuff to see how it should be implemented"-related actions. Yet they fiddle with things like morons. The problems of arranging surprise testing for performance enhancing substances are next to non-existent. Same for urine samples where main drugs can be screened easily from one sample. Cost is not that much. These bloody committees that are set up when some "scandal" comes are dumb. What is it that so difficult in this: 1. Make a decision in Kyokai that surprise urine testing to test the use of cannabis, buprenorphine, heroin, amphetamine etc will be conducted at any time from anyone and refusal leads to punishments. 2. Same thing for steroids, growth hormone etc. 3. Appoint 2-3 contact persons for rikishi where they can report excessive violence in some heya Then, what is so difficult in this heya by heya: 1. The oyakata actually trains the rikishi and puts pressure on sekitori too AND makes them work as hard as makushita rikishi if they don't perform well with their chosen amount of keiko. It is their job.... World has a lot of nice stuff and is also full of shit and so are societies. Things are complicated when they shouldn't be. Good keiko atmosphere and lack of lazy bums at keiko are the core essence of good keiko for both sekitori and lower ranked rikishi. Madness is to let stupidity and lack of passion to spoil sumo. Lazyness gives ground to yaochou, stupidity gives grounds to any imaginable abomination. Lazyness+stupidity leads to decadence. In any case, human being wants enjoyment. Sex, cannabis, good food, alcohol, dancing, sleeping, exercising targeted violence towards a weaker foe at keiko (especially the personality disorder rikishi) just for one's own pleasure, these all are big part of sumo for sure. It is a strange puppet theatre when things like cannabis incident happen and papers are all over it and Kyokai cries, oyakata cries and harsh words come and it is all a big puppet theathre. This is off-topic. I do wonder where Wakakirin practises his mean face slapping habit in the future now since he is so young and all. He really slapped in nasty ways. It is amazing he was never killed by some foe who got erratically pissed at Wakakirin's sumo and got into super advantageous position.