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    Day 10 results and day 11 pairings

    Where did you hear that? Are you watching live NHK somehow?? Nothing on info-sumo clips or do you mean some earlier day? Kotomitsuki had had some fire in last two days even though he did a full class henka today. Still it is good to see he is delivering well now and power and speed is there. He already had the speed against KaioU but that time U actually had a good tachi-ai. Today KaioU just had a poor tachi-ai and Taikai was able to hit his chest hard from perfect angle. It pisses me off that a damn slow tachi-ai (which is not so uncommon to KaioU nowadays) results in these bloody charity win shit comments. But SHOUGANAI. Baruto is very talented in lifting his foes. He does perfect moves prior to the lift and since he doesn't have too much belly and his reach is magnificent, it is all matter of power then and power is something Baruto is not missing. If he was 10cm shorter ie. 187cm tall, he would be much less efficient on the belt. If you let Baruto in mirror yotsu, you need to pull your hips back, otherwise his power+reach combination is deadly. Baruto has many weaknesses but he is strong enough to force bouts quite well to his preferred lock-up position. Dashinage works on him and guys good at that are not pleasant foes to him. Today the timing of his lift was perfect. When Sakke drove forward, he did a little knee bent, pulled with his right hand to squeeze Sakke and just straightened his hips while pivoting around. Baruto is also physically insanely strong and well built. Would really like to see hidari-yotsu between Baruto and Kisenosato as that would be the ultimate chikarakurabe due to Kisenosato's relatively good reach and the power of these two guys is very high now. On the other hand I think Kisenosato would attack with oshi and use the momentum to get right hand outside on the way and beat Baruto without locking in yotsu but if there would be lock-in hidariyotsu, it would be so awesome stuff between them. Maybe we will see that match-up still in this basho!
  2. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Day 10 comments - Haru 2008

    Goeido must learn NOT to always pull in the rematch. He seems to do that oddly often and this is a young rikishi who does keiko a lot and who has been said to have very good endurance. I don't understand why he does this. He has done this against Ama before and now againat Dejima. Luckily he got the mawashi and managed to down Dejima who was very pissed that he lost. Kasugao had lighthing fast tachi-ai getting immediate morozashi and beating Roho easily. He has done a lot of genki sumo this basho and 6-4 is good. Baruto vs Sakke was full of fire. Couple of niramiai even and Sakke was even more worked up than usual. Bout itself favouried Baruto as when Sakke started his drive Baruto had his good leverage grip and lifted Sakke out. Baruto is genki too and tomorrow faces his keiko partner Homasho.
  3. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Day 10 comments - Haru 2008

    Makuuchi businessman Tamarikido faces angry Hoshikaze. Suitman got into deep morozashi and Hoshikaze was a passenger sliing across the dohyo in rather peculiar stance legs wide apart and all. Tamarikido 3-2 and angry Mongolian 2-3. Tamarikido has very good posture. One of the few Sadogatake rikishi who survived the holiday trip without losing their sumo is up next. Burly Kotoyutaka who has shaken Kintamayama's hand on Israeli soil faces Kanbayashi who had some kind of intense headache emergency a while back and some people wondered if he will die or become severly incapacitated due to bleeding into brain. No bleeding today while Kanbayashi did his pulling sumo but Koto had very solid footing, survived all and pushed Kanbayashi out to get 4-1 record. Takakoyama is Kisenosato's second in rank sparring partner and the only Naruto-beya rikishi who can give both Kise and Wakanosato good moshi-ai keiko. He stopped Daishoyama today, got left hand kotenage grip, yanked couple of times before rather easily downing Daishoyama Takakoyama is 3-2 at Ms7 so getting close to his all time highest rank and closer to juryo! Best sekitori prospect of Sakaigawa-beya of the moment is Sadanofuji who is at career high rank at ms10 but struggling with 1-3 record before today. He had a uwate-shitate duel against ex-juryo Ryuho who got right hand outside grip while Sada played with left hand inside. Lot of drives and defensive moves before Sadanofuji succumbed to Ryugi's final drive. Good sumo bout but makekoshi for Sadanofuji and sekitorihood isn't in the imminent future for him yet. Former Monster Dairaido lost his power somewhere along the line and dropped to mid makushita. He has had good basho now and is at 4-0 as is Mongolian nifty Daiyubu. Dairaido attacked and Daiyubu played catch, the final surge by Dairaido was ineffective and Daiyubu got out of the way and won by sukuinage I think. Daiyubu is 5-0 and going to juryo probably. Wakakoyu beat Tosayutaka to get close to return to juryo with his 4-2 at ms2. Tosayutaka defended well but never got his own sumo going and couldn't keep defending forever so lost by oshidashi. 3-7 is not good. Katayama's shiko is beautiful but today he even had to abort one shiko due to balance problems and start all over. He had a very good tachi-ai though and that tachi-ai flow lasted for good 10 seconds forcing Kyokunankai into defensive mode. Just when Kyokunankai finally balanced out the tachi-ai deficit, Katayama pulled him down to get 3-7. Kimurayama and Tochinoshin must have fun during the basho since they are pals and training partners and all. Tochinoshin's bad back is not that enjoyable though. Today Kimurayama is already 8-1 and firmly leads the pack. His opponent Shunketsu is always fully supported by Irish force. Kimurayama has grown. He is BIG! He takes cautions after matta and just sort of stands up and receives Shunketsu before yanking him down. 9-1 while Shunketsu is 3-7 and in danger of many many bad things. Very injury-ridden Masatsukasa did technical and sharp sumo with plenty of small and large scales moves that made him look like the master on the dohyo and Kirinowaka was the pupil sent off the dohyo. Dominating sumo with a whiff of yokozunaism. 6-4 is a fine record. He also has kids that kind of came out of nowhere (well they came from a womb but by accident IIRC) Shimotori has bad back with ischias and all while Sagatsukasa has bad height with lack of it and all. Sagatuskasa is 6-3 though and has done some big man's sumo like he often did at makushita. Nice crowding sumo by Saga! Shimotori would have needed a good dose of pesticide but didn't have that and Saga just hit him hard and stayed close all the way. Nice sumoU, OOZUMOU by KOSAGA. He is very very well and likes sumo now. 7-3! Shimotori falls to 4-6 which is sad but fact of life. Shirononami has a tendency to collapse suddenly. Sometimes he even loses consciousness and Koreans and Japanese gives heart massage. In this basho too Shirononami has collapsed without loss of consciousness. It may be due to KNEE. Perhaps he has such a laxity in his knee that it just gives away when tibia moves anteriorly in relation to femur. Again Shirononami collapsed onto his back when Hokutokuni had a great low tachi-ai and attacked from below with his powerful charge. Shirononami just collapsed onto his back and got up unaided and unhappy. Both are at 4-6 and and Hokutokuni would be good addition to juryo as his sumo is promising and he will be refined for sure. Ushiomary won the tachi-ai and lost everything else. Tamanoshima recovered from the complete tachi-ai loss and pushed Mary across the dohyo and to the crowd. Tamanoshima is 8-2 and I think the yusho favourite definitely. 7-2 Kitataiki and Tochinoshin had two matta. Migiyotsu then with Tochinoshin having better grip. Kitataiki got full migiyotsu only at the edge but planted his feet and did a neat utchari to get his kachi koshi. Nice move, good sumo by both. Arm whisking shioippai did a bunny hop and was okuridashied by Kasuganishiki. Whisk 5-5, Kasu 6-4 now. Kobokasuga's win over Toyozakura was also rather interesting. Kind of like fighting through attacking norens when entering a series of doors which are only 0.3 metres apart. Outoa. Hakurozan's mage is as short as was his fuse yesterday when he got upset about something in a loss againsg Mokonami. Tamawashi has faded away now even though he looked like a new rikishi when promoted to juryo. Somehow weak and disorganized sumo lately. Hakurozan still looks somehow pissed with his deliberate stalling and ignoring a matta by Tamawashi with disdain. In the actual bout he tried pulls but Tama survived and dispatched the brother. 4-6 for Tamawashi and Haku is 5-5. Hochiyama is not genki. Bad back is his demise too. Koryu at high juryo is 3-6 now so needs these ungenki foes to have a chance for promotion. Hochiyama got into his migiyotsu but Koryu managed to change into morozashi and ousted Hochiyama to 1-9 misery. Tosanoumi went from 6-0 to 6-3. He also always looks at his foes after he wins and often also after he loses. I mean this immediately face check he does. Today intense sumo. Hidari-yotsu to oshi and then to migiyotsu and Tosa is better than Chiyohakuho in migiyotsu and won by yorikiri. 7-3 at the top of juryo so makuuchi hollars. Mokonami did Hoshihikari's sumo by getting low and trying to get intimate but Hoshihikari outclassed Mokonami today so totally it was moving. Excellent Hoshihikari sumo and so easy looking.
  4. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Day 10 comments - Haru 2008

    O3 vs Homasho was intense again. Big tachi-ai by O3 and it was huff and puff. O3 even pulled once which was against the O3-law but Homasho durvived that. Then O3 drove Homasho out with great deashi. Good bout, genki! 9-1 and 8-2. Kaiho simply looks weak. He had second type diabetes problems some years ago, maybe now worse again. Who knows? But he lost to Hakuba very easily and his only win was a lucky one. I had a very strong sensation during Tamakasuga-Potsu bout. All of a sudden I could imagine they suddenly ask each other when leaning that "What are we still doing here really? Lets go to have a good breakfast together!". Not that their sumo would be ancient at all and they belong there but the combined age and certain dinosaurism triggered that image. Toyohibiki looks awesome when his foes are not good enough. Big tsukitaoshi win. Nada 4 wins in a row. Eggsallads!
  5. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Fat moonlight yotsu by Hokutoriki

    What a bizarre yotsubout that was. Hokutoriki got hidari-yotsu immediately while Futeno had only left hand inside grip. Then Hokutoriki went into moonlight fat yotsu mode with peculiar looking yotsu drives feet in unusual stance and face lit up in full moonlight fat yotsu. Futeno's stance was upright which is somewhat odd as he didn't even try to grasp from below and shake off Hokutoriki's bizarre attacks. Then Futeno actually lost his left hand inside grip and Hokutoriki got morozashi and walked him out. Only at the end he did some of his own sumo but giving one push after Futeno had crossed the tawara. Futeno also crossed the line by losing like this to moonlight yotsu and the way he was upright was so strange. Hokutoriki's yori drives looked like a yori drive by some amateur sumoman whose experience in sports before trying out sumo was mostly eating fast and playing couple of games as quarter back in youth before succumbing to couch. Oh well, this bout was a real classic. Hokutoriki is a weird rikishi.
  6. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Osh out

    "crying" is perhaps a bad translation from Japanese. I don't know what words are used but there has been reports of Aran crying in the shitaku-beya after his loss to YMY in Hatsu basho and Kisenosato has been crying too after some makekoshi. I doubt they cry like babies but are just so disappointed that they become sad and tear may appear. Many top atheletes hate losing so much so no wonder they get upset.
  7. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Re Ju Ve Na Ti On

    Homasho and O3 are now 8-1. O3 continues his strong sumo today by maintaining forward pressure all the time against Kasugao. He only had one bad bout and that against the strongest foe so far so t hat was a shame. Against Baruto he failed totally at the tachi-ai and didn't have any leverage of grip while Baruto had his favourite one so not much sumo there. Homasho was solid again even though he does have to start all over again many of his bouts after giving in the initiative like today against Kakizoe. If he stays healthy and can work on this problem, he will again be as strong against sanyaku as he was before the slump. Another newborn is Sakke who is doing everything right at some point of his bouts. 8-1 is really awesome and tomorrow a real nice hnngh-challenge against Baruto whose Estonians fans at Osaka arena went from being very loud to being sad mice when Baruto lost to Hokutoriki on shonichi.
  8. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Re Ju Ve Na Ti On

    Both Homasho and O3 had been showing odd sumo in the last few basho. Both have now said they were either "ill" or as in O3's case had problems with both shoulder and lower back. Now both also say they feel much better and are 6-0. Especially O3 looks very formidable albeit his foes have been of lesser caliber in many ways. Still he looks much sharper than in some bashos. Forward momentum is back and he wins with ease while Homasho has also gained back some of his nebari and also shows more horse power again. It is verry important for mankind that these kind of rikishi are genki ippai and come to high maegashira as quickly as possible. Good sumoU, good style, good gusto
  9. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Day 7 results and day 8 pairings

    What's with this talk about "poor Noho" or "scared Noho" or "worried Noho". Wakanoho is young and full of fire. Why would he be intimidated by yokozuna? I am sure he was actually sure he can beat him and didn't go there to "get experience". Sure he must have been nervous to be at the musubi no ichiban and the atmosphere there but I doubt it that he was scared or worried there. Probably good amount of tension. Most of the best young rikishi seem to not be afraid of the yokozuna challenge. Oddly back in time Kisenosato's niramiai and attitude of "you may yokozuna but I will beat you anyway" caused some critizism from some forum members. "Who does he think he is"- kind of comments heh. Nobody does that anymore as he has proven he has nothing to be humble about when out there against Shoryu. It is great moment for a young upcoming rikishi to try to rip the heart and lungs out of yokozuna's chest and annihilate him into pieces. That is the ultimate goal of any musubi no ichiban young lion.
  10. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Heating the wall Part Ocho

    Yeah, whatta shock, another burly Russian guy who starts the pulling crap once he can't just steamroll his opponents any longer... I'll save the "I told you so" until he manages to bring that act to juryo. (Clapping wildly...) It actually looked that way from the start as he looked quite startled by the fact that former juryo monster Ryuho didn't lose in strength to him and started pulling, then he was beaten fair and square in power sumo against Daiyubu. Maybe he simply got too worried and has hence started resorting to pulls too much.
  11. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Osh out

    'They' are probably onto something. Kakuryu did pull a nice little mini Kaio-nage on him. Someone better informed than me would be able to say whether this fully accounts for his performance. He's been looking almost listless to me, without much power in his legs. But that could be a false impression from a very low-res picture. I agree, I don't think it is just the left bicep injury. There is a lot of sumo you can do without your left bicep and he has shown none of it. His tachiai's actually look OK until the moment of contact when he just runs out of power instantly, even in his legs as you say. If it isn't just mental I'd say he has something systemic though I doubt he'd be out there fighting at all if he had a contagious energy-sapping virus or something. I still think he has not been so bad. Even after that biceps injury he generated a lot of power against Kisenosato. It is true that he was not able to get into yotsu against Tokitenku or even Toyonoshima but I fail to see it as a sign of weak lower body state or whatever else. He looks a lot like Kotomitsuki who also has good power but is totally lost. Doesn't look so handicapped. "mid section doesn't generate power" was oyakata's speculation but that sounds a bit strange. Unless he has a back problem then it is quite mysterious too.
  12. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Just wanted to say "hello"

    Warm welcome aboard my fellow human being. It is of importance that you shall do a sphinx maneuve to treat your lower back. Thanks for the interesting info about Tochinoshin. I will now proceed by asking a question of social relationships between Kimurayama and Tochinoshin. They have ascended the ranks with similar pace in many ways and also were up there at high makushita at the same time. Also they have obviously done a lot of keiko with each other and now both are even in yusho race in juryo. What kind of dynamics there are in their relationship? Does Kimurayama teach him a lot of Japanese by talking with him and do they do the most intense keiko together? Of course now they also train with other Kasugano sekitori. My favourite Kasugano fellow is Tochiouzan ie Ozone or O3. Have you had interactions with him? He has had health problems with shoulder and lower back too but seems genkier now.
  13. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Prostate examination

    Prostate examination is not done from the position Asashoryu was in. Prostate examination is done so that the patient (man) lies on the examination table and bends his back as much as possible trying to relax the sphincters and give better pathway into the anal orifice. Then with a glove in hand right index finger is inserted into the anus. It is important to use lubrication as otherwise it is painful. Index finger palpates all the reachable parts of the prostate testing its consistence, its lumps and size. Also when applied pressure it can be very painful if there is prostatitis. Once one is inside the anus, it is important to also reach as far as possible to screen for tumours and feces. When everything is ready the index finger is withdrawn from the anus and then it must be checked what colour is the feces that is usually attached to the glove to some degree. If it is normal colour then it is good. Then one takes the glove off using cool technique and throws the glove into garbage bag. At the same time one usually says to the patient "Ready, you can put your pants on now". Another technique is to have the man lean forward towards some examination table or so, spread the legs a bit and then doctor has better reach but this position is rather awkward to many men and they find it too gayish and humilating that it is no so often used especially with younger men. Now you know more about prostate examination.
  14. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Prostate examination

    Sure, like ultra sound done via rectum and biopsies with nice needle and PSA blood test but even though prostate is urologist's bread and butter, there are too many prostates arond waiting to be palpated that world's urologists' army could handle that so non-specialists need to examine prostate too and then the index finger + PSA is a nice combo. Some prostitutes of some nationality are reportedly giving prostate massages which can cause sexual arousal. I wonder if some experienced prostitute like that is able to also spot clinically suspicious prostates via their self-taught palpation experience and refer or recommend the customer to urologist? Only gods and probably that us tv-therapist dude with white teeth dr phil (or what?) knows.
  15. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Re Ju Ve Na Ti On

    Can't read Japanese fonts with the computer where I am now at but I suppose the article says that he had high cholesterol (which is not symptomatic really) and was given medication for it. The medication probably was statin like simvastatin which can cause muscle weakness and overeall weakness but the drug is usually changed/stopped then. For a professional athlete to go through months of slump due to well known possible side effects of a cholesterol medication makes so little sense it is ludicrous. I can't believe this could have happened unless he has hereditary cholesterol problem with insanely high levels and treatement with statins was considered the ultimate "must". Very weird to say the least. No, the weirdest news in 2008 if it really was that he used statins for months and nobody told him to stop when he felt weak and muscles felt weak. Flabbergasting.
  16. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Day 6 results and day 7 pairings

    His knee is said to be quite fine and he has done plenty of good keiko for a while now. The knee won't get better with rest anymore and it would be totally against all human athlete's nature to even imagine a scenario of "I got kk, I will now rest" especially since he wants to face the best. His knee is not enjoying sumo world I am sure but it seems to co-operate quite well nowadays. He has had some good long yotsu bouts this basho. Especially nice was the one against Iwakiyama. A real classic hnghhhh-bout
  17. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Day 6 results and day 7 pairings

    I don't think Kotooshu looks out of sorts and he actually looks quite fine and genki. He has 3 losses in a row but he was simply outskilled by Ami as he has been many times and he is now 10-9 against Kise and Kise is stronger than ever so even though Osh had very good tachi-ai and took initiatives well, Kisenosato's power was immense and he flipped Osh nicely with sukuinage in hidari-yotsu. Today Osh just lost to a very strong foe and nothing he really did wrong. Kotomitsuki looks more and more like "I need to not lose"-kind of rikishi who loses because he fears losing. There was strange haste in his sumo today as if he doesn't trust his sumo at all anymore. Weird basho for him.
  18. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Kaio and the kotenage

    He "broke" Nada's elbow 10 years or so ago with kotenage/tottari. Nada had severe ligament tears but I am not sure if he had any bone fracture. He also broke Kotoryu's arm perhaps in 2000 or 2001. His kotenage has also injured Taikai's shoulder, Tamanoshima's elbow and so on but I think Kotoryu's arm break is the only actual arm breaking incident by his kotenage in makuuchi.
  19. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Day 4 results and day 5 pairings

    Homasho and O3 both look better but still quite modest foes. O3 hasn't had any problems in any bouts so far. Goeido's loss against Hokutoriki after getting left hand outside grip was strange. Goeido went for a throw and Hokutoriki read that and just used the opportunity and applied pressure to get Goeido to the edge. HUGE loss this one. U showed his classic kotenage in hidari-yotsu. Kise took the initiative but couldn't quite get right hand grip. U then twisted him down with a big KaioU-kotenage. Kisenosato injured his shoulder/arm to some degree. Hopefully not more than just pain. Potsu looks young and so. 4-0... Sakke is 4-0 too but 3 of his wins against 0-4 rikishi and one against not genki Futeno. Still nice start for him and maybe he can ride the wave well now.
  20. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Makushita comments

    Aran looks very athletic indeed and reminds me of Alexander Karelin in many ways. He is now 1-1 at high makushita. Against former juryo Ryuho he was a bit on the defensive side trying to slap down Ryuho at least 10 times before succeeding. Against Daiyubu he won the tachi-ai, got morozashi but when Daiyubu reached for left hand outside, Aran became a passenger. Very clear loss and from an advantageous position. He definitely isn't amongst the best in makushita yet. 6-1 would be very surprising. 4-3 most likely, especially if he needs to face Yamamotoyama. Aran has good power, good thrusts and not bad at belt either. YMY totally destroyed heavy weight Takunishiki in his first match by just walking over him in convincing way. He didn't even need that good grip while Takunishiki had his sumo style on. On his second match YMY easily stopped Kisenosato's sparring partner's tsuki, grabbed the belt and swung him rather effortlessly around and finished with okuridashi. YMY's weakness must be when attacked from side but so far he has avoided such miseries. 2-0 with overwhelming sumo. His yusho in Hatsu was no fluke. He is the favourite to win this basho too and get to juryo. Ryuden is outpowered badly. He doesn't have the physique yet and has been manhandled in both his bouts against not so hot makushita rikishi. Sasaki looks equally bad with power deficit and helpless sumo. Kyokushuho had an ok bout for starters against Keno the Slapdown and won by sukuinage showing good footwork but in his second bout he was outpowered by burly makushita veteran Rikiryu who is THE rikishi in makushita who has the physique of a sanyaku but is still just a makushita rikishi. Rikiryu at his best is very strong so losing to him wasn't that bad. He couldn't do anything. Amuru is handsome, slender, strong, explosive and charms women with his cooking skills and unusual sumo body. He is also 1-1 with surprisingly good sumo. He almost beat Minami too and Minami's subtle move saved him but it was a good bout and in his second bout he won against good Kotokuni on the belt. Definitely a well developed Russian. Shiratsuka is not that convincing. Big and strong but a bit too big for his own good. 2-0 but one lucky win which was cool footwork though. Terashita is so and so. 1-1 and losing power sumo today. Nothing amazing in him. Ri has good physique and good sumo but something is missing. Not quite sharp enough. Huge tools and room for improvement. Ikioi is unstable and was slapped down even by ligt weight Yonemura. 0-2 and not looking good. He has not developed at all in 2 years it seems.
  21. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Day 3 results and day 4 pairings

    My views: Wakanoho's monkey arms are an anomaly. Odd bout, odd man. Chiyotaikai was brilliant with his tactics causing matta and then disarming Kise's tachi-ai totally by perfectly stalling and then even managing one of the best tachi-ais in a long time hitting very late Kise with full force; the follow up was very well timed too: Only reason he didn't win was Kise's defensive power and solid hip power. Taikai did everything pretty much right but lost. Kakuryu has self confidence peak. Everything works like a dream. Grip changes, footwork and so. He was very good against Hakuho all the way. O3 looks healthy but has had weak foes. Toyohibiki looks like he is going 2-13 like at keiko. Goeido vs Kasugao was beautiful. Aiyotsu between two very good migiyotsu specialists. Nobody in sumo wants to go chest to chest in migiyotsu against Kasugao as his power is immense. He has been throwing Shoryu and Hakuho around with airborne uwatenage and he certainly looks super genki now with 3 strong throwing wins. Goeido lost his left hand outside grip and didn't have much chance to counter the inevitable uwatenage then. Kasugao looks awesome. if only he could force bouts more to his own sumo and he could challenge all every day. I don't know if Kotomitsuki has some physical handicap but I am sure he has mental stiffness now and just thinks too much of winning. Today it was like a classic too much tension-loss. Sekihiryu didn't have to do much. Kaiho looks quite weak.
  22. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Day 2 makuuchi round-up

    Goeido has been strong with hidariyotsu on two days in a row now and his favoured yotsu is migiyotsu so looks very good and he isn't rushing things either. Hakuho's waving move was more like "How dare you make ME the YOKOZUNA looks like a slap down man! I am GOD, I am supposed to win with grace. You fool. I dismiss your sumo" and then he did his very well learned absolute yokozuna disdain and ego explosion danger facial expressions. Hakuho is very arrogant in his moves and gestures but I am not critizising him. It is just a bit funny how seriously arrogant he behaves on the dohyo and the facial expressions hehe...wow!
  23. Kaikitsune Makoto


    Some reports from various sources about injuries of some rikishi. Roho had painful right elbow at Hatsu basho and got operated after Hatsu basho. Cartilage damage. O3 has had lower back problems for couple of bashos which explains the floating sumo and lack of good solid defense. His back is better now and it shows well. Tochinoshin also has had lower back problems after Hatsu basho. Dewaotori's drop to sandanme from viable makuuchi candidate is obviously due to mostly bad right elbow injury combined with left shoulder injury making his sumo very difficult as he has not been able to use either upper limb well at all.
  24. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Pre basho thoughts - Haru 2008

    Haru basho comes!! Tokitsukaze is in jail, creatine is consumed by cretins and non-cretins alike, envigorating two yokozuna state is evident. Young rikishi seem genki. O3 beat Shoryu at keiko and is evidently healthy now, Kisenosato is very strong and now basically KaioU's size. Only Goeido has a slight shadow trailing him next to the natural shadow that is caused by light and stuff. Goeido's "mild calf injury" is the only injury reported so far. It probably means at least sanyaku is more or less out of injury slump. Hakuho has many yusho in a row, Shoryu is a challenger now. Kotooshu and Kotomitsuki as ozeki, KaioU showing surprisingly genki sumo in Hatsu basho and actually giving viable efforts against yokozuna and others. Taikai was totally handicapped in Hatsu and should be at least better. Then we have very solid trio as lower sanyaku giving a lot of challenge to ozeki and yokozuna. Ama, Shogun and Kise are rikishi whose wins over ozeki and even yokozuna are not such upsets. Takekaze is a questionmark at other komusubi. He may collapse like Alan Karaev against Bob Sapp. Kakuryu at M1 is a real test. He is the best "not so good" -rikishi in the universe! Well of course he IS good but he is so oddly businesslike in his sumo that nothing except overall ability shows. He will meet the best now and it is one of the most interesting aspects of Haru basho. Sekiryu, Aminishiki, Tenku, Toyonoshima are good upper maegashira challengers who can be very dangerous to all above. Just watch how good bouts Tenku, Toyonoshima and Aminishiki have given to yokozuna and they have many wins over them too. Miyabiayam at M2 may be a bit sad if his balance is all over the place but if he has good balance he is not bad at all at M2. At M4 we have the second spotlight rank. Wakanoho at M4 will meet many many rikishi who want to wipe that smile off his face. One especially interesting bout will/could be Kisenosato vs Wakanoho. Kisenosato has been able to force even Hakuho to hidariyotsu and Wakanoho has so far been pretty good with his monkey arms to get that migiyotsu. If he can do that against Kise, then he really IS good at that. Tenho is bit of an relic but decent at M4. M5-M8 is solid too. Wakanosato, Kokkai are battered but have their strengths and Roho with his Back is at M6 with Dejima and his cellulitis chronica. Baruto at M7 is always interesting and thank goodness Hokutoriki is out of high maegashira. Goeido at M8 should be ready for double digit attack and Nada sure does a lot of high quality keiko even at his mature age (Nada doesn't drink alcohol at dinner when kids are at the table because he thinks it is not appropriate. This was just an extra bulletin). M9 Iwakiyama is very very big and healthier than in ages. Kasugao is Kasugao. Futeno at M10 says on his blog that he can't do sumo anymore but hopes he can get back to his sumo in 2008. M10 is a good rank to do his own sumo. Tamakasuga the bookworm at M10 is ageless and steenless. M11-M14 is uber cool too. Toyohibiki who loses to everyone at keiko showed in Hatsu basho how he does at keiko but he is big and strong and entertaining. Sakke is Sakke at M11 while Tochiozan at M12 needs to find his real sumo again and step up not to be left behind by Goeido. Homasho and Ichihara are a nice couple at M13. Homasho's crucial basho when it comes to analysis about has he died or has he just been injured. If he goes 8-7 or 7-8, then there is something dead in him. Ichihara made his debut in Hatsu basho in makuuchi and his weaknesses were revealed to all nations. When his sumo is smothered at this level, he is not very sharp anymore. M15 Sakaizawa is the third uber interesting rank spesific phenomenon in addition to Kakuryu and Wakanoho. Sakaizawa kind of wobbled his way to makuuchi. The big question is whether there is something non-wobbly about his makuuchi sumo. His famous yawarakasa is amazing and power is good but he really needs to wake up and be more aggressive. More about lower divisions later perhaps. New find was Ryuden the 17 at makushita. YMY and Aran at high makushita etc. Plenty of interesting details to come. We shall all wait for Haru basho eating humble bread and not falling to the temptations of methamphetamine or luring reporters of malign basal personality metabolism. Be well and be ready for Haru basho. Fill your creatine storages, have your gastric bypass surgery prior to shonichi, bake a bread to your loved one and enjoy the winter residuals! Doozo. Here comes shonich disguised as Iwakiyama:
  25. Kaikitsune Makoto

    How many legs does a centipede have?

    I am sure you can't wait to know what it is in italian.... It is "millepiedi" = mille+piedi = 1 thousand (1000 !!!) + feet So we are the Champions !!! Tuhatjalkainen in Finnish which means one who has thousand feet so we are even with Italians, just like in soccer and Asashoryu fanism!