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    Long bout

    Kotonowaka had a very long bout against Takatoriki last year but Kotomitsuki and Musoyama beat all records in their 10+ minutes bout including two mizu-iri and finally a rematch scheduled after next bout/two bouts. Musoyama looked VERY spent after the bout.
  2. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Aki Basho 2002

    Magnificent home strech for the basho! Yokozuna and ozeki analysis follows now: Musashimaru (10-1) Massive domination in many bouts and few come backs after his balance was shaken. His day 1 loss gave a scare that he might be in way too clumsy shape but his weight has not manifested on the dohyo in negative light! Clear yusho favourite. Tomorrow's clash with Asashoryu is essential. Then Kaio, Chiyotaikai and Takanohana. 13-2 and loss in kettei-sen Takanohana (9-2) Incredible tenacity and will to wrestle. Many rikishi have given him all the punishment available. Taka has been in trouble many times but has survived and turned the tables. He still has rusty footwork but his skill is still magical on the belt. I doubt he can endure Taikai's charge or Kaio's yotsu-sumo unless he destroys Taikai's rhytm and totally prevents Kaio to get any grip on the mawashi. 10-5 or 11-4. Kaio (9-2) Tremendous strength and no injury burdening him. Kitanofuji had regarded Kaio as yusho candidate after few days. Kaio had a mediocre bout against Musoyama in skill-wise leaving him in very vulnerable upright position. Right uwatenage was a great finish to real strength versus strength battle. Kaio's "swing oshi-rikishi's arm aside technique" is tuned up and if that works against Taikai, Kaio will finish with 13-2 and a yusho after kettei-sen
  3. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Aki Basho 2002

    Any views on Kotomitsuki? He is at 7-1 and yet to fase any really formidable opponents. Aminishiki, Hokutoriki, Gojoro, Buyuzan, Kasuganishiki, Wakanoyama, Kyokushuzan are not at his level but still many of his bouts have been almost weak. Four slap/pulldowns and in three of those he was in trouble already. On the other hand he is winning! This can serve as a major carrot for him. Reasoning the situation in the way that as he has now done mediocre sumo he should have another gear in reserve when he goes against sanyaku! Kotomitsuki is a very dark horse whose performance so far wouldn't suggest yusho candidacy at all but if he snaps out of his sleepy sumo he might well be as probable yusho winner as Musashimaru, Asashoryu or Chiyotaikai. Underperforming in relation to condition and ability but doing fine in terms of record. Quite potential equation I would say!! Any opposite views? Any critique? Any comments?
  4. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Asahifuji, an unrecognized yokozuna

    Well I have been gathering information about yokozuna and written little articles of them in Finnish. As it is healthy to each and everyone of us to be exposed to written Finnish occasionally no matter what is one's native tongue I will copy-paste my Asahifuji-article in Finnish and then translate the essence of it :-Q Asahifuji Seiya 189cm pitk
  5. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Aki Basho 2002

    Any precedent for Tochisakae's case? He skipped 4 days in Nagoya basho due to infected skin rashes and returned to clinch a nice 9-3-3 record. Now he won't get kachi koshi but the point is that he replicated the Nagoya basho formula more or less and returns today onto dohyo after 5 days absence (and probably for very identical reasons). I don't remember hearing about similar case before ie. taking temporary kyujo in the middle of honbasho in two consecutive honbasho. Other cases I recall are: Konishiki in the basho he almost upset Takanohana back in 1997 Takanowaka last year returned after about week's absence after a broken rib. Tamakasuga in Nagoya basho due to infected skin problems too. Terao in ongoing Aki basho due to lower back pain.
  6. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Rijicho revealed in compromised situation!

    I calmly refuse to believe I was mistaken! The person on TV answered to host's question "And when do you think you will graduate?" with a glance to ceiling and a vague "Pian" which means "Soon" accompanied with a multiple meaning smirk. Person wasn't fat though and since TV usually makes people look bigger than they are in real life (in sumotori's case the effect is opposite for some reason I heard) I guess I do have to consider also the miniscule possibility that this person wasn't our rijicho after all. Only same name, living place, education and interest in sumo and more accurately "tiettyyn talliin (Sadogatake) eik
  7. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Aki Basho 2002

    Coming from you Rijicho I am very surprisingly unable to read that sentence smoothly. Strange structure it has in more than innocent "times"-omitting sense
  8. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Aki Basho 2002

    Tochisakae has severe skin rashes again. Izutsu oyakata said Terao has back pain but may come back after few days of rest to fight for his sekitori status. Miyabiyama steadily sneaks his way back to the level prior to his ozeki promotion when shoulder deterioration didn't yet burden his body and spirit. Already in Natsu and Nagoya his sumo looked rejuvenated in many ways.
  9. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Aki Basho 2002

    Maru looked dangerously clumsy although pirouetting rather neatly at least once. Nami controlled the bout in three phases and yanked a snappy dashinage to get behind. Kaio vs Miyabiyama was a mix of staggering, hovering, stumbling and peculiar limb-work. Kaio seemed extra nervous throughout the bout and maybe had some stiffness due to hard training period. I remain optimistic though and as the basho gets older Kaio becomes more loose and winning streaks are expected (by me at least
  10. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Training news updates

    Herpes is also an innocent viral infection without any reference to the sexually transmitted herpes. Somehow herpes has a very dubious reputation without real reason for that. It is common and many people carry the virus all their life; some get the symptoms, some don't. Here is the article covering Asashoryu: http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/hochi/sports/sep/o20020906_10.htm
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    It would be nice if members would modify their profile to cover at least the home country. There is some mysterious appeal in knowing members' home countries. An attempt to feel a miniscule amount of control in this chaotic world
  12. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Training news updates

    Last news before the basho: Chiyotaikai's elbow is said to be 80% now which sounds good. Makushita bouts went fine in training. Takanohana finished his preparation with 10 bouts against makushita guys. Asashoryu suffers from slight fatigue due to herpes but is ready for honbasho. Takamisakari is ready to go all out against Takanohana.
  13. Kaikitsune Makoto


    On Thursday Kaio went to Takasago-beya and bulldozed Toki, Aminishiki and others. 17 bouts altogether. The state of his left arm is better and better and while he wears a support around it and has some pain and problems with certain defensive moves, his condition is very good. 4th yusho in sight... (Thumbs up...)