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    Pre-Kyushu training news thread

    Shin-makuuchi Iwakiyama is thick, burly (185kg 170kg) with distinctive facial features. Strong fellow who has trained at Musashigawa-beya camp on many days. On 4th of November he provided chest for makushita rikishi and then had 13 bouts against Musashimaru, Musoyama and others with a record 2 wins 11 losses. He was pleased with the keiko despite finding himself covered in sand due to multiple intimate contacts with dohyo surface. He intends to carry the name of Aomori mountain Iwaki (1625m) with honour. Akinoshima prepares for graceful retirement if juryo demotion realizes. He still has a goal of reaching 100 makuuchi tournaments (maybe that was what was said?). Yesterday Akinoshima trained with makushita rikishi. Musashimaru has started training with sekitori. Couple of days ago 9 bouts against Dejima, Buyuzan and Wakanoyama showing basically strong sumo but not using left hand much. Yesterday Maru trained with Dejima and possible others winning all 10 bouts without wearing a support around his wrist. He said he likes Kyushu food and would like to win Kyushu basho... http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/hochi/sports/nov/o20021105_30.htm http://www.sanspo.com/morespo/top/more2002...2002110508.html http://www.sanspo.com/morespo/top/more2002...2002110601.html http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/sports/1106/1106_36.htm :-D
  2. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Pre-Kyushu training news thread

    Tosanoumi gave a wry smile. He has been training at Tomozuna-beya camp for two days. 21 bouts against Chiyotaikai and Kaio (+ possibly some others) with the outcome of 10 wins so he is in good shape! Chiyotaikai felt cold and some pain in his left elbow so he didn't fight more than 9 times on one training session. The weather was chilly and rikishi didn't enjoy the rain. Face grimacing was witnessed. At Futagoyama-beya's training facility Takanohana resumed training for 50 minutes doing shiko, suriashi and teppo mainly. His knee was in very good shape according to Tokyo medical inspection results and he comments his training has had off-dohyo emphasis this time which doesn't mean it has been light. Asashoryu whirlwinded at Sadogatake-camp against Wakanosato, Kotomitsuki and other sekitori rikishi winning 11 out of 13 bouts. Asashoryu is in good shape. http://www.sponichi.co.jp/others/kiji/2002/11/03/05.html http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/hochi/sports/nov/o20021102_30.htm http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/hochi/sports/nov/o20021101_50.htm :-D
  3. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Higonoumi : a crucial basho

    Higonoumi is over and done with I am afraid. There is some intuit
  4. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Pre-Kyushu training news thread

    Kaio sleeps in X-ray room. He isn't x-rayed though despite the radiation warning sign on the door. Tomozuna-beya's Kyushu camp is evidently located in old hospital. Yesterday Kaio had 33 training bouts with makushita wrestlers (I assume including Sentoryu) and today Chiyotaikai paid a visit and ozeki sweat was secreted in clashes between two powerhouses. Chiyotaikai attacked the throat and Kaio fought his style of sumo. 18 training bouts between these two Kaio winning 10. Also present were Asashoryu and Toki + 5 other sekitori. Kaio was pleased with the training session and hopes to please his fans in Kyushu basho. Strongest ozeki candidates of present Wakanosato and Kotomitsuki trained together again along with Takanowaka and other sekitori. Kotomitsuki has some left elbow injury but fought 23 training bouts winning 10 and losing 13. Wakanosato won 9 out of 17 training bouts and their head to head bouts resulted in 5-3 record for Wakanosato. Sadogatake oyakata wasn't very pleased with Kotomitsuki's performance and didn't see ozeki talk propiert due to today's keiko. Kotomitsuki is annoyed by his 1-6 record against Chiyotaikai and would like to train more with him. Takanohana has gone to bed which means he has taken day off from training and gone to Tokyo for knee check-up. Nothing negative can be deduced from that as he does that every now and then as scheduled control. Futagoyama-oyakata has indicated Takanohana is in better shape than before Aki basho. Takanohana himself mentioned few days ago that he trains daily with weights and exercise equipment. He returns to keiko tomorrow. Some days ago there was small sentence illuminating the axon perkyness of his knee which is a good sign and enhances his knee's homeostasis. Tochiazuma was sharp at Musashigawa-beya. 20 training bouts against Miyabiyama, Dejima and others. Good quality sumo. Musashimaru has only trained with sandanme and makushita guys not being able to generate much power with his left hand yet. http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/sports/1101/1101_30.htm http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/hochi/sports/oct/o20021030_40.htm http://www.sponichi.co.jp/others/kiji/2002/10/31/02.html http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/hochi/sports/oct/o20021029_30.htm http://www.sanspo.com/morespo/top/more2002...2002103101.html
  5. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Kyushu Basho 2002 Makuuchi Banzuke

    Very interesting M1-M2. Upsetters + Hokutoriki who will lose to Chiyotaikai with yorikiri or uwatenage again. Juryo is filling with new stars as older ones return to non-mawashi life. Kasugao, Takekaze, Asasekiryu are all future makuuchi material without a doubt. Higonoumi is on the inevitable home strech of his career. Furuichi returns after a longish spell in makushita. Very technical wrestler weighing less than 100kg. He won three times in row with kainahineri in Aki raising from ashes (0-3) to 3-3 and then in decisive bout walking out Juzan by yorikiri.
  6. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Boltono's game

    Despite certain individuals' negative attitude towards the sensibility of the game I am very glad I managed to clinch the victory! Boltono did promise to take into consideration the overwhelming difficulty level induced problems in recruiting players (only 8 played) so next time more participants definitely needed as there will be easier pictures
  7. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Boltono's game

    Any courageous warriors who have analysed Boltono's rikishi pictures and who have submitted a team mind full of positive anticipation concerning the results which be published soon after deadline (Saturday)? I found the competition very challenging. Still there are plenty of factors one can base on one's guesses. At first sight many pictures look impossible but with some more of analytical approach gives ground to many theories. For example the grip is a good lead, stance is another. Then sheer appearance factors, mawashi colour, the amount of audience (juryo/makuuchi), bracings, fat allocation etc. sum up a fine detective work puzzle! What are your experiences/opinions on this game? The game is here. In case you haven't participated yet you have until Saturday. Send your guesses to Boltono by email and not on the forum there. http://groups.msn.com/SUMOWITHBOLTONO
  8. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Pre-Kyushu training news thread

    Akinoshima looked hard working as ever during last week's jungyo. He still is determined to retire if he will fall to juryo but does his utmost best to hang in there. Akinoshima is now the oldest makuuchi rikishi and needs at least 7 wins to prolong his career. Tochiazuma finished jungyo tour with 11 spirited bouts against Dejima, Iwakiyama, Buyuzan and Tochinonada. He is looking forward meeting Takanohana on the dohyo the first time since his promotion to ozeki. Takanohana says he is not 20 anymore and body doesn't recuperate as fast as it used to. He has continued his way of preparing for the basho and indicated he would intensify training during the last couple of weeks prior to Kyushu whereas Maru's wrist joint cartilage damage bothers him but he also wants to increase pace for Kyushu. Both yokozuna are THE questionmarks of Kyushu basho. http://www.sanspo.com/morespo/top/more2002...2002102804.html http://www.sanspo.com/morespo/top/more2002...2002102704.html http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/hochi/sports/oct/o20021025_70.htm
  9. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Pre-Kyushu training news thread

    Dejima has been training lately and participated in jungyo bout against Kotomitsuki a week or so ago losing it. He has also trained with Musoyama and Buyuzan so his thigh muscle tear has evidently healed up pretty well and it is now a question of getting back to full shape for Kyushu basho. He did show tremendous de-ashi in Nagoya basho prior to his injury so who knows we may witness a reasoanably genki Dejima who hopefully has gotten rid of his inflammated calf burden. Aogiyama has been absent from jungyo and his stablemates Tokitsuumi and Shimotori refused to give any hint for the reason why Aogiyama is skipping jungyo. He may be forced to sit out Kyushu basho or compete in bad shape ala Hayateumi. Musashimaru's hand is still problematic and inconvenient for ozumo. Kotomitsuki, Wakanosato and Takanowaka have gathered together for intense keiko on many occasions again. At the moment it looks like Tochiazuma and Dejima will be back after kyujo in Aki basho. Both have been able to train well lately. All ozeki should be participating in more or less good form. Yokozuna appear to have most insecure prospects as Maru has his hand/wrist injury and Takanohana's extreme post-basho fatigue and light preparation again makes him very vulnerable to mediocre performance in Kyushu after honeymoon spell is history IMO
  10. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Pre-Kyushu training news thread

    On 20th October Takanohana stepped onto dohyo to do a bit of butsugari-keiko with Takekaze who was very excited about this opportunity to train with Takanohana. Dejima did keiko with Asasekiryu. http://www.sanspo.com/morespo/top/more2002...2002102101.html Kaio received encouragement from Terao. Kaio had been upset about having to restrict keiko a bit due to his injury problems. Evidently his arm is not 100% yet and possibly his lower back has been having a worse period. Terao's encouragement boosted Kaio's spirit and he took his support off his arm and had 13 training bouts on 21st October. I suppose this explains a bit Kaio's less than optimal jungyo-tournament success and a mere 6-8 record during training session with Musoyama and Chiyotaikai. He is looking forward to Kyushu basho as are we all. http://www.sponichi.co.jp/others/kiji/2002/10/22/02.html Kotonowaka and Asanowaka visited an elementary school on 21st October. According to article this was the same school where that madman attacked children with knives in June. Due to rainy weather the wrestling took place at the school's gym. Kotonowaka looked stable and didn't lose by kirikaeshi against a group of kids. Smiling faces prevailed. http://www.sponichi.co.jp/others/kiji/2002/10/22/01.html http://www.sanspo.com/morespo/top/more2002...2002102201.html Regular stuff on Azuma here: http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/hochi/sports/oct/o20021021_30.htm Just some blabbing. He is ok and so. 11 bouts again. Shoulder feels good etc.
  11. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Sumoforum is a football

    Kaikitsune is an empty beer bottle which has metamorphotic ablities to transform into clay crum and sing Christmas-songs to Mongolian DNA-molecules on Kyokutenho's left heel cells during honbasho in Kokugikan when contact is made.
  12. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Pre-Kyushu training news thread

    Chiyotaikai resumed full power training. His opponents were big caliber fellow ozeki Kaio and Musoyama. Taikai still has some problems with his left elbow but appears to be in good shape. 20 high quality bouts took place in 16 minutes (real moshi-ai keiko). Chiyotaikai and Musoyama had 7 wins and 6 losses both while Kaio managed 6 wins but lost 8 times. Musoyama showed improving condition. http://www.sponichi.co.jp/others/kiji/2002/10/19/02.html http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/hochi/sports/oct/o20021018_60.htm And in your posts it is easy to tell you are very excited over your gradual improvement too!
  13. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Pre-Kyushu training news thread

    Takanohana doesn't find bus traveling propiert and uses private cars which perhaps refers to a nice Mercedes Benz. Speculation is that he wants to spare his knee from lengthy non-extending bus footspace experiences. There are no indications his knee would have any problems though. Today he did 14 minutes of shiko next to dohyo and stepped firmly signaling a visual message for reporter that no injury aspect is presently relevant. Tochiazuma is not worried about his shoulder anymore and wants to regain his natural sumo asap. 11 practise bouts against Takamisakari, Miyabiyama and Chiyotenzan winning all 11. I hope I understood this correctly from the article. If I missinterpreted, please correct me cordially. http://www.sponichi.co.jp/others/kiji/2002/10/18/01.html
  14. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Who is your favourite rikishi?

    First time in my life I felt like a veteran sumofan after reading this sentence from a guy who is in charge of Super Banzuke and seems to have watched sumo for a reasonably long time
  15. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Spanish sumo bulletin

    Great work! Can't read Spanish at all but the articles after Aki basho reports seemed to cover various interesting sumo-related topics. News from ozumo happenings and celebrity spottings etc. The value of such all-around publication to Spanish understanding sumofans is most likely a major one as it serves as a neat sumo news sum up especially if you guys intend to make one after every honbasho and hence create a continuous timeline till eternity or annihilation of the Earth. If you'd be interested in some heavy rikishi analysis or kimarite stuff I'd be happy to offer you some article every now and then (with discrete objectiveness of course)
  16. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Should I keep a journal?

    One vote for yes! I am sure your days will be busy and hard during the first months so it could turn out to be very tiresome to do extra work on-line but naturally many of us would be thrilled to hear your experiences as an apprentice! In any case I am sure your career will be followed on this forum very closely.
  17. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Kotomitsuki won tournament

    36 sekitori participated in a tournament on Sunday. Takanohana withdrew without fighting causing a huge sigh amongst 5500 spectator in Nagoya. He is eager to have a good solid basho in Kyushu but evidently is still tired or continues his own ways of preparation. Kotomitsuki was strong winning the tournament. He beat Asashoryu and Miyabiyama on his way to collecting the 200 000 yen prize money. http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/hochi/sports/oct/o20021006_100.htm http://www.sponichi.co.jp/others/kiji/2002/10/07/05.html
  18. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Chiyonofuji's right biceps

    I don't remember either. Maybe he did tore his right biceps long head tendon (accounts of majority of all biceps tendon ruptures, over 90%) which causes a bulging deformity. Usually not surgically repaired and evidently nearly full or even full strength can be restored with rehabilitation. And yes unstable shoulder is a risk factor contributing to injuring the biceps tendon. http://www.ahense.de/sumo.html Maybe he does have deformity there. Hard to say as his muscles are so well developed and the little bulging appearing in that side picture could be just normal. Here is biceps tendon anatomy illustrated: Well could well be the tendon fracture or simply torn biceps but not sure about this..
  19. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Who is your favourite rikishi?

    >snip< Great fan-appreciation speech for Toki by Mr Vinyl! I'd like to add something. One of the appealing features in Toki's sumo is his quite common but yet characteristical breathing rhytm - the elastic and collagen fibers in his skin layers embracing his cheeks stretch in harmony as Toki exhales strongly with cheeks full of air when battering his foes with slaps, throat thrusts etc. Sometimes he roars when exhaling air vibrates his vocal cords. All this is often predictable and it's evident that at the very moment his breathing rhytm ceases to work in favour of him, he is bound to lose.
  20. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Chiyonofuji's right biceps

    It was? I tried to look at the pictures I have of Chiyonofuji but didn't see any conspicuous deformity in his right biceps. Usually "deformed" biceps is due to it's tendons rupture at the top part which leads to "fall" of the biceps and Popeye-effect comes into play. I don't know. Put a good picture of him and his biceps on this thread and we shall examine further :-)
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    Who do you think will be back in Makuuchi in '03 ?

    I*ll go for Kitazakura. He was holding his own in makuuchi prior to his knee problems. His brother is doing well and that can trigger Kita to work even harder to stay at his brother's pace. Also Kita shows major disappoinment every time he loses which is a good sign and he enjoys his wins too. So Kitazakura will be back in makuuchi in 2003! Hayateumi will get back up immediately if he gets his knee/knees back in reasonable condition. I don't know if he injured his ACL again (if it is ruptured already, nothing much to injure in that structure anymore) but it is clear that he suffers from knee problems more than anyone else in sekitori-level. I am curious to see what will he do now and how can he get back in shape and by which means particularly. I seriously doubt Wakakosho, Higonoumi, Hamanoshima or Yotsukasa get back in makuuchi anymore. I would bet a lot against Higonoumi's or Hamanoshima's return and Yotsukasa + Wakakosho have a juryo-stamp on their mawashi. Daizen has appeared tired but he has rebounded before... Possible due to same reason why Takanohana had perfect bouts against Chiyotaikai, Kaio, Musoyama and Asashoryu in Aki basho - perfect "natural flow" without any thinking nor expectations but just feeling the sumo. Takanohana did stunning sumo and was ridiculously perfect in his ozeki-bouts (his bout against Chiyotaikai is one of a kind in timing-excellence), Sentoryu probably just had perfect rhytm in his tsuppari and no spesific strategy during that 5-0 start. Unfortunately that kind of "floating in the air"-brilliant sumo after a break is impossible to maintain. Sentoryu collapsed to 2-5 and we shall see if Taka can get 10-5 in Kyushu. Resurgent honeymoon is over and if Taka clinches another 13-2 in Kyushu he is definitely the most INCREDIBLE rikishi of all times.
  22. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Aki jungyo

  23. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Kotomitsuki is back!?

    Kotomitsuki's sumo was great against Wakanosato and Asashoryu but he was winning in back pedaling fashion against many mediocre maegashira which would be unheard of from solid ozeki prospect. The shining aura of Koto is most visible in his 100-0 domination bouts which also make him a very viable ozeki candidate but somehow he still lacks stability and certain rage in the long run. His tachi-ai weakness was very apparent in Aki basho. When he was in juryo his biggest problem was the lack of powerful tachi-ai. Since then he improved it significantly and stopped on-form Dejima and Musoyama on their tracks many times. Now in Aki basho he got manhandled at the tachi-ai too many times (ozeki candidate escaping from the jaws of defeat at the tawara against Kasuganishiki!?) and showed major lack of defensive power (got muscled onto the tawara by Akinoshima). Then all of a sudden he throws Asashoryu in businesslike manner after a defending his attacks calmly even when
  24. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Aki Basho 2002

    Hayateumi is in junction now and has to make the decision on how to continue his career. If the ACL fully ruptured now it could even be turn out to be a "blessing" as he might be forced to resort to surgery now. If he gets kosho status and gets operated in the next 2 weeks he might be able to return in Haru basho at low makushita. On the other hand he might have screwed up other structures in the knee due to instability caused by already damaged ACL. I am very pleased with the way Kaio won too!
  25. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Long bout

    http://www.sumonow.net Joyfully revived!