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    Day 14 lower division results

    In sandanme there will be a inter-heya play-off between technically skilled and small 19-year old Toyonoshima and Mongolian mini menace Tokitenku (23) with his impressive 21-0 record. Tokitenku is a real leg technician. Both belong to Tokitsukaze-beya where Shimotori, Tokitsuumi and Aogiyama peck chanko first according to chanko pecking order.
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    Day 14 lower division results

    Dewanofuji didn't look particularly impressive against the stable and super-genki Gokenzan today. The play-off participants tomorrow are: Dewanofuji: Dewanoumi-beya's suddenly bloomed 25 something old medium weight medium-style rikishi who is the stablemate of two current juryo Kinkaiyama and Oginishiki. He is accustomed to hugging bears as Towanoyama the Jysky is also in his heya. Hochiyama: Human being from Aomori. 21 years old fellow. Amanogawa-zeki knows more about him I bet. Bushuyama: 26-year old basic makushita rikishi whose shikona resembles that of Buyuzan's. After three consecutive 3-4 make koshi results in makushita he has turned things around at Ms55. Kokkai: Georgian 21 year old talent weighing about 150kg without excessive fat has been taking smalle steps forward and backwards in high makushita for few bashos but has now reached a point where promotion to juryo is quite probable. Resembles Roho a lot. Sumanofuji: Pretty aggressive 25 year old rikishi with fighting spirit and explosiveness but who hasn't fared well at juryo level before. High makushita is problematic to him. Ryuo: Mongolian talent who might take makushita yusho now at the age of 19. Almost solely oshi/tsuki rikishi based on the kimarite of his winning bouts. Oshidashi prevails along with slap/pulldowns and tsukiotoshi. No yorikiri victories. Uchida: In his bout against Sentoryu he absorbed Sentoryu's charge well without much danger, then started his own attack and finally stepped aside and let Sentoryu fall down. Uchida looked very mature with natural sumo skills and stable body. College champion. INteresting play-off coming! Tomozuna-beya lower ranked rikishi report: Tanaka Ms9W 4-3 Sentoryu Ms18 5-2 Kainowaka Ms48E 5-2 Kaishoryu Ms58W 4-2 so far All makushita rikishi got kachi koshi! Well done!
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    Logic and riddles!

    My love towards riddles, logic and clouds forces me to riddle you people. 1. We assume that every sumoforum member has different amount of emails in their inbox (one might have 21 and another might have 87 etc.) 2. But nobody has EXACTLY 167 emails in their inbox. 3. Lastly, there are more sumoforum members than any single member has emails in his/her inbox. What is the maximum amount of sumoforum members so that the aforementioned assumptions hold? (Forget the real sumoforum member number 101 now. That has no relevance. Imagine you have no idea how many members there are in reality.)
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    Logic and riddles!

    3 genki sumoforum members walk in the park admiring the agility of squirrels in the trees. One member always tells the truth (pathological truth teller), one member always lies (pathological liar) and one is more or less normal (despite the fact that she/he likes henka more than anything in sumo) and sometimes tells the truth AND sometimes lies. All of a sudden member A recites a sentence with solemn tone of voice: "I am normal!". B stares at A in awe and after 2.8 earth seconds says calmly "That is true!". C squats down and performs a brilliant shiko and utters "I am not normal". An evedropper behind a near-by tree is informed that one of these sumo forum members is pathological truth teller, one is pathological liar and one is normal (minus excessive henka loving). The question is who is what!? This one is a bit more challenging one but a good riddle! All similarities to active or passive actual sumo forum members are coincidential and the riddle is utmost fictive. Good luck!
  5. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Hatsu Basho 2003

    Thanks Fransu always for the comments of the bouts! I would believe it. I believe in Nada being an unbelievable rikishi in many ways. 4 straight feeble losses followed by some major domination over the next 8 victorious bouts is not that odd when the rikishi concerned is Mr Unpredictable. Also Hokutoriki's only chance against Tochinonada is oshi as Nada would eat him for dinner if bout went to mawashi so tactically I doubt Hoku did anything wrong. Dejima's pushing wasn't very effective today. Takanotsuru forced the bout to belt pretty easily and pressed Deji down. I couldn't quite understand how Naruto-oyakata could say that Takanotsuru is even a lot more talented than either Wakanosato or Takanowaka but this basho Tsuru has shown some of that hidden talent. He is often rock solid. Despite the controversy of the dotai (looked like Taka got it with big margin), Musoyama has revived a lot of his strength after looking like Musoyama of Nagoya 2000 when he went 4-11 at fresh ozeki due to back problems. Malicious!
  6. Kaikitsune Makoto


    My understanding is that makushita 15 tsukedashi rikishi is automatically promoted to juryo in case of 7-0. All rikishi higher than Mk15 tsukedashi rank are also automatically promoted in case of 7-0. However, I am not 100% sure about if rikishi loses at play-off after a 7-0, then is the promotion still always guaranteed? I would think so but wiser men/women can clarify!
  7. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Koshinage by Wakanosato

    Wakanosato's koshinage was the first koshinage in makuuchi since 1963 Natsu basho day 2 when Wakanami beat Daiyuu with koshinage. Koshinage is a hip throw and considered a real power throw. Kaiho must have had a good drive going when Wakanosato has deployed that! Mainichi reports Kaiho was excellent but Waka used his brutal power at the end to flatten the little technician. Looking forward to Dale's day 10 posts...
  8. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Asashoryu News

  9. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Hatsu Basho 2003

    I'd say "20 to 1" odds for Takanohana miss one or two zeros after 2. Some laws of physic are valid even in the case of living sumo god Takanohana. He has no strength left. He is simply WEAK. Wakanosato is the main yusho hunter now with Dejima. Wakanosato has his bout against Asashoryu left and assuming he wins it (Even rivalry) it could still be a close one. Shoryu is overwhelming favourite but is definitely stoppable as Tokitsuumi showed today. The level of competition is tragicomic. Musoyama is a shadow wrestling with either greatly worsened back (gesture language indicates to that IMO) or some other injury, Kotomitsuki has one elbow and Takanohana, Kaio, Taikai, Azuma, Miyabiyama.... I don't like the prospects of Musoyama, Tochiazuma, Kotomitsuki. All have nagging problems with bodyparts. Kaio is often mentioned as injury plagued but Azuma and Musoyama (if his back indeed has worsened again) are the ozeki with poorest prospects now when it comes to regaining peak. Kotomitsuki might recover fully but the extent of that elbow pain suggests a more serious process going on inside that joint. Kotonishiki was a victim of degenerative elbow cartilage which isn't what yotsu-rikishi wants. Lets hope for the best though. Not so strange to Mr Unpredictable. I hope they put him up against Asashoryu at some point.... Dejima's health and mood is better than in ages. He was all smiles in one article after a long era of miserable sumo-agony. De-ashi works and power enters the body well. Bunny hops mediate the power of those fully genki massive muscles cells of his thighs. Iwakiyama is strong! Akinoshima has been carrying a knee injury according to Mainichi shimbun.
  10. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Logic and riddles!

    After a creative break, couple more riddles on their way to digress you from your daily thinking processes at work/school/toilet. You walk calmly to the entrance of a sumoforum dungeon (where naughty sumoforum members are locked up with nothing but yaocho claims documents and three fat rats in mawashi). There you encounter three guards who look odd and have stupid names A, B and C. Some of these guards have a feature of always telling the truth whereas some always lie. Your idyllic mission is to find out who are truth-tellers and who always lie. 1. If A says: "We are all liars" and B says "Exactly one of us is a liar", can you deduce based on these comments whether B is a liar or truth-teller? And what is C? 2. What about if A says "I am a liar but B isn't"
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    Are there many opinions on Kasugao here? To me he looks excellent despite his obvious shortcomings which might well be corrected in time. He has many techniques, able to throw from various postures, excellent hip-stance in yorikiri/oshidashi, quite optimal weight full of strength and muscle and especially his immature opening moments of the bout makes him very "coachable"! His tachi-ai is often slow and oblivious and he gives a lot of advantage to his foes in that. Yet once he settles in he can work on many techniques and shows power in his moves. I haven't seen his loss to Tamarikido so hard to know what went wrong. This guy is promising even with his experience in Korean wrestling and sumo meaning his development curve shouldn't reach the peak any time soon if all goes well. I am interested in seeing how he does against sanyaku rikishi in Haru or Natsu. Good rivalry between him and Asasekiryu. Kasugao had dominated their bouts so far winning all 4 (I think) and in training Kasugao has showed good strength beating ozeki (Asashoryu). Tachi-ai training and seasoning in makuuchi as prescription for him...
  12. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Me, Myself and Sumo.

    Welcome aboard Exil! Nice to see a new Finnish member here. Tervetuloa joukkoon kansainv
  13. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Kyujo announcements and speculations

    Whatever problems Azuma had prior to his bout against Dejima, he evidently dislocated his shoulder in that heavy fall when Deji turned things around. He said he heard a crunching noise at the impact. He was hoping to continue fighting on day 6 but in the morning shoulder condition had deteriorated and he went kyujo. 2 months is mentioned once again as the recovery time. Doesn't look good for Azuma with constant shoulder dislocations and rotator cuff tears. His shoulder is becoming a real burden for his future career. Kotomitsuki's elbow is painful which was evident after his bout against Wakanosato. He simply held the arm flexed and was careful not to move it while walking back to his side of the dohyo. Then again he has beaten Tenho today. Tamakasuga's knee injury is a meniscus tear. Kaio has started training bouts two days ago. Before that he had done a lot of other training.
  14. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Weighing rikishi

    Some weight gainers since Aki basho: Akinoshima 148,5 => 158 Tochinohana 148 => 157 Juzan 161 => 170 Iwakiyama 170 => 177 Kaiho 122 => 128 Miyabiyama and Wakakosho gained few kilos and founded a +180 club where they play board games and such. Miyabiyama is now 181kg and Wakakosho 180kg. Asashoryu's bench press after some work out was 180kg but he couldn't lift Wakakosho because it is very hard to lift a human being compared to bar. Buyuzan lost 7kg and is now 158kg fighting in juryo. Kotonowaka has weighed exactly 175kg for ages now. Maybe he skips the weigh-ins with some excuse....same goes for Chiyotenzan. Aminishiki's weight is very stable too. 124kg now. Toki lost 4kg and is now 162kg. His sideburns can't weigh much despite the formidable size. Wakanosato is at all time high 161kg. Kasugao makes his debut in makuuchi with 151kg weight which is identical to Kotomitsuki's but Shimotori's weight is 152 which equals Tochiazuma's weight and they are joined by Takanowaka who is taller than the other two 152kg rikishi though. Many rikishi gained weight a bit.
  15. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Hoshifransu - the return

    Welcome back Hoshifransu!!! Beaucoup Bienvenue! Welcome a lot! :-D
  16. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Kyujo announcements and speculations

    Tochiazuma is possibly suffering from enteritis/some inflammation of intestens. Maybe the diahoarrea was a bit more vicious than a regular one. Tochiazuma after his 4th loss: Miyabiyama will be out of Haru basho. Basic ankle fracture (malleus) I think. Pay attention to the webfeed when you are lucky enough to have time to watch it
  17. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Day 4 comments

    Kyokutenho manhandled him with excellent throw. Azuma looked nervous and lost at the tachi-ai. Somehow he seems to be in confused state of mind due to losing without visible reason. Kyokutenho started Kyushu basho very well as he has started Hatsu basho. Powerful sumo with mobility and confidence! Wouldn't surprise me to see him 10-5 at the end. Kaiho vs Aminishiki: Superb kakenage! I hope Dale has caught this bout on tape. Kaiho has now beaten Iwakiyama, Toki, Akinoshima and Aminishiki in convincing manner. That 6kg increase in weight shows. Wakanosato dumped Kotonowaka with textbook uwatedashinage rolling Koto the whole diameter of the dohyo. Iwakiyama shows oddly good skill in addition to his formidable power. Nicely massive uwatenage against Tokitsuumi today. Tosanoumi made nage-pulp out of Takanowaka with a gigantic left-handed uwatenage which sent Takanowaka down with such force than he couldn't do anything but accept the fact and no annoyance was witnessed in his body language. Takanowaka was beaten 100-0 today. Kotoryu bulldozed ailing Akinoshima who did try a desperate utchari which made his vertabrae seek for counceling immediately afterwards, such scary it must have been to the 35+ vertabrae and discs. Kasugao and Jumonji danced for a while after which Kasu drove Jumo back and out. Kasugao has both incredible talent, skill and strength but also certain insecurity, unoptimal sumo and rough edges tactics-wise. Kasugao could be coached well I bet!
  18. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Kyujo announcements and speculations

    Miyabiyama had injured his right ankle already in tori-naoshi against Takanohana and according to himself (report courtesy of Amanogawa-zeki, arigatou ;-) )would have gone kyujo if he hadn't had Asashoryu in next day's schedule. Brave effort he did with good tsuki but evidently that right ankle couldn't stand the pressure and gave out.
  19. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Day 2 comments!

    Bouts of interest on day 2: Aminishiki-Hokutoriki Aminishiki's unmatched ability to control his moves close to tawara even when having disadvantageous momentum working against himself brought him a great victory against the type of rikishi who he has most problems against. Hokutoriki lost to Aminishiki without being forced on the belt and that, my fellow forum members, is just another silent sign of Aminishiki's talent and skill. The bout itself was full of events and constituted a prime example of entertaining sumo. Kotomitsuki-Tokitsuumi Tokitsuumi is undervalued in yotsu-sumo. His shitate-grip skills are versatile and creative. The bout against Kotomitsuki represented the slightly weakened strength of Mickey although after tremendously spirited battle and the style and shitate-magic by Tokitsuumi. Very dynamic work by both rikishi's muscles cells througout the body. The finish was almost like aikido-smoothness. Entertaining!! Miyabiyama-Takanohana Haraigoshi!!! Wow! Miyabiyama pulled off another surprisingly accurate technique with his excellent nichonage in the first bout (harai-goshi in judo where this throw is common) against Takanohana! Gotta enjoy Miyabiyama's sumo now as he is 1 208 times better at honbasho than in training. He obviously needs the atmosphere and stakes that honbasho bout offers. He did very well to avoid giving Taka the belt and while Miyabiyama's problem once again was his proneness to turn sideways too much in that sort of ottsuke-type attack by his foe, he has developed some instinctive and rapid moves to bring into play even in situation like that! That nichonage was amazing! 100% ippon win it would have been in judo (especially as he had a solid neck hold on Taka right after they were down)! Takanohana was lucky in defense on day 1 and lucky in offense on day 2. Maybe on day 3 he will be twisted around at the tawara by Tenho or he will stabilize and yorikiri sees the light again in the hands of the lucky master. Check these bouts at Dale's site! ;-)
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    Kyujo announcements and speculations

    Sponichi reports Takanohana spent a long time in the bathroom and came out with ice on his shoulder AND he didn't have his left arm in the kimono sleeve. He didn't make any comment despite swarming bunch of reporters with blood adrenaline levels high. http://www.sponichi.co.jp/others/flash/20030113205241.html
  21. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Kyujo announcements and speculations

    Kyodo newsflash says: "21:34 Yokozuna Takanohana apparently suffers shoulder injury" No more mentioned. On German sumoforum there is talk about Takanohana injuring himself in MIyabiyama's throw at the first bout. The fact that he fought the other bout too and won indicates the shoulder can't be dislocated at least IF the talk comment on injury happening during at the throw. I noticed some wobbling after the second bout but that didn't imply to shoulder injury IMO but something else perhaps. Any news appreciated!
  22. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Weighing rikishi

    Yes. I meant more like bench pressing Wakakosho would be problematic :-/
  23. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Pre-Hatsu training news

    Takanohana conducted in keiko denial manner At Soken to the disappoinment and annoyance of Watanabe and other council members. Yet Takanohana will participate in honbasho. Maybe Taka wants to remain "unbeaten" and therefor avoids keiko sessions where he would get beaten, even consecutively. In his post-Kyushu training he has only lost once to makushita rikishi. 31 bouts against Akinoshima and Takanonami without losses so he may cherish the feeling of entering Hatsu basho in "unbeaten" condition. In honbasho he can concentrate on one bout per day without any fear for consequtive losses on some training session. We shall see how his condition truly is. Asashoryu's Soken was successful. 19 bouts against Miyabiyama, Dejima, Aminishiki, Takamisakari, Wakanosato and others and incredible 17 wins! His 2 losses came in bouts against Aminishiki who is in great shape too. Chiyotaikai was adamantly determined to get sufficient preparation prior to Hatsu basho but time ran out and he was forced to remain sidelined and come back with full spirit and triceps muscle condition in Haru. Takanowaka's work ethics is equal to Asashoryu's. In the media shadow he has diligently gone through very hard training after Kyushu basho and is at least equal in training against Wakanosato and Kotomitsuki now! 152kg of body weight combined with throughal honing up skills and building confidence makes him the most interesting ozeki-candidate of present. He hopes to gain ground for ozeki promotion in Haru. Musoyama was said to have worked hard at Soken but evidently he didn't face Asashoryu. At least no reports of their mutual bouts were given. Tochiazuma was out of Soken due to cold. Kaio and Maru were absent naturally too. Takamisakari has worked out regularly at Takasago-beya so he must have pretty decent knee condition. Miyabiyama had a bit taped up shoulder at Soken so his shoulder problems persist. http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/hochi/sports/jan/o20030108_30.htm http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/hochi/sports/jan/o20030108_40.htm http://www.sponichi.co.jp/others/kiji/2003/01/09/01.html http://www.sponichi.co.jp/others/kiji/2003/01/09/02.html http://www.sponichi.co.jp/others/flash/20030109210913.html http://www.sanspo.com/morespo/sumo/sumo.html http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/sports/0110/0110_14.htm http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/sports/0110/0110_13.htm
  24. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Pre-Hatsu training news

    Asashoryu has started training hard. 10 bouts against Asasekiryu winning 8. He isn't in best shape yet but intends to intensify his training now to be ready for Hatsu basho. He had a 7 day break in training and felt fatigue and such feelings but is now fresher. Takanohana doesn't do keiko on the dohyo. He just says "Knee is ok". Shiko, suriashi and teppo are his main training habits once again. He has gained 1kg and weighs 150kg now. He was not in bad mood and socialized with kids and posed for camera. Kotomitsuki's left elbow is better. He intends to do de-geiko before Hatsu basho. Kaio announced his predicted kyujo at the official weigh-in. Arm needs more time to heal. He has trained lately but not bouts. At the weigh-in biggest weight-gainers were Akinoshima and Tochinohana! AKinoshima is now chubbier than ever (perhaps) as his weight increased 9kg to 158kg! Tochinohana's 9kg weight increase took him to 157kg. Musashimaru, Asashoryu and Chiyotaikai were absent. Asashoryu's reason for absence wasn't mentioned. http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/hochi/sports/dec/o20021225_40.htm http://www.sponichi.co.jp/others/kiji/2002/12/26/06.html http://www.sponichi.co.jp/others/kiji/2002/12/26/07.html http://www.sanspo.com/morespo/top/more2002...2002122606.html http://www.sanspo.com/morespo/top/more2002...2002122607.html Mitoizumi has bald look nowadays.
  25. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Pre-Hatsu training news

    Very briefly before going to bed: Asashoryu will get married in April. Mongolian woman is pregnant. Chiyotaikai and his oyakata ponder over whether to participate. Keiko could now be possible, time running short though. Azuma was in hospital diahorrea related. Didn't eat much. Now ok. Taka might take part in Soken. http://www.yomiuri.co.jp/hochi/sports/jan/o20030107_30.htm