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  1. Basho Talk - Aki 2017 (SPOILERS)

    It is not that pulling is bad as such but for some purity reason, there is part of me who dreams of excessive punishment in form of all out push out/blast/chiyotairyuu by opponents who survive the pull. Even so that the puller would be thrown 4 rows into audience painfully. "That is what you get when you try to pull me!"-attitude. Now it is inherent part of sumo and am sure it has been even when always critical Kitanofuji was young and butsukarigeiko was so fast and furious that nearby onlookers crapped their pants or mawashi (jonokuchi 15y), training lasted for 9 hours after which they pulled tractor tires to Sumida river, ate chickens raw etc. Still these upcoming evidently very hard working youngsters Onoshi and Takakeisho both have ill advised pulls in their repertoire. Surely today Takakeisho's pull or evasion rather was geniously timed and beautiful but as a young rikishi it would be so heart warming to see those minimized.
  2. Basho Talk - Aki 2017 (SPOILERS)

    Economical is a good word. He is not that impressive with his moves or agility but he is very strong physically, especially when he gets his right hand outside grip. Relatively free from major injuries and good solid all around sumo abilities enable him to do well. I do think most of his success is due to his power. He has good basic skills and good sumo sense but nothing spectacular as such. He is like a sumo businessman. Improved version of Tamarikido back in the stone ages. Comes to work, does his work, goes home to read swan books in surrealistic mixture of laughter and jealously.
  3. Harumafuji Intai Speculation

    His elbow is painful after every bout but his sumo is still aggressive and he has fighting spirit. Of course if he didn't show fighting spirit that would be so out of character that then he'd surely be at the end. With both knees, both ankles and both elbows affected he surely knows aches and pains. He has lost power but is still dynamic and fast.
  4. Rikishi Status Aki 2017 - Day 15 no changes

    The injury proneness is quite clear in Terunofuji and I agree with Asashosakari that he will be forever in problems with his tendency to get injured. His sumo doesn't looks especially injury prone either so it is very difficult.
  5. Basho Talk - Aki 2017 (SPOILERS)

    Endo put a lot of pressure on his left ankle today against Tokushoryu in hidariyotsu when Tokushoryu pivoted him and all the pressure was on the left ankle. He did solid Endo sumo and beat Tokushoryu 7th in a row so not especially tough opponent for him but still good proof that his ankle is getting quite good. Rusty he is and not in full physical strength but looks like a good decision to enter. His 4 losses haven't been bad either. Hokutofuji has not looked like his usual self in last few days. Today reason came clear as he got wrist injury in about against Onosho. Somehow timid and not sharp at all. Yesterday had so bad bout against Tochiozan without any kind of sumo and today he had no real power against Tamawashi not having horse power as he usually has. Clearly favouring his wrist which is bad for both oshi and yotsu. MItakeumi has shown genki sumo at times but today clumsy and slow reaction to Aoiyama's pull which was certain to come. Tachi-ai cautious and yet went for quite easy pull. Aoiyama is one of the best pullers out there though really having great timing and especially when he has his pushing attack good, he can pull very well and powerfully. Bad loss by Mitakeumi, good and surprisingly effortless win by Aoiyama getting his first win of the basho. Yoshikaze showed many good sides in his bout against Shodai. Good tachi-ai, well performed arm positioning, good left hand straight insertion and techically superior and sharp attack. 6 wins in a row with some great fights like the one against Shohozan. Great stuff. Asanoyama can do sumo. Chiyotairyu's yotsu bout against Tochinoshin was a sign of great self confidence and Tochinoshin's ailment. I have never seen this good Chiyotairyu as in this basho. If Ishiura can't beat Takarafuji from that position, he must go and gain some power in juryo. It has looked like makuuchi rikishi have learned to cope very well with Ishiura¨s style but to lose when getting behind Takarafuji was awkward. Takakeisho's sumo was perfect against Harumafuji. Kept Harumafuji off the belt with solid blocks and then beautifully timed evasive action. He had no problems in the bout at all. Tachi-ai worked well, after that he had very good posture and balance throughout the bout not letting Harumafuji get close at all. Just simply awesome sumo. This was Takakeisho's best sumo of the basho. Well earned kinboshi.
  6. Basho Talk - Aki 2017 (SPOILERS)

    Comes back tomorrow to annihilate Chiyotairyuu who almost showed another blasting win.
  7. Quote of ze day-Aki Basho 2017

    And this is another thing that is likeable in Onosho. He isn't doing that overly annoying "Hisshi ni just desperate, don't remember anything, kachi koshi ichiban ichiban ichiban" mantra but is actually saying stuff like this. I am still waiting for some up and coming rikishi say before first yokozuna bout that he will go all out and leave every drop of strength on the dohyo in order to BEAT the yokozuna. You've got to squeeze the spleen out of yokozuna, push his head off, shatter his ribcage ie go all out. Now that is respecting yokozuna rank.
  8. Basho Talk - Aki 2017 (SPOILERS)

    MItakeumi has some sort of neck injury (was mentioned today on NHK sumo) but still he didn't look that bad before today¨s bout against Tamawashi. He even underlined how fired up he was today doing a version of Asashoryu's mawashi slap combined with aggressive moves when going to the salt last time before tachi-ai.... Harumafuji hasn't looked bad in his bouts. Yesterday's balagan has nothing to do with his form and today's loss was not a sign of bad condition. He has carried his injuries for long time and can as easily win a 7.1 second bout as he can 4.9 second bout.
  9. Day 4 comments - Aki 2017

    Yago has had knee injuries in both legs and he did not actually give that strong impression in his makushita 7-0 yusho. He has had bad start this basho but today beat Abi to gets his first win. Unfortunately doesnt look like future sanyaku rikishi. Yamaguchi had serious knee injury which took him down the banzuke for ages. He has now climbed back but does his sumo at his physical limits meaning he doesn't have more horse power and is most likely at around his limit in sumo. Maybe chance to get to makuuchi but looks like he has most likely reached his limit when it comes to strength.Today he did his head leaning attacks well by using his power fully outclass Hidenoumi. Very good sumo by Yamaguchi getting to 3-1 at J5. Very weak performance by Asanoyama against Tokushoryu. If he does this kind of sumo, no future for him in sumo. If I was his oyakata, he'd get some scolding after this pathetic tsukiotoshi loss. Tachi-ai was good and he beat Tokushoryu in that and admittedly he ended up in his less favourite hidariyotsu which is on the other hand Tokushoryu's bread, butter and tilsit cheese. Still not following woth his feet and succumbing to very easy tsukiotoshi loss was unforgivable. Feeble stuff by upcoming promising rikishi. "What was that shit??????!!!" is my recommendation to his oyakata. This was a bout where loses lost and winner didn't win actively. Bad bad bad. 2-2 is ok for a debut but this kind of content.... His rival of a sort Yutakayama did much better against Endo who looks surprisingly genki actually even when obviously very little keiko due to ankle recuperation. He doesn't favour his ankle conspicuosly. Endo¨s tachi-ai has no rough edges, it is kind of like a whisper of a rhino (I understand what I mean...). It is silent and robotic. It is beautiful. Quiet before impact. Rather unique. Reminds me of Musoyama's at one point in his career. Silent and expression unchanged before strong impact. Quite even tachi-ai, tsuppari by both, energetic bout with nothing left on the dohyo. Eye poked and all, Endo had good dohyo sense. Not much fatique in his muscle-nerve system. Good sumo by both. Azumaryu beat Okinoumi despite Okinoumi getting his favourite right hand outside. Good on the edge resistance by Azumaryu followed by pivot and uwatenage was great but somewhat similar to Asanoyama's loss, this was really bad loss by Okinoumi who got big advantage from the start and was in comfort zone. Yet lost to Juryo rikishi. Okinoumi is one of these frustrating rikishi who should be much better than he is considering his abilities. Two bad losses already at low maegashira. Daishomaru has Nishikigi's number. 7-1 after today¨s bout which was grey. Impact and then pulling NIshikigi to oddly slow motion like loss. Daieisho hit a hairy wall which didn't move anywhere but with good mobility and relentless repeated pushing attack from various angles, he had good flow and beat Kaisei to get 4-0. Arawashi's henka win was disappoiting to Arawashi, Chiyoshoma, Kokugikan, Kitanofuji and some others. Could have been interesting considering the lanky (relative term..), speedy and technical style of both. Takarafuji utilized kotenage yank again against Ikioi. He did the same against Chiyonokuni. Takarafuji got the upper hand at the tachi-ai and Ikioi was quite upright or at least in very inefficient position and was then yanked a bit by Takarafuji's kotenageish move before being pushed out. Chiyonokuni showed most of his overdoings today against Ichinojo. Arms flailing, totally missed push and missed pulling move, back bending in hopeless situation at the edge and then flying away. Very uncontrolled chiyonokunish sumo. Ichinojo just had to pay attention to this out of sync, out of control foe and take his first win of the basho (yesterday fusensho). Takakeisho and Kagayaki had some initial change of pushes before Takakeisho made the mistake to pull letting Kagayaki use the momentum and even with his rather off target pushing attack he was able to take his first win. Kagayaki is not finding the target well. All the time seems a bit off the target. Chiyotairyu: good hit, then pull. This time getting closer to failing the pull but still worked quite well. Not as strong as first 3 days. 4-0 though. Shohozan wasn¨t quite able to close it when that pull came but wasn't that far either. Shodai had good tachi-ai and reaction to after impact shift by Tochiozan. Then got his left hand inserted and without problems ousted Tochiozan. Excellent sumo in every way. Peculiar stuff. Tamawashi 0-8 against Mitakeumi and definitely not good ankle AND his all out charge didn't have much leverage with no good pushing stance by hands, more like like pushed MItakeumi back without anything else except his tachi-ai momentum and desperate lets just go forward like a demon. Very strange bout and MItakeumi was not able to dig in a bit and stop the charge even though it was very far from optimal charge. Kaio once had meniscus injury and was doing badly when he faced Takanohana. He was put pressure on the knee when going forward. He surprised himself, Takanohana and everyone else by going to out aggressive tsuppari/tsuki attack driving Takanohana back and then seized his right hand outside grip easily beating the yokozuna. Kotoshogiku and Yoshikaze locked in immediately. Good solid kotenage by Kotoshogiku. He is doing well indeed. Yoshikaze is not in bad shape was is not winning yet. Eventless bout between Onosho and Terunofuji. With such sharpness and self confidence Onosho is difficult for anyone and Terunofuji looked stiff, was given some pressure by average pushes from below and then basic pull or "I will let him fall now on his own"-retreat. Terunofuji 1-3. He did show his power yesterday in nnnnngh-bout against Tochinoshin but... Goeido second henka in a row. Such is life. Hokutofuji concentrated on his tachi-ai against Harumafuji but lost it anyway with a strange little jump but as genki rikishi often, he had very good reactions close to the edge with strong pivot and pull scaring Tochinoshin in the process and then got right hand outside and got perfect kinboshi. Hokutofuji can do sumo in many ways and with his physical prowess and spirit, surely a big asset to sumo.
  10. Basho Talk - Aki 2017 (SPOILERS)

    Indeed but the problem is that he loses to "anyone" when he does his worse sumo. He is not one trick pony as such but he has no chance against ozeki, sanyaku or high maegashira level rikishi when his initial attack fails and it often does no matter how good physical shape he is in.Hence his chance to get 12 wins or more is miniscule in my opinion. He is not less skilled Chiyotaikai.
  11. Day 2 comments - Aki 2017

    Well looked like Harumafuji didn't exactly give much time or chance to work on anything immediately since Tochinoshin didn't get his right hand into play much at all. Different game if he had also gotten his right hand inside grip. Harumafuji's best part always was his explosive reactions and moves to any direction.
  12. Day 2 comments - Aki 2017

    Indeed But then I should have written: Ryuden reminds of me Ikioi (Ikioi) when he was in makushita/juryo as I meant Ikioi but Okinoumi is not that far fetched either.
  13. Basho Talk - Aki 2017 (SPOILERS)

    Ura's comment rather confirms it was probably a bad ligament damage. Tomorrow swollen knee with full of blood. You can often walk quite well with fully ruptured ACL for example. Takanohana walked to car after having many ligaments fully torn and he even beat Musashimaru after putting the knee back into position manually during shikiri. Pulled muscle in the thigh so painful that he couldn't walk...I will eat 100 olives if he can do sumo tomorrow or in the near future.
  14. Day 2 comments - Aki 2017

    Technical beauty of the day was perfectly timed and clean susoharai by Kyokutaisei against Daiamami who was surprisingly strong last basho. Nicely timed two phase susoharai indeed. Rare event. Gagamaru lost/dropped some weight and looked pretty good today against Homarefuji but it was Homarefuji he was up against so...in any case his sumo at this level is based on whether he can keep his feet along with opponents retreat and circle away pulling him. Ryuden has started well with classic first step dominance against both Toyohibiki yesterday and Kyokushuho today. Fumikomi is a nice and concrete term to describe the significance of the first step inside opponent's defence. Often the main reason why injured rikishi have lot of problems as their fumikomi is not fully functional and may be timid. Ruyden beat Kyukoshuho in the first strong step and easily won with morozashi yorikiri. Ryuden reminds me of Fukuoka (Ikioi) when he was in makushita/juryo. Kotoyuki lost much of his bulldozing sumo along with his knee injuries. At the same time some of his aggression went away too. Today was a good bout to compare him now to his prime when he was really blasting out foes and doing his owl and looking pissed at everything on the dohyo. He had good tachi-ai against Azumaryu but had to reposition and attack again showing some good thrusts at the end but when he got this type of tachi-ai before, he beat foes like Azumaryu in 1-2 seconds. Hopefully he can still do sumo without knee reservations and could entertain the world with his aggressive bulldozing. Aminishiki showed most of his moves against Sokokurai. Head leaning dashinage, pivoting nage attempts, good mobility, running the show and in the end very familiar glimpse from the past when he yanked than dashinage and escorted Sokokurai out. Haven't heard much whether his achilles has healed so that he has no obstacles there. He does look fatter and has signs of muscles getting smaller and aging fat accumulating. Yutakayama went back to his Natsu Makuuchi debut sumo by being totally late and off in every move against Miyogiryu. Of course it is difficult to defend against Miyogiryu when he does his fast grip surging sumo but not much to offer this time by Yutakayama. Endo looked good although still no real pressure on his ankle. He beat Asanoyama in grip battle and dominated the bout from the start. Failed sumo by Asanoyama. Okinoumi showed great strength in hidariyotsu. Tokushoryu is at his best in this stance but never got good outside grip though and when Okinoumi got that, he muscled out Tokushoryu with ease. Promising start by Okinoumi, Takanoiwa's footwork is now solid. Looks much better and could well be on his way to 10-5 or 11-4. Chiyoshoma even got good outside grip and went for some moves but was smothered and simply outpowered by stronger rikishi. Kagayaki pushed and pushed but most of his pushes were ineffective, slippery and just not in rhytm. Ikioi didn't have much problems withstanding that and proceeding in easy victory. This was weak sumo by Kagayaki. Shodai remembered he is not at keikoba where weakness much prevail and winning is an anomaly. Forward manly sumo. Ichinojo looks often like a heavy tree trunk that one needs to push hard to move but usually doesn't move away and it is easy to just push with everything you got. Nasty knee buckle well shown in slow motion. Already injured leg and Ura-like no matter what kind of ultimate resistance causing tremendous stress on the knee and you can see something give away there. With such tension, it might well be a total ACL-rupture or other full ligament rupture. Ura does this kind of sumo and doesn¨t give in an inch voluntarily. Even to healthy leg, that pressure would have been dangerous. Takakeisho has been dominating Ura which is no wonder since Ura can't do much of his dives against oshi rikishi with also such low posture and short height. Shohozan vs O3 was predictably morozashi battle since both have such tendency. Fast grip changes, fiddling and this kind of predictable sumo this time ending in Shohozan's victory. Good start by him with 2-0. Chiyotairyu....second bout in a row where he does his best sumo. Boom boom and powerful yank. Perfect sumo. I'd say mostly his goodness and not Mitakeumi's fault. When things go right for Chiyotairuu, this is how it looks like. Interestingly there was a comment some years ago that his grip power is very strong so overall he must be strong physically. Too bad it doesn't show that often in his sumo when it is not in this kind of ridiculous flow as today and on shonichi. It is impossible to say anytning about Mitakeumi's form yet. He has lost twice fast but against very good moves by opponents. 21y and 35y olds had exactly the kind of fierce bout one might expect although Onosho almost screwed it up by ill adviced decision to pull. Well ok it was not a decision but a dumb and bad reaction. Good stuff and you can always rely on Yoshikaze to be ready for such dance. There is quite a contrast in the image one gets of him on the dohyo and in the short document (30min or so). Quite easy going character in that. Also an interesting detail was his 160-165kg bench press evidently many many years ago. The bout and topic of the day is of course the ultra rare double injury bout between Takayasu and Tamawashi. Takayasu is definitely out. Whether it was inner thigh injury or knee, no doubt about the fact that it was quite bad. I don't believe one bit that Tamawashi is "daijoubu" either like he claimed in post bout interview. The ankle twist was quite clear and walking was difficult enough. Tamawashi dominates Takayasu at honbasho like he did today. Kotoshogiku did his sumo and while Terunofuji didn't look weak, he did look rusty and enabled Koto to get into his own game with that famous gappuri yori with left hand inside grip. It is very difficult to beat Koto from that position. 13-2 yusho then for Terunofuji if Kintamayama is always right. Hokutofuji challenged Goeido with his usual spirit but was outskilled today. His initial tactics of not letting Goeido get inside worked but Goeido simply did it with second attempt while Hokutofuji¨s pushes and moves were largely from suboptimal angle and without accurate target. Very solid Goeido sumo. He even looked content after the bout. Tochinoshin couldn't ask for more than left hand outside grip. Yet he was skillfully thrown by Harumafuji with shitatenage. More withdrawals for sure but now you can concentrate on enjoying some very good sumo by the remaining ones. Even honourable Kintamayama can refine his eyes to see all sorts of cool details of grip changes, defensive blocks, mawashi stains and flexible foot scenes. Prediction: Takayasu and Ura out for sure, Tamawashi out with 75% probablity and if he comes back, he is not going to do well.
  15. Day 1 comments - Aki 2017

    FIrst time ever I had this strong feeling of how can it be possible that many significant moments in sumo and active days of some current oyakata are so incredibly long ago. Almost 15 years since the end of Takanohana's career. Even 6 years since the retirement of Kaio and almost 8 years since Asashoryu's. 20 years since Eurosport and first glimpses of Kaio. Now there are quite plenty of young rikishi who have somewhat intriguing self confidence and abilities. Surely the downside of sumo is the effect of injuries in many rikishi's sumo, strength and mobility. Then again that is always the case. As I sense the disdain already by some newer active members (who have not been around there wasn't this system of having most basho talk in one long thread) maybe time to get on with it. Used to do these few years ago and will continue the tradition to post these in separate threads every now and then. Asanoyama is now in the position where strong college rikishi show either the lack of potential to ever be ozeki candidates or sanyaku regular candidates or show how they can do stronger sumo when promoted to Makuuchi. Asanoyama is big, basically strong and has good basic yotsu skills as migi yotsu specialist. The problem is whether the power level continues to increase so he can do more than makuuchi regular decent sumo. 23 years of age and most of the tools rikishi needs to fullfill potential. In makuuchi debut he easily beat Sokokurai who has weakened quite clearly within last 9 months or so most likely due to injuries. Yutakayama is similar in many ways with same age 23, size and college success. His makuuchi debut in Natsu basho was bad. In most of his bouts, he was late, unsharp, passive and didn't show much offensive. In Juryo last basho he did much better sumo (even considering the lesser level of opponents) but lost twice in rather odd manner showing some nervious side. His sumo is more oshi style. He beat Tokushoryu by outperforming Tokushoryu fully at the tachi-ai winning easily by yorikiri. Tokushoryu on the other hand mostly does good enough sumo only when he gets right hand outside grip which is his only true strength in Makuuchi level sumo. Big basho for Yutakayama. Okinoumi's perianal abscess caused him major problems to sit and after that problems doing good sumo but no matter if there is pus or not in his perineum, his sumo often fluctuates a lot without any apparent reason. He does exhibit tremendous power in yotsu sumo at times but consistent he has never been. Surely injuries hamper him but in general he has been soft. Too bad since he has all the tools needed. Endo's ankle surgery evidently was laparoscopic and only thing that was done was cleaning up the damaged cartilage or so. Based on this I doubt it is that big risk to take part but naturally far from ready to do his style of sumo. Okinoumi had 5 straight losses against Endo but today easily beat Endo in kenka yotsu tachi-ai, got right hand outside and proceeded in throwing Endo down. Endo never lost these tachi-ai battles so clearly when he was in shape. Bout didn't give that much information how much can Endo put pressure on the ankle. Kaisei is Kaisei. Nishikigi is physically stronger than many think. Kaisei was stronger. Good honest yotsu with some grip changes and at the end Nishikigi's left hand outside drive lost to Kaisei's sukuinage power. Bit sloppy by Nishikigi though. Should have been able to counter that better. Daishomaru is like an average worker who does his basic stuff and nothing more. Always shows up for work and never surprises really. His sumo is simple and doesn't cause much turmoil. Today he did very sharp sumo with tachi-ai hit and sideways move followed by fast attack. Chiyomaru was beaten in every aspect. Chiyomaru is actually in his highest rank and has sort of sneaked his way there. Kokonoe beya has had many injury problems with Chiyomaru, Chiyootori, Chiyoo, Chiyonokuni etc. having had their share of injuries with significant impact on their careers. Especially Chiyootori has been promising with physical prowess and robust stability but is constantly troubled by injuries. Tachi-ai decided bout between Daieisho and Takekaze. Both had quite good tachi-ai but Daieisho got the upper hand and dominated by the momentum all the day to the end. Everything was in the tachi-ai in this bout. Henka can be skillful also after initial sideways move and Ishiura being so skillful rikishi gave a nice demonstration of that. Just beautifully timed move with immediate and precise grip on the mawashi too without any rough edges. Timing. Arawashi is not the easiest to side step and he had no chance. Takanoiwa had Onosho kind of self confidence boost a while back when he beat yokozuna and ozeki and just beamed this "I will beat you all!"-attitude. Then injury, loss of that excessive confidence and return to his old self which is not bad either. Takarafuji is a bit like Wakanosato whose pure muscular strength was awesome but who never was able to put it fully in his sumo. Takanoiwa did manly sumo by showing solid footwork, whole body power and rather calmly defended before going forward in businesslike calm surge with full power on. Good sumo against good foe. Ikioi has extremely strong right hand which he often uses in powerful sukuinage or shitatenage move against powerful migiyotsu rikishi. He also has bad elbow in that arm. Chiyoshoma like Arawashi is especially good against Mongolian rikishi like Harumafuji but is often outpowered in Makuuchi. Today¨s bout was rather messy with Chiyoshoma trying to use his speed to outmaneuvre Ikioi who managed to stay close enough to win. Ikioi is entertaining rikishi and has apt shikona for his style of sumo. Chiyoshoma has become highest ranking Kokonoe rikishi and has appeared the healthiest one of the group. Chiyonokuni is fun. He overdoes everything. Wild overextension, wild arm flailing arm movements, overdoes his arm extension tsuki, kind of erratic street fight style at times, always little bit too much of everything but fun he is to watch especially nowadays when his abilities are better and there is also some effect in his wild attacks. Just hope he stays healthy enough to not be sidelined again or debilitated. Today less than his maximum aggression but solid sumo against bit slow Kagayaki who has silently developed slowly and unsurely into better rikishi but never really bloomed and has no special skill or power to impress. He has honed his very basic sumo little by little and has gained those extra kilos of muscle enabling him to do successful sumo 5-8 ranks higher than 2 years ago for example. Takakeisho! 21 years old. Now the bout against Hakauho last basho where Hakuho stood up, coaxed Takakeisho to run into him like during butsukarigeiko underlines it all: Takakeisho lacks the power to finish off sometimes but he has good stuff going. He is too short (173cm) but he is smart. He can interrupt his pushing attack when the angle is not good or when his hands slip. He then retreats approximately 91.3cm and attacks again. He does this quite well and rarely gets caught while doing this. He has had some good wins like today against Ichinojo where Ichinojo's demise was his pull letting Takakeisho attack repeatedly. When Takakeisho gains more pushing power he will become very interesting rikishi. He is already clearly better than Takekaze who has similar size and sumo style. Takakeisho has good brain cells which make him smart on the dohyo and in 2 years it becomes clear what will probably be his limit in sumo. Today he did that slight retreat to regain his posture and when Ichinojo did Ichinojo and pulled a bit, he got the momentum and won by nice oshidashi. I think (or guess) that Ichinojo's career is forever "ruined" by his bad lower back. DIdn't know Ura was injured. I do know that Shodai is the worst rikishi at keiko. Heir to Takamisakari in this. His 0-187 keiko results are just confusing. He has skill and power but hasn¨t quite been as good as appeared to be when he was coming to the high maegashira when he was indeed looking like the next ozeki (like honourable and oldish Kintamayama says). In any case, Shodai must be resisting at least during keiko since he does take part in keiko against genki and high ranked rikishi. Strange rikishi. Ura's hit and retreat while yanking the arm worked well today and quite nice tottari win. One of those match ups where head to head doesn't reflect the reality of their actual level. Shohozan took his 12th win against Tamawashi (only 1 win against Shohozan). There just is something in Tamawashi's arms, armpits etc which make it easy for Shohozan to get inside and dominate. That happened once again today. Chiyotairyu is a monster when his sumo works like this. He has some of the most one sided wins in sumo with his violent pushing attacks. Enigmatic rikishi who can lose feebly too. Today Yoshikaze was a victim of perfect Chiyotairyu onslaught. Three blasts like a perfect triple jump. Yoshikaze starts sumo tomorrow. Onosho! 21! This guy is something. Such self confidence in a 21 year old, aggressive, strong, fast. In 2015 he was still mediocre juryo rikishi. Now in last 4 basho he has become very promising rikishi who is without a doubt also having a honeymoon with makuuchi sumo and everything clicks together now. Almost too good sometimes. The best part in his sumo is his attitude. He never steps on the dohyo looking like "I'll try but probably lose..". He looks like he is going to beat everybody and is worked up after victories. Mitakeumi is also great rikishi who has a combination of physical strength, speed, techical ability and strategic wisdom. More than dozen times Mitakeumi has shown brillant tactical ability and is able to wait for his opponent's move (and he seems to often know what the move is, one Harumafuji bout was a classic example of that) and react. MItakeumi's right hand was not able to get position at the tachi-ai and was rendered useless and the whole bout was decided there. Fast action by Onosho who pulled down Mitakeumi after some fast moves. Great start. Hokutofuji's 15th basho, only one makekoshi so far (7-8). At that time he had visible calf injury. 25 years old. POweful body, good pushing attacks but can even work on the belt. HIs spirit is also at high level and looks very spirited after wins. Today left hand outside against Terunofuji, then strong tsuki when Terunofuji was upright and easy win. Terunofuji has the best "towering" strength in sumo and resembles Baruto in that sense but doesn't seem to find ways to stay healthy. It is more routine now that he is burdened by injuries, mostly his knee of course. Nevertheless, great start for Hokutofuji. I find it very hard to believe Terunofuji could take the yusho despite the absences. Kotoshogiku is at maegashira rank for the first time in 7 years. Shifted aside and beat Goeido with that move. Nothing much to say about that. Takayasu had strong tachi-ai and never gave an inch to Tochinoshin exerting all his power to get a well earned win. Solid sumo like Takayasu does pretty much every time he has his tachi-ai this good. Tochiozan can beat Harumafuji if he gets morozashi. The question is whether he can get it. He tried that at the tachi-ai and right after, Harumafuji blocked, got left hand inside and squeezed well with his right hand to block further attempts by Tochiozan to get that morozashi. Classic Harumafuji dashinage move was as smooth as always.