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  1. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Nagoya Basho 2021

    Takakeishou is doing mostly pain killer swallowing I think. MItoryu will be in makuuchi in 2021. Oho's mole has been looked at already by thousands of people including you so I doubt more people needed to stare at his mole. Leave him and his mole alone. Kotoshohohouhou is complete mystery. Yutakayama looked very good today and has gained his strength back but it is not enough in makuuchi. Shouhouzan's support group, fan group, dad, mom and crazy always drunk friend will find those scissors, I am sure he does not have to find those himself.
  2. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Nagoya Basho 2021

    Day 8 comments: KIribayama's left shoulder had salt residual before tachi-ai and it was dropping in small chunks like ice bergs sometimes behave and people watch in awe and post those on youtube. It was a beautiful and artistic moment. Probably sprinkled some salt there as injury had been there and this custom is common in sumo. His shoulder seemed fine after the bout against Takarafuji which he lost because Takarafuji was young and strong and Kisenosato Arashio oyakata (who is enthusiastic and envigorating human as commentator) was impressed and exhaled fumes of joy joy and respect.
  3. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Nagoya Basho 2021

    Shimanoumi put on a display how to be Shimanoumi. He maintained his balance and low stance even when on his toes at one point against Tochinoshin who tried many times to shake him off. Just brilliant example how well he can stay intimately close to dohyo surface no matter what. This is simple but effective Shimanoumi sumo. Dashinage move at the end after Tochinoshin's chongake (! if I saw correctly, didn't see slow motion) attempt was the icing of the sumo cake. Ura holds his own well in makuuchi. He continues to do brave sumo not holding back and seemingly trusts his knees now. Tsurugisho is good against small rikishi but was totally outsumoed by Ura's attack today. Great sumo. Well earned 4-3. Kiribayama is good at migiyotsu and was able to smother Aoiyama's attack, establish good left hand outside, then get his head against Aoiyama's chest and finished with nice uwatenage. Looked pleased with himself and deserved that joy joy feeling. Great sumo. Ishiura also has lower back problems but does quite decent sumo this basho. Today shift aside against Kaisei was sharp.
  4. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Nagoya Basho 2021

    Nishikido should not be given the microphone anymore. He is not able to do such things anymore. Hasn¨t been able to do that in some time. Shouldn't be put in the spotlight to show everyone his cognitive problems. I am sure he doesn't appreciate this role.
  5. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Nagoya Basho 2021

    Some random comments day 7 makushita and juryo Fujiazuma was in makuuchi since Nagoya 2011 until Haru 2014 except for one juryo basho. He even had 5 straight 8-7 in makuuchi then. If you remember his sumo well, you know sumo. It is quite easy to remember since it has always been the same kind of simple sumo. Push. He moved back to juryo in 5/14 after kyujo in 3/14 and had juryo yusho in 03/15 (12-3), came back to makuuchi for one basho with bad 3-12 result. Then he went away, no joy. Makushita called him in 11/16 and he went there. One juryo visit in 03/17 before longer stint in makushita. He managed to return to juryo in 7/20 and even had short rejuvenation doing really spirited and even strong sumo starting with 3-0 before fading and finishing with 6-9. Aki basho lost to covid and in 11/20 he continued his 25 bout losing streak losing first all 15 bouts in juryo, followed by 0-6 in makushita in 1/21 before beating another 0-6 rikishi. Feeble sumo in 03/21 and 5/21 and today at Ms32 he actually got hidariyotsu but was sukuinaged at the edge by Kototsubasa. Fujiazuma was considered a bit talented when he started his career. He has definitely done “jibun no sumo” all his life. No change. I don’t remember ever seeing rikishi like Shishi (size wise) doing the kind of sumo where his head is not visible for so long. Buried his head somewhere in Hokutenkai’s chest or under armpit, had a nice grip but was still quite handily thrown by Mongolian Hokutenkai with uwatenage and didn’t look that strong earlier in the bout either. 1-3 but still chance for kachi koshi but seems to be well matched at this level now. Tokisakae had clear tactics getting inside and working from there against Hokuseiho. Morozashi he got but still Hokuseiho manages these well with his reach and this time even broke the morozashi. Every single bout can be described the same way concerning this particular stance. Hokuseiho is strong enough to handle rikishi like Tokisakae whose power is not enough. Juryo debut in Aki will definitely be a big test for him. Shiba is getting close to juryo promotion finally. He has been on the verge many times. Now good oshi battle with shin-juryo Kotokuzan and beat him fairly. 3-1 at Ms2 losing only to Hokuseiho on day 1. Abi did really strong sumo absorbing Daishoyama’s charge, reached for the belt and showed difference In power swinging him out. Abi does really sharp sumo now, even better than before his absence. Of course he is still only in juryo but has easy time there for now. Don’t give Yago your mawashi or if you do, give it off the dohyo as a gift. Otherwise Yago is strong. Mitoryu with his problematic back is strong but no agile. Slow reaction to Daishoho’s shift and was turning like a cargo ship. Bad sumo and 5-2. Kotoshoho vs Sadanoumi had a nice uwatenage vs shitatenage finish in the first bout resulting in torinaoshi In the rematch Kotosho went for oshi but was sidestepped slighty and finished his bout in his typical knees spread on all fours-manner. This is his speciality when losing like this. Kind of like Takanosho’s speciality is to lose a lot by stumbling on the ground, no matter what his opponent really does (so it seems). Enho’s body has seen a lot of awkward positions in sumo. Durability tests one after another. Not just the position his body is in but the fact that it is combined with often tremendous pressure makes his sumo look quite dangerous. He has had his share of injuries but could have had much more. Today he was again in desperate position against Wakamotoharu losing the nage battle but hung on until the end. Even looked like it was 50-50 who touched down first. Hakuyozan has ACL injury. Don’t know how bad but ACL often snaps altogether when it does. The way his knee buckled looked like that and the way he didn’t put any weight on it at first kind of refers to bad injury. Then again when I had my ACL fully ruptured, I walked away without much of a limp right after the loud snapping sound so it doesn¨t really matter. Yutakayama beat Tohakuryu very easily. I doubt these lower back tapings really do any good. Maybe it gives some sensation of less unpredictable back pain.
  6. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Hokuseiho - Shot at a record?

    Indeed. His sumo is still quite "bad" in many ways. He is not nearly strong enough to succeed in upper juryo level sumo if he stays that upright. It is not just the staying upright but also the way he absorbs opponent's attack. It seems to be enough at his current level of opposition but strong oshi rikishi will beat him and stronger yotsu will be able to keep him upright and then he really needs power to win. He is also a bit clumsy with his long limbs. Of course he always will have higher centre of gravity but surely needs to learn to press down more in order to succeed as sekitori well. Much depends on how well he can increase his horse power in the upcoming years. He isn¨'t as strong as Kotooshu was at that point and Kotooshu was much more techically devoloped. One of the most interesting rikishi for sure.
  7. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Nagoya Basho 2021

    Against Wakatakakage it is not that uncommon to look bad since Wakatakakage is already so strong and sharp that when he starts the bout well, it is always difficult to fight him. Shoudai didn't look especially bad in that bout in my opinion. Just lost to Wakatakakage's fast and sharp attack with many rapid changes in attack angle and arm positioning. Sometimes it is just is so that when rikish with this much quality does his best sumo it is not opponent¨s weakness to lose, no matter if it ozeki or not.
  8. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Nagoya Basho 2021

    Wakatakakage did impeccable sumo against Shodai. His best solid sumo with his ever growing power. Shodai didn't have much chance. Terunofuji escaped twice Daeisho's charge and this is one reason he does so well. He can get back from awkward positions which he also did last basho. Daieisho showed his pushing power and did well but Terunofuji really is able to turn the tables well. He has this dohyo sense also at high level which is a huge addition to his formidable power. Takanosho sure knows how to lose like this. You can¨t lose from that position. It is like that missed header yesterday from some Spanish player (can't remember who) but very often Takanosho does that. Very frustrating indeed. Takanosho has high strength level, he needs some lessons from Terunofuji who never does this kind of crap, Hakuho didn't do anything but run away. Ichinojo getting out of Meisei's morozashi with a grip changea shows he is genki. Only lost to Takayasu yesterday.
  9. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Nagoya Basho 2021

    Perfect sumo by Chiyonokuni. All pushes efficient, well aimed, co-operation between lower and upper body balanced, no unnecessary hussle. Just great. He is a true asset to oozumo. 3-0. Chiyoo had nightmarish bout yesterday so should behave today and show his true sumo. Tokushoryu has performed in a bit embarrassing manner since his fluke yusho. Not to take anything away from his incredible yusho but it would have been better if did better since. Well Chiyoo had another bad bout letting Tokushoryu get his strong right hand outside immediately. Voi voi. Kagayaki smothered Ura very nicely. All the time pressure from close range not letting Ura keep any distance. Best Kagayaki sumo this basho. It is quite rare to see Ura's sumo extinquished so totally. Great stuff. Tochinoshin couldn't do power sumo today either even though he got into favourable position against Kaisei. This is different compared to his peak. Kaisei is strong but not so strong defensively. Also looked very light when Kaisei threw him with sukuinage. I find it very difficult to believe he could get back to his former self strenght wise since it truly isn¨t just knee but also general strenght that has decreased. 0-4. Tamawashi was able to do his own pushing sumo but Kotonowaka hold on well although was then sidestepped or slapped around at the end. Tamawashi doesn't have his peak power anymore but Kotonowaka showed good defensive power. Hopefully he continues to get stronger so he can get to higher level soon sumowise and rankwise. Best Shimanoumi sumo today. Tight package (as tight as his size rikishi can be), strong defence against Aoiyama, Toes obviously compressed on the dohyo, stable as castle and counter attack solid. Really strong sumo today. Takarafuji was able deadlift over 300kg based on reports years ago. That is very heavy considering he most likely rarely trains that. In general he is strong and looks like that too but not all his strength is mediated to his sumo. Often looks like his power goes wasted somehow. Old war horse who does his thing and then eats well ( I don't really know how he eats but I guess). Beat another veteran Miyogiryu with power sumo today.
  10. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Nagoya Basho 2021

    Roga vs Tosamidori: Roga: Get the mawashi. Tosamidori: Don’t let Roga get mawashi. Result: Roga got mawashi immediately and won easily. Roga: complete success. Tosamidori: complete failure I have always liked Chiyooori. He was able to do also strong yotsu and never gave up. Entertaining rikishi but his major shoulder problems caused him to lose to necessary pushing power and upper body power. He has had both shoulders bad and has lost his former strength. It seems shoulders are better now though so hopefully will be able to get back to juryo for good and maybe even makuuchi again. There were many excellent Chiyootori bouts when he was still healthy enough. Today he faced Oki whose juryo visit was sad struggle Yago was makushita tsukedashi when he started in 2017 and started with 5-2 and 7-0 yusho. Took 8 basho to get to makuuchi where he stayed 4 basho getting 9-6, 6-9,6-9 and 4-11 never to be seen again. Yago had back problems and major knee problem. He exited makuuchi after July 2019. After that he has been very mediocre and lacklustre mostly. He has stayed between Makushita 8 and Juryo 10 since 7/20. Kotokuzan has appeared out of nowhere. Nobody knew he was coming, nobody knows where he is going. He is the kind or rikishi that goes to work every day doing his thing not having any specific extra skills but has started his simple sumo well having two good bouts so far 1-1. Kotokuzan continued his good solid pushing sumo but Yago was able to withstand quite well and finally got close and escorted him out. Nice spirited start in juryo. Abi has good adductor flexibility and hip mobility and looks at least as strong as he did before his naughty things and punishment. Oho had strong tachi-ai while Abi kind of floated there but he is very skillful in these nimble moves to side and reaching mawashi and kind of showing the door to his foe. Looks easy and controlled, doesn’t look like strong sumo but agile. 17-0 in his come back now. Oho didn’t really do much sumo today. Daishoho is not in good shape but did some sumo today. Quite aggressive today but lacks horse power. Nishikifuji took his time defending and then nice tottari yank and okuridashi. Kaisho is now 4-0 after brilliant tachi-ai and first step against Daishomaru stopping all Daishomaru sumo action getting close and just powering him out. Perfect sumo. He looks stronger than in his first juryo stint back in 2019 (2 basho, 8-7 and 5-10). Midorifuji has one of the most prominent wrist wrappings in sumo. I wonder if his wrists move much at all in those. He had very bad back problem last time and considering his size that is quite a combination. Not doing that well this time either and lost badly to Kyokushuho’s best weapon left hand uwatenage. Nishikigi had 5 straight makekoshi (6-9 x 4, then 4-11 and 7-8) before getting 9-6 last basho but is still weak and lost to Sadanoumi today as Sadanoumi did some fresh sumo putting on the pressure from the start gaining good uwate and nice burly throw. This was more like Sadanoumi of old. Takagenji lost to Azumaryu in migiyotsu which is Azumaryu’s speciality. Takagenji may have caused some turmoil with his demeanor but he should be much stronger than he is. Quite a big difference in how strong he looks and how strong he is and especially how promising he looked 2 few years ago. Big disappointment his sumo is. Enho injured his chin in Takagenji bout but didn’t have any fracture there so was able to return. Today Tohakuryu showed another sometimes good tactics to beat Enho as Enho dives often quite low and was able to avoid Tohakuryu’s morotetsuki but Toha was able to use his speed to pull down Enho. This requires speed so not all rikishi can do this. Kotoshoho is not himself since his injury. Takakento was strong but this is not the Kotoshoho who was able to go all out with power against sanyaku rikishi. Losing by tsukitaoshi in juryo is not the kind of future Kotoshoho and anyone who understands sumo had in mind in after 11/20 basho. When genki Hakuyozan gets in as good tachiai as today it is very challenging to stop him anymore, at least in juryo. Kyokutaisei lost the bout at the tachiai and rest was just surviving as long as possible. Great sumo by 4-0 Hakuyozan. Akua hit his head quite hard possibly because he might have hit his head on elevated surface. Othewise hard to imagine such uncontrolled head bang by rikishi and former judoka. Looked like concussion to me. He has also had neck problems so hopefully didn¨t aggravate that too. I think he injured his neck in car accident and whiplash in that… This cutting the air custom in Japan is kind of of nice. It has positive effect here too as I have used that a bit when squeezing past human beings in tight situations. I think it is one of the nicest little polite gestures in the universe. Especially apt in places like movie theater, bus, theater and cold and moist dungeon. Kaisho, Hakuyozan look really good in juryo, also Abi does his own nimble sumo well.
  11. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Nagoya Basho 2021

    Kyokutenho had colonoscopy and some polyps were removed. Oosunarashi also had colonoscopy but Okinoumi had perianal abscess some years ago. Today no signs on perianal abscess as he faced Hoshoryu who has very nice blue towel. Live feed froze so all I can say that Hoshoryu was on the ground moving his knee gingerly around testing it after a loss. Takayasu showed quite solid sumo today. He has also had lower back problems for years now but today it didn¨t show. Power generation was good but Ichinojo is easy foe in this sense since he is this big tree trunk you can just outpower if you can and Takayasu can overpower anyone including Terunofuji. Bigger test is when he has to stumble and regain posture. Takanosho is specialized in last ditch face on the dohyo losses. He has very good strength but is somehow out of rhytm often. If he can find peace and balance and Mr Miyagi mode he will become better and do less this frustrating sumo he often does. More tools than results so far. Today he has good chance to exert all his power and show that against Terunofuji. Just hope he doesn't go uncontrollably forward ending up easily twisted/pulled down by Teru. Not bad at all. Good power sumo matching Terunofuji well but again this weakness of his being prone to pulls and such. Terunofuji¨s kainahineri was clever though but this is Takanosho's weakness.
  12. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Nagoya Basho 2021

    Chiyoo failed compeletly in front of his shisho giving Daiamami his left hand outside grip which is his strong weapon. Before him Chiyonokuni went to his rampage mode or rather awkward mode not looking stylish but did his oddly erratic sumo. Stiil even that is entertaining and was able to beat Ishiura rather easily. Chiyomaru continues to cause gloomy thoughts in moto CHiyotaikai's mind as he let Ura inside and lost easily. His brother Chiyootori has CPAP during naps too. Tochinoshin rarely loses to Kagayaki but today didn¨t have much content and continued his bad bad basho. Kotonowaka is more aggressive than his notoriously sluggish father was and easily beat Terutsuyoshi right after tachi-ai. Terutsuyoshi of today is rikishi one must beat. Loss to him is always failure. He is clearly off. Kotonowaka's chest is just like his father's. Kintamayama has met Kotonnowaka junior but did not do sumo against him in Israel because Kintamayama does not do sumo daily. KaioU had some great bouts against Musashimaru. Nagoya 2001 he beat him with his trademark uwatenage. That bout brought him his 3rd yusho. Takarafuji couldn't do much keiko before the basho as was reported when Terunofuji¨s preparation was analyzed. Today Takarafuji was good at persevering Aoyiyama usual attack, got left hand inside, stopped Aoiyama and twisted him down. Best sumo by Takarafuji in ages. What is common with moto Tochiazuma and Miyogiryu? Both have suffered "Internal bleeding" as injury which is kind of strange. Miyogiryu had lowest fat percentage in makuuchi some years ago and is still is good muscular shape. In my opinion he has been quite undervalued rikishi. He is also good swimmer. Swimming doesn't help much in sumo.Today very even tachi-ai with Chiyosoma, then got inside and managed to drive him out. Knee felt bad. Such are knees. They sometimes feel bad. I wonder if gorillas have knee injuries. No clear twish there but quite intense pressure landing on one foot putting great pressure on his knee which is not 100% healthy. There is no Kotoosho in sumo. 2nd failure already. Degeneration.
  13. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Nagoya Basho 2021

    Otsuji is 17, very young, often 17 year olds have vomiting and nausea as main reflux disease symptom. He has 180cm/130kg body and looks promising. Of all the 11 basho he finished he had 10 kachi koshi. Lost today but no worries, this bout does not dictate his future in life or oozumo. He is at his highest rank Ms18 now Shishi has barutoism bodywise. Today he showed some signs of reaching level where he has more difficulties. Kotoyusho is also at his career highest rank but is not really the that formidable makushita rikishi. Shishi got his favourite left hand outside grip but lost quite decisively to Kotoyusho’s sukuinage. Shiba showed some horse power today beating another injury-ridden Kokonoe man Chiyoarashi. Shiba was the one who lifted Hokuseiho in his first bout a bit. Hokuseiho continued his “I am not really at all refined yet” sumo being target practice to Tochimaru’s pushing. He just kind of stood there but on the other hand was not moved at all. Then gave morozashi but had his long limbs so got sotoyotsu and pivoted oshiman around and easily won at the end. He really looks raw which is good since he has a lot to improve. This kind of sumo is rather unimpressive and shaky but also the kind he can improve well in time. Definitely needs lot of work but has all the tools. Abi has 16 straight wins now showing Asanoyama his potential future. He was really out of his league in makushita and there were bouts where strength difference was quite conspicuous and almost ridiculous. Shinjuryo Kotokuzan did some fierce and positive sumo but was quite handily then left to fall almost by himself by nimble Abi. 17 straight wins but surely soon suffers his first defeat. He will not get zensho. If you follow Asakayama Instargram you see Kaisho in almost every video posted there and he basically never loses in those. Daishoho did rather feeble move to side trying to get his favourite left hand outside but to do that you shouldn¨t let burly Kaisho to charge in full force. Easy win for Kaisho. KaioU is surely pleased with his start 3-0. Oho vs Daishomaru was a classic example how bout is won at the tachi-ai. He beat Daishomaru at the tachi-ai 81-19 and following flow was all his and didn’t have to put much burden on his still a bit injured ankle. Kyokushuho was once back in the old days very promising rikishi who had great body, muscles, skill and future. Then something happened (probably injuries also) and he never delivered and never bloomed and just became mediocre juryo rikishi. He looked like future sanyaku for sure then but really failed to succeed. Nishikifuji is rikishi I know so little about that it brings shame. Must reflect on this and SHIKKARI learn. Appalling. Does anyone know what is NIshikigi*s ailment? He lost his power and sumo and has weakened a lot. Can’t remember any reports on his sumo demise reason. He is much weaker than in his makuuchi days. Lovely nnnngh-yotsu between Kotoosho and Takagenji. Both have firm hidariyotsu and once Kotoosho establishes his defence stance he is able to exert all his power and get back from the edge. He is stronger than Takagenji so is able to beat him at the end. Classic sumo. Kotoosho’s sumo in general has also become strange and unstable since his injury in makuuchi. Worrysome. He was extremely good already and now a mere shadow of his best self. Mitoryu is one the those rikishi whose career has eternal hand brake on due to lower back problem. He possesses makuuchi level physical power but is not able to utilize that fully due to that chronic back problem. Today he did nice kotenage against Azumaryu. Takakento also pummeled Enho with same tactics as many do and worked well. Enho can’t beat rikishi like Takakento without getting close. Hakuyozan looks bit like Unski who vomited on himself naked totally drunk and wandered to neighbour’s barbeque party by accident before he was escorted back to safety to avoid traumatic experience to neighbour’s children. He was then washed clean with the help of garden hose. This happened in 1993 when Hakuyozan was not active rikishi. Akua has beautiful kakenage and has judo background. He also does really good keiko with Meisei and Hoshoryu. Today another nice display of that. I like Akua but he also has something missing. He is also known for his agile rise from the ground without using his hands. Crowd always appreciates that and when something is appreciated it is good for mankind.
  14. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Nagoya Basho 2021

    I am pretty sure he had MRI already, otherwise bit strange to publish information like that even though it was quite probable from the start that was the diagnosis. It can be dangerous to his career if it is bad enough. Unless my memory fails me badly he has had "neck" problems in the past so this is not the first time he has symptoms from that ailment.
  15. Kaikitsune Makoto

    Nagoya Basho 2021

    I don¨t understand why it would be somehow malicious to use violent harite or other nasty methods to keep Enho away. Enho is way too skillful to be fought "nicely". You let him inside and it is much more difficult to beat him. Best tactics against him (especially in juryo) is to keep him at distance and how to do that is to use force. He is often beaten in quite violent ways as it is the way that is most effective. Not many rikishi can rely on their skill and power in neat yotsu if Enho has good grip. Enho knows this and accepts it that he will get punishment a lot as his sumo is such that foes want him away from their mawashi. He is not timid and doesn¨t complain about that. I honestly don¨t know if there was some foul play in this bout but in general he must be dealt with power. It is worse when extra unnecessary shoves happen after the bout when the loser has already loosened his defence and does not expect another shove. Those can be even dangerous and are othewise unnecessary and show lack of respect. Hakuho¨s "statements" when doing that are nothing but deliberate "lessons". Sometimes it clearly comes with the flow of aggressive bout but sometimes not. Akebono didn¨t treat Mainoumi gently.