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  1. Akame

    Rikishi Citizenship data?

    Thankyou for providing the above resources. Is there any resource where we get to know if any Rikishi changed their citizenship to Japanese citizenship at any period of time.
  2. Hello friends, I am just curious to know if there is any dataset available which includes the citizenship data of Rikishi from 1983 onwards. Thanks and regards.
  3. Hello friends, I have few doubts after going through the data available on http://sumodb.sumogames.de/ There is huge amount of data related to Sumo Wrestling available on the link provided above, but is there any resource/dataset available online where we can get data related to Stable Masters, say from 1983 until the present. I have separately checked the Wikipedia page of some stables and it would require manual research to collect the Stable Masters data for each stables for successive years because the Stable Masters keep changing over a period of time. Thanks and regards.