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  1. mugatake

    What makes a great ozeki?

    I've seen it a few times, most memorably as a construction in Baki Dou. You can also find people using it to describe Kaiou, Kisenosato and the like if you google around. By no means is it common, but people say it.
  2. mugatake

    Sumo Reference Updates

    This is what I meant, yes.
  3. mugatake

    Sumo Reference Updates

    11th yokozuna Shiranui's personal name is given as "Kotsuemon" in both the English and Japanese version of the page.
  4. mugatake

    Natsu jungyo 2023

    That'll be Hatachiyama, not Hitachiyama.
  5. If the forum will pardon a bit of errant speculation, I am of the opinion that the Kotonowaka bout wasn't the original cause of this injury. On another sumo forum, during the Hatsu basho, I had already questioned whether he had done something to his right leg. I thought he was strangely reluctant to defend with it, and generally shaky on it, and suggested he had perhaps rolled the ankle. The kyuujou announcement from Arashiobeya in Haru somewhat bolsters this idea, where they provided that "In spite of the terrible injuries he had sustained prior to the basho, Wakatakakage chose to compete" (場所前の怪我を抱えながら満身創痍で挑んでおりました。). This recent bout against Kotonowaka, then, I imagine re-aggravated or compounded the existing damage - but to what extent is surely unknowable.
  6. mugatake

    Ochiai’s future shikona

    Hakuho mentions it in the recent TBS documentary, but not in front of Ochiai. Conversation starts at 24:10
  7. mugatake

    Ochiai’s future shikona

    Your mention of the vajra connection has made me think of an iteration: the shikona could be written as 金鵬 but read as Kanabō, in allusion to the 金棒 weapon.
  8. mugatake

    Hatsu 2023 discussion (results)

    Indeed it was Takarafuji's right pinky finger, and grotesque enough that an image wouldn't be appropriate here. It was pulled backwards against Mitoryu's elbow when the latter pushed.
  9. mugatake

    TORCHBEARER 2023: invitation, rules, and your picks

    I'll pick Kototebakari, and Ms11w.
  10. mugatake

    Kyushu 2022 discussion (results)

    And wouldn't that be a shame?
  11. mugatake

    A question about the 19th Yokozuna Hitachiyama

    There is a version of that Hitachiyama footage in much more pristine quality at 3:34 in this video.
  12. mugatake

    Hachijin Shinzo: The lost yokozuna

    Hachijin Shinzo is one of eight 'unrecognized' yokozuna. The Gojo household had a protracted political struggle with the Yoshida over authority in sumo. As a result, Osaka Sumo and Kyoto Sumo respectively saw two and three of their rikishi given yokozuna licenses by the Gojo, to make for five of those eight yokozuna. Put simply, they are not recognized today because the Yoshida eventually prevailed. Of the remaining three unrecognized yokozuna: two were given provisional licenses for context-specific usage by the Yoshida, and one was given a license by the Shinrikyo temple after an unsuccessful petitioning of the Yoshida by the Osaka Grand Sumo Association.
  13. mugatake

    Rules For Shikona

    Meiji-era rikishi had very strange names. Highlights include but are not limited to: 電気灯 光之助 - Denkitou (Electric Lamp) Kounosuke 自転車 早吉 - Jitensha (Bicycle) Sakichi 一二三山 四五六 - Hifumiyama Yogoroku (123mountain 456) 武蔵坊 弁慶 - Musashibou Benkei ヒーロー 市松 - Hero Ichimatsu 貫 透 - Tsuranuki Tooru (Pierce Through) 馬鹿の 勇介 - Bakanoyuusuke (Yuusuke the Moron) 兎角 是非内 - Tokaku Zehinai (There's No Getting Around It) 不了簡綾丸 - Furyouken Ayamaru (I apologize for my careless behavior)