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  1. Jomangor

    A Gaijin Looks At Sumo Wrestling

    This is the kind of post that makes me wish there were a 'wow' option under the like symbol.
  2. For the record, Italian has seven vowel sounds, which is certainly covered by your 'approximately', but the two 'e' and two 'o' sounds can add to some subtle confusion.
  3. Jomangor

    Oyakata Tier List

    What is it that makes you say that? I'm not trying to challenge you; I'm genuinely curious.
  4. Jomangor

    Technical History of Sumo?

    This is good advice. Specifically, this is a link to references on the tachiai blog. I'm with you, however. I also wish there were a centralized reference. If you find one, please let us know!
  5. Jomangor

    Nakabi idea

    Seems like a good idea! How recent is the importance of Nakabi? There aren't any special rituals reserved for it, are there?
  6. Jomangor

    Natsu basho 2021

    We have him for another three years before retirement at least, don't we? Enjoy the ride.
  7. Jomangor

    Asanoyama caught violating COVID restrictions

    What's the Moirurara story? I can't seem to find it in the search.
  8. Jomangor

    Daily wins scraping

    Google sheets doesn't support VBA, but does support JavaScript, so I guess I'll have to learn Javascript. Thanks again to both of you for the help!
  9. Jomangor

    Daily wins scraping

    The simple style might be just what I'm looking for! I'm using google sheets, but the scraping protocol is similar enough to excel. Up until now, I've used regular expressions to find what I want. How are you doing it so that it also scrapes the Rikishi number?
  10. Jomangor

    Daily wins scraping

    Python is a few steps beyond my current ability, but I thank you for the offer!
  11. Jomangor

    Daily wins scraping

    Any programmers on the forums? I'm trying to scrape daily win-loss information for top division bouts, but my two main sources ( and sumodb) use images to record wins and losses. Is there anywhere I can find the results as ones and zeroes or text (w, l, etc)? Or is there a way for me to scrape image info into google sheets? I'd be glad for any advice!
  12. If it's not against forum rules, please do!
  13. Jomangor

    Ozumo Consecutive Match Tracker

    What's the new system that you're using?
  14. Jomangor

    Ozeki Reranking confusion

    Excellent answers! But what would happen these days (keeping in mind the 1997 rule change) in my hypothetical scenario, where neither A nor B in a 3-man playoff take the Yusho, but the lower ranked wrestler beats the higher ranked wrestler?
  15. Jomangor

    Ozeki Reranking confusion

    Is that because one of them won the tourney and the other didn't? If it's a 3 man playoff of A (East Sekiwake), B (West Sekiwake), and C (Komusubi, for the sake of argument), and C beats both A and B, but B beat A, do the rankings of B and A change, considering neither won the Yusho?