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  1. 6 minutes ago, since_94 said:

    Unless my dream cones true and I get to fight him.

    That's a new usage of the verb "to fight", I think.

    Daieisho's slump reaches new depths and Hakhuho looks more and more like he might be Terunofuji's own personal ozeki. Certainly no one else is going to stop Teruno from lifting the cup.

  2. 36 minutes ago, Eikokurai said:

    How do they decide who is refusing to engage in a situation like that? People are pinning it on Tobizaru because he’s the junior rank seen to be avoiding a fight with the Yokozuna, but Hakuho can take the initiative too. It’s not all on his aite. 

    If it came down to it, it's clearly Hakuho who was waiting for the other to engage while Tobi was trying to edge in and find some chink in the armour to leverage. It was Tobiazru's decision to start the bout from the front row of seats and to avoid an initial grapple but he was certainly showing (misguided) initiative.

  3. 1 hour ago, RabidJohn said:

    I remember seeing the current Takadagawa-oyakata in a similar condition after Hakkaku riji-cho gave him a good seeing to at the Royal Albert Hall in 1991.

    Edit: That's back when they were Akinoshima and Hokutoumi, for the benefit of anyone who might think I witnessed a brawl between two elders.

    Always loved watching Hokutoumi back in the day. He had a great attitude.

    Only fought Chiyonofuji once, because they were heya-mates, and it was a good tie-break bout.

  4. 2 minutes ago, Seiyashi said:

    In fact, contrary to any question of fault, the only thing that can be said about Takakeisho's bout is that he was lucky his opponent was alert. Ichinojo seemed to have realised something was not right and positively almost helped him down to the dohyo surface once the bout was over. If sumo had a sporting award, Ichinojo's certainly one of the front runners for this basho.


  5. 2 hours ago, RabidJohn said:

    An ozeki visibly loses the use of the right side of his body mid-bout, then can't move from the position his aite gently lowered him into, and the discussion is all about that nasty Takagenji smacking poor little Enho about...


    Takakeisho seems to have suffered from some sort of freak accident/incident that doesn't seem to be his opponent's fault. There's nothing much to say about it unless there's an announcement about his condition.

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  6. On 29/06/2021 at 16:30, Seiyashi said:

    At the risk of getting started on a subject of professional interest (electronic evidence), how do you know that the records sumodb keeps on this particular topic (I know WP draws from the DB for a lot of other stuff) are more extensive and complete than Wikipedia?

    I can fairly safely assume that sumodb errors that get fixed stay fixed. That's not the case for WP, which is why it's a useless source of "information" on any topic. WP is a waste of time - Google/DDG would be much more useful if it returned all those cited sources directly instead of wasting our time by proxying through a fake encyclopedia which simply rips its content from other places.

    I also assume that the DB gets a lot more eyeballs on it than the Sumo entries on WP because people are using it as a DB to make claims or simply settle questions. Spotting errors is more likely under those circumstances.

  7. The classic is of course "fanny" which for some bizarre reason means "arse" in US slang but in the UK is simply a shortened form of "vagina". I think most people in the UK are familiar with this difference now and it only raises a wry smile but I do remember it causing some shock back in the day when people first started getting cheap flights to the US and found themselves being asked to move their fanny, or asked if they had a fanny-bag etc.

  8. 8 hours ago, Yamanashi said:

    I know what the counter argument will be: these stories are international, and here the BBC uses "graft" the way foreigners use it.

    Nevertheless, way to go with the receipts!

    Those reports were almost certainly written by foreigners (i.e., local reporters) and, sadly, the age of the sub-editor is a long way in the past now. Even spelling mistakes are not that rare on the BBC website nowadays.

    I would be surprised to hear the word "graft" used this way on the BBC television or radio news, and moreso in any non-news programme. But I've only lived here for 56 years, so I may have missed something :)

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  9. On 29/05/2021 at 07:10, Eikokurai said:

    In British English it has both meanings. Context will you tell which is meant. “MP investigated for graft” does not mean a politician is under suspicion for doing his job well. 

    I don't think I've ever seen/heard it used in this way in the UK. If anyone was to say that an MP was being investigated for graft I think almost everyone in the UK would find that a very strange thing to be investigated for or, if they knew the US sense, assume the speaker was foreign and therefore to be pitied rather than scorned :)

  10. 8 hours ago, Eikokurai said:

    When I get a spare evening, I'll double-check the data and update it. I can't remember what state I left it in -- I suspect I got to about 1950-something with the rikishi numbers and after that they're just copy-and-pasted placeholder numbers. These little projects of mine rarely get finished. I start them on a whim one night when I'm bored and then forget about them.

    That sounds familiar...

    Anything you have is appreciated.

  11. Is there any good online resource giving a timeline of the technical changes to Sumo rules and organisation in one place? When 15 bouts came in, when Yokozuna became an awarded title, changes to qualifications for ranks, creation and changes to divisions etc.

  12. 44 minutes ago, orandashoho said:

    Is that P.D.Q. Bach?

    No, it's Samuel Johnson looking at his dictionary and thinking "I recognise all these words, yet somehow the meaning remains obscure".

    I think the OP is expressing the opinion that training to do sumo should make you immune to diseases and that acting as if it didn't is a sign of weakness. The English term for this is "folly".