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  1. Totorofuji

    Rikishi health check pics overview 2021

    can't wait for his first bouts to see how the recovery went
  2. Totorofuji

    Training pics overview February 2021

    I guess this counts as training too:
  3. Totorofuji

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Hatsu 2021

    In elo ratings Terunofuji is now halfway the ozekis and lower san'yaku:
  4. Totorofuji

    Videos (all days) - Hatsu 2021

    Tournament highlights, available until the next banzuke is published:
  5. Totorofuji

    Who Is This Woman?

    same here, especially now that the mystery is solved (*) (*) archived thread
  6. Totorofuji

    Rules For Shikona

    I've spot Hifumiyama and Hero on the unusual shikona list at the wiki in Japanese; maybe someone can translate the whole thing better than online translators:四股名#変わった四股名 still can't find them on the database
  7. Totorofuji

    Guess Hokutofuji's Aite January 2021

    4. Terunofuji
  8. Totorofuji

    Sumo Curry At the K’Kan

    Kokugikan Curry and the newly released Kokugikan Hayashi can now be ordered online with free shipping:
  9. Totorofuji

    New recruits Hatsu 2021

    shin-deshi page updated:
  10. Totorofuji

    Guess Hokutofuji's Aite January 2021

    3. Takakeisho
  11. Totorofuji

    Sumo Apps

    rikishi cards app available from January 10; some prizes awarded by lottery among users that will register in the first 2 weeks:
  12. Totorofuji

    Guess Hokutofuji's Aite January 2021

    1. Shodai 2. Asanoyama
  13. Totorofuji

    Videos (all days) - Hatsu 2021

    No tournament preview scheduled by NHK World, but Friday they'll show again the 2020 review where they talked a little about 2021 in the last minutes.
  14. Totorofuji

    2021 "Kozumo" Hatsu Basho discussion thread

    Tickets sale will be suspended tomorrow:
  15. The main article about sumo on Wikipedia was revised recently, but it's still lacking a proper section for post-WW2 history, while the leading section does mention the recent scandals: I think it's a bit unfair to cite such episodes in the intro, no? I mean, sumo is centuries old, I wouldn't give such a spotlight to the scandals: also can you guys take a look at a request for help posted about the glossary? there are issues with Japanese, and I know that some of you could help (I can't). Finally, I recently discovered a wiki about sumo at Fandom: as you can see they have articles about active rikishi not yet present on the Wikipedia in English; it seems that only a couple of guys are working on it, and sources are missing, which is a bit head-scratching. They also copy-paste texts from Wikipedia, but this is ok, as per the license. Opinions on it are welcome, especially if you find errors.