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  1. Totorofuji

    Hakuho retires

    official announcement:
  2. Totorofuji


    see the Sumo Links Pastebin in my profile, I've just updated it
  3. Totorofuji

    Banzuke for Aki 2021

    new ebanzuke available:
  4. Totorofuji

    Ridiculous Predictions Aki 2021

    five kinboshi
  5. Totorofuji

    Hattorizakura (Shounanzakura)-intai

    He opened 11 tournaments (first bout of day 1); I don't know if it's a record but I hope that some DB query magician can find more of his hidden records to put in the Top10
  6. Totorofuji

    New kesho mawashi

    Yahoo! Japan has a drawing of it.
  7. Totorofuji

    Nagoya Yusho Predictions?

    Wakatakakage yusho Hakuho intai Ura sansho Abi up to makuuchi Enho down to makushita
  8. Totorofuji

    sumo jokes/memes

  9. Totorofuji

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Haru 2021

    Grand Sumo Breakdown podcast about their banzuke prediction: it's easier to listen while looking at the screenshot posted on their Twitter account:
  10. Totorofuji


    currently number 4 in the NHK poll about the next yokozuna! I saved a screenshot just in case, since the voting is still open:
  11. Totorofuji

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Haru 2021

    I know that Elo Ratings can't be used as a banzuke predictor (yet), but it's interesting to note that Hidenoumi didn't pass Hoshoryu on the last day. So it's a possibility to place Hidenoumi behind the duo Chiyonokuni-Hoshoryu and above the duo Kiribayama-Myogiryu.
  12. Totorofuji

    Videos (all days) - Haru 2020

    Tournament Highlights are up: available until the next banzuke is announced (April 26)
  13. Totorofuji

    YDC meeting after Haru 2021

    well well, the NHK launched a poll about the next yokozuna: I voted for Terunofuji.
  14. Totorofuji

    Sumo Reference Updates

    he's already listed on the website: official announcement:
  15. Totorofuji

    Promotion/Demotion and Yusho discussion Haru 2021

    I count 9 san'yaku in both