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  1. Kotogoshu

    Heya Watch Aki Basho 2021

    Something like :one line for every heya, every dot of the line represents "Percent of wins" or "Percent of KK" for a basho. I have tried to create such graph few months ago, but it looks pretty ugly, mainly because big number of heyas. I think that when you see such graph, you can easily identify the trends in heyas prformance.
  2. Kotogoshu

    Heya Watch Aki Basho 2021

    Thank you @Naganoyama, great job. My idea was to use 6 basho sliding window. Also per-basho graph will give us good idea how every heya is performing over time...
  3. Kotogoshu

    Endou story

    Cannot be worldwide hit, but is inline with the topic...
  4. Kotogoshu

    Heya Watch May Basho 2021

    Compiled results for last 8 bashos ( 2020 and 2021 so far): and sorted by %KK If you guys think this information is useful, I believe Naganoyama can deliver it much better. It takes a lot of time with my rudimentary Excel skills. It seems that ex Kotooshu is doing good job, but cannot convert wins to KK at best rate.