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  1. Adz_517

    Aki 2023 discussion (results)

    Congratulations to Kitaharima, 21.5 years in professional sumo and just banked his first Yusho at age 37!
  2. Adz_517

    The end?

    I’ll be sad if you do, if it wasn’t for a video of yours on YouTube I doubt I’d have ever found sumo.
  3. Adz_517

    Aki 2023 Retirements

    That is a shame about Setonoumi, only 19 and always looked fierce and skilled while fighting.
  4. Adz_517

    New recruits Natsu 2023

    Did we find this out today? Anticipation is killing me!
  5. Adz_517

    Banzuke for Aki 2022

    Tobizaru has just the best banzuke luck. 5 Mk straight from M2w (including 2 double digit loosing scores) only drop him to M9w and now back up to M1e with 2 small Kk (with another MK in between! Looking forward to see how Midorifuji does in his first trip to the joi.
  6. Adz_517

    Nagoya 2022

    I’ve been very impressed with Yoshii’s sumo this basho- he fights intelligently for someone who isn’t even 19 yet. He should be right up in the promotion fight for a proper salary next time.
  7. Adz_517

    Nagoya 2022

    I’ve decided to come out of lurking for years to enjoy this basho with you all. Team Ozeki is once again floundering. Takakeisho was lucky Horshoryu slipped as he was caught and heading out. Shodai doesn’t seem to have a clue how to sumo any more and Mitakeiumi seems to throw in the towel way before he needs too. Even prospective ozeki are suffering- Wakatakakage just bounced off Tamawashi’s chest in a hapless fashion and Daieishos slow start robs him of any chance of promotion this time. Oh and I really hated that Takarafuji/ Ichiyamamoto match. It seems very unjust one wrestler can win a bout by spending the entire thing running away, showing no aggression.
  8. Adz_517

    Another UK sumo fan!

    Hi all, after a few years lurking I've finally decided to sign up and contribute my (often incorrect) opinions on the goings on in sumo. I first discovered sumo on a social media app called Imgur. It was a post chronicling Mitakeumis first makuuchi title back in July 2018 and I've been hooked ever since. Although interested in a variety of sports (Football, motorsport ect) I'd never been a combat sport fan. In a way I don't view Sumo as a combat sport- the objective is, after all not to hurt your opponent. I hope to start making worthwhile posts soon! Adam.