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  1. Mightyduck

    Training pics overview April 2021

    Apologies if this has been explained elsewhere. I understand that sekitori are permitted to wear white mawashi for training, whilst non sekitori wear their normal black, but I was wondering why the sekitori mawashi is tied differently, with the large loop of fabric on the front. Is this to act as a towel? I noticed they also have writing on the inside of this part, which is visible if it falls out. Is this the name and / or heya? Is it used as an aide memoire for call-outs, for NSK observers, or just to show who it belongs to? Thanks
  2. Mightyduck

    New recruits Haru 2021

    Araiso looks to have slimmed down a lot here, I thought he was keeping to his fighting weight to assist Takaysu? He certainly looks well and happy in his new role
  3. Mightyduck

    Ichidai toshiyori no more?

    You make a very good point about timing. I wonder if it either is or was being used as leverage for him to retire. Basically retire now before we hold this meeting and we can still grant it. Or if it was being used as a stick to get him to retire in January, he's refused and they've followed through. They have perhaps underestimated the weight of the family connection to the Olympics for Hakuho.
  4. Mightyduck

    Ichidai toshiyori no more?

    The interesting part, not that we are ever likely to hear the truth, will be how Hakuho reacts to this. Does he shrug it off, or view it as a personal insult?
  5. Mightyduck

    2021 "Kozumo" Hatsu Basho discussion thread

    Would it be used in place of 'pair' or 'brace'?
  6. Mightyduck

    2021 "Kozumo" Hatsu Basho discussion thread

    Shodai has looked in pain after his bouts, particularly today. He's been hanging on by his finger nails and lucky to win a few of his matches, particularly today. If he falls further behind daiesho I think he will drop out. I feel really bad for Kotoshoho, he's been close to getting that vital first win a couple of times, but can't catch a break. Hopefully he'll bounce back next Basho, like Onosho did.
  7. Mightyduck

    2021 "Kozumo" Hatsu Basho discussion thread

    You can't neck thrust a man with no neck...... Takarafuji enjoying his spoiler role this Basho.
  8. Mightyduck

    Rikishi or heya support events

    If you zoom in, the guy at the very back in the black t-shirt is pulling a hilarious face.
  9. Mightyduck

    The Giant Macaron

    In the UK, macaroons are made of potato starch and sugar, with coconut just on top. I think because they were scarce during WWII
  10. Mightyduck

    Foreign Born Rikishi?

    Thank you all for the detailed and considered replies.
  11. Mightyduck

    YDC convenes after November 2020

    They could be slightly annoyed that hak destroyed everyone at the group practices, then dropped out without a 'new' injury.
  12. Mightyduck

    Foreign Born Rikishi?

    I'd be interested in the forum members thoughts as to whether that was a contributing factor to him being forced out.
  13. Mightyduck

    Ridiculous Predictions November 2020 basho

    Tobizaru gets a kinboshi and changes his shikona to Tobizabuton
  14. Mightyduck

    Banzuke for November 2020

    As a newish sumo fan I've really enjoyed Chris's videos, I've definitely learned a lot from them. I think he was against the July tournament going ahead as he was worried there would be an outbreak at the kokugikan. When that hasn't happened, no reason not to attend in September. The impression I got wasn't that he blamed NSK for Shobushi's death, but that they didn't acknowledge it sufficiently.
  15. Mightyduck

    Training pics overview October 2020

    Thank you, he's not someone I'm familiar with; seems to have a fairly mediocre record to be invited to the sessions?