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  1. SonofCyrus

    Day 15 pics.

    Great pictures. Thank you for posting that link.
  2. SonofCyrus

    Day 12 lower division results

    Bummer. Shibuya went MK.
  3. SonofCyrus

    Day 1 Absences

    Smartest decision I have seen in a while.
  4. SonofCyrus

    Upper Clique

    I'm still new to sumo. I got to be in Japan for my first basho at Natsu 2005. I just recently moved back to the states. I thought I would chime in some about this. It helps me feel a little closer to the sport. I would be surprised if Bart gets a KK. Don't get me wrong, I like him and think he has potential. But he will most likely be in the cannon fodder position next basho. The first week he will most likely get beat up by the big boys. Not many recover from that to do good against the rest of the cannon fodder in the last week. This is only his second Basho in Makuuchi after all. Tochi had a chance to get the big belt but blew it in my opinion due to lack of motivation and spirit. If he would have fought at day one like he did near the end against high profile opponents, he would be wearing that big belt. I think he will make his KK to hold on to his rank. You never know. Could his self-esteem be smashed due to an injury and a lost promotion? I see Asa getting the yusho. He will bounce back and kick ass like he does. Nothing more to say here that isn't already acknowledged. Hakuho will again be a yusho contender. He will most likely get a jun-yusho and maybe that will be enough for his promotion. He has something Zuma doesn't have: desire. That look in Hakuho's eyes in the play off at Haru was scary. You could tell he wanted it. I was really sure he was going to win it that time. Kotooshu really pissed me off the last basho. Here we have a pretty young guy that shot to the top pretty fast. The main reason was because he was able to avoid injury. Then he gets injured, but still competes. In Haru he gets even more hurt. For Natsu he should have just sat out. Why risk more injury? He wouldn't lose any rank. Sure he would be kadoban, but after some R&R he would have been full strength for Nagoya. He came really close to getting a MK for Natsu. That would have been crappy to risk injury for nothing. Luckily it looks like everything has worked out for him and he is ready to rock for Nagoya. He will effect the yusho some, but not take it or even jun-yusho. I still haven't seen him recover from his "cold feet" problem. Not sure about Miya. Lets see if he can stay on this Ozeki run. He just needs to stick to what he is good at and have faith in it to work. His tsuppari. I see him effecting the yusho. Like he has been for the past few. He may not yusho or even jun-yusho, but he'll knock some of the big guys down to make things interesting. Moti has a point though. Someone else. Never know who might pop up out of nowhere and shake things up. Kise? Giku? Kiryu? Someone may also get injured. Might have a better idea once the banzuke comes out.
  5. SonofCyrus

    Sadogatake Trip to Israel Chronicles

    Just awesome. Thats all I can say. Just awesome
  6. SonofCyrus

    Sadogatake Trip to Israel Chronicles

    Thank you Kintamayama for sharing your experience. I look forward to reading more. Good luck.
  7. SonofCyrus

    Koto and Koto

    It looks like he is at a wedding reception with the wine glasses in the foreground. I can't think of a good caption to go with that idea though.
  8. Wow. No kadoban Ozeki next basho. What are we to do? (Blushing...)
  9. SonofCyrus

    Tamanoi Blog

    Bummer. Shibuya went MK 2-5. Hope he does better next basho.
  10. SonofCyrus

    Chiyotaikai's extra shove

    It also looked like Chiyo gave him a stare down too. He looked pretty mad.
  11. SonofCyrus

    Some more pictures

    I did move him. Let me rephrase that. He LET me move him. I weigh a little over 100lbs. I can move people that are around 190lbs to 220lbs. But 370lbs is a little too much for me. (No, no, no...) It was all in fun though. He could have tossed me around like nothing if he wanted too.
  12. SonofCyrus

    Some more pictures

    That is me in my avatar. The picture was taken at the Sumo Fan Appreciation Day back in December at the Kokugikan. I wasn't going to wrestle at first but then they said I didn't have to wear a mawashi. It would not be a pretty site if I wore one. BTW that was Shibuya I was against. Here is the full picture: Correct. Osh on the right and Giku on the left.
  13. SonofCyrus

    Some more pictures

    I don't usually have a lot to share on here, but I thought I would share this picture. I took it on Monday during keiko at the Sadogatake-beya. Most of my pictures didn't turn out well, but there is just something I really like about this picture.
  14. SonofCyrus


    It was hard to see, but Asa had his right arm wrapped up against Ama. I had to replay Dale's video a couple of times to see it but it was there.
  15. SonofCyrus

    New kyujo

    That is a bummer too. I was looking forward to seeing KaioU wrestle on Tuesday.