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  1. pricklypomegranate

    Speculating Hakuho's future (split from Corona thread)

    Thanks @Kintamayama for splitting the thread. A deadline might prove necessary. We've got hardcore people like @Randomitsuki who will wait 11.5 years to fish the prediction receipts out of their wallets. Next on the agenda... should Hakuho set up his hypothetical beya, how do you think it will look like? Rumours are circulating that Hakuho is prowling the streets of Tokyo (it better be online or on the telecomms line) for a piece of land for the heya and wants a completely glass wall showing the keiko-ba. Personally, I don't think it's a good idea because: (1) the complete lack of privacy might unnerve some rikishi, (2) could distract them (3) might be fragile if someone impacts the wall and (4) heating bills in winter is going to be high because insulation is pretty poor. Perhaps he might draw some inspiration from Araiso's ideas of making a complex? Of course, pure speculation, but it is a fun activity.
  2. pricklypomegranate

    2021 "Kozumo" Hatsu Basho discussion thread

    It was not twice, it had to be definitely more than that. There were numerous times I thought Terunofuji was done - when Shodai got him on the tawara the first time, then in a very disadvantageous angled stance so the Mongolian could not exert his full force, when he got the bad grip over the shoulder and when he exposed his back to the Ozeki, especially on the tawara. However in every single instance, Shodai’s dwindling strength denied him victory as he could not finish Terunofuji off - probably a result of the ankle injury denying him his 100% power and strength. The sloppy sumo Shodai showed over the past few days was finally not forgiven today. Masterful performance by Terunofuji - definitely one to remember. After being in most of the yusho races since his Makuuchi return, he hasn’t lost his sumo sense and has come up more tenacious and experienced. Daieisho’s fate will entirely be in his hands tomorrow. Hope he holds up.
  3. pricklypomegranate

    Speculating Hakuho's future (split from Corona thread)

    That's an interesting viewpoint - could you elaborate? Will Hakuho join for awhile before quitting or just straight up quit? In John Gunning's illuminating interview with Akebono, the yokozuna did mention that the glass ceiling was one of the main reasons why he quit the association, along with smaller concerns such as the fear of not being able to make a rikishi successful. I've always assumed that Hakuho would stay because: (1) he has expressed many times that he wanted to be an oyakata, (2) gave up his citizenship, even as a national icon (and son of one), something he wouldn't have to do if he did something else, (3) already has many foreign and Mongolian compatriots in the Kyokai who can support him (and maybe changing attitudes within the homegrown oyakata), (4) already has existing deshi commitments that look long-term, (5) already has quite a high successful sekitori rate and (6) as one of the greatest rikishi of all time might be looking at securing a legacy. Of course, it is possible that could be have changed his mind, perhaps wanted to stay with his Japanese family permanently, not have the support of foreign or Mongolian rikishi and can abandon his deshi. With access to the Kyokai, he'd have better leverage to popularise sumo beyond even the Hakuho Cup. I don't think he'll ever be rijicho, but can see him be a director or at least deputy director. Nah, he's not going to do puroresu. He'll probably be some business mogul if he were to quit. He already has some investments in Mongolia, and probably Japan as well, as noted by Forum members. I am willing to bet that with his investments, savings and a few lifestyle changes, Hakuho might never have to work again in his life if he so chose. Sorry mods if this is off topic, perhaps we can split the thread.
  4. pricklypomegranate

    2021 "Kozumo" Hatsu Basho discussion thread

    A TV Show I would definitely watch is one suggested by Terutsuyoshi in an interview with Enho. It's called "Small Soldiers Go" where the two of them go to interesting places together. Terutsuyoshi suggested that the first location would be a haunted house, but Enho was not so keen on the idea. I'm not sure how scary Japanese haunted houses are, but it's hard to see Enho maintaining his composure if inside one. Unfortunately, Terutsuyoshi secured himself a MK today. At M12, he'll likely be demoted below Midorifuji's current M14 rank - he has his moments but I don't consider him a particularly innovative rikishi, despite his small size. Who knows, perhaps Midorifuji will outshine even him. I am feeling good with Midorifuji, but am afraid that his reliance on katasukashi might be exploited by more thoughtful or experienced rikishi.
  5. pricklypomegranate

    2021 "Kozumo" Hatsu Basho discussion thread

    Can't get on the dohyo - not the right gender. But I think I could still defeat Shonanzakura though
  6. pricklypomegranate

    2021 "Kozumo" Hatsu Basho discussion thread

    Breathe a sigh of relief! Midorifuji gets his KK! Let's see if he can go double-digits and how far he'll be promoted on the banzuke...
  7. pricklypomegranate

    Corona and sumo

    It's great that he has a job - it's not like he got thrown out into the streets with no home or means. He's only 22 years old and can easily get back to school and better his prospects. It's a shame that he felt he had such a bad experience though. I thought Sadogatake was one of the better oyakata. That's like $10/hour here in Singapore. For waving flags, that's pretty good. Working fast food is like $6/$7/hour here. In other news, because of the coronavirus, there are rumours circulating that the Japanese government has "privately conceded" that the Olympics will be cancelled. However, they have since denied this. Do you say no go or yes so to the Olympics? Do you think Hakuho will stay on? They did say that a decision will be made by late March. In my opinion, should the Olympics be cancelled, Haru will be Hakuho's last basho and he will win it. Although I do not think that his recent illness is debilitating, it probably weakened him such that 50 yusho is an impossibility. After reaching 45, he has acheived almost every accolade a rikishi could possibly think of and more. I think he'll actually be happy doing his oyakata duties, such as learning the heya management ropes from Miyagino, finally coaching his deshi full time, recruiting more or joining Araiso and the PR crew popularising sumo. Maybe he'll have shimpan duties in 2 or 3 years.
  8. pricklypomegranate

    Lower division celebs results

    Source: (Nikkan Sports via Yahoo! News). Hanakaze scored 4-2 today over Sakura, who at 34 years old is also no spring chicken. Hanakaze is officially the first rikishi in 116 years to earn a KK after 50. Congratulations! Somebody clap for this champion. Truly a man of great determination and someone who loves the sport and lifestyle deeply.
  9. pricklypomegranate

    Sumo and Head Injury / Concussion

    Now that I read it it sounds very odd. I meant: "To me, all the problems seem connected." How embarassing!
  10. pricklypomegranate

    2021 "Kozumo" Hatsu Basho discussion thread

    Yes, but the gyoji was sleeping too - should have immediately stopped the bout if he thought it was a hansoku. Meisei may have lost his chance at winning the yusho, but he won the people's respect. I had no idea that wronged rikishi did that. The fact that Daieisho and potentially many others got away with it does make it a very tempting prospect for desperate or unscrupulous rikishi. It's something that is difficult to catch unless you are very very observant or the act is blatant. The victim can't bring it up right after the bout itself - and they can't bring it up after for fear of public condemnation. Furthermore, outcomes can't be changed retrospectively anyways. There's very little incentive to admit or speak out should it happen. The best one can hope for is that both parties reconcile privately.
  11. pricklypomegranate

    2021 "Kozumo" Hatsu Basho discussion thread

    Thanks for the stills too - though I am not too sure it was a hansoku - during the live feed it seemed like Daieisho grabbed the back of the head and not the mage, and in the close-ups his fists are closed but not around the mage itself. It looks to me he just raked his hands across it, not pulled it, but it's definitely very risky, especially if you are in the yusho race. It's definitely worth investigating into if I were a shimpan or a very observant rikishi. Where's Hakuho when you need him... But other than that, Daieisho escaped from the tawara very well, because of a good understanding of belt techniques. Meisei had the right hand grip on his mawashi. However, by lifting his arm all the way up, Meisei's grip was cut off and as a result was unable to force Daieisho out, giving the pusher-thruster room to move laterally and escape defeat. It's the Isegahama Katasukashi®. However, it's a big worry of mine that his reliance on it might be exploited by higher-rankers or seasoned veterans, and he might hit a barrier like our Ashitori King Terutsuyoshi, or our dear Hineri Prince Enho.
  12. pricklypomegranate

    Sumo and Head Injury / Concussion

    In @Kintamayama's interview with Konishiki (please make part 2!), Konishiki stated that the enforcement of two hands down made doing the tachiai more difficult for him, perhaps because his great bulk made getting up quickly difficult. While today's makuuchi rikishi certainly are nowhere even the weight of Konishiki at his heaviest (yes, that includes Ichinojo), I think the average weight has increased. If anything, they might benefit from it. The reason why they haven't complained might be because they haven't experienced extremely lax enforcement of two-hands down in honbasho. But yes, all the problems do seem to be connected to me...
  13. pricklypomegranate

    Who Is This Woman?

    I didn't even know that particular forum existed. I don't mean to be a snob, but I wouldn't say that what they are writing is commentary per se, mostly just a very surface-level description and personal reaction of what happened. Speaking of audience celebrities, my favourite audience celebrity was Naotoshi Yamada, best remembered as Olympic Ojisan. He has sadly passed on, without ever fulfilling his dream of seeing the 2020 Olympics, but perhaps it will not materialise after all - he might have been disappointed with the news but hey, at least he might not miss anything. The discussion on Reddit is not as bad as you might think. Most people are curious and respectful, and there are moderators policing the subreddit who work very hard, as is custom on most subreddits. It's just that they might not be as deep into the sport and thus their discussion might seem more vapid and insipid than the usual offerings on this forum. Some will get here eventually...
  14. pricklypomegranate

    Sumo and Head Injury / Concussion

    I understand that a rikishi does not have to go up exactly to the line, but most do. So would putting the shikiri-sen back slightly sort of "mandate" them to keep a greater distance between one another?
  15. pricklypomegranate

    2021 "Kozumo" Hatsu Basho discussion thread

    Thanks. I fixed it.